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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chief placed on leave earlier

Selectmen mum on reasons, surprised by announcement

ATKINSON — A day after police Chief Philip Consentino announced his retirement, selectmen were still tight-lipped about the situation.
Selectmen’s Chairman Fred Childs said Consentino, 72, was placed on administrative leave two weeks ago.
Childs would not discuss details of that action.
Consentino emailed his retirement announcement to selectmen Tuesday. He cited health reasons for his decision to retire April 2 after 45 years on the force.
He also is retiring as director of elderly affairs, a department he established and has led for some 20 years.
But Childs said he learned about Consentino’s retirement yesterday morning.
“I was surprised when I read it in the newspaper,” he said.
Selectmen had scheduled a nonpublic meeting with Consentino last night, Childs said, but he wouldn’t offer any details about the purpose of the meeting. He did say that meeting was scheduled Monday, a day before Consentino announced his retirement.
Sgt. Patrick Caggiano has been in charge of the police department since Consentino was placed on leave, according to Childs. At the police station yesterday, department employees said Consentino was not expected in.
“The chief is retired,” dispatcher Lynne Cunningham said when asked. “He is not expected to be back.”
It was not clear who was running the elderly affairs department in the interim.
Childs said it was too early to discuss the process for finding Consentino’s replacement for both positions.
Town Manager Bill Innes said yesterday he, too, was surprised to learn of the chief’s retirement plans. He refused to comment on why Consentino was placed on administrative leave.
Consentino’s tenure has been marked with controversy, including complaints to and an investigation by the Charitable Trusts Unit of the Attorney General’s Office in 2008.
But Consentino has his supporters as well. Many senior citizens said yesterday they were upset to learn about Consentino’s retirement.
“I’ve been dreading the day that this man retires,” said Ellen Muller, 73. “He’s done wonders for the town and for me.”
And many seniors are worried about the future of the elderly affairs department.
“We are all worried that the selectmen will not honor the legacy and the standards that he has established,” said Kay Galloway, 73.
For others, shock was the first reaction.
“I was surprised to hear that he would be retiring,” said Connie Bartlett, 73. “He’s been a part of this town for so long.”
Selectmen Bill Friel and Todd Barbera, and town attorney Sumner Kalman did not return phone messages yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Yup they changed the locks yesterday. Now keep Jody from taking things out in boxes. Go thru his office and get rid of the binders on residents, cause it is illegal to keep files on people for no good reason. Get the Sheriff to go thru there and collect evidence.

Thanks Todd, Bill and Fred, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get a search warrant for his house too since this is a criminal offense.

Dear Cunningham - don't settle before this goes to court. We all deserve a little justice.

Anonymous said...

Political crooks always try to retire for health reasons when they don't want to be held responsible for the illegal actions they have been getting away with for years.

Isn't it funny that the Conman finally gets taken down by one of his own in the department?

Hey does it feel to be taken down by a woman that isn't your wife? You finally run into someone that you couldn't bully? Poetic justice I say, poetic justice. LOL

May you rest in Florida without your retirement. Couldn’t happen to a better man.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they should send the sheriff in to do a search of both buildings.

Is Jody going to be allowed to stay on?

Now the budget committee can eliminate the $19,000.00 in legal funds from the police department budget. Consentino won't be running to S. Kalman for personal legal advice on the town's nickel.

Are you insinuating that Cunningham, police dept employee, is an abused party?

Do you have any evidence?

Anonymous said...

Careful whatcha say folks cause crimedog McGriff is sniffing around.

Mark Acciard was right the whole time. MARK ACCIARD WAS RIGHT AND PEOPLE IGNORED HIM!!


Mark I apologize for not listening to you and believing you. I feel awful. You were right the whole time.

Anonymous said...

so what did he do?

Anonymous said...

ask cunningham ( or the Sheriff)