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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Atkinson energy audit shows potential savings

From the Eagle Tribune;

November 30, 2010
Atkinson energy audit shows potential savings

By Cara Hogan The Eagle Tribune Tue Nov 30, 2010, 12:01 AM EST

ATKINSON — The town could save 53 percent on fuel and 30 percent on electricity to heat the town's buildings, but only by spending $706,000 on energy-saving repairs and updates.

The just-completed energy audit of eight town buildings is the first of its kind for Atkinson, according to Town Manager Philip Smith.

"The town has addressed issues individually as needed, but never as comprehensive as what's been done now," Smith said. "The last thing they did that was an electric audit, an electric company coming in and looking at the electric usage. But this looks at much more."

Elmer Arbagast of Arbagast Energy Auditing did the audit and analyzed the energy usage in each building, coming up with changes, large and small, to improve energy efficiency and save money.

"I went to all the buildings and looked at all the energy usage, temperature and humidity, took all the data collected and put together a list of potential recommendations," he said.

The list includes changing lighting, weatherizing buildings with new insulation, and upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Arbagast said there is potential for on-site renewable energy: a thermal solar unit at the police station and a combined heat-and-power unit at Town Hall. He said the changes would reduce the town's CO2 emissions by 53 percent.

However, all of the recommendations would be expensive, costing more than $700,000. Arbagast said most towns don't do everything on the list.

"Most towns implement some of the recommendations over multiple years," he said. "I would anticipate Atkinson implementing half of these over five years."

The town applied for a federal stimulus grant to fund the energy audit, which cost just under $15,000. Because of the funding, other towns also are looking to have energy audits, and Arbagast said he might be working with Windham next.

Smith said the town will officially unveil the report and all the details at the selectmen's meeting Dec. 7.


MAcciard said...

Here is the potential ROI of this article;

In 2009 the town budgeted, not spent;

$53,050.00 for electricity and
$43,182.00 for fuel oil.

The town actually spent 11% less than the budgeted amounts, but for the sake of illustration lets work off the budgeted number, as that will likely represent the high end of the spending range.

The POTENTIAL savings of 30%, which is a high side estimate, would result in savings of

$15,915.00/yr. in electricity and
$12,954.60/yr. in fuel oil costs.

If it takes an investment of $706,000 to achieve ALL of the POTENTIAL savings, this would mean it would take the town 25 years to recoup our investment. And that isnt even including the tax impact or debt service, depending upon how it is paid for.

Anonymous said...

Ever go into Town Hall at night? They have the thermostats set mid 70's even when no one is there. WE are paying for this. If they are so concerned, start with the obvious things, turn it down, put on a sweater, take a math class....then ask for the money.

Anonymous said...

After 25 years, they'd need new equipment again.

Anonymous said...

There's always low hanging fruit that doesn't cost much to implement. Instead of the negativity, how about giving some kudos to the energy committee for getting this audit done and helping to find ways for the town to save on their energy expenses.

Anonymous said...

Elmer Arbagast of Arbagast Energy Auditing did the audit.

Thanks to the energy committee for ...hiring the auditor!

I don't see negativity here, only practical suggestions that could have been implemented well before this. Let's hope they don't wait any longer to pick those fruit.

We did an audit to save money, we cannot spend alot money to save less money. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again. Thanks to the energy committee for volunteering their time, getting a grant to get the audit done, vetting the energy auditors, and hiring the energy auditor. I'm sure they'll be following up trying to get some of the more cost effective solutions implemented. Of course the town isn't going to go whole hog. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous. In fact the article even quotes the auditor stating that not all the recommendations get implemented after an audit.

Anonymous said...

Seems that $700,000 dollars is the magic number the selectmen want to ask voters for at the ballot box.

Remember the $780,000 the last committee that supposedly did their job backing up Consentino and Baldwin’s desire to stop the dead spots in police communications? That was a PUBLIC SAFTEY ISSUE that put officer’s lives in danger if they couldn't communicate with dispatch!

Later, because of a right to know request, it was discovered that Consentino already had the equipment from a federal grant and never put it into operation. Instead he hid it a closet and then lied about ever getting it.

Until the selectmen explain where that equipment is and put it into place where it was intended, the taxpayers should deny any request for more money for any reason. We just can't trust politically motivated committees to tell the truth about anything. Consentino and Baldwin should be fired for the lies they told on that issue.

Selectmen should hang their heads for not following up and getting the truth out to the taxpayers.

How do you spell corruption, deceit and deception? This just more of the same.

Anonymous said...

All of this spending to save makes my head spin. I have been improving leaks, insulation, windows, and doors for years. I've enjoyed incremental savings without taking out a second mortgage. Want to cut energy costs? Reduce the size of government. Close schools at 3:00pm and keep them closed over weekends. Consolidate town functions and eliminate extra computers and their operators. Last thing we need is an ambitious 'green' initiative with disappointing results.

Anonymous said...

So that energy conservation committee is politically motivated??? Do tell. Some of you folks are really amusing. Here's an idea, how about you running for selectman so you can "clean up this town". LOL. I know it will never happen. Don't mean to put unrealistic expectations on you...

Anonymous said...

How about an anger management class? You put a negative spin on everything everyone says then condemn them for the imagined affront. Maybe you can run, you will be a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

God only knows we need new blood, too many 'ils.

Phils, Bills, more Phils, pills, bills....yikes!

Anonymous said...

If I'm angry, then why am I laughing at you???

Anonymous said...

Cause you are a liberal and STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Oh right, I should become a commie like you. Got it. Got any Marx books I can borrow? I want to become un-stupid. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You really should do something about your anger. We are not laughing, gasping maybe.

Anonymous said...

From the Twom website:

"Mark your calendars- Atkinson Resort & Country Club annual tree lighting is December 2, 5:30pm to 8:30 pm "

What about the TOWN tree lighting ceremony? I want to go to OUR ceremony.

Why is the TOWN promoting events by private businesses?

Anonymous said...

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

You should question this.

Anonymous said...

Selectmen: Why haven't you investigated why CON-sentino and Baldwin lied about the communications equipment they already recieved and pushed for a $780,000 tower which the voters turned down at the ballot box? Why haven't you found that equipment and put it into place for the safety of our regular police officers? Why haven't you fired CON-sentino and Baldwin for their lies? Are you protecting them from this disgrace, or are you in bed with them to scam and defraud the taxpayers of their money?

Get some balls Friel, Childs and Bennett! Fire Consentino and Baldwin or resign from your positions. You are not doing this town any favors for serving until you do.

Theft is theft (like the Osborns)and you won't be allowed to sweep it under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Bill Bennett said Baldwin was in charge of this grant equipment and they gave some of it to the school since they had nowhere to put it. If the board doesn't care, why should anyone else?

Anonymous said...

......when in doubt, clear more land, and build more fields or better yet build a bigger library.
Next to come is a Cricket field and a Historical Society building with a parking garage.
The monies can be allocated differently.

MAcciard said...

To be fair Atkinson has greatly benefited from generally having a budget committee that knew what its job was, and that also viewed the money it spends as its own, and therefore asked questions and was generally cautious. Having a budget committee that understands that it is not a rubber stamp for selectmens wants, but rather a prudent assessments of the towns needs. This has saved Atkinson from the frivolities of other towns, and the school district.

Anonymous said...

December 6, 2010 11:45 AM

I pop in about once a month to see what nonsense is currently going on. This month did not disappoint. Your post is a perfect example. You haven't a clue how a town raises and spend money. The best you can do is spout some meaningless nonsense and exaggerations about what you think is wrong then offer this sage wisdom, "The monies can be allocated differently."

Yes it could. What are you doing about it besides sitting on your hiney and flapping your fingers here?

Anonymous said...

umm whats all this talk about the library director getting a LARGE salary increase, plus a contract job for 2 years?! Is anyone in town on a contract like this? what if we dont like her, what if something happens? I dont want her on a contract, especially at such a larger % increase than anyone else in town... someone, please help me understand

Anonymous said...

The library trustees are in charge of that decision.

Anonymous said...

take assholes picture off please

Anonymous said...

You're picture is up? Which one is it???

Anonymous said...

Trustees are elected by the towns citizens. If we want to give our director a raise then we need to vote on it just as every other office on town.