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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Atkinson nun finds a new ministry at Haverhill doughnut shop

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson nun finds a new ministry at Haverhill doughnut shop

By Eric Parry

HAVERHILL — If there are coffee and doughnuts in heaven, Sister Rachel Dumont will feel right at home.

Just about every morning, the Sister of Mercy drives from her Atkinson home to Heav'nly Donuts in Haverhill to talk and pray with people. She considers her morning ritual her ministry and has helped countless people with a story and a laugh.

"I just sit and chat, and people come over to me," Dumont said yesterday.

She moved from table to table, greeting everyone with a smile and a handshake.

Two weeks ago, she met with a soldier had just returned from Afghanistan. Dumont told his mother before he left in October that if she prayed for him every day, he would stay safe.

"He came back without a scratch on him," she said.

Recently, Dumont met a group of unemployed construction workers. They used to go to a bar in the afternoon, but after they met Dumont for a cup of coffee, they changed their ritual.

"Now they come in every other day," she said.

Dumont, a Sister of Mercy, has been a nun for more than 50 years. She was a teacher for 30 years, working in schools across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California and Iowa.

She said she was sad to end her teaching career due to health reasons, but has loved every minute of her ministry. When she's not at the doughnut shop, she's helping people in other ways.

Earlier this week, she cleaned an elderly couple's yard. She volunteers at the Haverhill Crisis pregnancy center and local hospice centers.

Dumont first walked into Heav'nly Donuts during the 2008 ice storm.

It was one of the only places along Route 125 open and selling coffee. She said stayed all day, helping to sell coffee. She hasn't been able to stay away since.

Owner Elaine Saragas said she enjoys having Dumont and the other regulars come in every morning for their coffee and doughnut.

Dumont has even helped some of the employees with their problems.

One woman recently became pregnant and was considering an abortion before talking to Dumont. She said she continues to talk to the girl now, after her baby was born, and helps her buy diapers and other items whenever she can.

Saragas recently cleaned out her closet to donate some clothes at Dumont's request.

"She will help anyone here," Saragas said.

But the conversations aren't always serious. Dumont's smile and sense of humor make the daily ritual fun and entertaining.

"We didn't believe she was a nun at first," said Linda Baxter of Haverhill, one of five cancer survivors who meets regularly at the shop.

It's not just Dumont who draws the regular crowd.

A couple from Plaistow said they come three times a week because of Saragas' hospitality.

"If you come in here two days in a row, Elaine knows what you want and has the coffee and doughnuts waiting for you when you walk in the door," the woman said.


Anonymous said...

Please pray for the Team Blog as
they have clearly lost their way and I feel they have allowed evil to creep into their hearts. Pray
pray pray to save them before it's to late. Thank you Sister for all you do!

Team Blog, you must forgive and try and be positive to all. That is what this town needs.

Anonymous said...

Why participate in the dissolution of the Conflict of Interest Committee. What were you frightened the public would know about? Who were you protecting and why? One individual or the whole group of habitual offenders? Is this how you serve as town leaders?

This is a violation that can never be covered up in the Town of Atkinson. It will take on a life of it's own in the memories of the honest. And anyone who participated in the cover up of Mr. Acciard's complaint shares in disgrace and deserves the contempt of the honest.

Chew on it, Team Bullies, look in the mirror, admit the truth about your lack of integrity and ethics.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,

Pray for the souls of the damned and dishonest for they know not what they do.

Pray for the souls of the Selectmen for they know not what to do.

Pray, Oh Sister, for the Brothers who know not what they have and see their lives as lacking so they steal from others who have entrusted their savings and safety with those who have control over them.

Pray, Oh Sister for the rest of us who are clueless and know nothing of what happens under our noses and look away when the sight of evil is too much to witness.

Pray, Oh Sister Pray for us to be rid of the likes of they who are straying from the pure life you have created for us on earth.


Anonymous said...

Sister, pray for me that I don't go broke paying the new tax es from Atkinson coming. They don't care bout me I'm broke and they spend like everybody rich and I lose my home. Thank you sister.