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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Atkinson Accounting Abuses

ARTICLE SUBMISSION: From the Eagle Tribune; Anonymous said... June 6, 2012 Atkinson audit shows need to separate funds By Cara Hogan The Eagle Tribune Wed Jun 06, 2012, 01:50 AM EDT ATKINSON — An audit of the town's books turned up a problem in the financial reporting of two different nonprofit funds. The town's yearly audit report, conducted by Tim Greene, partner at accounting firm Roberts and Greene, came out this week. Greene said the audit found the Police Detail Fund and Recreation Revolving Fund were not separated correctly in the town's financial reports. "It has to do with internal reporting," he said. "They report both in one fund. I'm recommending that they track the funds separately. It's two separate activities, so you want to keep them separate." He said the finances of the two funds are not mixed up, but it's an internal issue that needs to be fixed so there is no mix-up in the future. Selectmen's Chairman Fred Childs said the board plans to fix the issue. "We'll change it; it's very simple," he said. "That will be done right away." This is not the first time Atkinson has had an issue with two different town funds being connected in some way. The state Attorney General's Charitable Trust Unit investigated the joint accounting between the Elderly Affairs Department and the Police Department in 2008. The state ruled the two groups had to separate their funding because of a conflict of interest. Childs said the past issues make the board eager to alter the finances of the two funds now. "This is sort of similar to the Elderly Affairs and the Police Department," Childs said. "It's two different accounts, so they can be looked at separately." Police Chief Philip Consentino said he was concerned to hear there was any confusion in that fund, but glad to hear it will be quickly resolved. "It's classified under one fund, where there could be 10 or 12 individual funds," he said. "They want the police department separate from everything, which is absolutely fantastic. It will be rectified and nothing has gone astray. My money is safe." The Police Detail Fund is money that comes from every officer who works an outside detail job, he said. "Every time an officer goes out on detail, X number of dollars from each hourly wage goes to the special fund," Consentino said. "So ,whenever a cruiser is used, $10 goes into the account. That special account can only be used for capital expenses for the police department. It has nothing to do with recreation." Otherwise, the town had no financial problems, according to Greene. "We had no other significant comments," he said. NOTE TO PHIL: IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY! IT IS THE TAXPAYERS, YOU ARROGANT.........