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Thursday, December 18, 2014

TRSD Seeks to Screw Atkinson, and Atkinson does nothing.

Yes, my friends, the Timberlane School Board, and their employee(puppetmaster) Mr. Metzler is seeking to bend Atkinson over and give it to us hard. THey wish to change the funding formula for Timberlane.

For decades the school has determined their own funding by two criteria, the population a town sends to the district, and the aggregate valuation of the town. This was determined to be fair in the Districts Articles of Agreement with the towns, so as to spread the investment as equally, and fairly as possible.

However NOW the two most powerful, and autocratic members of the School Board are it's Chair, Nancy Steenson(Danville), and resident neo fascisti, Rob Collins(Danville). What most of you do not know is that over the last ten years as the Districts enrollment has dropped dramatically, and the Budget has soared seemingly without restraint or reason, Sandown and Danville have actually increased their population of students, while Atkinson's has declined. Under their new funding plan, Danville and Sandown get to shift their burden onto Plaistow, slightly, and Atkinson get the majority of the hit. The breakdown being as follows;

  • Danville:  -14.18%
  • Sandown: - 13.13%
  • Plaistow: +3.63%
  • Atkinson: +14.14%

Some of you will recall Mr. Sapia's generous attitude with YOUR MONEY, when he claimed that ANY amount the school declares it wants it should get, after all, it is for the children......... Not really.

Mr. Sapia, had the same generous attitude towards the police dept. when he served on Atkinson's budget committee, some of you will remember, telling then committee chair, Mr. Acciard that if the Pd came in requesting $1,000,000 they should get it without question it is for public safety. Seems Mr. Sapia LOVES to give out other peoples money.

NO ONE has yet elucidated an logical reason for this funding formula change, and ALL should go to the meeting TONIGHT at 7:30 to VOICE YOUR OPINION! DO NOT LET ATKINSON be screwed.


Anonymous said...

just what we deserve! we allowed all this crap to happen when we were paying a lot less than other we will see how much Atkinson will support these hacks....

Anonymous said...

They are both from Danville, which will benfit the most from this. They should recuse themselves from the vote at the very least. Talk about a conflict of interest.

I don't know if they are bound by a regulation but they are bound ethically.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Atkinson in 1974 and this was the first time I lived in a Regional School District. After seeing how the various town rates were based on the number of students attending from each town I figured that it seemed fair as I realized that someday our towns children would decrease as the population growth slowed down. I also realized at that time that towns with slower growth then would soon see their rates increase as their younger population increased, and thus pay there fair share. Guess not... Why should this "entitled" generation now get to reap benefits that we did not get back then?

Anonymous said...

bad things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why do you believe Jack likes this "idea"? Why not wait until the meeting tonight and see before you crucify him?

Anonymous said...

Because Jack knows he has to vote against this, no matter how badly he wants it to pass. If either of Atkinson reps. votes for would be political suicide. If both Atkinson reps vote “NO” it doesn’t matter, because it will still pass if all others vote yes. Jack “No amount of school spending is enough” Sapia knows this. He may be stupid, but he’s not that stupid. He will vote no, but when it passes……….he’ll run to Dr. Metzler’s office and get his “pat on the back” and forgiveness. Jack will then run around saying: “See, I didn’t vote for it”! While he laughs behind everyone back. Nice Job Jack ass!

Anonymous said...

Re-Distributation of wealth

didn't Obama have a long lost brother named Earl?

just saying----

Anonymous said...

yeah, this is a great idea- let's create a little class warfare! Just a lame attempt at distraction -- maybe they do need a PR , good luck spinning this

Anonymous said...

And , my fellow Atkinson residents, let's all support Mealeys Meal and help those of us less fortunate.


the best reality show on television is on tonight, don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

Watch tonight as the Dr. "Stokes" the fire...

Sorry couldn't help myself..

Anonymous said...

great idea by Mr. Collins _ that went over like a lead balloon- but I gotta say It took stones to bring it up probably knowing it was DOA...

but the dude's got a nice house..

And Mrs. Green, I luv ya, girl but please don't get hung up on the small stuff- pick you battles wisely.

Anonymous said...

You need to know that Mr. Collins spends all his spare time under the Superintendent's desk. If you spend any time at the SAU building, you know that Rob is a fixture. Neither he not Metzler were serious about this. Metzler wanted to put this out as a warrant article. Who would vote for it? Sandown voters and Danville voters. Who would vote against it? Plaistow and Atkinson voters. See what I'm saying here? If Timberlane taught history better, there might be a big town/little town clause in the Articles of Agreement. It doesn't. There isn't.

The fact is that the only say the little towns have in the operation and funding of the schools comes from powers established by the State of New Hampshire hundreds of years ago. It's called the Town Meeting.

Like the State Property Tax, the Articles of Agreement are designed to maximize money available the Big Education. Instead of arguing over who should pay the bill, we need to act as a community of four towns to manage the size of the bill.

Do you want to pay for a consultant to develop a spanish language program for preschoolers? Do you want to pay for a public relations consultant. (Nevermind that the people being paid to do these nonvalue added jobs sleep with the Superintendent of Schools and the Chair of the Budget Committee respectively.)

Do you want to fund basket weaving classes as adult education? Do you want to fund a ski club?

This is all a distraction. Note that the 'default' budget is actually higher than the 'everything we want' budget again. Every year, the SAU breaks the laws of the state knowing no one can or will take them to court.

If you want to manage the school budget, show up at the Town Meeting and vote for change.

The goal for this year is to bring in enough voters to displace the 'non voting' special interest groups that fill the PAC each year.

See you there.

Anonymous said...

7:36 AM - great post - truthful

Anonymous said...

What a joke that meeting last night was.Lets attack the messenger and not look at the problem. Jack is a complete fool and must be looking for a job for his wife like Metzler wife's. I did't see Jack or Grosky have any intentions of working to keep or tax rate down NONE AT ALL.
Bill H.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Grosky's wife the new PR consultant? Doesn't Sapia sell athletic equipment and services to schools?

Anonymous said...

BINGO!!!!! And there is a lot more pork in this school system that can be cut and needs to be cut.

Bill H.

Anonymous said...

I have a question: Is residency checked at the timberline deliberation session?