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Friday, February 27, 2015

Let the whining commence, as history repeats itself

At the Conflict of  Interest committee hearing this week Mr. Consentino, once again, engaged in a collossal  display of whining that would put a 3 year old to shame. Proclaiming his  innocence as he has in every case in which he has been ordered to  obey the law, and whining that the "committee is stacked against him"

NEWS FLASH: Perhaps if you stopped violating the law, various boards, committees and Courts would stop finding you in violation of  the law, and on a side note, wasn't enforcement of the law your primary career? Odd for  one who has transgressed it so often.

HISTORY: Mr. Consentino's illustrious town tenure has been almost constantly marked by controversy, and legal fees. Mr. Consentino has cost the town more than any other individual inn history, costing the town(and it's insurers) hundreds of thousands if not  millions in legal fees and settlement costs for his various perfidies.

He began his career as Chief with a six year legal  battle with former selectman Wayne Peak. Mr. Peak found that Consentino had been giving fees collected by the PD for reports, etc. to the Policeman's assoc. not  the town. Although the entire issue could have gone away if Consentino had simply said, I am sorry, it was an oversight. Instead his response was "my name is a pure as the wind driven snow" and " I am not going to stand here and take this". The conclusion was  rumored to be, at the time,  the largest civil settlement in NH history, as Mr. Peak had a huge party at the K of C in N. Andover. Officer Pat Judge quietly closed the association and gave the money to the town, demonstrating the honor Consentino evidently lacked.

Over his tenure he has been ordered by the NHPELRB, NHPSTC, Rockingham superior  Court(a number of times) and the conflict of interest committee to  obey the law, and he still can not  apparently do so.

He also was recently FIRED FOR CAUSE, said  cause being the serial sexual harassment of a female  employee, in which he was allowed to settle to avoid prosecution, which settlement cost the town $100,000+.

it is following this sordid history that Mr.  Consentino finds himself before the conflict of interest committee AGAIN, FOR THE EXACT SAME THING Rockingham Superior Court ORDERED him to cease and desist from. VOTING upon matters in which he has a conflict of interest.

Hey, Phil, if  you stop violating the law, committees will stop finding against you.

Ego run amok, and as always THE TOWN PAYS!