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Friday, November 13, 2009

Non- Veteran Hypocrits Get Free Vets Breakfast...

This was gypped from the Plaistow Town Crier, Thank you Mr. Herrick;

This comes from the Atkinson Reporter II Blogspot. Anonymous is criticising Police Chief Consentino and Former Selectman Sapia for appearing at the towns yearly Veterans Breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Kinda of Hypocritical of them after their efforts to STOP the Vietnam Honor Roll Panels!

Phil said in an open meeting "that woman will never get her way with these" Talking about Carol Grants project to get those panels in place.

All it took was TWO town meetings, TWO elections ordering them to do it, FOURTEEN selectmens meetings to discuss it, and ONE Court Case!

And Jack wanted them to go on top of the Town hall leach field! Jack, you seriously wanted to "honor" vets by putting their memorial on top of a "shit field"?

Now they come to the vets breakfast to schmooze with the vets?

You can't make this stuff up!


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Are either Phil or Jack veterans?

The Other New Guy said...

I hope this isn't considered an Ad Hominum (LOL!) attack, but there is a serious misspelling in the headline.

And this is a first even for the blog; they have posted an article from another blog that copied and and pasted a comment from this blog. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I fought AGAINST the Vietnam war. At least I FOUGHT. And most of the Vietnam Vets would thank me for fighting against the Vietnam war.

What are Phil or Jack doing at a Veteran's meeting? Maybe looking for name recognition or to salvage reputation or maybe to grab donations for the "no accountability" slush fund in the name of Elderly Affairs.

What a joke.

But is isn't a joke. More a bad manipulation of elderly Vets.

I hope the Vets have enough HONORABLE BALLS left... to throw em out if they ever show again.

Anonymous said...

The breakfast was to honor veterans. Google it and you will see. Whether you like Sapia or not,
he was one of the few Atkinson residents who came out to honor our fellow veterans on this special occaison. Ashamed is the word that comes to mind that this blog and the sister blog from Plaistow would ridicule someone for honoring our veterans. It was an open invitation for all to honor the vets. Perhaps we should get a list of all non-vets and publicly shame anyone who attended that did not serve. Your mentality says bothers, sisters, daughters, and sons of vets have no right to attend. Do you know for a fact that Sapia has no relatives in the service? I align with this blog on most issues. Articles like this
are the reason I would deny having any knowledge of this blog for fear I would be associted with this type of behavior. Sapia gives you lots of ammunition to blast him with...this is not one of them.
Mr. Sapia, I appreciate your attending this event and I want to apologize for this unwarranted attack on you. SHAME on the blog!

Anonymous said...

We want to thank you for shameless self promotion. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Only Jack and Phil showed up. Hmmmmm was the advertising a bust?

They were there to honor the vets? That's the ONLY reason?

Vets! Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

It is said that we are at war with each other. What happened to peace, brotherhood, honor one another. We have enough people against america and americans do we have to be against one another as well.

This hatred is unhealthy! Change starts with the man/woman in the mirror.

Live and let live!

Anonymous said...

It is said that we are at war with each other. What happened to peace, brotherhood, honor one another. We have enough people against america and americans do we have to be against one another as well.

This hatred is unhealthy! Change starts with the man/woman in the mirror.

Live and let live!

Anonymous said...

Carol you conduct is unlady like and unpatriotic. Jack is a proud american who values our Vets. I have never met a guy that was so passionate and proud of his town and the people in it. At least Jack puts himself out there. He may not always be right but he is the first to admit it. We could do alot worse for a selectmen past, present, future.

Anonymous said...

Neither one is a Veteran

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? Jack never admitted he wasn't right!

Didn't admit it when his buddy Phil was found in contempt of court after Jack spent months defending him.

Didn't admit it, when the people voted again overwhelmingly to put the memorial panels in front of the town hall.

Didn't admit it when the people voted overwhelmingly for a water ordinance.

Didn't admit it when the town settled with the Grants.

Didn't admit it when Sullivan caught him lying to the town on camera.

Didn't admit it when he accused the budget guy of breaking the law.

Didn't admit it when Phil was voting on police stuff.

Didn't admit it when he was blocking the installation of Vietnam Memorial Panels honoring these very vets he is now breaking bread with.

It was a breakfast for the town to honor the vets. It was a breakfast FOR the vets. Not for non- vets.

Wearing a uniform was the price of admission. At least having the honor to recognize where you were and what you were there for.

Anonymous said...

"We could do alot worse for a selectmen past, present, future."

Nope, he pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel.

Being a good selectman takes integrity. Lying to the public, on camera, is not a sign of integrity. I've seen him personally, three times, tell outright untruths.

Sorry, we can do much, much better.

Anonymous said...

Watch and learn how to play the political game folks. Like it or not chief has it down to a science. I bet he goes to everyone town breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, brunch, snack, meal, pot luck, whatever in town. Its how you get to know people and how to talk politics. Getting votes or support or getting elected, or in his case not getting kicked out, is all about the town food circuit.

The New Guy said...

From the movie "Stripes"

"Lighten up, Francis"

From a past BOS meeting...

"Youse people are too much."

The boy scouts are not Veterans, and we hope they never need to be. They were there too. And many others who never served. Did they do wrong?

If Phil and Jack do something wrong, bash away. When they do something right, keep your computer shut, or dare I say, praise them.

"So sorry, I guess this board is all hate all the time."

Veteran's Day is to "honor" Veterans. I am pretty glad I never had to be one. Soon, all the WWII vets will be gone. I never want to meet a WWIII vet in my life. Do you?

My new goal is to use this board to solve local problems and offer solutions. It's great to see a guy like Curt do it while respectfully ignoring the jeering posts. I will do the same. If you choose to post back to me with some distasteful and disrespectful response, do not get upset when I ignore you. It's just that your opinion doesn't count.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

Hey New Guy, you may be trying to post yourself as a new guy, but you're the same old lying Jack Sapia you have always been. Nothing new here except you are trying to reinvent yourself. Nowbody buys it and you will never be a selectman again. We hope you try.


Anonymous said...

If mr sapia is a selectman again will he try tomove my vietnam memorials away to the town leach field?

Anonymous said...

Phil, Jack and others who recognized Atkinson's veterans on Veterans Day...Thank You!

A Veteran

Anonymous said...

Being reminded of the panels boils my blood; it was the incident that demonstrates everything wrong with this town, and please notice that NO ONE defending Sapia dare to even attempt to defend his devious inaction regarding that.

When those panels were proposed the BOS was determined to kill it because the idea came from someone outside the little circle power that likes to think they run the town. Fred Childs stated that the veterans that he knew didn't want it, and as everyone knows, that minor fact is supposed to decide the issue, will of the townspeople be damned.

Then his lovely spouse took up the banner and attempted to kill the panels even though every other war was honored in town. There was just one issue that made it impossible to kill the project; there was widespread support of it in town.

After one vote suporting the panels the BOS attempted, with support of council (that the voters pay for) attempted to exploit an ambiguity in the wording of the petition and tried to kill the memorial by doing nothing, despite the majority of voters wanting it.

Along with his lack of guts when dealing with the chief, this is where Mr Sapia earned his reputation as a useless hack; despite campaigning as someone that would finally be responsive to the desires of the voters (after having to fight so hard himself against an unresponsive BOS to deal with speeding cars on his own street in the years before his election), Selectman Sapia turned into a tool of the Atkinson Townies and tried to bury a monument that the people desired.

This was also the beginning of the end of the reign of this little Atkinson mob; once the people saw their town government refusing to do something merely because a chosen few among the "elect" were against it, they rebelled. After the BOS ignored town elections, court orders, etc, it became obvious to those with a brain and a civic bone in their body that this town's government had a disease, and people were sick of it.

So all all the bootlickers out there that whine about the blog, but don't have the guts to actually defend the actions of the local petty tyrants that you try to protect, there's the story of your downfall. And for those of you new to the blog or the area, THAT is why this little blog is necessary, as imperfect as it is.

This town used to be run by a little group of hacks that thought THEY got to decide everything that happens in town. By sharing info and shining a light on the workings in the dark corners of town hall, the bad actors have been served notice that some of us are willing to fight back.

Long live the blog!

Carol Grant said...

To Anonymous: Nov. 13, 1:19 p.m.

1) I had nothing to do with this topic's posting.
I didn't even know about it until my husband just told me that a ''A Carol-basher'' was loose.

2) I've NEVER commented on this topic to ANYONE, to any veteran at the breakfast or anyone associated with the blog.

3) I've never posted Anonymously or used the blog for personal attacks.

5. I was born and raised on a series of Army posts. My father, a 30 year veteran, served during World War II and Korea.

I'm married to a Navy Vietnam-era veteran.

My son has served 4 combat tours: Kosovo, two in Iraq,and one in Afghanistan. Also a year near the DMZ in Korea. (The first thing he did when he came home from Afghanistan was to go to the Honor Roll to pay his respects to the Vietnam-era veterans: ''his military brothers.''

With direct ties to the military all of my life, I was/am proud of my part in making Atkinson's Vietnam Honor Roll a reality - making sure that those who left Atkinson to wear their country's uniform and serve under her flag were all acknowledged and honored.

Yes, I was saddened and heartsick about the efforts of a few to block the Honor Roll. I was also pained by the selectmen abuse that I and my committee members were subjected to. But I also, in the end, felt such joy, on the day, the Honor Roll panels were finally installed.

Re: Atkinson's Veterans Breakfast:
Like so many present, I also wondered why the two men mentioned in this article were there when they had so adamantly opposed the Vietnam Honor Roll.

The presence of the two men at the breakfast was understandably upsetting to many present -- to the 76 Vietnam veterans listed on the Honor Roll and thier family members, to the 69 additional Atkinson vets who were co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Selectmen to make them honor the 2005 Town Meeting vote, to the hardworking members of the Vietnam Honor Roll Committee, to the hundreds of residents who donated over $9000 to pay for the Honor Roll, and to the many veterans and other town residents whose 2005 Town Meeting vote was ignored, defied and obstructed by those former selectmen.

Any of the above could have written/suggested the original post or replied to it -- but IT WASN'T ME.

The ''basher'' owes me an apology.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Grant,

Sapia and Consentino NEVER apology for their dastardly deeds, because they spend so much time planning them. They plan to pull the wool over every voters eyes daily, and when caught, deny, deny, deny their posturing. That's the danger of having these types of people in positions of authority. They are the type of people this blog wants to expose to the voters, so when they run for office are turned away at the ballot box.

Obviously, Sapia intends to run for Child's seat this year as selectmen. Consentino is going to use his Elderly Affairs vote to get him re-elected. You might ask why and the answer is simple. "Don" Consentino is losing his grip on the town and he knows it. Backing Sapia is his last chance to get control back, and Sapia is the only "Hack" that Consentino has to turn to. Sapia's need for recognition and control, flows right in to fill that void.

This will be the best year yet to organize and raise awareness to sweep these two out of the political picture completely. Sapia and Consentino are a mockery and this year will be the best time to put them into their place.

Sapia and Consentino are not our friends…………….they are a big part of the total problem and have to be exposed as such.

Anonymous said...


As usual, you are quite eloquent in making your argument. Good job.

The chief has to retire sometime. We'll have to endure. Sorry, but true.

It is Mr. Sapia I worry about. The man has absolutely no sense of shame. A man the is absolutely bereft of any integrity.

His actions regarding the memorial were absolutely shameful. Ask anyone associated with the Library what they think of our former selectman. At first he was all for it, until his good buddy did not get the contract to build it. A complete about face.

There are not enough adjectives to describe why this man is bad for Atkinson. If he would please just do a Gen. MacArthur, just fade away. If he truly has Atkinson's best interests at heart, that is what he would do.

Anonymous said...

But Jack doesn't have Atkinson's best interests at heart. He has Consentino's interest at heart. That's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right.

Anonymous said...

Is there a candidate that will run against Sapia if he runs, and when is Child's term over?

Anonymous said...

Childs will run. Sapia knows better.

It was an insult to the veterans
present that Consentino and Sapia
showed up at the vets' breakfast after doing all they could to block the Vietnam Honor Roll and the honoring of our Vietnam vets. Neither Consentino or Sapia served, but they were determined to stop the honoring of those who did.

The New Guy said...

Let's assume Mr. Childs does not plan to run, when his term ends in March 2010. This leaves a wide open seat on the BOS. Who should run?

If Mr. Sapia decides to run again, so be it. Most here agree he may not be the best to help solve all the towns problems.

Why? He's too polarizing.

My favorite candidate would be a present town committee member who has shown they are fair and able to make good decisions.
Is there one who will step forward?

As for all the other polarizing people in town, please do us all a favor and skip the idea of running.

Anonymous said...


OMG, Somebody has put FLYERS on ALL the mailboxes!

As the chief said "this is a federal crime"!

He needs to call the USPS Inspectors like he did on Carol Grant.

He needs to be in the selectmen meeting Monday to speak about this "serious federal crime".

MAcciard said...

LOL, Although you are making a joke you have hit on one of the primary problems in Atkinson.

We have a police chief who uses his position and the authority of that position to bully people he doesn't like, in essence he applies the law unequally.

Here is a prime example; When Carol Grant was putting flyers on mailbox posts around town about the Vietnam Memorial vote, or maybe it was the water issue, the Chief followed her for 2 days, taking pictures, he called the USPS Postal inspectors to report her, he talked to the postmaster about it, he came into the Monday meeting and, on camera, in spite of being ordered not to reveal names by selectman Sullivan, he laid out the whole "crime" as he called it. He said this was a federal crime, and was being investigated by the feds, they were coming down on Weds. to investigate. He went on for over 10 minutes destroying Mrs. Grant's name.

When it was reported to the PD 2 weeks later that a landscaping service did the same thing...... nothing.

When it was reported a few months later that a painting company did the same thing....... Nothing.

The PD has received 4 or 5 reports of flyers on mailboxes that I know since that incident with Mrs. Grant, and the PD has done nothing.

Now, am I saying that this is something that our PD should be wasting resources on, NO! but when it was Mrs. Grant doing it, there WERE NO COMPLAINTS, and He took upon himself to investigate, and report it on camera!

You can not enforce the law one way for people you don't like and another for people that you do, unless your name is Philip Consentino, evidently.

As usual this is merely one man's opinion, but as one who has experienced this abuse first hand, I am tired of it!

Anonymous said...

Just think, if our BOS actually took their supervisory role seriously they might ask the blindingly obvious question as to why the chief thinks it's ok to enforce a law against one person and let many others do the same exact thing and do NOTHING.

Ahhh, but this is Atkinson. That is asking too much. Not only that, if you dare ASK this question there are one or two zombies that will show up and say you are being UNFAIR! Good Lord help us all...

Regarding a new candidate -- umm, since the people that serve on town boards now were chosen primarily because there was some reason to believe that they would vote on issues in a way that the BOS would like (pro-business, anti-open government), do you really think that's where we should be looking for a candidate? I think not, unless maybe Tim would like to run...

Anonymous said...

Though I doubt he'd do it, Brian Boyle was one of the best. It was only because of Sapia's smoozing skills and the Chief's EA machine he lost. Perhaps he could be persuaded to run again. Jack has shown his true colors. People just need to be reminded.

Remember the promise Jack made when he was running, that we would face his chair the other way so he could represent the people better. How did that last?

I'll tell you this. You get the Veterans and Library supporters on the same side, Jack is toast if he has the audacity to run again. I also believe the two remaining board members will not suffer fools well and Jack will be in very hostile company if he were to return.

Anonymous said...

Let's run Maggie Osborn. She has a better chance than Sapia. LOL.

Anonymous said...

there is no cohesive group in this town that is not now in power . That is a sad but true fact.

Anonymous said...

What I don't like is how anybody who criticizes him "has a vendetta" against him.

Hey Phil, if that many people have vendetta against you, you must have done SOMETHING to earn it!

Anonymous said...

The true fact is once the cohesive group of political hacks steps down ALL the positions will be filled immediately by honest, law abiding citizens who are not in the pockets of developers and such. The lawsuits will end and voters can get a Veteran's Memorial without...
"TWO town meetings, TWO elections ordering them to do it, FOURTEEN selectmens meetings to discuss it, and ONE Court Case!"

Anonymous said...

A new board of selectmen, ZBA chair, town moderator and fully qualified full time police chief are sorely needed. Positions to be filled by those who actually know the laws and the rules and apply them vigorously and equally to all citizens.

Anonymous said...

Also a police chief who doesn't use our taxpayer paid police dispatchers to work, on the PD clock, for his private company!

Isn't that illegal?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the Freak Show at the end of the selectmen's meeting last night? Maggie Osborn was at it again! She demanded that she wouldn't leave the meeting until she had a letter in hand stating she could pave her illegal driveway!

With her little spoiled brat temper flaring, she attempted to intimidate the selectmen into giving her what she wanted.

Wonder if she brought her PJ's with her because she failed.

It was nice to see the selectmen finally stand up to that bully. Good job guys! Keep up the good work. I hope someone tapes that part of the meeting and puts it on UTube so everyone can see the true Maggie in action. It’s worth seeing again for sure. That woman is OUT OF CONTROL and NEEDS TO GO! Wonder way the police weren’t called to escort her out? Me too.

Anonymous said...

Why did she ask for permission last night when she paved it YESTERDAY?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't paved yesterday. She's going to try to pave Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When are

Anonymous said...

The fire chief
board of selectmen
town attorney
state court

Anonymous said...

Putting a stop

Anonymous said...

to the osborn occupant without a permit

Anonymous said...

When they Jane not sprinkled. A fire truck cannot make the grade. A fire truck cannot make the turn from valcat into the driveway. And the inspected fire door didn't pass

Anonymous said...

Do these officials have as little concern for the safety of the Osborn children. As the Osborns have for endangerment of their own children?

Anonymous said...

Here is you answer sir. We don't give a good F$&@ as we are not responsible. The town attorney advised us all to sit on our hands and wait.

Besides, this towns got plenty of children.

Anonymous said...

You don't give a f%#??? You sound like a town offical freak!

Anonymous said...

I pray everynight that maggie get's what she deserves. And that In court they find her sleazy litte self guilty of everything. And I hope that she has to put everything back to it's origonal state.I can't wait I can't wait!!!! And I cannot wait untill the winter and they plow all the snow in the same place as every year before. lol happy holidays

Anonymous said...

to 3:13 nov 18th
WOW, i heard the neighbors didn't like carol d, however i didn't think the b-word was neccessary. i
guess you must know her pretty well by the sounds of it. i would move to a new neightborhood from the sounds of it. i feel your pain!
good luck movin, its a tuff market right now.

Anonymous said...

actaully I am not a neighbor and two she is a snake....due to the fact that she begged for a permit to pave did not recive it. And went ahead with it any ways that is wrong. I THANK GOD I DON'T LIVE NEXT TO A MONSTER LIKE THAT!!!!!SO DON'T ASSUME!!! And from what I hear the people over there have no reason to dislike carol.For she has not done anything wrong from what I can see. Just protecting what belongs to her.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from your writing skills that you are the same dumb neighbor who couldn't make it through 3rd grade. You should have the grammer guy proof read all your posts! lmao!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To anon 3:08 pm did anon 1:12 hit a soft spot? Ha Ha Ha, That you now have nothing left to say but insults.

Anonymous said...

Polito, chairman of ZBA committee

Maggie Osborn, member ZBA committee

Polito, allows heckling at deliberative session.

Gramma/Spelling guy, heckles who challenge Osborns.

Anonymous said...

Grammar you loooossssaaaa

lmfao usmf'r

the heckler

lemmee guess you don't live in moron ville either????

Anonymous said...

Anyways...... I have watched the meetings. And Maggie is making her own bed. And sooner or later she will have to lay in it!

Anonymous said...

Blog readers know the bullies here. Want to remove them? Come to Town Deliberative Session and vote. 100 new warm bodies are needed. You can right a lot of wrongs.

As a bonus you could vote for the moderator/ZBA chairman to step town.

Anonymous said...

did you see maggie last night o my god shutttttttttttt upppp already!!!!!she talks in circles. and can't she tell they are sick of hearing the same old bs....the whole point is her neighbors had to sprinkle because the houses were to close together soooooo she should and will have to sprinkle. and when they asked her if she was living in the more lies spewed out of her nasty mouth.of course she is living in the house hello!!! and she made the answer clear when she started whining i won't speak without my stupid i like to hit and run likes to drink and drive attorney lol. priceless these people are mad they should get tapes of the meetings so she can see how much they look like complete morons. the fire chief , the fire road ,the i feel attacked by the board , my reputation , blah blah blah just follow the rules how about that for a change!!!!

Anonymous said...

where in the fire code does it say you have to sprinkle because the houses are to close? keep making new rules to fit your needs...
the nice lawsuit that comes of this will be just great for my and your wallets. do some research before you spew your bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Any lawsuit you bring against the town doesn't cost the taxpayers anything. It's the insurance companies responsibility and only our premiums go up.

We for one want you to sue the town at your own expense, so when you are done.

Maggie, we dare you to sue. Don't threaten suit, just do it. Once you lose we will be done with you. Can't happen to a better person. You are trailer trash and losing the suit will prove it.

Please let us know the date you will file your suit. We want the ET to publish it.

You being in bed with the selectmen and Consentino will not help you this time.