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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Atkinson may separate police, elder affairs

From the Eagle Tribune;

January 10, 2012
Atkinson may separate police, elder affairs
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — Police Chief Philip Consentino may no longer have the title of Elderly Affairs director after March.

Two warrant articles aim to completely change the Elderly Affairs Department and separate it from the police department.

"I've worked for 21 years to put together this program and now they're telling me my job is gone," Consentino said.

The articles both were drafted by selectmen. One article would appropriate $1,000 to move the department to the Atkinson Community Center, and consolidate the senior recreation programs and Elderly Affairs into one location.

The other article would raise $25,000 to combine two part-time jobs into one full-time position. It would combine the responsibilities of the director of Elderly Affairs and the Recreation and Senior Program Director into one new position: the director of Senior and Recreation Affairs.

The elderly affairs programs gives local seniors a hand with rides to doctor's appointments, heating bills and more.

But Consentino said creating the new position is a waste of money.

"They're trying to break off the Elderly Affairs Department from the police department and they're willing to pay for it," he said. "They're going to pay someone $25,000 a year to do what I'm doing for $100 a year."

Consentino said he had no idea selectmen were writing this warrant article, but wasn't surprised.

In October, selectmen paid for an independent study by Municipal Resources Inc. to analyze the police department after numerous conflicts with Consentino. One of the recommendations of the study was to separate the police department and Elderly Affairs because of conflicts of interest.

"Atkinson police dispatchers receive calls from elderly residents requesting rides and then schedule those rides," read the report. "Some interviewed police officers suggested that this program should be moved out of the police station."

The other town employee who would be affected by the warrant articles is Noriko Yoshida-Travers, recreation and senior programs director. She said she was surprised.

"Actually, selectmen never really asked my opinion," she said. "I found out from somebody else."

She said she isn't sure if she's lost her job or will be expected to add many more responsibilities to her job for the additional salary.

"If I am the one doing it, I don't think I can handle that workload for both positions together," she said. "It would be very difficult with my hours."

She works part-time, but said she has a significant number of responsibilities.

"My phone is always busy here," she said. "To get more phone calls to schedule the rides and cover seniors in need would be hard."

Consentino said he works about 15 to 20 hours a week for elderly affairs, so he doesn't understand how one person can do his job, plus another job.

"If this came about, the Elderly Affairs program will diminish," he said. "It can't function without us running it."

He said the money to help seniors with prescriptions, ramps and other medical expenses comes from a separate charitable fund that is not affiliated with the town.

Selectmen could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

This has to happen. The conflicts of interest that exist today will be eliminated and this is the reason Consnetino was paid $5k three years ago to do this. We should not have to pay again, he should return the money and do as the AG has demanded.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the $5,000 was spent on?

What does Consentino do 15 to 20 hours a week for EA. Is this at the same time as he is being the police chief. He said he had hired a person that was taking over
the day to day running of EA.

Why are the dispatchers still dispatching the EA Dept. Time to move some of this time $$'s to the
community center, and keep a log. Then we will have some transparency about the police dept and elderly affairs.

I agree that this has to happen.
I hope that the towns people ignore the lies and half truths from the Phil Consentino.

Anonymous said...

Consentino should also turn over the money he has collected for the Elderly Program, and close his HIS 501-C fund. Let's make sure the corruption will end instead of switching who runs it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Noriko, you do a great job, do does the Chief, we don't want this to change. All smoke and mirrors. The voters will take care of you. Only 10 people want this to change. They will be silenced tomorrow when the elderly have their say.

MAcciard said...


It was reportedly(by Phil) spent to re letter the cars. He had to take the word POLICE off of them.

Also his claim that the town is willing to pay someone $25,000 to do what he does for $100 is false. Currently the POLICE dispatcher handles calls for elderly, dispatches drivers, creates fundraising letters for Phil's slush fund, sends out thank you letters for it, ALL ON POLICE DEPT. TIME.

The 75% of calls that are for elderly will be handled by the people at the community center as well.

Currently there is no way to figure out exactly what the program costs, because of the overlap.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who wants this to not happen. It's going to happen. What is going on now and for years is wrong per the AGO and has to stop. Like it or not.

This should not have been put to the voters, it's should have been ordered.

Anonymous said...

Let me translate the letter to the editor for you:

"Now that the holidays are over and it is starting to get colder out, I want to make sure that all of the seniors in Atkinson are all set for heating fuel."

TRANSLATION: Now that your relatives are no longer around for the holidays to protect you, I'mmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

"The state and federal government have cut back on fuel assistance and that should not affect any seniors in our town."

TRANSLATION: Only I have the resources to help you. Forget them. It's not really true but it's more convenient for me to manipulate people this way. CART? Never heard of it.

"Also the cost of prescriptions has gone up and it would be terrible if seniors had to make a decision between heating their home or getting the prescriptions that they need."

TRANSLATION: Fear fear fear!! What if, what if, what if ??? Costs for medicine has gone up? Wow, that’s never happened before! You are so right, it would be terrible if I had to forego heat. YOU ARE IN A VULNERABLE POSITION.

"It is a pleasure to see that more and more seniors are taking advantage of our "Senior Transportation Program."

TRANSLATION: Business is not good. I need some new recruits for more votes in March.

"If they could possible give us a few days notice it would be great for we are providing our seniors with between four to six transports daily and at times we have to be creative to accommodate all the requests."

TRANSLATION: Business is really not good. I need more vulnerable people to manipulate for votes.

"I would like to thank all of the residents that have donated medical equipment to our senior program. We are constantly receiving requests for the use of all types of appliances. We have everything from walkers to wheelchairs to shower chairs. Just give us a call and we will gladly bring the appliances directly to your home."

TRANSLATION: We have a lot of generous people in town. Watch me turn those good deeds into votes by obligating vulnerable seniors that can’t afford these things! And I take credit for all the donations as if it came out of my pocket. I love free stuff!

"No senior in Atkinson should be going without the basic provisions. Please let me help. Just give me a call at the police station at 362-4001 or call me directly at my residence at 362-5627. All calls are strictly confidential."

TRANSLATION: Now that you’re sufficiently fearful please call me and I’ll be glad to prey on vulnerable seniors in need of help. I’ll be glad to misappropriate tax dollars budgeted for police department resources and spend money I’ve bullied others into “donating” their “support” to me in the form of cash for my “police charitable fund” that has nothing to do with police, but I use to obligate vulnerable seniors for votes. Need heat? Just gimme a call, wink, wink. Please be sure to follow my letter of voting instructions I’ll send you before March elections.

Don't tell me all the good he does for the seniors. It's a twisted, disgusting scheme to manipulate people and votes.

Anonymous said...

Only seniors who don't get a letter with voting instructions can say otherwise. We all know he tells you how to vote.

It was interesting to see seniors reject a $5,000 warrant article to irrigate the baseball fields for the kids, some of which are your grandkids and neighbors, but you vote to spend on anything he tells you to. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Chief Consentino's seminar, Voter Intimidation 101. It's where you're taught how to ridicule fellow voters at Deliberative Session if you don't like their beliefs, how to develop perfect aim throwing spitballs and creative uses for flashing blue cruiser lights. I hear this year's course will include proper etiquette using megaphones. And who could forget last year's hit, how to get flunkies to do your dirty work, while you sit back and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

community center going to answer all the calls,book all the drivers, and store all the medical equip. where????????

Anonymous said...

this is just friels way of getting another reletive to work for the town,his wife is already on the cemetary trustees and his brotherinlaw has done construction work for the town

Anonymous said...

Cemetary trustee. Now that's a lucrative job.

yer kiddin, right? I enjoy the banter and funny talk but that one's way out there.

MAcciard said...

He is allowed under law to operate a 501(c)3 charity. He is NOt allowed, as the MRI report pointed out to give his own charity permission to use the name "Atkinson Police" in it's name.

Anonymous said...

"community center going to answer all the calls,book all the drivers, and store all the medical equip. where????????"

This is not rocket science. If Mrs. C and Mrs. C can do it, so can Mrs. T. You make it sound hard, it's nothing.

The CC has a parking lot too, ya know. Drive that storage bin over and drop it off. Just hink, more room for cars in the PD lot.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mark Acciard, I drove by your house today and saw that you are a new dad, a baby boy. Give us the details weight, height?? Oh wait maybe he is your grandson, either way Matk tells us the details. Are you going to have a party in your back yard?? Can I come??

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

What did your daughter name the baby?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you are stalking Mark's family?

MAcciard said...

My daughters have not had a baby, you ass. They are 16 and 18 respectively. My son, who is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton had a son.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that at the selectmen's meeting Monday night, Phil was there ranting like a rat with his tail caught in the trap.

He informed the selectmen that the medical equipment didn't belong to the Elderly Affairs department, but to the police department. That is not what he has been contending all along.
I wonder what all the good people who donated the medical equipment will think when he refuses send same to the Elderly Affairs dept at the Community Center.
He claims that he has 4 truck loads of equipment. If so, where are they? They belong to the town.
There should be an inventory for them.
Time to call in a Federal Marshall if he doesn't know how to behave.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that the equipment belongs to the town. The Selectmen can do whatever they want with it. Take it from the PD, give it to the NEW and IMPROVED EA.

Now that he has stated in public that he has 4 trailers, he had better come up with 4 trailers full of equipment.

Anonymous said...

It's foolish to put it before the voters. The AG already instructed the town to do it. Now you risk Phil energizing his seniors to vote against it. Fear will be his message, not progress. What do you do if you lose at the polls. Are we stuck with the EA at the PD forever? BAD PRECEDENT. Phil wins and the town continues to violate AG instructions and not follow the MRI report and let the seniors run the town. You are nuts to put it in a warrant article.

BOS do your job and make the change. No warrant article is needed. Use EA budget to do it. Show some ba--s.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous said... January 11, 2012 2:44 PM

The residents would have been better off voting for a warrant article calling for a Full Time Chief.

But even this would be a problem. The Chief isn't even Chief in any official capacity. He wasn't elected and his appointment by the BOS expired years and years ago. All Phil is is a squatter. The BOS can and should have him removed. Just hire a replacement and change the locks on the doors at APD. Something our noba--s BOS refuses to do.


Anonymous said...

The situation is ridiculous. They were told to seperate and did not. Just do it.

Anonymous said...

hey 3:07 any idea the price differnce in a FT chief vs Phil? probably 80,000 to 20,000, how about a FT chief to another PT chief 80,000 to 50,00. I'm thinking with the new regime we are getting a great BANG FOR OUR BUCK!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous said...January 11, 2012 6:58 PM.

I remember when Plaistow's Chief Savage was making 72K. You're right, he has to be in the low 80s by now. You get what you pay for.
Savage is certified and can carry a gun.

It really doesn't matter what the pay is or how many hours are served.

The big savings comes from getting rid of the current chief. After all, how much of the town's time and money has he wasted over the years losing lawsuits over the residents' civil rights and following state law to the letter.

Anonymous said...

Savage's gun never leaves his car. He hasn't worn a uniform or a gun in years.

Anonymous said...

What we have in Atkinson is a Selectman problem. Sending the decision to separate Ealserly Affairs TO THE VOTERS after recommendations TO THE SELECTMEN by the Attorney General and Municipal Resources, is ingenious, if not cowardly! We have a Selectman problem! Responsible, morally dedicated people have to step forward. Because "Selectmen Integrity" is key to ending corruption in Atkinson. The only other alternative is to pay increasing legal costs as their stupidity creates the inevitable lawsuits.

If the elderly voters are bribed, massaged, or simply ordered how to vote, a large voting block is thus bought and paid for. The Selectmen's decision to put forward that Warrant Article instead of taking responsibility themselves, truly exposes them as irresponsible cowards. My God, when will good people step up and become Selectmen.

Anonymous said...

Between now and 2012 Town Meeting, we are all about to repeatedly witness a very regular shameful thing: Consentino's use of scare tactics as the major part of his regular intimidation of the elderly to get his own way.

Vulnerable eniors already read his words in the Tribune article: ''If this comes about, the Elderly Affairs program will diminish. It can't function without us running it.''

That's such a lie, but then Consentino lies like a dollar watch and has no shame when it comes to lying to the elderly to get his way.

You can be sure that Phil is already working on his mailing aimed at intimidating the seniors. And you can be sure, that as usual, he will be breaking the law by illegally using a town bulk mailing permit for political electioneering to send out his intimidation mailing to all seniors.

The mailing will stress how if they don't turn out to oppose and vote against the warrant articles, their quality of life will plummet if he is not allowed to run and control elderly affairs.

To cover himself for his illegal use of a town bulk mailing permit for an electioneering mailing, watch! He will include a sentence or two in the mailing that has nothing to do with the warrant articles, such as a reminder that rides are available for their needs, (including to the polls to support him) or that items such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc. are available to them.






Congratulations on your new grandson !!! That's wonderful news and I'm very happy for you.

Please forward by congratulations to your son and his wife.

As an Army Brat myself, let me say that your Marine Brat grandson will have quite a very special and wonderful life ahead of him.

Being born on and growing up on a series of military posts is a very different and unique specal experience, one I wouldn't have changed one bit of.

For you civilians, an Army Brat, Air Force Brat, Marine Brat, or a Navy Brat is a child born and raised on a series of military posts in the US and abroad. Brats attend Brat Schools on post, enjoy a fantastic Brat on-post recreation program, and in general, just live a different kind of life than civilian kids -- a really enjoyable special experience.

And to the rude, no-class boorish Anonymous poster of Jan. 11, 6:59, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have no sense of decency. How can you take something so wonderful and special, like the birth of a grandchild, and use it as part of a gutter-style personal attack on the grandfather? How can you stoop so low?

Blog Manager, please, do a favor to blog readers and delete the disgusting, shameful, Jan. 11, 6:59 posting and any other low-life future postings.

Anonymous said...

PLZZZ the signs are not for your son who is away who just has a kid. admit it Mark,,,,,,come clean,,,who just delivered a new baby boy on Christine drive?

Inquiring minds want to know?????

PS Did you make it to the polls yesterday?

Anonymous said...

PLZZZ the signs are not for your son who is away who just has a kid. admit it Mark,,,,,,come clean,,,who just delivered a new baby boy on Christine drive?

Inquiring minds want to know?????

PS Did you make it to the polls yesterday?

Anonymous said...

PLZZZ the signs are not for your son who is away who just has a kid. admit it Mark,,,,,,come clean,,,who just delivered a new baby boy on Christine drive?

Inquiring minds want to know?????

PS Did you make it to the polls yesterday?

Anonymous said...

The only one you are disgracing is yourself with these posts.

Mark, congrats to your son and his wife.

Anonymous said...

Take EA away from him.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Carol Grant's posting concerning the jerk who used the birth of Acciard's grandson to engage in a personal attack on him. That poster is pitiful and needs to get a life, other than attacking Mark.

Anonymous said...

Letter: Selectmen should stop harassing police chief
The Eagle Tribune Thu Jan 12, 2012, 01:28 AM EST

To the editor:

It appears that the Atkinson Board of Selectmen is trying to get rid of Chief of Police Philip Consentino or harass him for unknown reasons.

First, they used a procedural ploy on a Friday before a long weekend to unilaterally decide to hire a private firm to audit the operations of the Atkinson Police Department. Now, on Jan. 10, I read in The Eagle-Tribune that the selectmen want to strip him of the directorate of the Elderly Affairs Department. I guess that compelling him, his office staff and police officers to work in a rancid, dilapidated building with caustic air quality that was built in the 1830s wasn't torment enough.

Philip Consentino is a police chief who oversees his department while being remunerated as a part-time employee, 25 hours a week. He has overseen the highly effective Elderly Affairs Department as its director for two decades; he only receives a paltry stipend for his endeavors. Each week, one can find him at his church actively participating in its activities.

Perhaps, the Board of Selectman would like hire to a full-time chief with increased salary and benefits. It is apparent that they are also not averse to spending more public money to operate the Elderly Affairs Department. These machinations emanate from a board that has not painted the Historical Society's building despite the fact that a warrant article to do so was passed two years ago.

Chief Consentino has served the residents of Atkinson commendably for decades. Let's keep him and get rid of the members of the Board of Selectmen who believe that if something is working just fine, mess with it until it doesn't.

Harlan Cheney


Anonymous said...

In the Tribune article, Phil says that he works 15-20 hours/week for elderly affairs, so he doesn't understand how one person can do his job, plus another job.

Can you believe his stupidy? He just admitted that one person can do both jobs --- he is a part-time phoney un-appointed police chief, a part time job, plus he also works part-time in elderly affairs. He easily handles two part-time jobs yet claims that no one else could do it. Un-believable.

If part-timer Noriko can't or just doesn't want to buck Phil by herself handling the extra phone calls and hours increase, then some other part-timer can do the job, the 15-20 hours Phil claims that it takes of his time (even though his dispatcher actually does the scheduling work).

The salary warrant article can be easily modified by the selectmen to reflect pay for a part-timer who would also work out of the Community Center.

In these hard economic times, I'm sure that there are many in town, including seniors, who would jump at the chance for an in-town indoors part-time job.

As far as where equipment such as
wheel/chairs, etc, can be stored, it could be handled at the Community Center just as it is handled at the police station: A seperate from the building storage shed, the cost of which would be practically nothing.

(Note: Norkiko and Phil are close friends, so it is to be expected that Norkiko is not going to want to offend Phil by herself taking over and infringing on Phil's EA hours. Phil will be very vindictive towards anyone supporting the 2 warrant articles.

If Noriko herself doesn't want the extra hours, there is no reason for her to oppose some other person getting those part-time hours or working out of the Community Center.)

Anonymous said...

you people dont see how corrupt the bos are

Anonymous said...

There is more room at the CC than the PD for 4 trailers, two of which are missing. Maybe they are with the grant equipment.

Anonymous said...

Don't attack Harlan. You have to appreciate his perspective. He's seen nothing but the benefits of calling Phil. I'm sure Phil went to his wife's funeral, sent flowers and a card, and helps Harlan on a regular basis. I bet Harlan lacks computer access and never read the Atkinson Taxpayer website documents with all the complaints and lawsuits Phil generated. He can't imagine Phil doing any of that bad stuff. He never reads the blog because he doesn't have a computer. He probably gets the Eagle Tribune, loaded with Phil's spin of course. And he gets letters from Phil with voting instructions and invitations to senior events. Plus donation requests of course.

Harlan doesn't understand the con game going on. The only information he gets is what Phil tell's him. He's another person in a vulnerable situation that Phil manipulates. The information control is twisted and scary.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recognize an Atkinson Poll worker in these videos? Do you care that your vote doesn't count anymore because of this fraud? Do you care that the voter roll is not culled every year of those that have moved or departed?

Do you care that poll workers know this and are giving out ballots of dead people for non-residents to use? Do you think this is appropriate to register people in this town (and State) without proof of residency?

Do you know the party that got this passed in the legislature? Do you think this is appropriate in a democracy? If not, what are you willing to do to put a stop to the practice?

Cut and Paste the link below to see the video and let us know what you think, please.

Election Fraud BOMBSHELL: NH poll workers shown handing out ballots in dead
peoples’ names

Daily Caller

Anonymous said...

1/12/12 4:39pm
"How about it Harlan, up to debating the subject matter with you intelligence, or just let your Consentino motivated letter speak for itself."

Learn how to spell and punctuate before you challenge others with your intelligence!

PS: I went to the Atkinson Taxpayer site to check it out. I found it to be completely biased. Why does it only have the opening arguments to benefit the chief bashing point of view on every lawsuit? Why not post opening arguments from both sides? Oh, lemme guess, only people against the chief tell the truth. The site loses all credibility by not posting the docs from both sides of the suit. I bet you'll offer to post them if someone was to bring them to you. Perhaps you should seek them out and post them otherwise the site is a joke. It's pretty funny seeing it repeatedly posted on the blog how all the docs are on that site.....wrong. Only docs to support your side are available to view. The site may be factual but the lack of integrity renders it useless.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 12, 2012 4:39 PM,

You have proved to the people of Atkinson who the REAL bullies in town are. This blog serves no purpose other than to undermine the town officials. How sad that because you disagree with Mr. Cheney's opinion, you choose to publish his home address and phone number here and "challenge" him to a debate.

Mark Acciard, who runs the blog and won't come clean about his association as a team member, repeatedly asks people to post using their real names. Do you think publishing someone's home address and phone number here will make someone feel comfortable doing that now?

All of you spineless, miserable, tinfoil hat wearing loonies will always be the real bullies. You come here to complain, but offer no solutions. Face it, you need the BOS and the Chief. As the saying goes, without an enemy, your anger gets confused.


Anonymous said...

All this could end if the cheif retires or the selectmen fire him. The tax rate could go down considerably if he did considering all the suits that he is responsible for. Look at the total cost by the town has been and then ask yourselves why the insurance rates are so high for insuring the town . As long as the insurance bill is paid the insurance company will increase their rates while the chief stays on. I really wonder what it cost them and the town as of the last suit caused and inspired by the chief? The courts acted on them and made decisions of separation of the elderly affairs and the police department,etc. It seems the selectmen and the courts wont follow up on the decisions.I wonder why that is , hmmm. When you figure in the prior things mentioned here it seems that it would be best to let the chief and his well known family members in the department then you'd have to say bye bye to the chief as a means of correcting the reputation of the being the laughing stock of lower N.H. In all respects it would be better to have a full time chief even if it were to cost more than he is paid wether it be part time or not. JMHO

Anonymous said...

"I want to know why the voter info meeting was not on the town website, not on cable, and not in the paper."

Answer: the Atkinson Voter Seminar information was indeed submitted to the town website, town calendar and Eagle Tribune's Mackenzie and Cara Hogan and strangely, they all failed to publish even ONE SINGLE WORD. Hmmmmm.

Yet, we got all signatures for three Citizen Petition Warrant Articles anyway. We defeated the organized saboutage! (The 4th warrant article was short one signature due to disqualifications or inability to make out the writing. That will be fixed next year.)


You got that?

Macciard said...

To 6:53;

So ow we are back to accusing me of running the blog? I thought it was artus, or brownfield, or Kaye, or Boyle, or Jane cole, or the grants? Funny every time someone criticizes the chief, he and his supporters claim they run the blog. Well at least you are not destroying my car or spray painting my house.

Did it ever occur to you that if the chief acted honorably we would not be having this conversation?

Anonymous said...

Ex-Town Moderator. I love it!

Anonymous said...


Blogger defines a team member as:

"Team members can either be administrators or not. Administrators can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and grant admin access), and modify the blog's settings and template. Non-admins can only create and edit their own posts."

Since you are one for full disclosure, I will ask you again; are you are a team member?

As for the chief being the reason we are having this conversation, two wrongs do not make a right. That's my biggest problem with you. The honorable thing to do would be request (or, if you can, delete) Mr. Cheney's home address and phone number from the blog. Instead, you JUSTIFY it by blaming the chief as the reason we are here in the first place. Pathetic!

Again, it is clear to many people here who the real bullies in town are.


Anonymous said...

The Conman is not averse to calling people into his office (under the color of law) and intimidate them into writing letters they don't want to write.

He is not adverse to writing intimidating letters on police stationary; threaten lawsuits against taxpayers that don't agree with him.

The Conman is not averse to filing lawsuits against taxpayers that disagree with him.

It is reasonable to believe that Consentino did the same thing to Mr. Cheney.

Mr. Cheney signed his letter to the editor, making his letter public record. His name, address, and phone number is published in the phonebook. Again, public record.

It's not unreasonable to speak with Mr. Cheney to find out if his letter was legitimate, or if he was intimated into writing it by our part-time police chief.

The fact that you want his name, address, and phone number taken down from this blog, suggests that you don't want Consentino's involvement in forcing Mr. Cheney to write the letter, to be found out.

Why not have Mr. Cheney come on the blog and explain what really happened?

Oh, let us guess............You can't afford to have that happen, right?

Nice try Phil.

MAcciard said...

To 7:05;

I said nothing about Mr. Cheney's info on this site. I neither posted it, nor justified it. That is a lie.

I spoke of the posters wish for me to leave town because I had the temerity to file an ethics complaint at the chief of police voting as a selectman to approve his own request as police chief to withdraw money from the donation account. To me that is a no brainer. To the chief and his defenders that means I have to be run out of town.

Just to be accurate, I ALSO filed an ethics complaint because he paid himself a $1,300 "union benefit" without selectmen knowledge, to which he was not entitled. AGAIN to me a no brainer. To the chief and his defenders, that makes ME the problem.

BTW, the Court agreed with me and Ordered him to recuse himself. He ignored them and was found in Contempt of Court.

So it appears that your stated "problem with me" is a non-existent one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MAcciard said...

I have no idea how I became a "team member", what that entails, nor how I end that relationship. I know that I follow this blog, but that is about all I can tell you.

i CAN tell you, The Town has spent over ten thousand dollars trying to find out who runs this blog, in various lawsuits. Is THAT a necessary expenditure for the taxpayers money?

Anonymous said...


I noticed you once again have opted not to answer the question I have posed. So, I will ask it again:

Blogger defines a team member as:

"Team members can either be administrators or not. Administrators can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and grant admin access), and modify the blog's settings and template. Non-admins can only create and edit their own posts."

Since you are one for full disclosure, I will ask you again; are you are a team member?

As for your silence on Mr. Cheney, I would say it speaks volumes. I never said you posted his information. However, I would like to think that someone like yourself, who has been the victim of senseless intimidation, would speak up against it when it is happening to someone else.

When someone posts another person's phone number and home address and encourages readers to "knock on his door" and says they are looking forward to "meeting him personally", I would say one could reasonably conclude that is implied intimidation. But I guess if they are on the other team, it's OK to keep quiet on the convenient for you.

Anonymous said...

People that except taxpayer handouts should have their names and address published. I am handing out money I want to know who gets it...What's wrong with this?

Anonymous said...


You are correct that records should be public. However, I believe there is a subtle difference between storing public information and having access to it versus being singled out, having your home address and phone posted here and readers encouraged to go to your house.

It's quite shameful to do it and even more shameful to act like it is OK. It makes you no better than the Chief!


MAcciard said...

"As for your silence on Mr. Cheney, I would say it speaks volumes. I never said you posted his information. However, I would like to think that someone like yourself, who has been the victim of senseless intimidation, would speak up against it when it is happening to someone else.

When someone posts another person's phone number and home address and encourages readers to "knock on his door" and says they are looking forward to "meeting him personally", I would say one could reasonably conclude that is implied intimidation. But I guess if they are on the other team, it's OK to keep quiet on the convenient for you."

We finally agree on something.

Where was your outrage when the Chief was slandering me on live television? using the authority of the PD to destroy my business, and threatening on town stationary to sue me for articles appearing here, which I did not even write?

Were you so vociferous then?

Anonymous said...

I think it's too bad if they don't like Harlan's name, address, and phone number posted here. You have been doing this to others all year but we are supposed to feel sorry for him?


Anonymous said...

Actually Mark, I was. I posted directly to you telling you how sorry I was that these things were happening to you. Intimidation as a result of someone expressing their opinion should not be tolerated! That is why I am disappointed in your response to Mr. Cheney, or lack thereof.

MAcciard said...

to 11:03;

I remember a few people who expressed sentiments like that at the time, if you were one of them I apologize for the strident tone of my post. In truth I had not even seen Mr. Cheney's info, until I saw the comments ABOUT it, and went looking for it. BUT, I am powerless to remove it, nor am I responsible for it being there.

Fortunately or not, a couple of years ago the blog took off moderation. They probably did this because the goombah quartet, as they used to like to call themselves, claimed that ONLY negative stories about Phil got posted, and that hundreds of complimentary comments were deleted. This was, of course just another lie, and now we get to deal with any idiots post going straight out on the web.

Funny those alleged hundreds of complimentary comments never materialized, though.

Anonymous said...

mark bla bla bla

Anonymous said...

if it is not broke then dont fix it,

Anonymous said...

If Consentino doesn't like getting caught badgering Mr. Cheney into writing the letter to the editor, he shouldn't have badgered him in the first place.

For those that think it's appropriate for Consentino to do it, your thought process is as useless and effective as the bla bla bla posted in the previous post.

As for those people that support the Conman's corruption: What part of the total take does he allow you to keep?

Anonymous said...

The conversation is the same over and over again. An unknown group of Phil supporters on one side. A known group of Phil non-supporters on the other.

Here's the gap I see. The non-supporters bring claims and try to document themselves on a public website. I must admit the documents are hard to ignore. Complaints by the police officers are compelling. The Attorney General and contempt of court documents (Phil found in contempt, yes its true) are hard to ignore. Lawsuit documents and other documents by many people exist, not just one or two. In the MRI report Phil stated there were no complaints. Just take a look at the sheer volume of documented complaints and lawsuits. Its hard to believe there's a conspiracy by all these people to get rid of Phil for no apparent reason. It's more than a few deer in the woods as my father used to say.

On the other side Phil's supporters repeat themselves over and over. I don't doubt he's done a lot of positive things for seniors in town. It's also apparent he's made a lot of people very mad and doesn't do well following the law which is a contradiction in terms for his job. Continuing to claim its the same few people upset with Phil is not believable. "Picking on Phil" that claim is FUNNY.

Claiming Mark is a bully, just more comedy. I guess you haven't met Mark. That's the new spin word replacing "vendetta".

You have to ask yourself one question. Why would people go to such lengths as filing lawsuits and complaints, writing on blogs and newspaper blogs if they didn't feel they had no other recourse? I have a hard time believing its all made up and Phil is innocent. Anyone who blindly believes he's 100% innocent is either a liar or comically out of touch.

A Public Relations battle still going on. The Supporters appear to lead the battle for hearts and minds of Atkinson, but it's only because they hide behind a bunch of old people.

Just my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

Just your "humble" opinion? Opinion--yes...humble--no!

Anonymous said...

keep ea get rid of bos all corrupt

Anonymous said...

Your generation risked it all and crushed Hitler and the Fascists thereby protecting our Freedoms and I thank you. All you're doing now, however, is supporting Fascism right here in Atkinson. I say get rid of Chief Benito Mussolini right now. Imagine being followed around in your own town, confronted in public and threatened by uniforms, badges, cruisers and flashing blue lights and lawsuits because you disagree with Comando Supremo. Consentino supporters you have holes in your heads.

Anonymous said...

I get my marching orders from il duce. And I love the sound of the wind blowing through the hole in my head. All the little deer on this blog need to go back to the woods where you belong.

Anonymous said...

We are getting other people out of the woods, so we can put people like you in jail. It doesn't matter if you are a crooked politician, crooked town official or a two bit crook. You are all the same to us.

Can you practice saying”Pass the bread and water, please”?

macciard said...

to 9:42; lies will get you nowhere.

NO ONE is putting down the elderly. NO ONe is trying to shut down elderly affairs as Phil has histrionically claimed every time people ask for accountability.

Transparency, and accountability are DEMANDED when taxpayer monies are being expended. And should be!

Anonymous said...

I have friends on both sides of the aisle on this subject. It is obvious the EA WILL END AS WE KNOW IT IN TODAYS FORM IF WE ALLOW THE DEER TO RUN AMUCK. It's to bad as it was such a nice program dear to so many people. This will be the blog's legacy, you Mark my word, that the blog killed the EA program with its blind hatred for the chief. You are throwin out the baby with da bath water!

Anonymous said...

EA is a good thing in most towns. In ours it is a way for corrupt officials to sway the vote. Such a shame......

Anonymous said...

King gets Queen Noriko to do it real squirrelly. King & Queen backed by mafia packed BOS get the good ole Atkison police thug charity fund for elderly suckers makin bigger profits than ever before. Now dats what we calls (separation of elderly from po,lice department!) from the hacks, scumballs scratching each others b,,ls Follow the bouncing ball and money trails.

Whoopsie, budget committee traitors last night just cut up the 25k pay for Queen Noriko. Oh, i gets it, kojack's wifey dispatches from our community center, more family profits off old folks.. Gawd, im stupid!! Somethin was goin on but now i got tits bit corn-fused. Must take hard workin fer the mafia to make up this bull-looney to corn-fuse ever-body.

Anonymous said...

EA exists in all surrounding communities by the name of Community Caregivers -totally volunteer - at virtually no cost to the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! Chief has a petition article on the ballot BLOCKING the BOS' attempt to separate elderly affairs! Let's amend this sucker into meaninglessness...oh wait, we can't...ugh! ;-)

macciard said...

To 12:41; There is absolutely no reason for it to end. It should become more open, transparent, and efficient. We should no longer have to listen to elderly people speaking at town meeting of being refused services, and unsurprisingly it is always people critical of the chief.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks the program will end if it's not run by the PD is the moron.

They protest too much over this trivial event. It makes me wonder what they are really protecting.

Anonymous said...

Mark, in a previous post you appear to admit you are a team member of the blog. Is this correct?

MAcciard said...

to 4:08pm;

I have no idea. I do not know what a "team member" is or does, or how one becomes a team member. I know it is nothing I requested.

What does it matter anyway?

Anonymous said...


I do not understand. How can you not know what a team member is when a description of what it is has been posted twice on this thread and you have responded to the messages. You appear very evasive on this subject.

Given what a team member may be able to do on the blog and your active participation on the comments, it matters a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Mark has said repeatedly that he has nothing to do with this blog. He has even done it under oath. If you are trying to say he lied, sue him and see what you get. otherwise shut your big mouth. It is you that is trying to cause a problem that doesn't exist.

Nice thy Conman. Guess you don't want your ass kicked in court again, right?

Big Bully, with a Big Mouth and Big Badge, doesn't want his Big Ass kicked in court again. sigh

Just retire and you will feel better in a couple of years. Especially if you chow down a couple boxes of X-LAX.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:36 PM,

When asked directly, Mark has either elected NOT to answer the question or state he does not know how he BECAME a team member of the blog.

Imagine, if you will, a blog that was pro-EA and PD in which the Chief posted under his name. There are rumors, in fact there is proof, that he is a team member who runs the blog. Would you trust his comments? Would you believe him when he says, "I have no idea how I became a "team member", what that entails, nor how I end that relationship..."?

Food for thought, eh???

Anonymous said...

1/17/11 9:16am

That was a very confusing hypothetical.

If you choose to participate, please stick to facts. I am not interested in your infantile what ifs. It interferes with intelligent discussion.

Good debate is healthy. N’est pas?

Anonymous said...

So you are calling Mark a liar. You say he controls the blog. Lying under oath is a very serious charge. If you are that sure he runs the blog, sue him and bring your proof forward. You win and you get bragging rights. You lose and you will pay big.

When will we see your proof and what makes you think you can accomplish what the town couldn’t do with all their high priced lawyers?

Put your money where your mouth is or stop making false claims.

When can Mark expect to be served by your attorney big mouth?

(Phil is pushing his luck again.)

Anonymous said...

Team Member. Silly. Do you think there is some kind of application and approval process, dues and maybe scheduled meetings, secret oaths, funny hats?

Team Member of a blog, the question is so silly.

Anonymous said...


You can end all of this nonsense by giving us an honest answer. Are you a team member of the blog???

Anonymous said...

What teams do you belong to? Team corruption disruption or Team disruption corruption?

Anonymous said...

To Anon January 18, 2012 9:55 AM

Mark has said under oath that no “HE IS NOT A TEAM MEMBER”! What part of that do you not understand? Is it the N or the O that you don't understand?

You said you have PROOF that he is a Team Member of this blog. You were asked to bring it forward, and you haven't. You were challenged to sue him and bring it forward. You haven't.

Mark hasn't been served with your lawsuit, bringing forth your proof.

You have been charged as a BIG MOUTH, and you did not respond. Now you are stocking Mark again.

There are laws against stocking people so if your name were to be found out, you would be sued.

Knowing you won't sue MARK proves that you are only the BIG MOUTH that a previous poster accused you of being.

Knowing that you are Phil Consentino is the best example why you need to be fired!


If you want to bet on it, call Mark and place your bet. Odds are 10-1 against you. Bring CASH, your check or word will not be honored. (There are reasons for that) See Atkinson’s Taxpayer’s website for the reason why.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26 AM,

I belong on Team Full Disclosure. Did you notice how Mark has once again elected NOT to answer the question? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Oh, then I guess you didn't see his answer.

Anonymous said...

Another one who writes before reading the previous writings. It must be one of the chiefs elderly with terrible eye sight .

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15 PM,

Do you mean this answer? "I have no idea how I became a "team member", what that entails, nor how I end that relationship"

It appears he is admitting to being a team member.

Anonymous said...

get a life