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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hard on the Chief


THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013 AT 05:40PM
The Town of Atkinson just can’t seem to let an old thug go into retirement. I am of course referring to the now former Police Chief Phil Consentino who ran an intimidation and political favor machine scam for decades.
It must be four years now since taxpayers came to CNHT for help with this guy.
We have had all kinds of lawsuits, controversies, meetings, letters and press in these four years and just when all is about to calm down, the selectmen fired Consentino back in March, here we go again.
The Atkinson Selectmen hired MRI, a municipal handyman group for lazy selectmen, and asked for a review of the police department. That is what everyone thought.
So when taxpayers wanted to see the completed MRI report the issue was handed to a law firm other than the town counsel of record.
They are paying a separate firm to deal with the MRI report?
What, the town counsel is chopped liver? Or is this the same old trick of hiring a separate firm so as to have “damages’ in case of a citizen action in court? They tried that on our CNHT activists.
Suddenly the MRI report is a non-public document because of personnel issues.
Could it be that the old saying, “once a thug always a thug,” has come to its logical end and there is a sexual harassment case against Atkinson?
That is what we hear, which means the chief could beat up on political opponents all he wanted and he had complete cowardly support from the Atkinson Selectmen, but a supposed sexual advance to some poor cutie at dispatch was a bridge too far?
News for the oppressed female!
The MRI report will be handed over to the NH AG’s white wash bucket where it will be determined that there “is not enough evidence to bring a case forward.”
Better get your own lawyer Ms. Municipal Employee.
Oh, and a much better idea than at last years Town Meeting in Atkinson where the selectmen wanted to start a capital reserve fund for legal fees, stop letting the chief get you in trouble.
Is it that hard to let go?
And I would like to see that MRI report, wouldn’t you?