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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Atkinson BOS consider a re-write of the Osborn deed covenant

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson officials study private/public road issue
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — Selectmen plan to consult with their attorney to determine whether they own a road that has been torn up so a resident could build a driveway for a Big Island Pond home.

Resident Leon Artus complained to the selectmen Monday night that Daniel and Margaret Osborn have destroyed Valcat Lane by building a driveway to their lakeside property.

Artus wants the selectmen to order the Osborns to stop working and repair the road so area residents can access their property.

"I'm just asking them to take control of Valcat," Artus said.

But whether Valcat Lane is actually a Class 6 and whether the selectmen have the authority to shut down the construction is not clear.

Under state law, Class 6 roads are public roads, but are not maintained by municipalities. Private citizens have to be given permission to maintain the roads and to build homes on them.

Conservation Commission Chairman Tim Dziechowski told selectmen he believes the road is private and not under their control.

Artus argued that the Osborns' deed, which is signed by two selectmen, states the road is a Class 6 public road.

The deed also states the Osborns are responsible for maintenance of the road and the town has no responsibilities when it comes to snow removal or maintenance.

But Dziechowski said the deed's language is irrelevant when classifying the road.

The road has never been on any official map, nor accepted by voters at a Town Meeting, Dziechowski said.

"It has never been deeded to the town," he said.

The roadwork is just the start to the problems on Valcat Lane.

Dziechowski said there are a number of shoreland protection violations, including the removal of too many trees, lack of erosion control and having docks without a valid permit.

Jim Martin, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Services, said the state received complaints of alleged shoreland protection violations, but he was not able to elaborate on the status of any investigation yesterday.

Dziechowski said every time it rains, dirt will wash into Big Island Pond and wetlands that abut the property because there is no silt fencing or hay bales.

"We were sold a bill of goods on how environmentally friendly this was going to be and it wasn't built that way," he said.

Dziechowski said the town agent gave the Osborns a permit to build a driveway because they told the town the property was their land when, in fact, it wasn't.

"It was the wrong thing to do, to allow the driveway," he said.

Selectman Bill Bennett said after being presented both sides of the issue Monday night, the board plans to consult with its attorney, Sumner Kalman, to determine who owns the road.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. ET publishes a second article almost exactly the same as the first, without any further investigation of the continuing facts. (I.e.: Atkinson Selectmen controlling what ET publishes)

Now the Selectmen are trying to undo the wavier that they and their Town counsel made the Osborn's sign, by saying it was a MISTAKE? Give us a break!

How can a local citizen keep up with the ever changing dynamics of selectmen/town counsel control over our rights, by saying they can change the rules anytime they choose? (EVEN IF the public was paying attention)

Here is an other example of how Atkinson Selectmen GOT CAUGHT showing favoritism of one citizen at the expense of another taxpayer, especially since the one they are trying to protect is one of their own.

This is corruption at its best, at the expense of the unknowing.

Carol Davis is at the brunt of Town corruption, bearing loss of her land at Selectmen’s hands.

This issue is about Selectmen protecting there own over the rights of every citizen.

This has to STOP! YOUR LAND WILL BE NEXT, if we don’t stop it now!



Anonymous said...

So let's see, the Osborn's went outside of what they were authorized to do, but somehow now the selectmen, the moderator (the fucking moderator? Are you out of your fucking mind???), the planning board, and the zba somehow gave them the green light to take Carol's land. You are a fucking fruitcake. Now go get your rabies and distemper shots before you start infecting people with your mindless dribble.

Just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Frank was right that the ZBA doesn't get involved with property disputes.

But that doesn't mean that he had to take the provision that Osborn has to prove ownership of the land, which was already in the agreement out of the conditions for approval, and then issue grant permission for the permit.

Anonymous said...

Basically, pure and simple, what we have here is one group of town officials-BOS and fellow ZBA members, including highly partisan and political Polito- allowing a fellow town official -- Maggie Osborne-- to violate the law and trample on and ignore the property rights of others. Other people have to obey the law and respect other's property, while certain others- like Osborne-are allowed special treatment and allowed to act illegally with impunity.
Osborne should have to totally restore the land to what it was originally before she destroyed other's property.
Let's see if the selectmen have the backbone to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

If what the Osborn's are doing and the Town for that matter are illegal as you state then why did a Judge at Rockingham Court tell Mrs. Davis and Mr. Artus that they had no right to stop the Osborn's. Sounds like the Osborn's hired the right people, legal counsel, engineers to understand their rights. Where is your proof? You can't use threats and intimidation to stop people from exercising their property rights and you can't insist that the BOS or ZBA do that for you. Spend some money get legal counsel to back you up. Stop using taxpayers money and time to fight your unfounded allegations.

Anonymous said...

October 9, 2009 12:32 AM is a big part of what is wrong with this blog. Rather than present a logical case he spouts conspiracies.

Yep, that's right. All the town official meet regularly in an underground bunker beneath Town Hall and spend countless hours devising ways to steal you rights, land, first born, you bank accounts, the list is endless. Shame on them.

He's as bad as the one who said everyone should be thrown out of office. Yes, that is what we should do. And, when we get replacements, they will be just as corrupt as soon as they take the oath so we'll have to throw them out to. Pretty soon everyone who lives in town will have held public office, and since all public officials are corrupt, the entire population will be corrupt. Heaven to Betsy, whatever shall we do?

JMO - Your opinions carry the same weight as a paranoid schizophrenic. Get back on your meds and as October 9, 2009 9:12 AM suggests, get your shots too.

Just so everyone knows, every town has some of these clowns. I regularly read the news from my hometown and right now there is a big brew-ha over the refurbishment of a statue of a controversial person in history. The comments regarding public officials is almost identical. Must be club.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Don't Come in!" "Don't Come in!" "I said don't come in! I don't live here. Nobody lives here. No one here to accept any legal demand order. THIS IS A RECORDING! You hear me? THIS IS A RECORDING.!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:36PM. I suspect JMO is a she and not a he. Although given the Jumbled Mindless Oratory, it's quite possible we're dealing with a hermaphrodite. Talk about confused!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, If what you said @ 11:20 was true, why did the Judge schedule a hearing on the merits, for early February, along with an admonition that if they prove that Ms. Davis owns the land, he will have no trouble ordering you to restore her land to it's pristine condition?

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the "damage" and it's obvious this whole mess is just a political ploy for more headlines. Sorry, but the minor drop of the road does not constitute destruction of major proportions. Everyone should go see for themselves what a big waste of time this is. To the BOS,
keep working hard for us citizens as you have. To the rest of you upset minions, try and smile a little. It's not really that bad :}

Anonymous said...

They will only smile if we manage to get them back on their meds. Til then, we can expect more ranting and raving from the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

well Mr. 2:13, I am glad you feel that the damage is slight. But if it were your old growth trees removed, and your yard excavated, graded, leveled, and gravelled, and a driveway laid down it, you might not feel that way.

And the cut through Valcat is 7' deep from the roadway.

Anonymous said...

Notes from a committee meeting:

Anonymousness 2:13pm says we are the lunatic fringe and out to rant and rave again and we aint smiling anymore. My feelings are really hurt.

Hey, don't mess with im. He throws off the yoke of intelligence, and makes our town safe for hypocrisy!

But he hit me with a tomatah. (Sob)

A tomato?

Yeah, a cowardly tomatah... one that hits 'ya and runs.

I got me a cream pie for him! He's saying I need to take meds.

WHAT! You are going to waste a perfectly good cream pie!! You do need meds!

Try an orange, it's much harder.

Nahh! Don't want to hurt im. I'll throw a milkshake... with sour milk!

Hey, take it easy on the guy. He just suffers from excessive miss-use of the grey matter of the brain.

Aw, must be something else. I'm sure he got no brains.

Who is the gentleman?

Gentlemen?! Cut out the sarcasm!"

Don't make me smile, OK?. They'll say I'm on meds!

Our genius ain't appreciated around here. (Sob)

C'mon! What's'a'matter with 'ya?... 'Ya nuts?!

Anonymous said...

Leon Artus say:

The BOS treated me with respect Monday night, and I appreciate it. They have issued a cease and desist order against the Osborns’s regarding Valcat Lane and we appreciate it. Let's see where the BOS goes next.

Anonymous said...

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT: You'se were talking about Anonymousness 3:25PM not that dame anonymousness 2:13PM! OK. Your off the A team buster!

Oh, mutiny, eh?

Yeah, and not on the Bounty!

What'll you do without me?

We got 2 dozen more better 'n' you beggin to be on this committee. And that's just Meditation Lane.

Well, you can't throw me off...I'm a-stayin'... and I'm a-fightin'... to my last RTK!

Anonymous said...

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

Anonymous said...

Medication Lane? Damn, I moved to the wrong street! Where can I get me some of dem there medications? I like the blue ones and the red ones personally. After that, all the conspiracy theorist on this blog seem down right funny! Especially that JMO nut! Now she's a hoot!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Brownfield obviously did not post the prior comment.

There are obviously very sick individuals in our town government who need replacement.

Anonymous said...

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

What cease and desist order against the Osborns’s

Concerned Citizen said...

It's a sad world when there are amoral people who think nothing of taking & using another's land for their own purpose. What this couple did was selfish & criminal. One can only hope that their children don't learn from them. Why would anyone want to alienate a whole neighborhood? Oh wait, they don't care. Hopefully the people they wronged will be able to fight them in court. And as for saying they are not living there, or not answering their door when the town checks on them...shame on them. Their dog has been heard barking in the middle of the night from the house without a C.O. Does that mean they leave their dog alone, unsupervised...sounds like animal cruelty to me. Here's hoping justice will be done. Good luck to the person whose land was destroyed. And may the persons who violated your land end up in jail or hell.

Anonymous said...

What the heck! The owner at 9 Emery built a permanent structure 5' from a swamp and I have seen nothing done about removing it. Why not just sweep this under the rug also.......

Anonymous said...

Interesting! The "Town" and "The Osborns" are making contract on "things" (real property) they dont "own" or dont want to own. Would you like to buy or maybe just lease a bridge??

Anonymous said...

Damn! Don't Come in!" --WOOF-- "Don't Come in!" --WOOF-- --WOOF-- "I said don't come in! --WOOF-- --WOOF-- --WOOF-- I don't live here. Nobody lives here. No one here to accept any Cease and Dis-troy Order. --WOOF-- THIS IS A RECORDING! You hear me? THIS IS A RECORDING.! --WOOF-- --WOOF--

OK, Curly B. YOU get off my steps. NO? Ok, you asked for it. GO GET HIM RottenWeiler!


(-----And now kiddies, this is what happened when RottenWeiler met Curly B. at the big boulders by the cut down trees right next to Valcat Hole...)

CURLY B: My leg...RottenWeiler ran off with my leg!

Chief: Here, I have these Elderly Affairs crutches in the car. You just be glad there is no separation. I mean in the departments....not that separation in your leg!

Curly B: Chief, would you please remove your foot from my face?

Chief: Now Curly B, you just stay down. I am releasing my German Shepherd. He's known as 'Bloodhound Jack', and he can smell a bitch a mile away.

Curly B: I wish he could smell 'em a little closer!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I see many lawsuits coming because the BOS has NO CLUE what they are doing. God help the taxpayers of Atkinson. sigh

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the moderaters of this blog believe in openess, but I wish they would please consider deleting nonsense posts that serve only to clutter and distract from the mission here. There are people who come here only to try to obstruct and waste space, and they are the enemies of reform and open government.

Anonymous said...

yuk, yuk, yuk says Curly

Anonymous said...

The blogs only "mission" is to help advance the lawsuits of the blog admins. Pull your head out of your ass. You've had it up there far too long.

Anonymous said...

There would be no lawsuits, if the Town Officials would STOP their illegal behavior. Because of them Town government has become government by lawsuits.

Stop your foul talk and go back to school. Country can't afford dropouts like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am the true writer of curly b official documents.

Furthermore you're use constitutes copywright Infringment and you will answer in court.

Seriously now, it is your conduct that got you in legal trouble. The blog does expose your actions where they were hidden before.

Enjoy the spotlight as it will shine till the end of time even if I have to do it myself.

And the answer, mo-Ron is no, I have never been I blog administrater. Don't know who they are.

I will start my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's a good idea. I'm going to work on setting up!

There needs to be two blogs in town. One for the sane town residents...and one for the.......

Anonymous said...

We need new town counsel. How did we get in this mess? Look no further than Atkinson Town Counsel, Attorney Sumner Kalman. His fees have tripled in recent years. Go look for yourself. Why are we paying him $30K a year? FOR WHAT MORE LAWSUITS? We need a new lawyer. Look at all the lawsuits our town is embroiled in which further his financial interests. He is one of the biggest problem in this town. Just my humble opinion of course.

Anonymous said...

We need new town counsel. How did we get in this mess? Look no further than Atkinson Town Counsel, Attorney Sumner Kalman. His fees have tripled in recent years. Go look for yourself. Why are we paying him $30K a year? FOR WHAT MORE LAWSUITS? We need a new lawyer. Look at all the lawsuits our town is embroiled in which further his financial interests. He is one of the biggest problem in this town. Just my humble opinion of course.

Anonymous said...

They could get a more knowledgeable town attorney and make part of the contract that he/she must attend Town Deliberative Session. And also work for the best interests of the citizens of the town.

Anonymous said...

The Curly material is not even close to being worthy to copy. Don't flatter yourself. And if you paid for writing classes, I'd recommend asking for a refund.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I should go back to school and get my PHD in BS so I can be on equal footing with you.

Anonymous said...

Niagra falls, slowly I turn...step
by step....
Quick, get the cheese, get the cheese.
Oh shit, the blog rats have eaten it all. We're screwed now!!!
Keep eatin it blog brains...

Anonymous said...

You think that is POETRY?

Every time you write you weaken the nation.

Anonymous said...

BURP! Good cheeese boss!

Anonymous said...

There once was a man named Leon
Who was nothing more than a pee on
With a law suit he told
This will show them I'm bold!
But his eyes were so bloodshot they looked neon

Atkinson Reporter said...

Although we are enjoying all the speculation, we believe it is becoming detrimental to the discussion of town controversies. So, for the record, none of this blog's administrators or moderators have lawsuits against the Town of Atkinson.

We, too, wish some of the more juvenile posters would raise the level of discourse, but we only delete posts that are nothing more than ad hominum attacks on someone.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that, I have some pristine land down in the everglades to sell you.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the main controversy is the vitriol with which this blog has taken towards the town. The controversy is them being either directly involved in the lawsuits or otherwise directly supporting those who are involved.

Let's face it. This blog is not interested in true discourse. The admins/moderators are only interested in promoting their own self interests. Scorn the "juvenille" posters all you want, but you've brought them on yourselves.

Anonymous said...

October 12, 2009 2:45 PM

Careful. You know what happens to the noses of little boys who lie.

Why is it that Artus and Brownfield can get an entry, and even pictures, on the front page of this blog without posting an entry in another topic and the rest of us can't, hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

If you believe Artus & Brownfield have anything to do with the Blog, why don't you cough up your proof and sue them. There is nothing better than winning a good court case to clear the air.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's sue Artus and Brownfield for being dumb asses. You're not too fucking bright are you jmho. In order to sue someone, you need to have grounds to sue them. But you've clearly thrown yourself in with that lot which tells me you're a dumb ass too.

Just my not so humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am VERY pro-1st Amendment but I would have no qualms about the administrator here selectively deleting nonsense posts that seek merely to harass those actually interested in reform and open government.

Anonymous said...

If you came here looking for reform and open government, you are surely going to be disappointed. Try going to the meetings and engaging with the people who run the various aspects of the town. This blog clearly isn't what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

HEy 5:00pm

NO you dont! ROFLMAO

Frank Polito sued the Town over Brian Boyle's Project without grounds, and the court dismissed for "lack of standing"

Phil Consentino appealed his contempt of court order to the Supreme Court without grounds, and they dismissed for "lack of standing"! AND THE TAXPAYERS PAID FOR IT!

Isn't it great to be a town official with access to taxpayer funded attornies?

Anonymous said...

I don't see your argument, there are lots of articles on here written by the admins, without article submission. How does that prove that these two own the blog? besides I think the article you are talking about was about a meeting, anyways.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's get back to the subject of Daniel and Margaret Osborn's stealing Carol Davis's land.

How about some ideas on stopping the Osborn's before their court date?

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:15PM,

I'm not a town official, but you are a dumb ass! I know better than to sue someone without grounds. No go back and try to think of another hair brained idea. I'm sure we'll all waiting with anticipation...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, long live the juvi's.
You must look deep in your soles for you have summoned our likes to
play on your blog!

Anonymous said...

This just in! Brownfield isn't his last name, it's a description of his underwear!

Anonymous said...

That's a real shitty joke....

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when you're dealing with a couple of Klingons...

Anonymous said...

Must have been all the sharts.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:22pm;

I didn't say it was smart to file a lawsuit without grounds, I just said our town officials have done it!

If you don't like it complain to them! They are the ones who wasted your tax dollars that way.

Anonymous said...

Ah but 7:28, that would be productive and that's not what this blog is all about. It's about rumor, heresay, and agendas. You wouldn't want me to go against the spirit of this blog now would you???

Anonymous said...

For all those of you who want to actually do something, the Osborns will be at the ZBA meeting looking for a variance. Wednesday night the 14th as seen on ACTV. Bring your torches and pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

ok, what rumors? what hearsay? what agendas?

Did these things happen or not?

If they did then lets discuss them, that isn't an agenda, or hearsay, or rumor.

As usual people make statements about the blogs content and motivations, but never hold town officials to the same level of scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

You mean like the one about the Lt getting fired? Or how about the recent one with Leon grandstanding at the BOS meeting when he knew he wasn't on the agenda and how Leon the hero was shutdown because of it. The nerve of those Selectmen wanting to have a small send off for someone who has been serving our community and is now going off and serving our country! How dare they interfere with Leon's agenda! Wake up and see the nonsense that this blog is up to. It's not to benefit the town that's for damn sure.

Anonymous said...

Well, Leon Artus at the next weeks selectmens meeting he got the facts out and now the BOS have a cease and decease order. Your spin has no merit.

Anonymous said...

To 8:44pm;

Why is it whenever you people want to claim that everything on this blog is unsubstantiated rumor, you go to that one article about the Lt.?

I mean there have been hundreds of articles on this thing, and you can only cite one! And about that one, at least the blog said up front that it was a rumor, sort of off the record.

I never saw any proof that he wasn't fired either, so which side should I believe?

As for the send off, he is going to California! It is not like he is going to the front lines in Afghanistan or something, get real! I am not trying to slam the guy, but all this false hero worship is going a little far, when we have a bunch of guys from town that ARE getting shot at daily!

Lt. Grazik is on his 4th or 5th tour in Iraq, Paul Grant commanded a forward fire base in Afghanistan.

Get some perspective!

Anonymous said...

Get some perspective? Hundreds of articles? Tell me something. How many of those articles were authored by the blog admin and how many were cut and paste from the ET? I would venture to say it's at least 90% or higher ET. Now, of the ones authored by the admin, most are spin, rumor, or hearsay. I repeat the one about the Lt because that was the most aggregious. I just cited a recent one as well pointing out the spin put forth by the blog admin. Perhaps it is you who needs the perspective. You know, the one without the blinders on.

As far as the Lt going to CA, yes, it's not Iraq or Afghanistan, but the CG does a lot of drug intervention down there so it's not necessarily a cake walk. Fortunately we live in a fairly safe community, but as seen by the recent horors in Mont Vernon, crime can happen anywhere and when you wear a badge, you're simply at a higher risk. He serves our community and now he's serving the country. It's not improper for the selectmen to give him a small send off, but yet Artus and the blog admins want to make hay out of it. I have perspective. Do you?

Anonymous said...

It's not about making hay out of it, but when they put off doing town business, which is the purpose of those meetings to have a party for any reason is wrong. And I don't mind the well wishes, but I remember the hype the last time he was deployed, Phil saying he was in Iraq fighting for our freedoms, how Phil claimed the BOS was "nickel and diming him" when they advanced him $6000. and just asked him for a paycheck stub and he refused to give it, instead claiming he was making $2000 less than he really was. I am sorry but those facts do color my perspective. I don't like dishonesty from people I pay to do a job.

BTW, the word you were trying to use was "egregious", and you still never answered the question, Was the story true? Do you know for a fact that it wasn't true? if you do, how do you know? because I haven't seen any "facts" to prove that he wasn't any more than that he was? So being reasonable, I can't confirm or deny, but you seem happy to condemn the blog, for the same lack of evidence that you are happy to accept in his favor. And who is biased here?

Anonymous said...

Okay so someone makes a claim about the Lt, then backs off that claim since the Kingston chief of police denies it, and you're still looking for evidence? Sorry, but when someone is presenting something as fact, it's up to that person to have to show the proof. The fact that they retracted the story and issued a lame apology shows that it was a rumor and hearsay post. Gee, isn't that what I've been saying? A "reasonable" person doesn't believe everything they're told. BTW, you better keep an eye on your neighbor. He's a mass murderer. I heard it around town.

Anonymous said...


Artus was on the selectmen's agenda.


Artus made a very important presentation to selectmen, showing them how they could/should take control of Valcat Lane.


Artus produced waiver agreement signed by selectmen May 2008; requiring Osborn's to get permission before destroying Valcat.


Artus asked selectmen to issue a Cease & Desist order to Osborns.


Selectmen met with Town counsel for opinion.


Selectmen issued Cease & Desist order.


Osborn's violated Cease & Desist order.

How many facts do you need before you will open your eyes and admit the facts?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You're now debating me on something I never took a position on. Did I claim Artus didn't do this? I did say he grandstanded at the BOS meeting when he wasn't on the agenda and this blog played right along. Not that Artus has ANY connection to the blog. But keep on debating me over points I never made. I'm getting very amused...

Anonymous said...

I hear weds nights zba meetingthere will be a lot of residents there to make sure zoning board does the right thing. I hear they are bring tar and feathers.

The action is tomorrow night. Better watch out. It's not gonna be business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Mag osborn is a member of the zba board.

Frank Polito is chair of zba board.

Tar and feathers

Anonymous said...

wow you guys bitch when the stories come from the eagle trib, and you bitch when they are written by the admin. Maybe you would be happier if this blog didnt exist, then we could go back to being quietly bullied by the chief, afraid to speak up.

Anonymous said...

can make rules and break rules.

Anonymous said...

Zba makes two kinda rules. One fo you and one fo them

get it?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, you're really speaking up when you post on a blog. Get real. This blog accomplishes nothing. Never has, never will.

Anonymous said...

Lost in all this mindless gibberish was a point about the need for new town counsel.

someone said "We need new town counsel. How did we get in this mess? Look no further than Atkinson Town Counsel, Attorney Sumner Kalman. His fees have tripled in recent years. Go look for yourself. Why are we paying him $30K a year? FOR WHAT MORE LAWSUITS? We need a new lawyer. Look at all the lawsuits our town is embroiled in which further his financial interests. He is one of the biggest problem in this town. Just my humble opinion of course."

people here debate empty points when real issues affecting our town and tax bills don't get discussed.

I second the vote for new town consel. I've seen nor heard nothing good from that lawyer. Just my opinion as well.

Anonymous said...

OK, lets again review the evidence and errors of the Blog Administrators, again.

1) Last Deliberative Session - The whole episode hits the blog while the meeting is STILL going on. It contains details only those involved would know, like the demands outside the auditorium. The auditorium does not have wireless internet so no one is writing it while it is going on, and no one at home could have written it because there were no cameras outside. I'm sure the Lt. or Jack did not write it. So, that leaves only Brownfield and Artus.

2) Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Heard Around Town: Chief is trying to resurrect the Tower!
Yes, folks it is true. The reporter has heard form a number of citizens and officials in town that Phil is quietly trying to resurrect the tower issue.

WRONG - It was the BOS who initiated this action, not the chief.

3) Monday, May 18, 2009
Atkinson looks for solutions to radio communication woes- Selectmen to discuss TONIGHT!
For those who thought our article on the resurrection of the Tower debate was merely "conspiracy theory and rumors", here is your answer. Tonight on the agenda at the selectmens meeting is going to be the discussion of either putting together a committee of police and firemen to look at the tower issue, headed for the third time by Lt. Baldwin!

Or having the technology committee look into it, preferable with Lt. Baldwins direction and guidance!

WRONG - The Lt. was never mentioned at the meeting, and he certainly does not head the effort. Bill Bennett made it very clear, he wanted degreed engineers with communications experience driving the effort.

4) Thursday, June 4, 2009
The Atkinson Reporter would like to issue a Formal Apology to Lt. Baldwin!

What a dozy. Someone heard someone else claim something, and another someone heard the same story adding further proof. An accusation based entirely on hearsay followed up by an apology that essentially said the blog administrator still believes the story is true, but can't get anyone to put it in writing, so he/they offer a lame apology.

After this the "Heard Around Town" series dries up because, maybe, they were somewhat lacking in the truth.

5) Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Selectmen refuse to let serious town business disrupt their party

Again, everyone should be reminded that only the blog administrators can directly enter a story without going through a submission, and, they are the only ones who can post pictures.

And who is at the center of this story? Artus. Here he bitches and moans that he is not on the agenda but the BOS should have heard him out anyways. Fast forward one week. He is on the agenda and things begin to happen.

Absolute, unmitigated proof Artus and Brownfield are behind this mess of a blog. No. They won't admit it and no one has photos of them at a keyboard. But to even the most jaded observer, it has to raise questions.

Other than ET repeats this blog exists to promote the Artus/Brownfield agenda. What other people in town get access to the front page unimpeded?

Anonymous said...

Did the Kingston chief deny it? I heard it said on this blog that he denied it, but never saw that denial anywhere but here either. By your standards I shouldn't believe that either, so again I have to ask, which side is right? Ad why do you take one over the other, if that is your standard?

Anonymous said...

yeah, and it hit this blog while Artus and Brownfield were still at deliberative session!

Anonymous said...

It was a public meeting, on camera, why does it have to be artus? still nothing but supposition.

Anonymous said...

Town counsel spent 80% of 2005 defending the chief against Acciard's claim that he shouldn't vote on police stuff in selectmen's meetings. He didn't charge the town for all that time. At the end of the year, Phil and Jack negotiate a new contract with Sumner tripling his retainers.

Hmmmm, you scratch my back I reward you with taxpayer money, I don't know, but it doesn't pass the sniff test.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out if your neighbor is a mass murderer? I heard it around town so it must be true. It's really up to you to prove it isn't.

The blog admin stated that the Lt was fired from Kingston and then the blog admin stated that the Kingston chief of police refuted that. Quite frankly I don't believe a damn thing that the blog admin spouts because he has an agenda.

But hey, you want to believe everything you hear apparently. Make sure you send that chain email to 20 friends and you'll end up with a windfall! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Leon Artus is a hero. He helps out people being taken advantage of. That's what hero's do. He helps Carol Davis get her land back. He helps people being overcharged for taxes to get their money back. Like hundreds of familys. He demands transparency from government and justice for all the town citizens. He lobbies for a chief of police who is not only qualified to hold the position but willing to do the job honorably. He fights for all citizens to be treated fairly.

He honestly believe that the citizens will eventually stand up for themselves and stand up for their rights. That they will do the right thing.

Leon Artus is a hero and I know I am lucky to have him here.

Do you?

Anonymous said...

Always nice to hear from one of Leon's boot lickers...

Anonymous said...

Moyers: Why are there so many stories of the hero in mythology?

Campbell: Because that's what's worth writing about. Even in popular novels, the main character is a hero or heroine who has found or done something beyond the normal range of achievement and experience. A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

Moyers: So in all of these cultures, whatever the local costume the hero might be wearing, what is the deed?

Campbell: Well, there are two types of deed. One is the physical deed, in which the hero performs a courageous act or saves a life.

The other kind is the spiritual deed, in which the hero learns to experience the supernormal range of human spiritual life and then comes back with a message.

Campbell:The moral objective is saving the people, or saving a person, or supporting an idea. The hero sacrifices himself for something greater - that's the morality of it. Now, from another position, of course, you might say the idea for which he sacrificed himself was something that should not have been respected. That's a judgement from the other side, but it doesn't destroy the intrinsic heroism of the deed performed.

Moyers:In George Lucas' Star Wars, Solo begins as a mercenary and ends up a hero, coming in at the last to save Luke Skywalker.

Campbell:Yes. There Solo has done the hero act of scarificing himself for another.

Moyers:So perhaps the hero lurks in each one of us when we don't know it?

Campbell:Our life evokes our character. You find out more about yourself as you go on. That is why it's good to put yourself in situations that will evoke your higher nature rather than your lower. "Lead us not into temptation."

Campbell: No, mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth - penultimate because the ultimate cannot be be put into words. It is beyond words, beyond images, beyond the bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming. Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told. So this is the penultimate truth.
It's important to live life with the experience, and therefore the knowledge, of its mystery and your own mystery. This gives life a new radiance, a new harmony, a new splendor. Thinking in mythological terms helps to put you in accord with the inevitables of this vale of tears. You learn to recognize the positive values in what appear to be negative moments and aspects of your life. The big question is whether you are going to be say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Moyers:The adventure of the hero?

Campbell:Yes, the adventure of the hero - the adventure of being alive.

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea, Leon, why don't you have a junk car dropped off in the Osborne's driveway? You are a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

"It was a public meeting, on camera, why does it have to be artus? still nothing but supposition."

Let me spell it out for you, AGAIN. The Blog article was written WHILE the meeting was still in session. It contained details not shown on camera, or to anyone who stayed inside. Artus and Brownfield did not stay for the whole meeting. They left early.

All pure coincidence I'm sure. Now, about the swamp land in Florida.

Why don't we all sue the town. We can be heroes too.

Anonymous said...

There once was a man named Gary
With a camera he liked to carry
From these photos I take
A blog entry I'll make
I'll have a lawsuit to use as my parry!

Anonymous said...

We've done a 180. everything used to be chief's fault. Now its Leon and Gary's fault.

All perfectly clear to me now. Its all about the number of negative posts one makes for a convincing argument. If i repeat myself a hundred times Gary and Leon are the problem, well gosh darn it I must be right! Why let facts get in the way of all my moronic repetitions?

Your motives are obvious. Nothing more than amateurish attempts at a slander campaign. If you can't win in a court of law I guess you have to try and win in the court of public opinion. Quickly post another slander of Gary and Leon to change the subject. DO AS I SAY!!

Anonymous said...

Was that Gary or Leon that just posted that???

Anonymous said...

LOL! They went from being the attackers to the attacked! What poetic justice. Now they're starting to cry about it because they've lost control. ROTFLMAO!!! Classic.

Anonymous said...

Since they can't get real jobs, suing the town has become their job. That, and running this silly little blog.

MAcciard said...

I have to comment here. I have watched the virtual destruction of Mr. Artus and Mr. Brownfield on this blog, amongst some of it commentators, and I have to wonder why?

Unfortunately these attacks remind me of the attacks upon myself for simply asking the chief of police not to vote on police matters as a selectman, and upon Carol Grant for simply asking the selectmen to enforce the vote of the people regarding the Vietnam honor Roll panels, or the vitriol spewing from the mouth of our police chief at Mr. Kaye one summer evening at a selectmen meeting.

Why is the premise among some, that it is the questioner that is the problem? Why is it never the town official who is doing something that they shouldn't be doing, that is the problem? I have seen the results of these types of attacks being taken to extremes, and I don't wish that upon anyone.

And can someone please tell me what is so bad about Mr. Artus' filing of his lawsuit against the town? And Why Mr. Brownfield is so wrong for joining it?

Anonymous said...

Ain't that just sweet. Mark is once again trying to rescue the two bottom feeders who like to throw around accussations via this blog in order to advance their own agendas that have nothing to do with advancing the town and everything to do with lining their pockets.

MAcciard said...

To 3:34pm

I am not trying to rescue anyone, I am asking a question as someone who has been in their position and received much the same response, even though I PROVED my complaint in a Court of Law.

Can you answer my questions?

Anonymous said...


The pro Consentino and Sapia clowns that post here aren't interested in a thoughtful debate on issues; they're blind defenders of people that have no respect for the citizens of this town, or for open government.

They don't dare ever respond to questions about the chief's losing hundreds of thousands of our taxes in lawsuit settlements because they couldn't possibly defend it.

So they cowardly attempt to assinate the character of people like Leon.

Please don't legitimize their idiocy by treating them like people who wish to have a civilized disscussion.

Anonymous said...

You must not be reading the posts if you need to ask. These two clowns are using this blog to spout off their rumors and hearsay so that they can advance their own agendas. Meanwhile, they're constantly setting traps trying to angle for their next lawsuit. They're bottom feeders. Leetches. You reap what you sow. In this case their own little reality that they created for themselves has spun out of their control and has turned around and smacked them upside their heads. I hope they enjoy the harvest.

Anonymous said...

too big for his britches again.

why don't you help carol Davis get her land back?

That is of no concern to you.

It should be if you had any morals.

You people have no shame and are sued upside the head real real hard. Hope you are looking thru bars soon.

Anonymous said...

I say we all hold hands and pray for moral justice.

Lets all take a look around town and see what we have "A NICE NEW ENGLAND TOWN"

Stop the fighting and all come togther and work towards a solution.

Anonymous said...

Crazies in power care nothing about playing nicely. They won't leave power until forced out by courts or voters. Look at our moderator. What motivates him to do what he does to people? It defies logic. I also vote for new town counsel. There's another one.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how many are going to the ZBA meeting tomorrow. Everyone who is going, raise your mouse.

Anonymous said...

"The pro Consentino and Sapia clowns that post here aren't interested in a thoughtful debate on issues; they're blind defenders of people that have no respect for the citizens of this town, or for open government."

Wow, how in God's name did you ever come to that conclusion? By your logic anyone who criticizes the blog or its owners must be what you say. No middle ground. Black and White.

Got news for you Bucko. One position does not equate to the other. I'm a strong critic of the blog because its owners are big on hype but and a little weak on the facts at times. The Artus and Brownfield show at the Deliberative Session, followed the almost in real time narrative that followed, is what convinced me who runs this thing and the self serving nature of it.

To bust your bubble, I'm also no fan of Jack Sapia. He reminds me of the old lawyer joke,"How do you know if a lawyer is lying? His mouth is moving." The ability of this man to stand up in public and blatantly lie continues to astound me. And, it has been 2 years since he's been on the BOS and the town is still recovering.

The chief - I wish he were enjoying his retirement and we had a seasoned professional to bring the department into the 21st century.

So, there, I'm anti blog and not "pro Consentino and Sapia" as you put it. Where does this fit in your black and white world.

I think a town blog is a good thing, but we need one that works without an agenda. If I had the time, I'd start it. In the meantime, it is time for new ownership of this one. The emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

"Look at our moderator. What motivates him to do what he does to people? It defies logic."

I was waiting for that one. Thank you. There really is a very simple solution to all the bitching and moaning about Frank. Run against him.

Why is it that every election where the Moderator is on the ballot, Frank runs unopposed?

It's an elected position citizens of Atkinson, not a birth right. Don't like the job he's doing, run against him.

This one is a case of, If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

To all those who complain about Frank but have done nothing to offer an alternative, this is now your problem. Any of you armchair quarterbacks up to the task?

Won't surprise me one little bit if he's unopposed next time he's up.

Anonymous said...

October 13, 2009 6:54 PM

Thank you. Messed up one paragraph a little but I think the meaning is clear.

Anonymous said...

I'm fully expecting Frank to run unoppossed. They complain but do nothing. Sorry folks, posting your bitches on a blog doesn't qualify as doing something. Leon almost made it to the ballot but had to pull out of the race because he's suing the town and it would be a conflict. Pity that.

Anonymous said...

October 13, 2009 7:08 PM - You're right. Being Moderator is a tough job and requires considerable knowledge. I'm not claiming Frank always gets it right so don't start down the rat hole again. But, if it were easy he would be facing competition. The fact he remains unopposed demonstrates that a great majority of this town are either not qualified, or don't care. It takes a great deal of self confidence to stand before a crowd of people and cameras and do what he does. Few are cut out for it.

But, no. It is much easier to slam him than to run against him and human nature being what it is, most will take the easy way out. How many ways can it be said. You don't like something, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And by doing, I don't mean complaining.

Anonymous said...

There are many people that do what Frank does. In fact, there is one in every city and town in the State.

You bring up a good point. Frank has been here for way to long, and wouldn't get away with what he does in any other city/town.


Require that moderators travel around the State, and never serve in the same town twice. Unless they have served in every town/city, then they could start over again.

Bet Frank wouldn't last for three towns.

Thanks for bring that to my attention.


Anonymous said...

"Require that moderators travel around the State, and never serve in the same town twice. Unless they have served in every town/city, then they could start over again."

There ya go then. There is your mission, if you chose to accept it. You march right up to Concord and get the law change to require what you suggest.

Complete BS, and you know it. Try offering up something that will actually work. In fact, you're so smart to think of it, you run.

This is not an opinion, nor is it humble.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, they're constantly setting traps trying to angle for their next lawsuit. They're bottom feeders. Leetches. '

Any chance you live on the water?

Anonymous said...

as far as I can see, artus and brownfeld have filed ONE lawsuit against the town.

Artus becaus ehe spent his time and effort to get signatures on a petition warrant article, and as soon as he turned it in, within 30 minutes the chief of police was on the phone to the signers, browbeating them into removing their signatures. He even went to the town hall with two signers, to help them draft their removal letters. If it was you, would YOU think this type of bullying in a guy with a badge and a gun was right?

Brownfeld because the town moderator stopped him from taking pictures in a public meeting when other people were being allowed to do the same thing. Even voted on it. Your government cant treat people differently. If this was you, would YOU like having your rights violated as official policy?

You guys are ripping these two, but I havent seen anybody tell me what they did that was wrong. And why is their lawsuit wrong? and why are you guys attacking them so bad?

And don't just give me the same old BS about their whining, or just pissed off, tell me why this lawsuit is bad, and why the bullying by our town officials is good!

Anonymous said...

Go read the court documents and Polito's admission he was wrong about the RSA.

The lawsuit hasn't been dismissed by the court therefore it must have some merit. Like it or not they have a case. Reading it objectively is evidence to me there case is anything but trivial. Steve Lewis is also a plaintiff and Chuck Douglas is the attorney. Its difficult for me to believe Douglas takes a case on he doesn't think he's going to win. And the exclusion of Lewis and Douglas in all the plaintiff slander indicates to me its a clear case of PR moves. It may e easier to pick on Leon and Brownfield but less so when Lewis and Douglas are part of the conversation.

Anyone who dismisses their lawsuit as frivolous is a fool. Painting the plaintiffs as being the bad guys is PR spin in the court of public opinion plain and simple. It would be different if the lawsuit was dismissed. But it hasn't been thus far.

Final judgement from the court will tell me who the real villains are and I'll reserve judgement until then. No matter how much slander and spin gets posted on any blog in cyberspace. Residents I've spoken to share the same view.

Sorry folks but your blog postings don't carry as much weight as you may think. For those slandering Leon and Brownfield your continued exclusion of Lewis and Douglas from your spin is very telling and obvious. Really bad strategy I think but its just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The BOS and PB screwed up on stating that Valcat was a public road. The Road agent knowing it was private gave permission for the BOS office and issued a permit. Document singed by the Osbournes is not worth paper it is written on. Right to the ROW is clearly stated on Davis's deed BK 3523 PG 2681, Osbournes deed BK4709 PG1468 a plan of the land and ROW Mr Davis was subject to is recorded under Catalano BK0457-5057 Plan 00001-36117 registered on 11-08-1995. Mr. Davis has no right to keep others from the deeded ROW to their private road" Valcat Lane". BOS are in hot water for getting bad legal advice and not doing their do diligence. The town has caused these neighbors to turn on each other creating nothing but bad blood, expense and hardship that will cost the taxpayers big. Mr. Davis and the Osbournes need a good attorney and Leon should be in jail for breaking the law and taking advantage of this situation for his personal gain.

Before you tar, feather or charge to the town hall with your pitch forks do your homework or you will be in jail next to Leon. This is no ones business but the people involved. No sides to take just the law!

Anonymous said...

Article Submission:

"Atkinson's new administrator plans to stick around

By Eric Parry "

This article is today's newspaper quotes the new TA as follows:

"That's been one of the best things about the job so far, Smith said, who believes one of his strengths is working with people.

No matter what the problem, Smith said, he will listen and find an answer as best he can.

"They're going to get a pretty good response," he said."

The town, including the new TA is not responding to requests and they should expect more trouble because of it.

I made a request and he did not even respond to it! Here we go again....

Anonymous said...

What I am furious about is another reference to Barbara Snicer doing "everything" at town hall and getting a $5,000.00 bonus.

Where are the selectman meeting minutes? They haven't been posted for months.

I really don't think the town responds well to people either.

Anonymous said...

Anon October 14, 2009 11:53 AM said

"BOS are in hot water for getting bad legal advice and not doing their do diligence."

Getting bad legal advice? I agree. We need new town counsel. Bad legal advice + overpaying = need new town counsel.

Curt Springer said...

In the interest of full disclosure, my family hired Sumner more than 20 years ago to help with a land title issue.

One of the biggest loopholes in "right to know" is attorney-client privilege. In all towns, AFAIK, the selectmen go to lengths to hide what advice they actually received from their attorneys. I have some issues with Peter Loughlin, the town counsel in Danville, who literally wrote the book on municipal law in NH. But for the most part, when our Danville selectmen act, I have no idea if they are following their lawyer's advice, or if they misunderstood it, or if they are just ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel & Margaret have excavated land on a neighbors property. People trying to help that neighbor have been harassed by the Osborns...not the other way around. The Osborns have access to their property through Valcat Lane...this is the road they used to build their new home on 8 Valcat Lane in Atkinson (drive by and see it). Now they want a private driveway and to get out of putting in a sprinkler system in their new home like they agreed to on Building Permit #4. They have knowingly excavated illegally claiming a false ROW, and have graded the land down to avoid sprinkler system. When will the town stop them. Hopefully the town will prevent paving the construction. The Osborns do not have a valid permit for the placement of asphalt on Davis's property. The permit only applied to the portion the town owns on Chase Island. The town should look carefully at the false accusations filed by Daniel Osborn.