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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farmers market proposed in Atkinson

From the Eagle Tribune;

Farmers market proposed in Atkinson

By Doug Ireland

ATKINSON — The town is only one step away from having fresh vegetables available for sale right in the Atkinson Community Center parking lot.

Tomorrow night, Patti Mangini of the Recreation Committee will go before selectmen for final approval of a farmers market.

"Everything is falling into place," Mangini said Thursday. "We're hoping Monday night to get the stamp."

If approved as expected, the farmers market would be held Wednesdays from 3 to 7 p.m. through September. Five local gardeners would sell their produce, with the hope more would join the effort as it grows.

"They are just local people who have gardens and herbs," Mangini said.

She said there won't be any large farms offering produce, just people with gardens who have extra vegetables to sell.

The farmers market would offer residents a chance to buy fresh, organically grown vegetables and whole foods not always available in stores, she said.

"When you are buying local, at least you can talk to the farmer and ask questions," Mangini said.

In the past, Atkinson residents have had to travel to other communities, such as Kingston, to buy the fresh produce they would now be able to get in their own town, she said.

"People can just go instead of driving around and looking — and wasting gas," Mangini said. "I have definitely heard from people who are excited about it."

The Kingston farmers market shut down last year, Mangini said. Meanwhile, Derry started a farmers market last week and Salem will begin its own July 21.

Atkinson residents would not have to pay a fee to sell their produce. The fee for out-of-town residents is $10 a week.

Bill Bennett, one of the selectmen who will consider Mangini's plan tomorrow night, said he anticipates no problems starting a farmers market in town.

"People are always looking for fresh produce and the more places you can get it, the better," he said. "I think it's a great idea."


Anonymous said...


All I can think about is the Lewis Farm and the corn and the sewage spread on the field.

They have been spreading and planting on the Jericho side.

I would NEVER buy any produce from Atkinson. Never.

Anonymous said...

I will check it out hoping for the best and hope the prices are cheaper than the store. I will report here cause everbody reads here. I will ask if gardeners used well water or Lewis water. Lewis water has a strong chlorine smell and that isn't organic in my book. Anybody know why? My well water don't smell nasty like that.

Anonymous said...

Ewwoo!!! I was excited about the fresh produce until you mentioned the Lewis farm....Noriko will have to let us know where the veggies are from.. It would be so handy to have it right in town. Keep us posted please.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, spreading human waste on lawns and gardens should not be allowed. BUT do you know what all veggie fertilizers are made from. Also all the animal waste on millions of farms all over the world produce some of the best eating food there are!

Anonymous said...

"Lewis water has a strong chlorine smell and that isn't organic in my book. Anybody know why? My well water don't smell nasty like that."

HAWC has leaks in their system. That is why almost a third of their water is unaccounted for. Where there are leaks, there are also opportunities for bacteria to enter. Could be also that their system is just dirty.

I grew up with chlorinated water derived from a water source you were not able to swim in because of the pollution. My town did a good job of cleaning it up and I never noticed the chlorine. Never, ever, did I hear a complaint about water. Makes you wonder what could be so wrong that HAWC needs so much chlorine.

Remember, HAWC is a private, for profit company. No harm in that, its the American way. Cutting corners to increase the profit is another matter altogether. Chlorine is cheaper than digging up pipe and making repairs.

Anonymous said...

I have Lewis water and you cannot drink it or bathe in it without filtration. It worries me. There are ongoing problems with the pressure as well.

Anonymous said...

that's gross and so are some other things in atkinson like the illegal doings by certain people on valcat hmmmmmmmmmmmmm when are we going to here more about these people i think people have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

There's less chlorine lately but now it just smells like sewage.