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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sapia right, Library Show us the Money!

From the Eagle Tribune;

March 29, 2011
Kimball Library donations a source of disagreement

By Cara Hogan The Eagle Tribune Tue Mar 29, 2011, 12:13 AM EDT

ATKINSON — Construction on Kimball Library was completed almost three years ago, but funding for the project is still the source of conflict.

Voters approved a warrant article to spend $2.7 million to build the new library, which opened in 2008.

But there has been a heated debate over nearly $200,000 in donations to the library, which have already been spent. Selectmen recently held a public hearing, required to officially accept the funds. After some fiery exchanges, they opted to postpone their decision.

New Hampshire statutes require any donation over $5,000 to go before a public hearing before being accepted by the town.

"We must resolve what has been wrong in the process of funding the library and fix it," Selectman William Bennett said at the meeting March 21.

The hearing blossomed into an argument between library trustees and Jack Sapia, a former selectman.

Sapia accused trustees of using donations to obscure the real cost of the new library.

"The bulk of the donations are, in fact, cost overruns," he said. "Many of these items are construction items, which would put the total construction cost over the warrant amount. Almost two years after the completion of the library, why are we approving expenses now? It's putting the cart before the horse."

Trustees vice chairman Kay Galloway said the hearing before the Board of Selectmen was just a formality since she was authorized to accept these donations, according to RSA 202.

"We didn't need the selectmen's approval to spend the money. It is not our wish to reopen this," she said. "We would like to see this matter put to rest."

She said the trustees raised money for the Library Legacy Fund and specified that it would go toward helping to build the library and provide things as needed during the construction process.

Alan Phair, chairman of the library trustees, said in an interview after the meeting that he's frustrated selectmen have not accepted the donations.

"We've been going back and forth with the selectmen on this for years and they still have not taken any action," he said. "We documented everything as it related to the donations from the Friends of the Library. Every single transaction was accounted for."

The donations are only 0.07 percent of the total cost of the project. The Friends of the Kimball Library donated $160,585 to the new building, including: $13,000 for the removal of the old library, 17,000 for radiant heat ceiling panels, $47,800 for furniture and computer carrels, $14,400 for computers and three LCD TVs, and more.

Freshwater Farms donated $25,000 worth of landscaping items and work. Project architect Ron Lamarre donated $2,000 worth of shovels and hard hats, and there were other, smaller donations.

Lamarre said the donations were used to buy nicer things for the library, like TVs and higher quality furniture, that the town couldn't pay for.

"The furniture wasn't $47,000," he said. "We upgraded the furniture and paid the difference with the donations. We enhanced the heating system by adding those ceiling panels. The plan was still $2.7 million."

He said donations are still coming in — and should be accepted and used by the town.

"If anything had been done wrong, we would have heard about it," Lamarre said. "There's no smoking gun. The project has been audited by an independent auditor."

But Sapia insisted the donations should not have been spent. He said he was a selectman for part of the building process and the trustees repeatedly told selectmen the project was on budget and on time.

"The truth is, there was a game of bait and switch," he said. "The $13,000 for removal of the old library, wasn't that part of the project? If the money was donated, where did the money go that was part of the warrant? It should have been saved and reduced the overall cost of the project."

Selectman Fred Childs said Sapia had some good points.

"The removal of the old library and the furniture was part of the original plan and shouldn't be a donation," he said. "If you can show these weren't part of the original contract, great. But if these were a part of the original contract, why don't we have the money back? We need to investigate further."


Anonymous said...

"We must resolve what has been wrong in the process of funding the library and fix it," Selectman William Bennett said ...

And what exactly was done wrong? The selectmen should accept the money or tell us why they won't.

Sapia ia accusing them of some pretty serious things here but he is no longer a selectman and this has nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...


MAcciard said...

I never thought I would say this, but I have to agree with jack. I said much the same thing during the building meetings, when the warrant came up.

They got a warrant article for $2.7 million and change to tear down the old, build the new, and equip it. At the time the $200,000 raised by donations were going to extras inside the library, as well as bell and whistle items, not tearing down the old library and repairing the Kimball house.

Kay is right that the Trustees had the right to accept the donations, without a selectmen driven public hearing, BUT they did not have the right to pay for things included in the warrant. The Taxpayers paid for those things.

Kay, Jack is right, where did the warrant money go to pay for those things, if the donations actually paid for them.

I have known Kay for a number of years, and I have known Alan since i was a child, and i fully believe that there was no nefarious intent, but this does have to be explained.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jack as well! It is his business as a former selectman and as a current TAXPAYER. Show us the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Serious accusations are at hand. As much as Jack has taken the heat from this blog, he clearly has the balls to stand up for what is right. If nothing was done improperly then why was the architect blathering on at the public hearing about feel good emotions to detract from the issue?

Did it not take 2years for the trustees to turn in documents?

Have they ALL been turned in?


Anonymous said...

The issue I have is that it is unclear right now, which money was spent and how it was spent. This needs to be addressed before any finger pointing is done.

Anonymous said...

Why not point at those who stonewalled for years with the docs? My understanding is they were forced by the AG to provide whats been offered to date. Are you one of them perhaps???

As always, jmho.

MAcciard said...

The problem is that the original warrant article from the trustees called for a $2.9million library mentioning the donations but not allocating them. it was revised to a $2.7million library, and the Donations would ADD to the project AFTER it was done.

If donation money went to things like tearing down the old library and repairing the Kimball house, then that cost which SHOULD have been in the Warrant cost of the library needs to be accounted for.

Anonymous said...

No, I am not one of them but I still don't follow what Mark is saying.

Is he saying that they should explain where the spent portion of the donation went, specifically?

How do they accpet donations that are already spent?

Why do they, the BOS, need to accept donations that don't need to be accepted because the library already did?

Did the library accept the donations in a public meeting?

Just asking my questions.

Anonymous said...

BTW: The donations weere about 7% of the cost, NOT 0.07% of the cost.

Anonymous said...

Why did this take so long to get to this point? I heard Jack asked the same questions to the Library before and he's still asking them and I don't see the library coming up with clear answers.

And why oh why is the architect still in the picture? How much did that guy make? I heard it was like $300,000 can anyone verify that? Shoulda been like $10,000. I heard he is a former library trustee is that true?

We want the truth to come out about exactly how all our taxpayer dollars were used. What the heck is going on?? If half of what I hear is true then it smells real bad.

Anonymous said...

Your questions are valid. Just another example of how your selectmen and Sapia are NOT paying attention to TOWN business AND reacting when they get caught NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

It's time to get the crooks OUT of TOWN BUSINESS and get HONEST people in control.

Con-man, Sapia, planning board, building inspector, current selectmen, ZBA, HAVE TO GO, in order to protect HONEST TAXPAYERS from losing their land to someone like the OSBORNS! CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION NO MATTER WHO IS SERVING!


Anonymous said...

Hey dick wad,
If you're making a list then why were the library screw squad left out? Do you know what stonewall means? When Sapia was a selectman he was REFUSED the documentation. From what I understand, what little has been turned over took 2plus years and was only turned in under duress from the AG. So quit deflecting the issue by blaming Sapia {ITS NOT WORKING}. Consult with Mr Acciard if this blog subject is beyond your comprhension. Your hatefulness towards others has blinded you so you cannot see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Another said:
"Con-man, Sapia, planning board, building inspector, current selectmen, ZBA, HAVE TO GO..."

Ummm.. that's about 20 volunteers and candidates we'll have to find to replace them. Can we presume you will be first in line?

Anonymous said...

20 volunteer foxes guarding the hen house doesn't do one thing to protect the chickens. Better off without any foxes, don't you agree? (Unless of course you are one of the 20 volunteer foxes) If that is the case, the chickens are better off getting rid of the likes of you. They can’t afford you. It’s our right to get rid of the like of you. Right?


MAcciard said...

The BOS does not need to accept donations to the friend of the library.

The library trustees have control over the library, not the selectmen.

The trustees need to explain if donation money was spent for item that were included in the warrant, then the warrant money went somewhere. Where did it go?

Anonymous said...

State Law (202-A:4-C) authorizes Library trustees to accept any funds, including state/federal pr private donations, with no further action required by the town, including Selectmen. That law has been on the books for years. They are required to hold a public hearing prior to acceptance. Did they?

On another issue, were repairs to the old Kimball House included in the warrant, and were they done?
It sounds as if that is the problem. If so, it seems to me the Trustees should be held responsible, and probably hold a few donation drives in order to get the money to do the contracted work. They had a Capital Reserve Fund of $50,000 which as to be turned over to the I right about that. Good news, they only need another $150,000 is donations to make up for the loss.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jack also pledge at a selectmans meeting to donate $10,000 of pavers to form a sitting area behind the libary?

adillon said...

To 9:20 - Minimal repairs were done to the Kimball house, i.e, the doorway which led from the Kimball house to the library was replaced with a window and the surrounding area was finished off inside and out. The window is a good match to the others in the building. In essence, the building's appearance on that end has been put back to its original state. I could wish that the nine windows that were cracked during the compacting that was done during the library construction had been fixed but that didn't happen. Maybe we can get that done before the new storm windows are put on the building, hopefully in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the library given authority to accept donations at town warrant last year {2010}? If this is correct then they were not authorized to accept donations at the time of the library construction. Pretty straight forward that they skirted the ordinance in place at the time.
Just my h.o.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To 3/29 9:13 PM

Why yes, it is absolutely your right to get rid of those 20 "volunteer foxes" now holding office.

So I conclude that you are Bill Friel... right? Must be, since he was the only one to run for BOS and seeing how committed you are to cleaning house and all.

What's that? You're not Bill Friel? Then you're just another lame do-nothing blog troll spouting big ideas while doing NOTHING.

Oh yeah... now I remember... you'll only get involved after the Chief is gone. And the sun rises in the west. And the Cubs win it all.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, Mr. Sapia either still owed the Library a $10,000 donation for his pledge or he just outright reneged on the Pledge. My understanding is that he tried to get Freshwater Farms to make the donation in his name. Mr. Morse is a little too smart for that and made the pledge of the pavers and installation among other things in Freshwater Farms name. Good try Jack. By the way, before you make accusations that can damage peopes reputations, you should check the facts. Just throwing things out that you agreed to makes you part of the problem if there is one.

Anonymous said...

Sapia always makes promises he doesn't keep. Pledge of donation money he never pays is just another way he slaps himself on the back to buy people's respect. Unfortunately, the only one that respect Jack is Jack. What a blow hard.


Anonymous said...

This isn't about Jack! It's about the trustee's potentially not only breaking the law but trying to cover it up. Do you really believe while the trustees were cutting out items like the leach field to save money they were enhancing the furniture? Easy to take pot shots at Jack but at least he had the courage to step up! Before publishing comments anonymously based on what you would like to believe why not call him and ask for the facts! Afraid of the truth?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sapia is incapable of telling the truth. Look at the video of him on utube. He talks constantly, says nothing, promises everything, delivers nothing, and lies when the truth would have been better. Typical Atkinson politician.

In addition, this is not the first time Sapia has attacked the library people. The better question is why? Me thinks we smell a rat. That rat has Sapia's name all over it. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Hey MHO are you lying when you say your opinion is humble? There is nothing humble about it. It is a vial and uneducated attach on a resident. Usually these kinds of attack are because you can not debate the issue. The issue here is the library! Did Jack's question about the siding ever get answered? Where did the money go? Those are the questions at hand. So much for no personal attacks. I have watched the videos sorry he seems to be right on! Must be hard to type with the blindfold on!

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:15. Since that is obviously you speaking Jack, you have this so called Video as you said on TV. What is in it that makes you think the Selectman are wrong in accepting the donations. My understanding is that Mr. Friel met with the Attorney Generals Office and they told him to accept the donations and move on. You keep throwing shots at the Library. Strange for someone who says they really support it and always has. You are nothing but a publicity hound who likes to see his name in the paper and cannot accept losing on an issue. True grown men accept the fact that they cannot always win. Immature individuals keep fighting even after they are proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant 8:46

Anonymous said...

Sapia's reputation preceeds him, and he has lost all credibility because of his past actions. This leapod can't change his spots, just set a new fire to detract from his past misgivings.


Anonymous said...

The name Sapia and publicity hound mean the same thing. Please refrain from using double negatives in your postings.


Anonymous said...

Sapia mature? He is nothing by a three year old in a BIG FRAMED sixty year old body that demands respect that he hasn't earned. Once a blow hard always a blow hard! Hopefully, he will blow this town before he blows himself up.


Anonymous said...

I made a donation, pretty large one at that expecting and being told I would have had more recognition than a plaque in a corner nobody would ever see. Thanks library - now I don't see it either, as I no longer use the facility. Not even to mention all the lengthy and confusing policies. There is less paperwork for a traffic ticket than using features of our library. Look at our directors past, every director that replaced her at her previous buildings revoked most if not all the policies as she doesn't understand this is a tax payees building and we shouldn't have to leave 10 min before close just because staff wants to be home by 8:03pm

Anonymous said...

Ah, perhaps that's why Sapia didn't keep his promise to donate to the library! The directors refused his demand to put up his 30' X 60' picture on the front of the building.

Wait long enough and the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jack, I won't comment on the donaton recognition other than to say one is pretty small if one makes a donation based on getting recognition for it. As for the other comment, I assume you are referring to keeping the Library open late to accommodate meetings for outside groups. You mentioned taxpayer dollars, won't it cost we taxpayers extra to pay the salaries of people to stay and keep the library open so that you can have your free meeting (I am assuming it is a meeting for one of your projects as you don't care about any one else). Lastly, if you don't go to the library any longer as you are mad at them, then why do you claim all the time to be a supporter of theirs. With such friends as you, they certainly don't need enemies.

Anonymous said...

the bloggers once again turn a blind eye if the accused is in their circle of love. i am not jack but agree that the donation was not done legally and MUST be accounted for. you can slam jack all you want
but this problem isn't going away..... show us the receipts. it's obvoius to me that jacks not writing this because i am however the prior posts are clearly tied to the library coverup squad.
just my not so humble opinion

Anonymous said...

If you are not Jack, you are still a small person if you seek recognition beyond a plaque for making a donation no matter how large. a taxpayer, why do you think the library should stay open after normal hours to accommodate every group that wants to use it. I assume they get paid hourly. If it is in their budget then fine, but I doubt that it is. You probably know the answer to that better than I since you seem so close to everything.

Anonymous said...

When the moderator will not post an article about of Atkinson finest, it becomes clear who runs this rag. Dale Childs was a great lady who left us to soon. She was strong, generous, willing to always help others. Volunteered countless hours to our town and others.

Thank you Dale, please help us from above to destroy those who soil so many names and spread their hatred and jealousy.

This is my last post, as I believe if we ignore these people, stop feeding them attention they will only have each other to blog to and they will go away.

BOYCOTT the BLOG to save Atkinson!

Anonymous said...

The moderator doesn't have to post, you did. Everyone posts what they want here. Stop telling others to do your bidding.

Anonymous said...

Jack won't stop posting here because he can't stop slandering anyone that gets in his way. He's the typical Atkinson Politicial that has to talk until people stop listening, then claim he won the debate he was never in.

Say goodnite Jack! Goodnite Phil, Goodnite Fred, nite Paul, Bill and Bill. Nite Frank

Every blowhard has to sleep sometime, thank goodness. Just remember they will wake up tomorrow and start blowing hard again.

SOLUTION? Stop listening to their words and watch their ACTIONS! That is where the truth is.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Me too, good idea, boycott

Anonymous said...

Go to bed Leon.


Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Sapia is an osborn LOVER! Take down Osborns and Sapia will fall right behind them. Justice will prevail, regardless of how well SApia and Osborns think they are connected.