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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Atkinson jogger hit by truck

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson jogger hit by truck
Eric Parry

ATKINSON — A jogger was seriously hurt after being hit by a truck on East Road last night.

A car was traveling south on East Road when they veered into the northbound lane and struck a truck. The truck spun around and hit a person running on the side of the road, according to Atkinson police Chief Philip Consentino.

The jogger was taken to Lawrence General Hospital.

Police initially called for a medical helicopter to take the injured jogger to a Boston area hospital, but there was a problem landing the helicopter in the area, Consentino said.


Anonymous said...

Chief's fault!

Anonymous said...

There once was a critic named "Mr."
Who's greatest wish was to be the Chief's sister
In his hero's light he would bask
'til he got the courage to ask,
"Hey Chief, would you like to play Twister?"

Anonymous said...

First two posters should be ashamed of themselves! Where is their real concern in this unfortunate accident , more so ,the jogger victum ? Landings may or could have been made at the TRHS or at the new rec land at Greenough and East Rd., assuming a big enough area to do it. Why don't both of you get some compassion in your lives ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the jogger was and what his / her condition is?

Anonymous said...

The reason was the weather than the medflight could not land.

I cant wait to see how this will be spun into how bad the APD messed it up; and how bad the chief sucks...and so on and so forth.

Lastly, is this what this blog has turned into? Recycled news posts from the Tribune? There is not one original thought or discussion piece put forward by the moderator (s) or the "team members".

Anonymous said...

Chief supporters have no concern for the jogger or his health. Typical Atkinson politics. Sounds like a selectmen's meeting. Perhaps if it had been an elderly, the Chief would have sent a (Vote Getting Card) or a sympathy card in case of death.

Grow up Phil supporters. Life is NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

Does anyone know who was hurt or his condition?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57,

This is sad. To think that chief "supporters" don't care about someone who has been injured is simply ignorant. It is as ignorant as the thread on the other topic that is saying blog "supporters" are uneducated. Sweeping generalizations don't do anyone any good here.

If anyone has growing up to do, it is people like you.

Anonymous said...

Has the indentity of the jogger been released yet?

Carol Grant said...

Mr. Moderator,

Is there any chance that you would post the below invitation as a separate article/notice at the top of the blog -- just until next
Wednesday's funeral?


Chet Ladd, Atkinson's long-time very dedicated Town Forester and Conservation Commission member and Chairman, recently died in Florida. His widow, Dorothy (Dot) will be bringing his remains back to Atkinson for burial in Atkinson Cemetery on Wednesday morning, June 17 at 11:00 a.m.

Mrs. Ladd would like to invite Atkinson town officials and residents who knew him, of him, or worked with him, to the grave-side service and final gathering for Chet.

After the interment, everyone is invited to the home of our former Atkinson Town Clerk, Linda Jette Johnson, 3 Forest Road, for refreshments and to share remembrances of Chet.

Atkinson owes a lot to Chet for his hard work, time commitment and dedication to preserving and caring for Atkinson's natural resources for so many years. Chet left a lot of great foot prints in Atkinson's many town forest and consrvation land parcels.

We hope all of you who knew Chet and respected his dedication to Atkinson's environmental quality of life will be able to attend the graveside sericve and gathering fterwards at Linda's home.

Anonymous said...

There once was a critic of Chief
Who's life became filled with grief
For footing Chief's bill
Chief's competence nil
But oh where is the relief?