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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Consentino to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE- Conflict of Interest committee recommendation

Yes folks, The Conflict of Interest committee voted UNANIMOUSLY to recommend removal from office, Serial ordinance violator Phil Consentino.

DATE: 03/07/2015
The Conflict of Interest Committee was created to help control the ethical behavior of all public officials, town employees, and school districts. The Committee is designed to help take the appropriate steps to maintain the highest level of “Code of Conduct” and the integrity of it’s government members, so that they perform their duties without conflicts between their private interests, and those of the citizens that they serve.
The Committee had a complaint issued by Petitioner Mr.Leon Artus, and was scheduled for a hearing on 02/24/2015. At that time, the Respondent Mr. Phillip Consentino stated on video and also recording to the COI committee that both his son, and his wife had submitted their resignations prior to his vote on the Police contract.
The Selectmen meeting was on December 1, 2014 for the first motion that all union and non-union police employees would get the same rate of pay increase. The second Selectmen meeting was on December 15, 2014, a motion was made to revise the motion made on December 1, 2014 to reflect that the union, and non union would still get the same pay rate as stated in the union contract, except step increases are only for the certified Police Officers.
The committee advised Mr. Consentino that his hearing dated 02/24/2015 would close until further proof of the resignations were submitted to the COI committee for review. The committee received a copy of a resignation letter from Mr. Consentino on his son Officer David Consentino one dated 08/09/2014 at the 02/24/2015 hearing. The board was still pending a copy of his wife's (Joanne Consentino) resignation letter from her position, as a police dispatcher. The next day the Chairperson Ray Fournier received from Barbara Snicer assistant to the Town
Administrator, another copy of David Consentino's resignation letter dated 09/01/2014, and Joanne Consentino's resignation letter dated 01/26/2015. The Committee requests clarification from Mr. Bill Innes (Town Administrator) on which resignation letter was correct on David Consentino, and was advised to contact the bookkeeper. The COI committee scheduled another hearing on 03/05/2015 for review of all letters received.  Neither Mr. Leon Artus, nor Mr. Philip Consentino attended this public hearing.
The COI has voted 4-0, 1 members have recused themselves from the vote. The committee suggests that Phillip Consentino has violated the Town of Atkinson’s Ordinance Section V Prohibited Conduct:
This committee finds: It is a violation of this code for any member to
1. In his or her official capacity as a Selectman, introduce discuss, deliberate, approve or vote upon any matter in which he or she or any member of his or her family has an interest known to said member being his wife (Joanne Consentino) who was a police dispatcher at the time of the Selectmen meetings on December 01,2014, and December 15, 2014.
2. As a Selectman, knowingly enter into any discussion, testimony or deliberation without first, publicly and for the record, stating all dealings, interests, relationships, and possible conflicts that may exist between said member and his or her family, the principals and the issue under deliberation, as may be known by the member, who is his wife the police dispatcher (Joanne Consentino).
3. As a Selectman, knowingly participate in town business without disclosing all potential conflicts of interest, with his wife (Joanne Consentino) who was a police dispatcher at the time of the Selectmen meetings on December 01, 2014 and December 15, 2014.
The committee does believe that Mr. Phillip Consentino should have stated his FAMILY conflicts publicly, and for the record, and request if anyone has an issue or opinions on his discussions, deliberation, and voting on Police pay raises as his wife Joanne Consentino was still employed on both Selectmen meetings dated December 01, 2014 and December 15, 2014, and would receive a monetary benefit from this vote. At both Selectmen meetings, he did not
recuse himself from voting on any monetary benefits that involved his family.
Pursuant to RSA 31:39a, violating this code shall be grounds for recommending disciplinary action to be taken by the Board of Selectman if found by the majority vote on the Committee.
This is the second violation of the Town of Atkinson Code of Ethics in 2 months, by Mr. Phillip Consentino. The Board of Selectmen knowingly allowed Mr. Consentino to vote while his family member was employed by Atkinson Police Department. Mr. Consentino was Chief of Police for many years, he should recuse himself as a Selectmen from any police matters while family was employed, he should also leave the room, until which time the vote has been processed and recorded.
The committee recommends removal of Phillip Consentino, by the other Selectmen, or Mr. Consentino should be allowed to resign.
Failure to comply with Section V Prohibited Conduct, the Conflict of Interest Committee shall petition and file with Superior Court and retain an Attorney utilizing the Town of Atkinson Legal Line.

Per the Conflict of Interest Ordinance, Section VII, Paragraph G the Selectmen have 45 days from the date of  finding to act on the Committee's decision. Please see attached Conflict of Interest ordinance.

FINALLY they recognize his multiple violations of  the ordinance over his tenure as selectman. Their decision even echoed the words of Rockingham Superior Court Judge Kenneth McHugh who said  it appears Consentino believes the town is his to do what he want with, regardless of law. 

So, Consentino, fired for serially sexually harassing a female employee under his command, has ignored town law AGAIN.


The current board of selectmen having just been found in violation of the ordinance along with Consentino, last month, CAN NOT VOTE ON PUNISHMENT FOR CONSENTINO, because to do so would be a further violation of  the Ordinance and would open them up to removal from office. 

MY GOD, what an extraordinary path of wreckage this one corrupt official has left in his wake. For those of  you who are unaware of Mr. Consentino's tenure  with the Town of Atkinson, here is a brief synopsis;

Appointed to acting chief in 1978. in 1980 just after being promoted to Chief, selectman Wayne Peak  discovered that apparently  Consentino, as chief, was giving monies collected for reports and such to the Policeman's association, rather than to the town bookkeeper as law required. Now when this was revealed, most normal people being caught would have said, "Oh my God, I am sorry, did not  realize, will turn that money over immediately" Not Our Ego maniacal Chief, his words were "I won't stand here and take this" "My name is a pure as the wind driven snow" This led to competing lawsuits between the two for  the next 6 years. Costing the town and its insurers hundreds of thousands in legal fees and settlement costs..

Then, shortly  after this ended he fired the Police Lt. and CLAIMED the he wiped out 12 years of database records on the way out.(The PD did not  have computers in 1979, just another lie)

Then there were more scandals, with Officer Buco, Selectman Fred Childs. the infamous spitting incident in Town Hall,  At one point Phil  was showing to people in town, a Police record on Selectman Childs to undermine his re election campaign. Not  only seedy, but  ILLEGAL, not  that Phil  cares about legality apparently.

Then came Phil parking his cruiser outside Steve Lewis' office on Main St., blue lights going for almost an hour while he screamed at Lewis in his office, threatening him, This was witnessed by the County Registrar Cathy Stacy, allegedly.

Then in  2003 he gets himself elected selectman, making himself his  own boss. And the circus began. He kept his  ego  in check for almost a year, then he voted as selectman, to  approve his own request as Chief, to  withdraw $2500 from the Donation account. When challenged by Mr. Acciard telling him he could  not do that, Phil responded "I  can do  whatever I want, it  is my town". This  led Mr.  Acciard to  file a complaint with the conflict of interest (COI) committee. Then chairman, Dick Smith said  in a meeting, "But it is the chief", as if he was above the law. They found no  violation, Mr. Acciard appealed to Rockingham Superior Court, and the Court had some harsh words for  both Consentino and the COI committee.

Then there was the tower scandal, the Town that hates Halloween, when it made National News that Consentino bragged that his men would turn cars with Mass.  plates back at the border, and had been doing so for years. It is  not  every day a police chief admits violating the Constitution.

Labor actions against the Town and Consentino by Officer Michael Rivera, and Gary Lorden, where the NHPELRB ORDERED Consentino to  "cease and desist" from bullying, harassing, and intimidating his officers.

Then came the civil  suits; Phil was sued for harassment for  following Acciard, his wife, and son through town, making verbal threats, stopping them to visually inspect their vehicles, using his  official position to investigate Acciard and his  business. Phil  called Acciard's customers and suppliers and told  them he was "under investigation by the Atkinson PD" This was a lie.

There was the civil  suit by the Grants, by Acciard, by Artus, Lewis, Brownfield, etc. In the midst of  all of  this Phil tried to get Billy Baldwin an extra $2,000/mo or  so, by claiming that his  base pay while  deployed was his total compensation. More sleaziness. 

Brian Boyle, as selectman, when Billy got  orders to Kuwait, motioned to  advance him $5,900 so  that he would not  lose money while  deployed. This was exceedingly generous, as the law merely requires his job be kept open. All Boyle demanded in return was Billy's Military "leave and earnings" Statement. his monthly paycheck stub, if you will. Billy, refused to provide it, providing, instead, a "commanders base pay letter" claiming that was all  the town needed(NOT his decision to make) Consentino was in the selectman's meeting ever week demanding $515/week that he alleged Billy was not  getting. This  was based upon the base pay rather than total compensation, in other words this was a lie. The FACT was that Billy's  total  compensation was only approximately $400/mo.  different from his town pay.

This track record of dishonesty, violations of law, and ordinances, violations of  Court orders (he was found in Contempt of  Court, by Rockingham Superior court), the hundreds of  thousands, if not  millions of dollars in legal costs and settlements, ALL in service to one man's ego. The COI committee is correct he NEEDS to be removed from office. Any normal person would have kept a low profile after being fired for serially sexually harassing a woman young enough to be his  daughter, but not Phil. This  alone should tell you all you need to know about him. He probably fits the definition of a narcissistic Sociopath.


Anonymous said...

She's young enough to be his granddaughter.

How many people have to be hurt before this ends? It's up to us to vote him in so that the court can remove him forever, otherwise he'll just keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

WHat a mess this town is. Such a shame we even have to go through this to have a transparent and fair local government.

Anonymous said...

Any normal person would not have engaged in harassment of his employees, whether sexual or otherwise. Any normal person trained in law enforcement or corrected by the court, would not engage in behavior such as this. Voting for raises that benefit a family member, employiing a family member or two, engaging in behavior that abuses any person under his command -- these acts are deplorable and unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

BOY! Mark Accaird and Artus are working overtime bashing Phil up just before election time.


Anonymous said...

Bring out the TRUTH is not BASHING.

You just can't handle the truth, and it's telling. Says more about you than you want known.

Anonymous said...

Mark Accaird = Ax to grind

You don't even live in the area is no wonder your life is falling apart around you spend to much time being a busy body in other towns affairs that you no longer live in....BTW why don't you tell the good people why you use an alias name on the Eagle Tribune website now after being on that site for years and being its #1 commenter?.....tell them how you have been banned and for what reason?....Mark Richards...LOL!

Mark Acciard said...

To the commenter at 9:49: I do not use aliases. I post under my own name, and Always have. Unlike YOU I have nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

LOL! in typical Mark Accaird fashion deny & lie....deny & lie....

Mark Accaird = Mark Richard


Perhaps I can start posting those comments?

Anonymous said...

Blame someone for telling the truth. Your getting scared because so many more are coming forward. Why don't you move and let the few that will clean up this town do it. What are you afraid of no more free ride or favors? A message needs to be sent to all Towns in this state. This will be a very good example making an example out of a 30 year Bully and maybe sending him packing. His friends at the Tribune, his in the pocket Judge and all the hundreds of people he has done favors for just might not be able to save him. These people are part of the problem by letting him get away with anything he wanted to do. They allowed our town to get to where it is today, a pot of deception and corruption.

Anonymous said...

"Retain an attorney utilizing the Town of Atkinson Legal Line".

You creepazoids are going to sue again? for this? Talk about a stretch. Leon's looking pretty spiffy in his suit, I was going to vote for you but no way now, you got nothing better to do than this BS. This is about as frivolous as you can get.... Leonatis, you blew it, had a seat locked at the big boy table but now you couldn't get elected dog catcher

don't any of you haters have mirrors? (except Eddie the vampire, he hates them)

Get out and vote you turtleheads

Peter T. yes
Amy C. yes
Lawsuit Leon - honest, I love to for comic relief but to many buts

Peace out
The King of the World (as far as I know)

Mark Acciard said...

to the poster at 10:55;

I never lie, and I have not even read the Et since my last posting there.

And, again, i post under my own name, Why don't you?

Anonymous said...

And Donna Green, allowing Leonitas to hook up to your bandwagon was a major mistake.. I like and respect you;
You've taken a lot of crap this year but allowing Leonatis to post this witch hunt on your board has nothing to do with TRSD.

You will regret this alliance... You probably already do...

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that all of Consentino's supporters here try to "shoot the messenger". Or try to create a scapegoat(Acciard?, He has been out of town for years), but they never deny, or refute, the actual information.

Probably because it is all true.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I have known Phil for decades. He has never been shy about suing his critics, claiming to "defend his name", but usually dropping the case quietly before trial.

The difference here, is although he has bloviated about "his name", he did not fight his firing. Nor did he sue the dispatcher for her accusation.

This alone speaks volumes about the truth. Having known Phil for decades, and having grown up with the rumors of ticket mitigation for women at Kingston State Park, i fully believe that he was fired for secual harassment. I was in Dyke Auditorium once when he said, right in front of her, that the only reason he kept Sgt. Kinney arouns was "because she had a great rack". I could not believe it. All she said was "PHIL", and he slunk away like a bad little boy being scolded.

This man is a menace.

Anonymous said...

" voted to RECOMMEND removal from office" all the Phil bashers out in Atkinson........


Anonymous said...

Spend the town legal funds! POWER!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Artus plans for Atkinson schools?

Modulars and steel buildings.... Ahole!

Anonymous said...

Boy the town of Atkinson is worth the price of admission, for a small town it sure has a long line of characters, can you imagine if Donna Green lived in Atkinson?...she started posting Atkinson affairs on her site today...why ? couldn't tell you perhaps her friend Mark Richards....ooops Mark Accaird can, trying to sway those voters with BS im sure.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if one found out the last four postings were made by Mr. Consentino or other public official, while using town hall computers?

Would that be illegal? Would it be considered electioneering, which is also illegal?

Anonymous said...

They are going nonpublic again tonight! Maybe we should make all of our selectman attend the right to know workshop in Plaistow 3/12. Even better make the voters go so they can now see how bad this has gotten. BTW any neighboring town elected or appointed official can attend this. Do you think our good old boys will even understand that they must play by the laws. I really don't think they care.

Anonymous said...

Agree or not, I respect all the candidates running for office tomorrow.. You put yourselves out there to public scrutiny and to anonymous posters on social media that can and will say anything. But guess what, your all good people, you have families that love you and you do what you feel is right...

You all have one thing in common when this election's over... Your still lucky enough to live here in the best F N town in the Granite State.

SO Vote

Stevie Ray Clapton

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone find it odd that the Fraud Mark Accaird still gets involved in Atkinson politics even though he hasn't lived here in years? this deadbeat files Bankruptcy and stiffs good people out of money then comes on here and tells you how to be fiscally responsible, and how to run your town!!!!.....ROFLOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for the man , obsessed with the destruction of PC....... Life's short......

Anonymous said...

Yes how pathetic he just can't let go of Phil, his life is in shambles and Al White (editor of the Law. eagle Trubune) has blocked the #1 commenter from the website for his shananigans over the years, he got them into hot water with his post.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. its over. The serial violator can try to serve but the superior court has the verdict from the COI and he will be pissed off at these multiple violations of the public trust. By the way, the other two selectmen share in the guilty as they participated in the offenses.

Now every new selectmen, town employee. self serving despicable school representative, heck, even the town moderator who loves to restrict the people's freedom, will read the COI ordinance FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES. Or it will be OVER for them and they get censored, punished and thrown out of office.

So best you all keep a copy of the COI ordinance at their desk, on the refrigerator and in the car. MEMORIZE IT.

Cause now they can all easily be removed from office and punished for violating this towns own conflict of interest ordinance developed over DECADES.

A lot of corrupt people in this mafia run town are running real scared right now. Sitting at the Atkinson Country Club working out how to get dishonest, evil, corrupt people onto the COI committee. Then get them to resign to prevent guilty verdicts like the did in the past. On yeah, It just happened again this year!!. What's the name of that blowhard who resigned to prevent a guilty recently? It didn't work. This new honest and wonderful man replaced that saboteur immediately. The new man HEARD the evidence. He SAW the evidence. And he KNEW the right thing to do. He voted GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

Anonymous said...

Hey Accaird DREAM DEFFERED, remember "Recommend" to be removed. Phil wins Again!

And your cohort Donna Green got a wake up call she barely squeaked out a victory.

Anonymous said...

I guess we won't be saving any money now the coi will have to move forward and have the perv thrown out. Money well spent!

Anonymous said...

3/11@12:38 , Squeaking out a victory or not Green got in and she will do the job. The voters have spoken. I hate to burst your bubble however that is. Now to see what happens to the Conman because of the COI decision. I hope it goes to the state so that he will never be allowed to be involved in politics. I say this because I feel the present BOS have no guts to oust him but will have no choice but to let it go to the state for the ousting process. After all they allowed the Conman to have his way didn't they?

Anonymous said...

He flaunts state aw as did the other three selectmen who also knew the conflicts and they said nothing. Just participated against the people of the town and did them wrong. We see this problem with puffed up egotistical town moderators who break the law and take away people's rights. That's why Atkinson stinks like a dead rabbit hanging too long in the cellar. It will be the Superior Court judge that brings these violators to justice. It takes a higher authority to put crooks and criminals out of action. Just like the burgled will rob house after house after house until the judge finally puts an end to it all by a good stiff jail sentence.

Maybe the three selectmen and moderators...the town administrator and Snitcher can all go visit Homeland Sexurity Chairman Eric Holder and beg for reduced penalties. As all of these folks played their part in supporting these serious, fatal conflicts of interest. THEY INJURED OUR TOWN.

But no! They think, "We've done it before and ignored the law and got away with it. We will do it again. We will just ignore the COI recommendations just like we ignore state laws. We make our own laws in Atkinson. We break any law in Atkinson we want."

These crazy whack job town officials just don't get that judges exist to rein in robbers, burgers, and scumbag out of control, hopelessly arrogant, town officials.

So go ahead and live in you delusional bubble but frankly, you stand in caca up to the level of your noses. And curiously, you can't smell your stink.

Anonymous said...

The only crazy whack job around here is yew !! everybodys corrupt but Yew.... Everybody stinks
but Yew.... Back to the barn with ya, your bovine is lonely like yew...

Anonymous said...

and the whining continues over at Friends of Timberlane..

Dweeb Collins has caused total distrust in the district
with his dinkish demeanor and the dismissive way he treats people who disagree... Just read his comments on Friends of Timberlane- the district cannot progress with characters like this......

his disturbing and constant lowlife attacks on Mrs. Green made up my mind.......

Anonymous said...

And the dear Dr. is dusting off his resume

three more years with Donna and his head will explode!
hang tough, Doc...

Anonymous said...

LOL! boy all that smack talk how the town voters where going to revolt and throw out the bums....guess that didn't happen maybe because you nut-job whackos are the problem with the town.

Donna Green got a good wake up smack, won a close race against someone barely knows and then she gets smacked around with everthing else she tried to do, good luck to her getting that study done on leaving TRSD, she has to find a district that's wants Sandown and all its xenophobes no district will touch them with a ten foot pole.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Sandown kids. The entire district appears to have turned against them. NO PLAYGROUND!! Thank you Donna
We couldn't have done it without you.

Sorry Kids

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really thought Leon and Ray were a shoe in for the BOS. What happened Mr Moderator?

Anonymous said...

I can see SouthWest Airlines doing a new commercial right now, follow me here:

It shows Mark Accaird and Artus looking over the results of the election and then the camera zooms in and you hear Phil C. say

"Hey Mark and Leon ...wanna get away for awhile"......

Anonymous said...

Above comment about Sandown and Donna Green:

And today DR. Metzler informed sandown if the want to do a study about leaving the district they would have to pay for it on there own (which they should) and know there are threats of lawyers and lawsuits flying around, she has managed to create a real problem for sandown.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mrs. Green:

The results of her lawsuit in NH Superior Court against the district came in: She LOST both counts in her complaint.

1) The district is not required to respond to RTK requests with documents in any format the requester desires.

2) The district does not owe Mrs. Green legal fees she says she incurred while waiting for a video she requested from the SAU.

Tough day for her I'd say.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Mark and Leon ...wanna get away for awhile"......
"Come visit me and Rosco in our comfy jail cell" said Phil

Anonymous said...


Seriously, good luck Jack, Stevie Ray respects your passion for issues that are important to you and your
community service efforts...

There are creative ways of increasing revenue and decreasing expenses... Hey, you and Greg are smart dudes, you'll figure it out.....

One piece of advise: play nice with Donna and tell the same to your buddy, Rob (Atkinson and Plaistow) Collins.


Stevie Ray Clapton

Anonymous said...

Maybe your belt is too tight on your chest.
Get boy pants.