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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Atkinson candidates (who sends this stuff to the paper?)

Atkinson: Voters will have many choices come March; there are several contested races in town. There are two three-year selectmen seats and four candidates. Incumbent Selectman Philip Consentino seeks re-election. The other candidates are Budget Committee member Craig Schuster, Conflict of Interest Committee Chairman Raymond Fournier and Timberlane Regional Budget Committee Chairman Jason Grosky.
The board will add two members in March, one three-year term and one one-year. Rep. William Friel, R-Atkinson, a former selectman, is running unopposed for the new one-year seat.
Three people are seeking two three-year terms on the Budget Committee. Candidates are incumbent Peter Torosian, Dennis Winsett and Wendy Barker.

Three people are running for two three-year seats on Kimball Library's Board of Trustees. Incumbent trustees Wendy Doughty and Linda Jette are seeking re-election, but must defeat newcomer Anna Winsett

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Local government Officials abuse non public meeting laws.



You may have heard about the incident at a Gilford School Board meeting where a parent, William Baer, was arrested for speaking out about questionable material his daughter had been required to read. He was recently cleared of all charges.

Or you might be following the antics at the Timberlane Regional School Board where they tried to censure board member Donna Green for exposing them as lacking transparency.

And recently, at a Windham School Board meeting, police were called when a taxpayer questioned the idea that no public input would be taken on a the acceptance of a no-bid contract with a ‘green’ company that was before the board, despite the fact that board member Ken Eyring had asked for discussion.

Windham School Board calls police on resident over ‘no bid’ contract

Why didn’t the Windham School Board research Cenergistic?

And most recently, a Bedford taxpayer was told there would be no discussion on suggestions that they raise the bar for how many students must pass the “IB” program.

This has become the disturbing trend among school and town boards.

Some are limiting public input, others eliminating it altogether. Manchester’s school board recently explained that while it would hear the concerns of parents and taxpayers, ultimately their decisions would be based on the advice of ‘consultants’ and other ‘experts’ they’ve hired.
January 20, 2015 at 8:32 AM