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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Local Band in Competition

From Speak Out Danville;

Local Band in Competition

Postby safety frog » Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:14 am
"Something Green" iincludes some musicians from Atkinson. They've entered into a Battle of the Bands competition and were recorded and videotaped at the Haverhill, MA cable station. The competition winner gets a small purse, but more importantly to the guys, they get to make a professional video and get to open for a national, major act. The band carrying the most votes throughout the competition gets to keep the top position on the page of the website,

The band includes Andrew Hernandez on bass, Chuck Hargreaves on drums, Matt Hevesh on lead, and Charlie Ober on vocals and rhythm guitar. The guys are good friends and all have worked hard. The two songs in their segment are originals, both written (lyrics and music) by them.

Please point your cursor on the below web address and then cast your vote for "Something Green." ... route=view

If you have any trouble hyperlinking via the above web address, type in into your browser, enter, and then on the right of the home screen place your cursor over the words "Click here to vote!" (you might have to scroll down just a bit to find them first).


Anonymous said...

If they lose, it's the Chief's fault.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is sacred, is it? You'll do and say anything. I hope you don't live near me.