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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Electioneering, the sequel to the sequel of the sequel.

As it does every election season, this Issue once again rears it's ugly head. And, as always the prime practitioner of this lost art is our Chief of Police! Yes, the very man charged with UPHOLDING THE LAW.....(chuckling).... sorry, could not contain myself at that phrase applied to that man. Many will remember the Chiefs admission that he had petitions signed in the Elderly Affairs cruisers, and that he had people come down to the Pd to sign petitions for his warrant articles. Many more will remember that the Chief of Police owns a private non profit corporation, that although it is not affiliated with the town, and is not accountable to the town for its contributions and spending, is housed in the PD, uses PD personnel, equipment, time, space, and the Elderly Affairs customer list to do it's fundraising. These are valuable town funded resources unavailable to other non profits in the area. Well word has it that another non profit in town has petitioned the selectmen for "equal access to town resources". So far the selectmen have declined to either grant this request or acknowledge the chief's use of his official status for personal political purposes as well as for his own non profit's success. Surely if any other business in town used taxpayer funded town resources for their own gain, there would be an uproar, and the selectmen would put an immediate stop to it, but somehow when the transgressor is the Chief of Police, the public and the selectmen are unusually quiet. So much for their fiduciary responsibilities. It is high time that these quasi illegalities stop. The Chief has spent decades driving a truck through loopholes in the laws, and crowing about this immoral ability of his. This column would admonish him to act honorably, but it has become apparent over the last decade that this unappointed, unqualified, interlocutor has no understanding of that term.