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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frank Polito Named Atkinson Lions Club Citizen of the Year

Article Submission

Frank Polito Named Atkinson Lions Club Citizen of the Year

Former Town Moderator and ZBA Chairman, Frank Polito, was recognized as the Lions Club Citizen of the Year. There's little doubt Mr. Polito donated a lot of his time over the many years he was public official in town. In recent years, the controversy and distractions he generated were less helpful and sometimes made no sense, walking a fine line between legal and illegal. He sued the town over an access road and his case was thrown out of court due to a lack of standing. He admitted in court documents he misunderstood RSA 91-A when as Moderator he tried to prevent his picture from legally being taken at town meeting and it was the final straw that led to ultimately led to his resignation after his insurance carrier dropped him.

What inquiring minds would like to know is what contributions justified his selection over hundreds of other residents who volunteered countless productive and valuable hours and manage to AVOID generating lawsuits. I can think of many people deserving such recognition. But must admit Mr. Polito wasn't the first name popping into my mind. Did he deserve the annual award which I presume is reflective of a person's contributions in the past year, since its an annual award? Or is it now a lifetime achievement award that was way past due? What do Lion's club members think? Do they all agree with chairman of the selection committee Phil Consentino's notion Frank deserved it? Or was it a political play by Phil to help his buddy Frank politically and a blatant misuse of Lion's Club good name? You make the call. Is he Citizen of the year or Jerk of the Year and why?


Anonymous said...

Yellow journalism--as usual. Yawn!

Anonymous said...

Frank used to be a great moderator. All that changed about 6 years ago, when he started "googling" legal information and passing it out at town and selectmen meetings as if he were town counsel. And unfortunately for the town the selectmen listened, especially when Consentino, Sapia, Childs were the BOS. And ALL of his advice has proven wrong, when the people affected went to court.

Anonymous said...

To Anon May 14, 2010 5:22 AM

Yellow Journalism infers little or no legitimate research among other negative connotations.

It is a fact Frank was named Atkinson Lions Club Citizen of the Year.

It is a fact Frank sued the town over an access road and his case was thrown out of court.

It is a fact he admitted in court documents he misunderstood RSA 91-A regarding the right to take photographs at town meeting.

It is a fact his insurance carrier dropped him, unless of course Frank lied about that.

It is a fact Phil Consentino heads up the Citizen of the Year selection committee within the Lions club.

Your comment about Yellow Journalism is a weak attempt to portray the article as lacking merit. Too bad for you the article is based on facts and contains editorializing that perhaps you don't care to hear.

Your methods are consistent. When you don't like the message attack the messenger with your yellow comments which add zero value to any conversation. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Facts straight?

What happened in the suit(s) against Frank?

The article does not say a thing about why the Lions selected Frank. It does not even consider that there may be another side.

Yes it is Yellow Journalism:

From Wikipedia: Yellow journalism or the yellow press is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines and sensationalised stories to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension "Yellow Journalism" is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.

Yellow journalism? Looks and smells like it to me, as does most of the urine-soaked BS that the Blog tries to suggest is true, when it is mostly one-sided crap!

MAcciard said...

I would ask what in the original article was "sensationalized" or "untrue"?

Maybe his homeowners insurance is tired of paying not only his legal fees but the cost of his settlement.

But it was Frank who brought them into his legal troubles, no one else.

He brought them in originally because when the Atkinson Reporter first started somebody posted some really nasty, slanderous comments about a number of residents, me included. Someone traced the IP addresses of all the posts to a single hub in Lucent. They sent the info to Lucent with a direction to preserve this info for possible future legal or criminal action. And lo and behold Lucent apparently confiscated Frank's company laptop, and had words for him. Did anyone ever PROVE he made those posts? Nope it never went to Court, but if he didn't would Lucent have berated him for that?

Frank stated in court documents that his job was in jeopardy over his legal issues, and that is when Frank contracted with Attornies to protect his job.

So, although I recognize his long history of service on town boards, I also recognize that his departure and the circumstances surrounding it, are, in my opinion, largely of his own making, and therefore I can feel little sympathy for his plight.

I will never understand those who act properly in public to someone, but when they think no one will find out act in a far less honorable manner.

Frank, Congratulations on your award! Thank God, that the committee is only Phil and Jack, huh?

Anonymous said...


You always seem to dismiss the "good works" of those you go after, with quick 4 or 5 word acknowledgements such as the faint praise to Frank of "long history of service," and then go on to dwell on what you don't like about them, with 20-50 times as many words. The posting does not give Frank a lick of credit for anything--hardly fair--seems to me.

You say "I would ask what in the original article was "sensationalized" or "untrue"?

That is not the point, it is clearly unbalanced and one-sided. It is "yellow journalism" plain and simple.

Why can't you and the blog spend as much time on the good people do, as you do on the bad?

You and the Blog would want people to be "fair" when they talk about you and it. Why don't you and the blog do the same; in stead of dismissing the "good" in others with faint praise?

Anonymous said...


P.S. You say "I would ask what in the original article was "sensationalized" or "untrue"?

How about the "Jerk of the Year" remark the article ends with!

Anonymous said...

Article asks if he is Man of the year OR jerk of the year. What's the matter with that?

I vote for JERK OF THE YEAR.


MAcciard said...

Clearly an opinion of the writer and not factual, therefore not "yellow journalism" in the classical definition.

I acknowledge Frank's long service on ZBA, as Moderator, and as Selectman. I even complimented him on the fact that even though I often disagreed with his legal assessments, he, for a long time was a great moderator.

But as to this award, it is an annual award, so presumably "citizen of the year" is awarded based upon award deserving actions in the past year. I am sorry but objectively, I can't think of any.

Unfortunately in recent years this award has become less of an earned recognition, and more of a pat on the back for being a steadfast FOP.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I do not miss see Politos inflated ego on TV anymore or the rude mistakes moderating.

This years deliberative session the new moderator made it decent and orderly and easy to watch. Rules obeyed. No catcalling from the peanut gallery. People showed real respect for their good neighbors! That's a first!!!

Jim Garrity deserves the person of the year award for a job well done. He showed how good a moderator can be.

Jim. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jim for Man of The Year, Polito Jerk of The Year.


Anonymous said...

Ad homenum personal attack!

Anonymous said...

No, it is the difference between an award EARNED, and one given just because.

Anonymous said...

Frank caused more problems for the town this past year and did not deserve this award, neither did Consentino for that elderly award Noriko nominated him for. Wasn't Patty Mangini involved in that nomination too? I believe so. Patty coincidently just received elderly affairs benefits for her 20something year old son after his accident. You may say, oh how nice, but this is another instance of misuse of public assets, not so nice if you look at the facts of the matter. Frank got this award the same way Consentino did, thru his connections with friends. Disgraceful and it takes any significance away from the award.

Anonymous said...

Some of Frank's outstanding legal advice included;

2003 Candidates night- "I researched the law and there won't be any conflict of interest for the chief to serve as selectman, I just want to get out up front."

Court felt differently.

2006- Phil and Jack want to sue town to force Boyle to put in an access path, after he installed two fire hydrants for the town, claim they will get both! Sumner tells them they can't sue the town. They are selectmen. Frank files suit against town for same thing, claims "injury by lack of fire protection for Winslow Drive".

Court dismisses for lack of standing.

2005- Frank claims selectmen have right to ignore town meeting vote on Vietnam Memorial panels.

Town overrides him in 2007 special town meeting. Even voting to override is rules.

More to come...

Anonymous said...

What happened to the suit(s) against Frank? Your story is incomplete.

Anonymous said...

Suits against Frank;

Grant case Settled for $30,000 split between towns insurance and Frank's own insurance.

Acciard suit against town, Frank minor player, Acciard withdrew to join Artus suit, Fed. Judge only allowed partial claims.

Artus/Brownfield suit against everybody, Frank minor player until his town meeting performance, Still in progress.

Anonymous said...

I cringe when I think about his behavior toward Mr. Brownfield at the last delibarative session. His distain was obvious and offensive to me as a resident. Unacceptable. I am glad he is gone and will never vote for him again should he run for anything.

Anonymous said...

Le'ts ignore all bad things Frank is accused of pretend they didn't happen. Spin it how you will. The facts are the facts and my vote is CLEAR: Frank gets no recognition for all my tax dollars he's pissed away with his hack lawyering and hack politics.

There's a long list of dirty laundry from our friend Mr. Polito. Maybe we should list all bad acts to make sure everyone knows TRUTH and the FACTS. The award is a sham. What a slap in the face to volunteers who actually contribute something positive and of value to the town instead of generating bad will and burning our tax dollars needlessly.

Anonymous said...

I WAS a Lion's club member until recently. Not anymore. It made me sick. Using our club for pure political reasons makes me want to vomit. Is something in our water making people blindly do Phil's bidding? What a sham and a shame.

Anonymous said...

Do tell.

What other things have been going on in the den?

Who's in the club?

Who is photographed laying in the grass on the lion website?

Curious minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

The lions club is joke anyways and useless. The funny thing is look at thier sponship for the 2007 Golf Tournament page listed as "Free Love Society" now this place avocates polygamy. How does this help a community.

Anonymous said...

The lions club is joke anyways and useless. The funny thing is look at thier sponship for the 2007 Golf Tournament page listed as "Free Love Society" now this place avocates polygamy. How does this help a community.

Anonymous said...

Lions club does many good deeds. Too bad a few bad apples wreck it for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Just like everything else in town.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is a valuable tool in this town for getting legal advice and all kinds of other *facts*.


Anonymous said...

From the Eagle Tribune:

PLAISTOW — After more than 25 years on the town's zoning board, Larry Ordway still wants to serve. He appealed to the selectmen to let him do so again Monday night.

But the selectmen chose not to reappoint the ZBA chairman when his term expired in March. Ordway wasn't alone. Zoning board members Peter Bealo and Dan Lloyd were passed over, too. That means the five-member board has had just two full-time members for two months. Neither Bealo nor Lloyd attended the meeting Monday.

Ordway said the three weren't reappointed because they served selectmen Dan Poliquin, Michelle Curran and Charles Blinn with zoning violations.

Selectmen denied the charge.

Poliquin and Curran said complaints from residents about Ordway's demeanor and his overreliance on administrative staff led them to vote against his reappointment.

The two selectmen who did not receive violation notices, John Sherman and Robert Gray, voted to reappoint all three.

Anonymous said...

Town Manager Sean Fitzgerald said the town advertised the positions "several weeks" ago on community access television. Poliquin said the town heard from two candidates, but the selectmen thought they would be better as alternates to gain experience and training.

Anonymous said...

What zoning violations got allowed in Atkinson? Anybody got a list handy?

Anonymous said...

Atkinson Town Manager said the town advertised the Conflict of Interest Committee positions at 5am last Sunday on community access television.

Town of Atkinson heard from a dozen other candidates, but Consentino advised the selectmen they would be better as alternates to gain experience and training.

Anonymous said...

Guess Mr. CON........sentino doesn't want anyone on the board that HE doesn't APPROVE of.

Why oh WHY do our selectmen let him get away with running this town? That's THEIR job.

Why oh WHY don't they KICK his BUTT down the road of Polito? WHY are they sooooooo afraid of this BULLY? Will someone please answer that question? The BIG CON is this town's BIGGEST PROBLEM CHILD. (not to be confused with our SECOND BIGGEST PROBLEM MR. CHILDS.)


tim dziechowski said...

"What zoning violations got allowed in Atkinson? Anybody got a list handy?"

The use of telephone poles to place signs advertising businesses is a blatant violation of our zoning.

Anonymous said...

The BOS does not have the right to appoint to the CiC, and Consentino is way out of line if he is offering opinions on who to appoint.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Team Blog "Man of the Year" award going to?

You guys should have an awards night.

Lets put up a different article. This one has been up for almost a week with no one doing anything other than complaining about a private club choosing who they want to receive their award.

Don't like it? Pick your own person to win and maybe the Lions will complain about who you pick.

Anonymous said...

Why do they let him get away with all this stuff? Because not enough people come forward to complain. They are saying that lots of people are not happy with him, yet they are coddling him and trying to push him into retirement. I cannot wait until he's gone and the rest of the few trouble makers will disappear quickly. It will be a very different town and the stories will all come out.

Anonymous said...

I like the Blog "Atkinson Citizen of the Year" idea. People should submit nominees, describe their achievements and post a poll.

Anonymous said...

CBeauXause of all dis talk on here, I heered down by Hampstead Pizza that them big strong Lions are readin and are gonna change dis years award from Lions person of the year ta,,,Lions cub of the year,,,,

Anonymous said...