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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Police, dogs find paraphernalia in Timberlane drug search

From the Eagle Tribune;

Police, dogs find paraphernalia in Timberlane drug search
By Jarret Bencks

PLAISTOW, N.H. — A drug search at Timberlane Regional High School yesterday morning netted drug paraphernalia and a small container with residue of an unidentified substance.

Just after 9 a.m., police with about 10 drug-sniffing dogs canvassed the school. Five teams searched classrooms and hallways in the building.

The search took just under an hour. The substance found in the container will be tested by police.

School officials, who were notified shortly before the search started, wouldn't say what specific paraphernalia was found, or whether any more searches would be conducted at the school this year.

District officials had been aware that a search would be held sometime this year, following a meeting of school administrators and Plaistow police earlier this year, according to a statement issued by Timberlane principal Donald Woodworth.

Yesterday's was the second drug search at the school in the last three years. The last search one was in May 2007.

John Leary, associate principal, said the students found associated with the drug paraphernalia would face "strong disciplinary punishment."

"We want to do this to keep the school safe," Leary said. "It's always good to do something like this to make people realize we are serious about the issue."


Anonymous said...

Please accept this as an article submission:

Here's a real story from the Eagle Tribune: someone sees an elderly man swerving erratically in the Sunoco on rte 111 in Atkinson. They call Atkinson police out of concern for public safety.

Minutes later a mother and young child are smashed by the vehicle of that same driver.

Considering that this might have been a double fatality if a vehicle was coming in the opposite direction, several factors here need to be considered by the selectmen:

1) What was the nature of the police response to the person who called police? Was a car immediately dispatched, and did they have lights/siren on?

2) Where were they when the accident happened? If they weren't dispatched, or weren't hurrying to a report of an erratic driver, why is that?

Our police chief has commented openly that the parts of Atkinson north of Rte 111 aren't "real" parts of Atkinson. As a result, there is virtually no police presence and zero patrolling there. Please write the selectmen and the Eagle Tribune and ask them to follow up on this story.

Elderly Derry driver rear-ends minivan on Route 111

By James A. Kimble
HAMPSTEAD — An 83-year-old Derry man was taken to a local hospital after his Jeep rear-ended a minivan that was stopped to take a left turn into a Route 111 gym, police said.

Police said Jodi Bedard, 34, of Atkinson, the driver of the minivan, and her 3-year-old daughter were not injured.

Bedard was stopped and had her left-turn signal on when she was rear-ended by Donald Loisel, 83, of Derry, Hampstead police Lt. John Frasier said. Bedard was eastbound, attempting to turn in to the Fanzone building on Route 111 shortly after 1:30 p.m.

Frasier said it's believed Loisel's driving had prompted a call to Atkinson police just minutes before the crash.

"Several minutes before, Atkinson police were responding to a call that an elderly gentleman driving a red Jeep was swerving his vehicle in the Sunoco station up the street, almost hitting a pedestrian," Frasier said.

"It appears to be one and the same."

Loisel's Jeep struck the right side of the minivan, causing the Jeep to spin off Route 111, nearly landing in a swamp. Frasier said a small stand of trees stopped the vehicle.

Loisel appeared to have suffered a head injury and was jolted to the passenger's side of the car, police said. He was taken to Parkland Medical Center, where he was in stable condition last night, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Loisel was not wearing a seat belt, police said. The accident remains under investigation.

Anonymous said...

Will the elderly driver have their license taken away, or will Phil be afraid to tick off his voting base?

Will selectmen be afraid to ask these questions?

Anonymous said...

You are Kidding right...I see the Atkinson police over near the Sunoco all the time. I work near there I see them around Hall Farm road and I have seen them many times patrolling the sunoco parking lot. Where do you get you Info from?

Anonymous said...

The Accident Happened In Hampstead....Not The chief has nothing to do with what happens to this driver....comments like that really do prove you have a vendetta...

Anonymous said...

Sunoco APlus©

Anonymous said...

Right. That stretch of road is in Atkinson says my map program.

1 Hall Farm Rd
Atkinson, NH 03811

Anonymous said...

To Anon September 27, 2009 8:58 AM

No it shows how you try to mislead people. It's either that or you like waving your "Stupid Flag" As an observation it's the latter AND a BIG FLAG. Bet you love windy days. You know.........a real BLOW HARD.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if this is the gym then it is Hampstead.

The Zone Fitness Sportscenter
142 State Rt. 111
Hampstead, NH 03841

Anonymous said...

On the drug search.
They would have found a lot more if they brought dogs in back in the 70's. The big tree right out in front of the school was the spot to buy fatties.
A couple dozen students could be seen smoking or selling.

Anonymous said...

The Accident Happened In front of the Gym which is in Hampstead!!!!! Not at the Sunoco!!!! and I am very aware of the addresses to both places and exactly where the town lines are...

Anonymous said...

Sunoco is in Atkinson. So are many areas along Island Pond. Some that you have to drive through Hampstead to get to. Others you have to drive through Salem to get to.

Some of these places are so barely in Atkinson that the houses are in Atkinson but the streets they are on are not.

If they had called 911 and given the correct address dispatch would have sent the right department. All 911 calls are routed through Concord.

Why is it every post somehow gets the chief involved whether or not it has anything to do with him. This is neither a pro or anti Phil. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

The Sunoco station is in Atkinson. So is Hall Farm Road. The Hampstead - Atkinson boundary, I believe is at the intersection of 111 and Island Pond Rd. From there up to the 121 lights is Hampstead. If the call came from the Sunoo station, the caller was correct. He/she didn't know where either one of them was going. Give me a break. I'm not a fan of Phil's, but this one is isn't his problem.