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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Police seize marijuana in Atkinson

ATKINSON — Police say they seized more than 7 pounds of marijuana, along with seeds, plant stems and other cultivation tools from an Atkinson home Monday morning.

Robert Zdrada, 65, and Valerie Zdrada, 60, were arrested shortly before 9 a.m. following a search of their home at 32 Crown Hill Road.

"Mostly what we seized were stems of plants, various seeds, portions of plants that had been harvested along with their yield from the harvest which was about seven and a half pounds of marijuana," said Atkinson Police Chief Albert Brackett. Police also confiscated special lighting units used to grow the plants indoors.

"We believe we recovered everything that had been harvested," Brackett said. "The evidence that we found indicated that it had been harvested just prior to our execution of the search warrant."

The department opened an investigation into the operation with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office following a confidential tip about a month ago, Brackett said.

"We have investigations from time to time in regards to drugs," Brackett said. "Most of what we've had over the last year is heroin though."

The couple operates a photography company out of their home that often takes senior portraits and sports photos for surrounding high schools and have taken photos for The Eagle-Tribune. In a 2008 article, the Tribune described "Bob" Zdrada as an "avid booster" involved in Timberlane Regional High School wrestling, football and lacrosse, and stated he played a "huge role" in the sports programs.

Robert Zdrada was also reported to have been battling cancer of the tongue and neck at that time.

Attempts to reach the Zdradas at home were unsuccessful