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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to ALL!

Although Mr. Acciard did not ask for this to be an article submission, the Atkinson Reporter thought it appropriate.

MAcciard said...

I would like to wish ALL the residents of Atkinson a Very Merry Christmas!

We have spent the last year or two bickering, and debating issues of import to us on this blog, and I believe that this blog has served a valuable purpose as a bulletin board where people could speak their mind about town issues, who may be reticent to do so in the public forum, either due to fear of reprisal(something that should never temper free speech) or due to inconvenience. Although this board has occasionally wandered from town issues into partisan bickering, overall I feel it has filled a niche.

This is a time when most people are reflective not only of the year that is winding down, but the path that they are following. It is a magical time when the sheer excitement on children's faces far outweighs a troubling economy, or the balance on our credit cards. Tonight kids all over town will be logging onto NORAD's Santa monitor site to see where Santa is before they go to bed. They will fall asleep dreaming of food, and presents in the morning.

At the same time there are children from broken homes, children whose parents are not as fortunate as some of us may be, children whose Christmas wish is for a coat, or gloves, or a blanket. As heart wrenching as this may be, please take a moment out of your day tomorrow to say a silent prayer for these children. If you wish to donate to these children, please feel free to contact me @ 781-424-8863, I will bring your donations to the YWCA- Lawrence children's services.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mark, there are children with less fortunate families. Families who cannot be with their loved ones for financial reasons, families who are struggling with illness and those who have just lost contact thru lack of caring.

To those who are more fortunate, like the Mangini family who are welcoming thier son home from the hospital with the help of the police departments elderly affairs help of medical equipment.

How many of us knew that the PD provided support to children? Who else do they help? How many of us knew that this department had this type of equipment?

We should get a list of things available for assistance so that EVERYONE who has a problem can get this help. After all, we pay for this.


Anonymous said...

Elderly Affairs provides polical services to children? Wow, I can't even get them to drive me to the doctor and I am 82.

Oh, I get it....Mrs. Mangini works at the community center so she get special treatment for her family.

I suppose that's ok. Bend the rules for those who do some good. Look the other way quick. Here comes a non registered elder. shhhhh

Anonymous said...

We have two sets of rules. One set of rules for one group, a second for everyone else. The battles and bickering and lawsuits will continue until everyone gets treated the same way. Guess who is our number one rule manager that created this big bleepin mess? Can you guess?

Anonymous said...

Phil Consentino

Anonymous said...

I am not aware that the PD's services, especially when it is needed for providing a hospital bed or walker, as is, or was, the case with John Mangini, is reserved for the elderly exclusively. I had inquired about the use of a travel wheelchair, and had been assured it would be availble to me if needed. Also, if anyone is interested in what is available just call the PD, someone there or Phil himself will tell you.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: The Elderly Affairs/police department has officially MORPHED into the Atkinson ANYAGE Care Group.

Yes, they are an investment group folks. AMAG. All you need to do is invest your $$$$ into his donation slush fund and PRESTO, you qualify for beds, dialysis, even eye sight correction.

My 28 year old Mexican wife, while not a legal citizen, is thrilled that she gets free dialysis and the machine is transported in the wheel chair van to her home every week.

THANK YOU Atkinson ANYAGE Care Group WE LOVE YOU! Yes we do.

We save 50% over what we would spend at Parkland. WHAT A GREAT INVESTMENT. We also thank all the Atkinson taxpayers who so generously fund the generosity of Phillip Consentino.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the Chief didn't offer Jon DiVito a ride home from jail after falsely arresting him for a crime over 20 years ago. Still no apology from the Chief. Even after he was presented with dozens of emails from the accuser apologizing for her false accusations. Six Hours of investigation! Six Hours!!