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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Timberlane students learn financial realities

From the Eagle Tribune;

January 15, 2011
Timberlane students learn financial realities

By Cara Hogan The Eagle Tribune Sat Jan 15, 2011, 12:09 AM EST

PLAISTOW — Cam Altobelli spun a large, brightly colored wheel passing by a $500 inheritance to stop on a $40 fee for a bounced check.

Cam, an eighth-grader, frowned and wrote the number on a worksheet. The game represented real costs of living, all a part of Timberlane Middle School's second annual Financial Literacy Fair.

Teacher Sharon Skinner said the fair is part of her consumer education curriculum.

"Students choose a career and go to a website that will tell them the education and training needed for the career and expectations of a work environment," she said. "It also gives projected yearly salaries for the career. They take the yearly salary and deduct taxes, Social Security and the kids are left with a monthly budget."

Schools from around the state participate, including Woodbury School in Salem and West Running Brook Middle School in Derry.

At Timberlane yesterday, students lined up at various booths to "buy" a car, an apartment, clothes and food.

"During the fair, they have to budget their lives," Skinner said. "They pick housing and transportation they can afford, based on their monthly estimate. Kids who want to be doctors can pick out the sports car they want. Kids who want to be an artist are looking at taking public transportation because they can't get a car."

Eighth-grader Sarah Cole chose a career as an art director and had $3,976 a month to spend.

"I really like art so I wanted to find a way to make a career of that," she said. "I spun the wheel and lost $250 on car repairs. I think my balance is still OK though."

Cam said he chose a career as a head football coach with a net salary of $2,700 a month, after taxes.

"I want to be a coach and football coaches make the most money," he said. "I have to get a degree in sports management."

He said he's learned a lot from the project.

"This is pretty stressful," Cam said. "I bought a car for $17,000, I'm paying $82 a month for cable and Internet, and $10 a month for a gym membership. I decided to share a house with friends to save money."

Maekalah Macleod and Diana Aresio both chose to be hairdressers and each have $1,500 a month to spend.

"We're going to live together in a small, two-bedroom apartment," Diana said.

At the end of the two-hour program, students meet with a credit counselor to go over their list of expenses.

"If they're in the negative, they have to go back to a booth and get a cheaper car or lose a cell phone," Skinner said. "They can't be in debt at the end of the day. It's a good lesson; some adults should take this, too."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Congress can take that course

Anonymous said...

Probably would be more enlightening if they made the kids take a test before they could choose among careers they would be qualified for. There aren't a lot of doctors coming our of Timberlane.

Anonymous said...

The game showed the students how to play at life, fantasize about reality and how to play games.

Really, this is a scary to teach.

Anonymous said...

The game was meant to simulate adult fiscal responsibilities and teach fiscally responsibile behavior. Scary? It's about time this was taught in our schools.

Anonymous said...

Turns out there is a game -- The Game of Life -- that teaches this lesson. Of course, it has the same flaw -- all you have to do to be a doctor is land on the right space. Better to teach the kids science and math. In the real world, you have to do more than spin a wheel to be successful.

Anonymous said...

Right. Here's an idea. Let's not bother to teach the kids because it's better to find out via hard knocks. Yes, let's teach them the basics, but they get enough fluff classes. I think we can take a little time away from their fluff classes to teach them about budgetting and debt responsibilities as well as choices. Okay, if I pursue this career, I can only afford this lifestyle. It makes them think. Is working at my dream job that doesn't pay worth sacrificing the lifestyle I would like? How do I budget and what can I afford and still be able to leave WITHIN MY MEANS. After this financial melt down, I would think this type of teaching is LONG overdue.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Skinner is an Assistant Principal and Curriculum Secretary. A secretary running a curriculum program?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not have them read your stupid blog? They'd learn all kinds of useless things. Like what to do with your time when you don't have any friends.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? The blog is very educational. It shows me just how many people really have no idea what they are talking about, but yet come off as though they are an authority on the subject. On top of educating me about the number of simple if not outright small minded people there are in town, it makes for great entertainment. Who needs a PS3 when you have the blog!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Aw Maggie, Is that what you call lying under oath in open Court? Getting Justice?

Anonymous said...

An eye opening read.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leon,

I hear you would be a great addition to the PD. You could be the court prosecutor. HAHAHAHAHA. Please tell the audience how you did in court the other day helping the poor neighbor of the evil Maggie Osbourne? HASHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie, explain how you lied under oath to frame that poor woman

Anonymous said...

Maggie's testimony contradicted her previous written statements. Wow, no integrity there....right Frank?

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie, I hear you lost your appeal and owe us alot of money. Have paid us yet? Are you angry that Leon won his case over your false accusations?

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic frauds. You STILL haven't written an update on the story of the court decision against the neighbor who was arrested. The court VALIDATED what the Osborns were saying, but YOU WON'T WRITE A FAIR AND BALANCED STORY ABOUT IT. You've been exposed for what you are: FRAUDS. If the story fits your opinions about the Osborns or the town you write it or post a link to the Eagle Tribune. If not you hide from it. I heard that you were all sitting in the courtroom eager to celebrate another win against the Osborns. How sad you all must have been at a dose of REALITY?

As I've been saying all along, the Osborns are good people caught in a nightmare scenario of thugs and cyber bullies harassing them constantly. Have they made some mistakes with the house? Probably, but the vigilante justice you're trying to dish out DOESN"T FLY with the rest of the town. We're watching YOU now. Your yellow journalism and hate attacks against this family will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

If you want to write a story write it! Why is anyone else a fraud 'cause you think they should write it? Give me a break. They were not 'caught' in a bad situation, they started this whole mess. The reality is that Maggie's testamony did not match her written previous statement.

This is not the end of this.

BTW, has Maggie paid HER bill she owes yet? She lost two of her cases already and she does not have any validation from the court.

We shall see what happens next, now won't we?

Anonymous said...

Now why would I add a story to this blog? I'm too busy defending good people. I made my point - you write what you want and ignore facts when it benefits you. That puts into question some of your other stories. So shame on you for your spin game.

As for the Osborns, they apparently made mistakes along the way and will pay handsomely for it if the decision stands. The real issue I have is with the people who continue to lob personal attacks on them - bordering on criminal attacks (validated by the court). If you don't like them, ignore them. Marginalize them in your own life if it makes you feel better. But constantly attacking them is only pissing off the rest of us.

The Other New Guy said...

Anon, 9:50 a.m.

You write, "If you want to write a story write it! Why is anyone else a fraud 'cause you think they should write it?"

You miss the point. There are multiple topics or "scoops" with news about the Osborn's court dates that are posted directly by the moderator/Atkinson Reporter almost immediately after the court date. There are no article submissions in previous topics, so it is safe to assume the moderator is the person posting these updates. So, if they are so quick to post updates pertaining to the Osborn's losses in court, why would they not act with similar efficiency when they are victorious(if this is indeed true)? Despite the warning that "ad hominem personal attacks will not be tolerated", those that run this blog certainly allow vicious personal attacks on town officials and the Osborns when it suits them.

The fact that they have been so slow to post an update on the trial would lead one to believe they do not want to post anything other than negative news about the family they have tried their best to portray as villains.

Maybe folks will see who are the real villains.

MAcciard said...

Well, I can only relate what I saw for the portion of the time that I was there.

Mrs. Dobrov was obviously ill equipped to provide for her own defense, however in her defense I can say it is very intimidating for a layman, or woman, to stand up in Court, and make their own case.

However she did a reasonable impression of a deer in headlights.

However the previous poster is correct, form my personal observation, Mrs. Osborn did lie under oath, when she said "No" in answer to the question "Have you, in public meetings, told the selectmen, the planning board, the ZBA, and the town in general that you owned a deeded right of way across your neighbor's land?"

And also when she answered "No" in answer to the question; "do you live in the house at 8 Valcat ln.?"

After all, the Superior Court just found that they have been living there in violation of a Court Order and assessed over $100,000 in fines.

Anonymous said...

You guys are criticizing because no one has posted about the trial. These things are submitted! Write something up yourself. Good grief, don't go after other people for not doing what you refuse to do for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mark, as I interpret what you wrote, Maggie was telling the truth in saying that she is not currently living in the house. They are there every day for sure - wouldn't you if you've been actively harassed by a small group of vigilantes? But they are NOT living there. That inconvenient truth is somehow missed in this blog frequently.

That those vigilantes all showed up in court to see the Osborns win their case and yet choose not to submit an article about it is interesting. So me questioning those who write what they want the public to hear is justified. Telling me to write the article myself sure sounds like a smug way of telling me to take a hike. I wasn't in the courtroom (I actually have a job) and choose not to fabricate information about it. If you wish to be perceived as fair and objective, then write a fair and objective article about the case that you saw for yourselves. If not, then you've shown you are indeed frauds with an agenda against this family.

Anonymous said...

I do not see Mark as a vigilante or a fraud just because you disagree with his opinion about what happened in court. What gives you the right to tell him or anyone else what to think? Maybe they disagree with what happened in court and they are also entitled to do so.

Again, if you want another perspective written here, take the day off next time (we all have jobs) and go to court and write the article yourself.

I personally dont' think Maggie should have won this since she made written statements that conflicted with her statements in court.

If they are not living in the house, if they are at the island, that is seasonal and that is also not ok.

MAcciard said...

Ok, lets, for the sake of argument stipulate to current living arrangements, which neither you nor I know are facts, I might add, I notice you do not address the other lie under oath? Opinion please.

Anonymous said...

Where to start? I didn't call Mark a fraud, I called the "Atkinson Reporter" a fraud. However I will concede that since it was in the same post you could perceive it that way.

I'm happy you have a job and appreciate that you took a day off to go to court. I choose to use my days off for other things and don't apologize for not being there to write about it.

The other lie under oath? I can't speculate on something I wasn't witness to. I won't discredit myself by arguing for or against something I don't have the actual facts on. I do however know where the Osborns are living but wouldn't dream of telling the very people who attack them where that is.

Finally, I'm not calling you fine citizens vigilantes because I disagree with you (although clearly I do on several issues). I'm calling you vigilantes for constantly going after this family with very personal and derogatory names in this blog, in vandalizing their property (I am NOT accusing you or anyone else of this but the guilty know who they are), in screaming obscenities at the family, in talking about what their children might say on a school bus, etc. THAT is the kind of stuff vigilantes do. If that offends you then I do apologize.

Anonymous said...

Wow... the blog only kicks-off threads with stories that reflect their own point-of-view.

There's news.

Could someone succinctly describe the allegations, proceedings and outcome in the Osborn / Dobrov matter?

Anonymous said...


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