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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Timberlane board censures member

Donna Green censured, accused of misleading public
By Doug Ireland
The Eagle Tribune Thu Jul 17, 2014, 12:23 AM EDT
PLAISTOW — The Timberlane Regional School Board voted to censure one of its own members last night, saying Donna Green is damaging the board’s credibility and integrity.
The 7-0-1 decision came after the board met for more than two and a half hours to explain and clarify its positions on key issues that Green challenged and the public has questioned.
The special meeting, called by Chairman Nancy Steenson, was often contentious as board members debated Green on various issues.
Those included Green’s comments on the district’s transfer-of-appropriations policy and her opinions on a health trust refund and an auditor’s report.
Steenson defended the board’s positions, saying neither the board nor school administration has done anything illegal or unethical.
“I don’t know if you didn’t understand it or didn’t like it,” Steenson said of Green’s views on one policy.
After a 10-minute nonpublic session that Green contested and refused to attend, board member Rob Collins was among those to publicly explain his dissatisfaction with her as a member.
Since her election in March, Green has often disagreed with her colleagues on issues.
“I have some very grave concerns about the behavior of Mrs. Green,” Collins said.
Collins spoke of what he said were nearly 70 inaccurate quotes in her personal blog on district issues. Green then said, “I’m done” and left the meeting with her husband.
Collins then made the motion to censure her. A censuring is, in essence, a public scolding. Board member Kelly Ward abstained from the vote but did not say why.
Collins said Green makes inaccurate and inflammatory comments in and outside the meeting room that hurt the public’s trust in the board.
“The damage she is potentially doing to this district I’m not going to stand for,” he said.

Other board members agreed, including Sue Sherman.
“She is not reflecting our truth,” Sherman said.
“It is really misleading to the public,” Vice Chairman Kate Delfino said.
Superintendent Earl Metzler called Green an “obstructionist,” saying, “She is unwilling to work with us.”
During the meeting, Green criticized the board and administration for not doing a better job of being transparent and handling the district’s business in the proper fashion.
Steenson said a censure letter would be drafted for the board’s review at its meeting in August. She declined to explain the censure process.


Anonymous said...

Mark Acciard said:

"As usual the Board opts for the squelchiing of ANY dissent with their actions. So much for Free Speech. What a great lesson for the kids. Fascism 101."

Anonymous said...

Telling outright lies is not dissent.

Rep DiSimone had some good questions and it appears from the vimeo that she was happy with answers received.

The vimeo is up, draw your own conclusions from it.

Anonymous said...

| Must be a Town employee.

I haven't seen the video but I will watch it. I have always thought Mrs. Green asked good questions but some people bristle because they don't like to be questioned about anything. Debate is good and she has a responsible attitiude toward spending money and transpaency. The board cannot expect everyone to be in agreement about every topic. This initially sounds to me to be anothier attempt to prevent members from talking at all.

Anonymous said...

Donna Green is an upright person of character and charm. Also a selfless leader. Who are the rest of them?. They sat, "Well she didn't agree with OUR truth."

Right on Mrs. Green. Expose them for the deceptive crowd that they are. YOUR truth is theirs to fear.

Anonymous said...

I think it's unethical to seal the minutes of a school board meeting for 99 years. This school board stinks of the superintendent's backside.

Anonymous said...

The link to Mrs. Green's blog includes a link to the vimeo.

This is the blog of someone who cares.

Mark Acciard said...

9:04; it is not only unethical IT IS ILLEGAL!!! Thank you Billy Baldwin for that one.