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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Atkinson traffic will be detoured for a month

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson traffic will be detoured for a month
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — Starting today, motorists traveling on Main Street through Atkinson will be met with a detour into Hampstead that will last for the next month.

Traffic traveling northbound on Main Street will be sent down Academy Avenue, left on East Road and onto Route 111 in Hampstead, according to Atkinson police Lt. William Baldwin.

The southbound lane on Main Street will remain open, according to Baldwin.

A police officer will be on the scene directing traffic while the detour is in effect on weekdays from 7 a.m. to about 6:30 p.m., Baldwin said.

The detour is part of construction of new water lines conducted by the Hampstead Area Water Company, according to Baldwin.

Part of the construction will involve blasting over the next few weeks, according to Baldwin.

Baldwin said he didn't think the detour would cause any problems, but cautioned motorists to drive safely through the detour.


Curt Springer said...

From Minutes of Governor and Council, 6/17/09:

"#83 Authorized to enter into a Loan Agreement with Hampstead Area Water Company Inc., to finance the interconnection of the Hampstead and Atkinson core water systems, in the amount of $1,100,885. Effective upon G&C approval. 100% Drinking Water State Revolving Funds."

Anonymous said...

I live in Atkinson and didn't know this passed. The town officials do not tell us anything. Everything is hidden, suspicious and anti-taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

I thought we had prevented the withdrawal of our water?????

Curt Springer said...

From an Eagle Tribune article, on or before 4/29/09:

Even though Atkinson residents approved a local ordinance aimed at protecting the community's water, it won't have any effect on whether DES approves the water company's groundwater proposal. The state attorney general's office submitted an opinion to selectmen in a letter Dec. 9 that said Atkinson's local ordinance cannot interfere with the state's ability to regulate large groundwater withdrawal applications.

"The law is pretty clear and the attorney general has issued an opinion that the town law doesn't apply," Bennett said.

Anonymous said...

HAWC does not yet have permission from the DES to draw water from their Settlers Ridge and Fieldstone wells. In fact, the DES is finally doing their job and not rubber stamping HAWC's request. They are beginning to ask questions and disputing the test results HAWC provided.

Also, in case you did not know, Midpoint has been taken off the table. Seems the Uranium levels are too high and they can't just dilute the water to make it comply as they had planned. That makes it too costly to remove and dispose.

If you are a HAWC customer you may want to have your water tested, not just for the normal stuff but also radon. Also ask for a Gross Alpha test. This is required to get Uranium levels. Remember, HAWC is still pumping from other wells at Midpoint. You might just want to know what HAWC is really pumping through your faucets.

Anonymous said...

Whatever they are pumping, it stinks. The quality is lousy, it has minerals that build up on everything and it reeks of chlorine. This is NOT good quality water.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lewis didn't want a radon mitigation system put in since the state had never set limits. Why does it take so long to address radon limits yet they can push this loan approval thru in a snap?

I think the State should address the radon before they allow all this expansion.

Anonymous said...

Radon is a known cause of Lung Cancer. It is easily absorbed by water and just as easily released. It is odorless and colorless. If your water has a high radon content taking a shower is hazardous to you health. That very act releases the radon absorbed underground. Atkinson and Derry are radon hot spots.

You don't like what HAWC is doing with your water, complain to the DES. Whether there are standards or not, if enough people complain they have to listen.

Harold Morse is not Peter Lewis. It's your health. Do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Radon causes Lung Cancer. Uranium causes Stomach Cancer. If you get either of those drinking and showering with HAWC water do you think the Lewis family is going to foot your medical bills? They have plenty of lawyers to make sure that doesn't happen.

HAWC didn't care when the citizens made it abundantly clear they did not want their water pumped out of town. Legal or not they have a responsibility to the town from which they profit and they have repeatedly shunned that responsibility. They loose 1 in every 3 gallons they pump. Why fix it when you can stick to the customers with rate increases.

Non HAWC customers have tried to stop them but too many palms have been greased. Time for the customers to make a stink.

Get your water tested. If the results worry you, complain to the DES. Enough of you do that it cannot be ignored. If enough of you are concerned boycotts are always nice. Pay your water bills, but put them in escrow. HAWC may not understand public sentiment, but they do understand $$$. Legally deprive them of that and maybe someday you won't have to worry about taking a shower or drinking a glass of water.

Make them fix what they already have rather than risk your health and having the privilege of paying for it.

Anonymous said...

ARe you kidding, this is a nice time to start, they had all summer. all the buses are going to be rerouted...perfect

Anonymous said...

They had to get their (I mean our) money first. But why should they care. Their kids probably go to private schools anyways.

Anonymous said...

This story needs to be the lead story on the blog for a while.

Not only does HAWC/Lewis Homes/East Coast lumber demand our tax dollars for a business loan; they then build two golf courses so they can drain our aquifers and force us on their monopolistic water company.

And now they're going to force us not to be able to use Main St for a month in one direction? Are you kidding me? what the hell is going on in this town, do they officially own it?

Why can't they do this work at night so that we can use our own damned streets, this is incredible. Is this blog going to sit quietly and continue being silent in the face of this outrage. THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE THE FOCUS OF THIS BLOG FOR THE NEXT MONTH OR SO BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL FINALLY BE WILLING TO WAKE UP ABOUT THESE CROOKS WHEN THEY CAN'T USE THEIR OWN STREETS FOR A MONTH!!!

Anonymous said...

121 is a state road. The state approved giving them a loan so they could do this project. I guess Atkinson comes in second - again.

Anonymous said...

We can all hope the Chief drinks water by the gallon!

MAcciard said...

That was totally uncalled for. Admin should delete.

Anonymous said...

the detour should use upper Maple. The coner at East Road will create a problem bigger than it already is in the AM and PM.

Anonymous said...

BAD idea, upper maple is a skinny,
whindy road loaded with young children waiting for the bus. why not send them to meditation to sawyer to providence hill, then thru salem back to 111? OR, we could use the recommended detour which takes safety 1st into account and send them up east road?

Anonymous said...

Left turn at the corner of Academy and East is very slow and dangerous. Now most make a right at this intersection and there is an AM and PM backup. The line will be back to the top of the hill and likely accidents. Upper Maple will be discovered quickly and for the daily user that will become the route. I will use it NOW.

Anonymous said...

Almost got wacked by a PU turning left out of Academy. Tis gona happen. need traffic control at that point.

Anonymous said...

wow, use it NOW!! WOWWY WOW WOW