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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another veteran leaves Atkinson police

From Eagle Tribune;

June 1, 2011
Another veteran leaves Atkinson police
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — Detective Sgt. Philip Farrar is resigning from the police department, after weeks of conflict between the police chief and the Board of Selectmen.

Police Chief Philip Consentino said yesterday Farrar told him he wanted to quit last week, after selectmen voted to hire an independent company to study the department's management over the next 90 to 100 days.

"More and more people are getting ticked off with the way things are going and Detective Farrar, my second in command, has put in his letter of resignation," Consentino said. "I did everything I could to convince him to stay, but he won't."

Selectmen's Chairman William Bennett said Farrar's departure won't affect the $5,000 study by Municipal Resources Inc., which specializes in management reviews, candidate searches and studies of local municipalities. The police department will remain on a hiring freeze until the study is completed, Bennett said.

"It certainly complicates the staffing issue and we'll have to work that out," he said. "The chief had managed by shifting responsibilities around and Detective Farrar was one of the people dragooned into handling extra duties. Now, if Farrar resigns, it's one less senior head in the department."

Farrar said yesterday he doesn't know what he will do when he leaves his position next month.

"I haven't made up my mind yet, if I'm retiring or getting another job," he said. "Things aren't good here."

Farrar previously worked for 22 years as lieutenant detective with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department and for 12 years in Atkinson as sergeant detective.

"The man really knows his police work and it's a shame I've got to lose him," Consentino said. "He was the next in command after (Lt. William) Baldwin."

Baldwin left last week for a job with the Plaistow Police Department. Consentino asked selectmen to let him hire a new officer, which spurred the conflict over hiring in town and resulted in the selectmen opting for the MRI study.

Consentino said he's going to have a hard time just covering shifts this summer once Farrar leaves.

"Now this is going to really hurt because I'm going to be down to only three full-time officers," the chief said. "I'm not going to be allowed to hire anyone for another three to four months until the survey is done and it's going to be really tough going through the summer season."

Now, if an officer is out sick or on vacation, Consentino said, he has to bring in a part-time officer to cover the shift.

"If it's during the daytime, I only have one officer and he will only work two days a week," he said. "It puts me in a tough position. I've already spoken to the high sheriff and he said if I'm in a bind, he'll send someone down to cover calls for me. But I hope it doesn't have to go that far. It's ridiculous."

Bennett said he's going to work with Consentino to think of a solution to the staffing problem.

"It's not going to be a catastrophe," Bennett said. "I don't know what the solution is going to be, but we'll work it out."


Anonymous said...

Interesting the detective runs as soon as some scrutiny begins. What are you afraid they'll find detective Farrar? Maybe you're missing gun? Or that you don't really DO anything? I guess you wouldn't want any facts in a published report.

Rats are always first to run off a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Phil, we know you'll fall back on your elderly base to tell the consultants what great police work you do. they can say stuff like:

"Phil gives us rides whenever we need them and wherever we need them. Maine, Boston, Cape Cod, Manchester, Concord, just anywhere! It's free and so convenient."

"He paid my oil bill once so I could afford to attend the senior trips and activities."

"I get nice letters from our chief telling me who to vote for every election. It makes it easy for me cause I don't really follow what goes on in town."

"I love the concerts and the lunches and flu shots. Love that free food!"

"I'm so glad we seniors took Phil's advice to complain about the town moving the deliberative session to the PAC. They can't serve free food at the PAC anc heck that's all I really go for, and vote according to Phil's direction, so I'm glad Phil told us to complain. Those hard steel chairs are not as comfortable as the cushioned seats at the PAC, though."

"I get a nice card and flowers from the chief on my birthday. It doesn't matter he used tax payer dollars to pay for it because I'm entitled."

"I needed a cane. I got one free from the chief. Thanks Phil! I'll vote how you say anytime! As long as you can give me that free ride to the polls!"

Yes, obviously so much great police work done by our chief. It'll easily sway a group of professional police officers so they ignore that toilet of disrepair you've managed the PD to become.

Anonymous said...

He's wanted to leave since he got here. He was going to retire years ago and hasn't. Why is it all of a sudden because of the investigation? Probably isn't.

Anonymous said...

Now we will get punished for hiring this company.

Good, get it over with and hire new qualified people.

Anonymous said...

When will the Chief "See the writing on the wall" and retire? Everyone knows he's caused all the problems in this town and must be removed. Maybe, just maybe this investigation will get the stench out of this police dept. and bring in a slew of fresh air the dept. needs.

Perhaps, just perhaps we will get a qualified, trained and professional chief of police that this town needs. Doubt it but at least there is a chance.

Phil, do the town a real favor and resign like Farrar did. You OWE IT to the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Consentino said Farrar decided to quit after they voted to hire the comapny to study the PD?

Maybe it's true, maybe it's spin.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying watching the USS A-Hole slowly sink into oblivion.

bye bye Capt Ahab.

Prediction on the MRI report: Police dept regionalization is most cost effective way to improve safety in Atkinson.

BTW, who's having the After-Phil party? Then again, who isn't? LOL

Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood watch program!

Gee and it was going so well.

Anonymous said...

Forget neighborhood watch program, it's more interesting to see the possible GOODBYE CON-MAN program. It's time to call him to say it's time for him to step down. His USEFULLNESS is NO LONGER needed by us.

Anonymous said...

Is Big Bill B not happy about his speeding incident on East rd. Boy is pay back a bitch!

{E-mails can do you in quick} is the new rumor about town.

Anonymous said...

Are you confirming that one of Atkinson's Finest actually gave Bill Bennett a speeding ticket per Con-man's orders? If you are saying that than that is funny. How stupid can the Con-man get? LOL We’re surprised the Con-man didn’t arrest him on another trumped up charge.



PS……….when is the date Bennett has to be in court. I want to be in the peanut gallery to see how he pleads.

Anonymous said...

We are a laughing-stock pohunk little town, aren't we?

It took quite a few years but it seems someone has actually grown a pair of cohones and decided to take the grand bully head-on. Well, at least they hired a consultant company to take Philly on.

Let's see; it will find that we shouldn't have so many part-time police, shouldn't have so many vehicles, need a full time fully trained and certified police chief, and finaly have the reationale to break up the little fiefdom known as Consentinoland, which includes only friends and relatives that are incapable of facing and challenging the aging bully.

Bye-bye Phil. Don't embarrass yourself with a last-stand fight; things are pitiful enough.

"And the big bad consultant blew and blew, and the little piggy's house came down...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Farrar is independent, not a PD employee now and a tough investigator and heck of a guy. Hire him bargain rate for a look see investigation. Farrar is a senior proven detective and knows our PD intimately and what we need better than outsiders. It saves the taxpayers money and what happens here stays here. Outsiders are outsides.
We don't need you. We need FARrAR!

Anonymous said...

A Consentino-hired employee should be the one to investigate his former boss? Yeah, that makes sense...

Anonymous said...

We need new officers hired TODAY to cover the lake people. They are trouble up there and Mrs. Osborn needs her drivebys. We protect em every day we got the officers we need. Lakers need law enforcement NOW!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon June 2, 2011 7:04 AM

That' the best laugh I've had in weeks. Farrar is a tough investigator and heck of a guy?


Barney Fife is a better investigator.

Anonymous said...

GOOD RIDDANCE FARRAR. A few less of my wasted tax dollars going down the PD toilet.

Anonymous said...

They should get some real officers to fill in via MRI. We do not need to be under the control of part time cops who have no training. What if we need real cops? These guys should not have guns and badges without training. At least the 80 year old guy is gone now.

Anonymous said...

Town need 3 new officers and cruisers. dont need egg heads from outside to figure that out. Just do it and be done. Dont make trouble where there is none. attorney general approves how our PD works. Thats a fact. They investigated and came up with nutting. Thats a fact. Dont waste taxpayer money on nuthing. The attorney general knows our PD does it right all the time every time.

Anonymous said...

Ya, right! What planet do you live on?

Anonymous said...

ther nuttin rong wit dat post. nuttin rong w/dept. we just needs new cars and guns.

Anonymous said...

June 2, 2011 9:07 AM has just shown that some in the APD are extremely concerned by the review. One is so concerned he quit, which on the surface would seem he quit before he was caught.

Phil is angry no one consulted him or is telling him anything. Anyone who has been in the corporate world knows that means one thing, Phil is the target. Of course the BOS was not going to consult him.

The BOS is doing this the smart way. Yes, Phil has made enough rope to hang himself a 1000 times over and firing him should be a no brainer. But the BOS also knows that in this town it is not that simple, not black and white. So they figured a way out. Have an outside firm review and recommend.

We know what they are going to recommend and many will scream anyways. But this way the BOS is on much firmer ground to do what needs to be done.

Look at it another way. If there is nothing to hide then the chief should welcome a review to show all is well. Instead, he's protesting at the top of his huge lungs. A dead giveaway.

June 2, 2011 9:07 AM: The AG was investigating finances. They did find something wrong and Phil found a way to circumvent the ruling. The AG was not investigating how the department as a whole is run. You say they found "nutting". They did find "sumthing" and, were not investigating beyond the conflict of interest with the elderly affairs mess.

Sorry, revisionist history is not going to fly. But, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

Fifty dollars a day ($5000 / 100) is not enough to do a good review. This is just more "Smoke and Mirrors’" by our selectman in order to put a shine on a sneaker. When will everyone wake up and realize that our town political hacks protect one another at our expense? No matter how much it costs!

If the Selectmen were really serious about doing a good review, they would have approved far more than $5000. You get what you pay for and $5000 won't even cover the coffee they drink together while laughing at us.


Anonymous said...

Staffing problem at the PD? Why doesn't Phil hire Maggie Osborn? I hear she's looking for work and owes the Chief more than one favor.

Staffing problem solved!


Anonymous said...

If it cost more Consentino would be running around complaining about what a waste of money it is, and there are enough zombies in this town to believe it. The amount is appropriate.

Maybe after the review we will actually have a police department that can find some time to patrol the town; maybe they'll even find there way north of Rte 111, where people pay more than their share of taxes, but NEVER get any police patrols. What the hell else do our police do anyway, get stray kittens out of trees?

Anonymous said...

9:07 post was all sarcasm you mental maroons....lmao

Anonymous said...

somebutty playin fooles fur fun ...
it aint funin to me so dun nock its off please

Anonymous said...

norths of 111

Anonymous said...

funs is funs till we dones

Anonymous said...

seeing as it is a review of his dept. maybe the funds for it should come from Phil's private slush fund.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that would be funny if the Con-Man had to give up some of his vote getting money to survey his own dept. Then again, that is a 591C controled exclusively by the Con Man so good luck to the selectmen in getting that money.

Can you imagine of all depts had their OWN 501C program? That would leave the selectmen more impotent than they all ready are.

If the selectmen were smart (and I'm not saying they are) they would disolve the CON-Mans 501c and put elderly affairs someplace else than in the Con-Man's hands.

Oh well, at least we will see how smart they are after the report comes out. If they do something to better the town, than the money was well spent. If they do nothing, than this is all smoke and mirrors and the money was all for nothing. Just another Punch & Osborn show. (or should that have been Punch & Judy show?)

Anonymous said...

I guess once an outside consulting firm reviews the police situation, Chiefypoo isn't going to be able to hide behind the old people he's made dependent on his help anymore?

Anonymous said...

What about all the town equipment at his house that supports the personal command center? Are they going to be invited over for tea and inventory? Maybe the missing grant equipment will be found and we can put it up on ebay.

Anonymous said...

how bout review the selectman, maybe ck all the contractors for nepotism? ck all the contracts to be sure nuttin fishy happening with our tax monies?

Anonymous said...

Is the east road money pit ever gonna end? The hwy dept is a feasting over there with an endless summer of "busy" work. Where are we all going to park when its done? Is anybody overseeing the endless summer of work being done there. Was this endless summer of work on the 2011 town warrant or is this left over slush funds from last year?

Anonymous said...

Hear Ed every Thursday evening on WLMW: NH Taxpayer Radio CNHT Main Website: Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Disfunctional And Proud Of It
Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 05:17PM
Buried in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune:

The part-time chief and full-time thug who runs the Atkinson Police Department has a problem on his hands – not enough good officers. (Ya think!)

They are leaving for other towns - or simply leaving.

Now it could be that the upcoming $5000.00 study by Municipal Resources Inc., a NH company that does such things, may have something to do with the abandonment of Atkinson by the veteran officers, maybe not.

But you do have to wonder.

Did the Selectmen hire MRI to find new officers outside the creepy grip of the thug?

Are the Atkinson Selectmen finally fed up with Chief Bozo Consentino and the endless humiliations and lawsuits he drags along his scent trail? I don’t think they are men enough for that.

On second thought, they ARE having someone else (MRI) do the dirty work – Hmmm.

As I read the Trib article it looks like the Thug didn’t have a say in the police review by MRI – just as the Thug didn’t have a say in legalizing his Elderly Affairs Vote Buying Department when the AG’s Office of Charitable Trust stepped in two years ago and made him set up a legal non-profit, the one he runs with taxpayer money.

Notice the Thug quote:

"More and more people are getting ticked off with the way things are going and Detective Farrar, my second in command, has put in his letter of resignation,"

That is code for: “I got plenty of votes from the elderly I drive around in old Atkinson police cruisers, so watch out.”

What a recipe of disaster this bedroom community is. They have a thug for a part time police chief, can’t keep town administrators, they elect cowards for selectmen, and flaunt a bottomless checkbook open to any attorneys or businesses who claim they can bail them out of each inevitable and preventable disaster in which they step.

As for the Lawrence Eagle Tribune:

Two years ago I sat in the Atkinson Deliberative Session behind the LET print reporter and watched him applaud every idiotic statement the Thug made.

Shows you how the Bozo Consentino gets away with it. It is in the end, a numbers game. Some municipalities just plain do not have enough good people to run a Democracy but do have enough scam artists who will use municipal positions for personal gain or ego stroking.

Anonymous said...

Someone's been putting the malookies on Consentino and the whole APD. Even the Atkinson mafia can't remove the malocchio.

Try this chant Consentino supporters at 12:00 noon tomorrow and maybe the Chief's headache will go away.

"mmidia e malocchio
curnucille all`occhio
crepa l`ammidia e scoppia lu malocchio
n' nome di Di e d' Santa Mari
lu malocchio se n' pozza ye.
Lunedi Santo, Martedi Santo, Mercoledi Santo,Giovedi Santo, Venerdi
Santo, Sabato Santo, e Domenica di Pasqua, lu malocchio crepa!"

Anonymous said...

Manchester by the Sea Pd has a similar "study" done a few years back by MRI. It took 14 days and it cost 29,000. I guess Mr Smith's friends will only be in town for a cup of coffee and some apple pie :).

Anonymous said...

The selectmen never reveal what they really spend. I personally don't care how much it costs to get rid of him, however if I were in charge, I'd fire him and make him sue me before I spent a dime. He is not appointed, not elected and there are too many scandals for anyone to think of suing for wrongful termination.

Anonymous said...

Ya think?

Just read the documents on the Atkinson Taxpayer website. It's like you couldn't make this stuff up. Highly entertaining reading, if you didn't live in Atkinson that is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank can you spell "sanction"?


Nice lawsuit. Good job selectmen listening to the hack lawyer. Haven't you learned your lesson yet? That guy is the plague. he'll get your homeowner's policy cancelled too if you keep listening to him. Frivolous use of the frivolous warrant article passed by senior morons. It just goes to show how WRONG you all are. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! Change is coming. We can feel it, see it, taste it. Rats are running from the sinking ship.

Have a great weekend. I know I will.

Anonymous said...

If someone wanted to send a letter to this company studying the APD,--to give them certain facts that CONSENTINO, and his foot-stool and former employee Bennett, will try to cover up,
1) what is the name of that consulting company?

2) when do they start their investigation of the APD?

3) what address would be used? or would it
would it be enough to just put the name of the company on the envelope and send it to them, care of the Town Hall?

I think that ordinary citizens should write to the company and tell them the truth about what a
low-life our un-appointed chief of
police really is.

Anonymous said...

What's the name of the power company that the town is buying from? Is that the one Friel owns or is in cohoots with?

Anonymous said...

Unitil? What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I do not think MRI is investigating the PD. I think they were hired to get us another cop so Chiefy-poo can't hand pick him.

Anonymous said...

You need to was all posted.

Municipal Resources, Inc.
120 Daniel Webster Highway
Meredith, NH 03253
Toll free: 866.501.0352
Tel: 603.279.0352
Fax: 603.279.2548

Now why in the world would anyone go and collect leave this info then leave it at Town Hall? Send it directly.

Anonymous said...

Its not unitil, it's called Glacial Energy. Ck the town report as it should show under payouts to vendors.

Anonymous said...

Do YOU know where the Con-Man is tonight, Hmmmmmmmmmmm? Thought not! Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

he will get his elderly voters to vote him back in and to hell with the rest of us ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I believe that P. Consentino just had surgery...don't know whether he is home from his hospital stay...

Anonymous said...

MRI advises Childs, Friel, Bennet that,

" As chiefs of police change and the decades pass, police departments continue to do what they have done in the past and unless a specific problem arises, little internal or external review is conducted. Professional, external organizational assessments allow for a very much needed look at your police department. The process allows for conversation between highly qualified police consultants and your police leaders as well as a review of current policies and practices. The resulting assessment report becomes the basis for a strategic plan to take your police department to the next level."

Anonymous said...

If we are short staffed and Phil can't work, why not place a temporary chief in charge? Unless Phil is calling in the senior rides from his hospital bed. Becuz that's all he does anyway.

Anonymous said...

So re-read what you wrote, it tells all. The Chief can't work due to illness and the elderly will vote him back in.

No one can separate these jobs, nodistinction is made by him or by the ones commenting here. The is still not separation.

He's never been elected by the people, never , for either position.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Your bizarre misinterpretation of the previous post followed by the defacto standard attack by Phil (get your facts straght) shows the dimented and distorted view held by Phil supporters. When you don't like the message you attack the messenger, your Standard Operating Procedure.

Everyone knows Phil is not elected (duh). Everyone also knows he's built a political empire in the PD and Elderly affairs using our tax dollars to hand out favors, rides, jobs, etc etc to buy votes that get his buddies elected to keep him in power. We also know his corrupt kingdom is crumbling.

Get YOUR facts straight and while you're at it get some medication to clear up your twisted vision of the world. Better make plans becuz Phil will be out of power very soon.

MAcciard said...

To 9:00 am; I can separate the two depts; with better service and better accountability to the selectmen and the taxpayers. It is simple really;

1.) You move the cruisers to the community center, re route the Elderly affairs number to the directors cell phone.

2.) The director can dispatch drivers to pick ups, by cell phone from wherever he may be.

Combine the transportation aspect of elderly affairs with the rec depts. elderly trips, classes, advice, etc. You would have a full service Elderly affairs dept.

BTW This was all put into a petition warrant article two years ago, which Jack and Phil shot down on town floor.

Maybe control is more important than transparency, and service.

Anonymous said...

Mark, please stop applying logic to these problems. It's really annoying. We don't use logic in Atkinson. Of all people, you know I'm right about that!

tim dziechowski said...

"BTW This was all put into a petition warrant article two years ago, which Jack and Phil shot down on town floor."

Everyone is aware of HB77 which was passed last year just in time for deliberative sessions. This made it illegal to make a petition warrant article meaningless by amending it to "To see...", thereby removing the content.

At Exeter town meeting a petition warrant article was put forth to establish a municipal budget committee. The powers-that-be didn't like this, and amended it at deliberative session to "to NOT establish a municipal budget committee".

The petitioners sued in superior court. Judge McHugh just handed down a decision. Exeter broke the law, and has to hold another town meeting.

In his decision he said that the only legal change which can be made to a petition warrant article is to amend a dollar amount up or down.

So if a petition warrant article for something like an RSA 105-C:2 referendum were ever submitted, it would get decided at the polls, not by the pols.

Anonymous said...

"Your bizarre misinterpretation of the previous post followed by the defacto standard attack by Phil (get your facts straght) shows the dimented and distorted view held by Phil supporters. When you don't like the message you attack the messenger, your Standard Operating Procedure.

Everyone knows Phil is not elected (duh). Everyone also knows he's built a political empire in the PD and Elderly affairs using our tax dollars to hand out favors, rides, jobs, etc etc to buy votes that get his buddies elected to keep him in power. We also know his corrupt kingdom is crumbling.

Get YOUR facts straight and while you're at it get some medication to clear up your twisted vision of the world. Better make plans becuz Phil will be out of power very soon."

It may have seemed bizarre to you because you put your own slant on what I said. I am not a PC supportor and I am tired of those who say he's a great chief who gives us rides. This co-mingling of departments still exists and it's embedded in the comments of some people on this site.

So, maybe, you should get some meds (not alcohol) so you can recognize the difference between his supporters and his critics.

Anonymous said...

So Farrar may have known the Chief was going to have surgery and quit?

Anonymous said...

I think that angry poster from 9:50 assumes that because you used the phrase "get your facts straight", that you were a Phil supporter. Also, he assumes that you were referring tot he previous post when you referred to at least two other posts in your words. A standard attack as well.

Anonymous said...

If the current mess is not cleaned up by the BOS there will be a complete breakdown of effective town government. State Reps joke about Atkinson. Atkinson has earned a tawdry reputation state wide.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Farrar is retiring is due to the 3 Clowns at Town Hall. Phil will outlast all 3 clowns. Long live the King!!!!

Anonymous said...

10 more years the KING! Yeah! You can do no thing you can do. Selectmen next time too cause king is king if he wants it. The VOTES a vote. Then No funnin, no muss, jus us

we here you be gone.

Anonymous said...

What are we going to do about all these break-ins (as reported in previous article) without Farrar to on the job? (Oh, that's right he hasn't solved any of them.) The PD doesn't have enough resources!

Are we in for the biggest crime spree in the towns history, once these dastardly thieves find out Farrar (the man on the white horse and shoots silver bullets if he can find his gun) is no longer on the job?

Tisk, tisk ........what to do without Farrar! I'm S-C-A-R-E-D! Help me, help me!

Perhaps Consentino will deputize all the Elderly he gives rides to, and have them patrol their own neighborhoods with shotguns!

Ya, that's a good plan, a very good plan.

I feel better now. How about you?

Anonymous said...

That has to be the best idea I've ever heard in my life.

Anonymous said...

Think about how much danger we have been in all these years.

Anonymous said...

did he get well card and a ride to the hospital?

Anonymous said...

He'll send HIMSElf A Card at our expense when he gets home. Prehaps a coupon for a free ice cream cone too.

Anonymous said...

The article says nothing about Consentino being out on sick time. Who is in charge now?

Anonymous said...

The "high Sheriff"? Who is the high Sheriff and who is the low Sheriff?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Phil's FAT head exploded because the selectmen ordered the MRI report AND the doctor's are TRYING to put HUMPTITY back together again.

Prognosis doesn't look good.

Stay tuned. Looks like Elderly Affairs people might have to finally take care of Phil.

God bless the elderly. Need a ride Phil?

Anonymous said...

Who is running the PD and the EA?

Anonymous said...

No one. Just like always.

Anonymous said...

We are in crisis with our police department down and dysfunctional. Emergengy!

Bill Bennett steps in as the new part time police Chief. Then Bennett can run BOS and APD like the good old days. Vote as Selectman and Chief for the new police officers. PERFECT solution. Presto Fixo.

Sing along now..."The good ol days are here again, here again, here again..... "

Anonymous said...

Looks like a plan but who runs Elderly affairs?

Anonymous said...

Nobody, just like always. Looks like the Elderly need to appoint someone to run the dept.

Give THEM them money and the cars! MaGoon will give them their rides, right?

Now there is a plan..............

Anonymous said...

I just want to pass along a big vote of NO CONFIDENCE to Farrar and the entire incompetent police department.

Anonymous said...

We are paying a lot of money to these cops for nothing. They hide the crime by calling everything a civil complaint, they hide the police log, they just hang around and collect a check and do nothing. They are all part of the problem.

Anonymous said...


Cowardice, or Dereliction of Duty? You decide.

This weekend marked just the most recent occasion of our police dept.'s failure to do the job we pay them to do.

There was en enormous party on Meditation lane, with over 200 people in attendence, a live band, and fireworks. This party lasted until almost 3:00am.

The music was so loud people up and down the street could hear it inside their homes with all the doors and windows closed. The music went on at this volume until well after midnight. The fireworks started up around that time lasting until almost 2:00am.

The police reportedly received over a dozen calls on this problem, yet did nothing. The officer on duty made an appearance, as well as Det. Farrar. Nothing was done to enforce the town's noise ordinance, which calls for this type of extraordinarily loud music to stop after 9:00pm. Shooting live fireworks in a densely packed residential neighborhood, over other peoples homes well after midnight is also illegal. yet our police once again, chose to ignore this problem.

This was the second noise incident this week alone at this house, earlier in the week someone was pressure washing until after midnight.

This is eerily reminiscent of the troubles down on stage rd. 15 years ago, where there was a drug house in operation yet the Atkinson police studiously ignored it, despite dozens and dozens of calls, drugs within public view, as well as other hazardous materials onsite, even a serious accident failed to elicit any curiosity on the part of our police chief and his band of merry men.

I am well aware of the decent people that serve on Atkinson's police force. I am also painfully aware of the incompetent leadership in that dept.

it is high time that Atkinson gets what it pays so dearly for.

Anonymous said...

Was the party was held by one of the "beautiful" people?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I drove down Meditation last night and it was some party going on. People hoping in and out of cars I had to stop twice. One girl with high boots and red mini skirt. NICE! I got a whiff of grass (good stuff) when I rolled down my window knocked me out! Big circus tent and live band. Band was pumped up wowsers. I wanna an invite to the next bash and where do, can't be Attkisson, those gorgeous chicks come from. Shit. Somebody got the name/number or know who?. Me and my buddies could crash it. Show up with my box of fireworks bet I get a beer, some dope and new friends. HOT BABY HOT! I
gotta get laid.

Cops did nadda. HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Sorry to Mrs. Lafrance for being a one man Police Department who obviously has an issue with noise. SO I suggest to turn off the hearing aids and go to bed. Leave the citizens alone.

Anonymous said...

Hey I called the Police Department Saturday night for a noise complaint. The officers did nothing to silence the noise. Therefore, I was forced to listen to the Crickets all night. Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,

That's funny you got your article deleted because Joyce + Leon = Atkinson Reporter. If the people of Atkinson would figure out that you 2 clowns a nd a couple other are attempting to dictate this town we could have a revoloution and believe me I am trying.

Anonymous said...

Could someone call Plaistow PD and verify how many calls were actually placed regarding this HUGE PARTY. I would like to know how many complaints came in from other than Cat Woman herself, Ms LaFrance. Oh maybe all the other neighbors were invited and that is why Joyce was mad. Time to move again Joyce.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Mrs. Lafrance has a direct line to Bennetts house. Could it be that he is her personal Gladiator. I wish that I had the same man in Shining Armour to take care of me. Long live King Bennett, King of the Brittains.

Anonymous said...

Quote: But ad hominem personal attacks will not be tolerated, or published.

Spoken directly from a member of the Conflict of Interest Committee. Mrs. Lafrance, aka, Blog Owner and operator.

Anonymous said...


I think you have unleashed a tiger or 2, stand by.

Anonymous said...

Joyce said:

I am not associated with Leon Artis or the blog, nor do I own a cat.

I also think it's very sad that you are so furious about a blog article that you come here and rant and rave like a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

They are furious because the have been exposed as lazy and corrupt so they attack nice people.

Anonymous said...

Ah Phil, don't you have anything better to do while you're sitting at home, than bash this poor resident?

Anonymous said...

MRs Lafrance, do you like reggae music?? who doesnt?? Did you like the fire works??? I did that for you!!! Thats the kind of neighbor that I am, if your too busy to come and would rather call to say happy birthday the least I could do was give you a litte firework display. But dont worry Joyce"catwoman" Lafrance there will be party's in the future for you to attend. Block partys, partys that make this look like a wine tasting! Do you like wine? Please make sure to RSVP