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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Atkinson man indicted for road rage incident

from the Eagle Tribune;

December 20, 2011
Atkinson man indicted for road rage incident
By Doug Ireland

BRENTWOOD — An Atkinson man has been indicted in an alleged road rage incident in which a local fitness expert claims he was targeted.

Dean Bidgood, 21, was recently indicted on a criminal mischief charge by a Rockingham Superior Court grand jury. If convicted, he faces three and a half to seven years in state prison.

Bidgood was arrested by Salem police following an incident July 29 on Lawrence Road.

Scott Herman, a Salem High School graduate who appeared on the MTV reality show "The Real World — Brooklyn" two years ago, told police he was driving in his car about 2 a.m. when three men in a pickup truck gestured at him.

He told police he thought he knew the men and pulled his car over.

Herman, who drives a distinctive Toyota Scion that features advertising for his fitness company, said at the time he had no doubt the men knew who they were targeting.

Four years ago, Herman was recognized by Men's Health magazine for having the best abdominal muscles on the East Coast. He also works with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to combat bullying, but said he is straight.

Herman told police that two of the men, including Bidgood, jumped out of the truck, and kicked and pounded on his car. They tried to pull him out of his car and kick him, Herman said. He called 911 and the men fled in the truck. Herman followed them and the truck pulled over on Town Farm Road.

When Herman also stopped, one man jumped out of the truck, ripped off his shirt and charged the Scion. Herman put his car in reverse to escape. That's when police pulled up and found Bidgood standing outside the truck. The other man fled and the third person remained in the truck.

Bidgood was arrested on several charges, but only indicted on the criminal mischief charge. He was also charged with driving while intoxicated (subsequent offense), criminal threatening, possession of a controlled drug (Valium), transportation of a controlled drug, misuse of plates and simple assault.

He has been free on $5,000 personal recognizance and $1,000 cash bail.

Police also arrested Michael Leavitt, 21, of Atkinson and Michael Smith, 21, of Salem. Leavitt was charged with criminal mischief, simple assault and resisting arrest. He was released on $1,000 cash bail.

Smith remained in the truck throughout the attack, but was charged with possession of marijuana. He was released on $1,000 personal recognizance.


Anonymous said...

Figures, Salem had to arrest an Atkinson criminal. Guess Dean Bidgood lost Consentino's protection once he crossed over the town line.

Anonymous said...

What about Mike Leavitt? He was arrested by the Salem PD after he fled to Atkinson. I guess he thought he would be safe here at home. No one gets arrested in Atkinson except for political reasons, which makes these arrests hate crimes by definition.

MAcciard said...

To 9:19am;

As incompetent as Phil has proven himself to be, I believe this incident occurred in Salem. Therefore it would be wrong to blame him for it, or somehow tie him into it.

Anonymous said...

Can't we somehow tie Phil, Frank, Fred or Jack to this?

C'mon, its Christmas and we need some good townie-bashing to get into the holiday spirit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where they picked up Leavitt in Atkinson?

Hey Chief, maybe you can inform us of where the SPD got their man in your town.

Anonymous said...

There you go, your Christmas wish.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I don't think so. I heard Salem came and picked him up without even a phone call in courtesy to the chief. Just like the state police did with the Fasulo case, and the FBI did with the guy on Summit drive next to Murphy.

Professional Law Enforcement knows better than to deal with Consentino.

Anonymous said...

hey anon 639, wrong APD assited in the leavitt arrest, check the log

Anonymous said...

Checked it. Dont't see anything listed.

BTW, what does 'APD assited' mean? APD assed it? APD needed assist? APD were called when SPD was going to bust somebody? APD did nothing of merit?

Anonymous said...

APD are a$$es.

Anonymous said...

It means an APD Officer stood by when SPD took the man down. APD did nothing.

Anonymous said...

When has the APD done anything except send out donation letters to the Elderly?

Anonymous said...

answer: NEVER!

Atkinson doesn't need a PD run by a blind pig.