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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Atkinson administrator's post draws 60 applications Resume review starts Monday

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson administrator's post draws 60 applications Resume review starts Monday
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — About 60 candidates have applied to be Atkinson's next town administrator.

Selectmen started accepting applications about two weeks ago; yesterday was the final day to file.

That's more applications than they have received for the job in the past. But it's also the first time in recent years selectmen opted not to hire someone to screen the applications for them.

When the most recent town administrator, Steven Angelo, was hired in September, selectmen employed the Local Government Center to advertise the position and to screen applications.

Selectman Bill Friel said yesterday the board will start reviewing applications at their regular meeting Monday night and will likely start interviewing candidates the following week.

"We're very encouraged about the prospects," Friel said.

He said he expects they will hire someone as soon as possible. "As soon as we can find somebody qualified that we like," Friel said.

Selectmen offered the job to an unnamed candidate in April, but when that person gave notice to their employer, Atkinson's offer was matched. That candidate was left over from the search from which Angelo was hired. No salary range was specifically stated in the advertisement.

This will be the fourth town administrator hired in about a year.

Angelo left in late January after only a couple of months on the job. Before Angelo, Craig Kleman served as interim town administrator. Kleman was hired in April 2008, but left last summer to take a similar job in Plaistow. He has since left Plaistow.


Anonymous said...

Atkinson doesn't need a Town Administrator. What a waste of money. What we really need are Selectmen that will do their duty and are smarter that the TA. Otherwise, it's a case of the blind leading the blind with Consentino in the drivers seat.

No policeman should be involved in politics. It's a conflict of interest.

It's time for Consentino to go to................!

Anonymous said...

What are you kidding me? Consentino isn't going anywhere, he has got all the selectmen in his pocket. This town places nothing new on the definition of CORUPTION!

Anonymous said...

What does Consentino have to do with this topic? This is one of the reasons this blog has become such a joke around town. Even when the topics have little to do with the chief, discussion turns to him.


Anonymous said...

It rained today--must be the Chief's fault.

Anonymous said...

For those that choose to ignore the past, and the proof of the corruption that has gone on in this town for the past five years, there is no way that yet another person working in town hall will change any thing.
As long as "you know who" is still staging,with his following, this fiasco.
Why do you think there are so few people willing to volunteer to work for the town? Do you really think people don't care about their town?
They care very much, but the powers that be are too intimidating.
Someday we will have a BoS that will do their job as it is supposed to be done.
Until then, we who have been there, have to wait. So far all I see is, same old same old, adnauseam.
A new TA will do nothing but take a load off the shoulders of the BoS. If they are not doing their job right what difference does it make.

Anonymous said...

Complaining about spending $100,000 a year on a Town Administer to do a $35,000 clerks job? What is wrong with you irresponsible, despicable, boring blog rumor types? GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! With a new Town Administer, we ipsofacto justify our TITANIC new town hall building expansion. Yeah!! Right on baby!! The detailed building plans were worked up last year and the silver shovel bought and paid for.

There is a splendid new office for the Town Administer with his own private entrance and solarium.

We desperately need this multimillion dollar expansion and it is fully justified.

The new Town Hall will look a little like a bank, but that's logical.

There is considerable discussion of the details of the underground bunker complex. Also totally justified access tunnels to the police station and library to speed much needed for research and sharing of classified documents.

Also in the works is the million dollar generator and ventilation system for the bunker complex and underground parking and napping areas.

The final details for the security system and blast doors are hotly contested but we will get it done!

Anonymous said...

June 1, 2009 1:47 AM

And the CIA is beaming all these thoughts directly to your brain, right? Better get some more tin foil.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Phil has a mind control machine? He plans to use it in a more sinister fashion when he gets the new communication towers up! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anony 1:47 - What planet are you from? Multi million $ town hall expansion? Try less than $600K of which more than $300K would come from Cable Capital Reserve which comes from the franchise fees paid to the town by Comcast and Adelphia, Heron, etc. A 2700 foot expansion and other repairs for $300K? You couldn't get a better deal if Publisher's Clearing House came knocking at your door! (Could probably get it cheaper now, the economy you know). Love ya, hon, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is a sleepy little rich town that can afford anything. Right? What can you think up next? No, don't tell me.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we know, you are spending all this money because it is burning a hole in taxpayer's pockets.

Anonymous said...

"Did you know Phil has a mind control machine? He plans to use it in a more sinister fashion when he gets the new communication towers up!"

No, seriously. It's true. And HAWC is going to put little repeaters on every fire hydrant. That's a good thing. For once the well owners don't have to worry about it.

oh, oh, and the new well HAWC can't pump water from. Well (and you didn't hear it here) they are going to use it to pump mind altering chemicals into the aquifer. That'll teach those pesky well owners.

Did you ever notice when you go to the library that there are voices that you can barely hear being pumped through the building putting sub-limital literary passages into your brains. I feel smarter every time I come out of there.

And this web site. Very hard to notice, but if you look at the background very hard you will see the word "reassessment". It's true.

It's a dangerous world out there people. They are out to get you.