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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kindergarten numbers drop in Atkinson, But don't worry Pre-K is coming!

From the Eagle Tribune;

Kindergarten numbers drop in Atkinson
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — Only half as many children are enrolled in kindergarten this fall at Atkinson Academy than last year.

A year ago, the school had 60 kindergartners in four classes with two teachers. This year, the school will only have two classes and one teacher, according to Kelli Killen, director of elementary education for the Timberlane Regional School District.

Although the drop in Atkinson is the most significant, overall kindergarten enrollment is down in the four-town district, Killen said.

Danville Elementary School has eight fewer students and Pollard School and Sandown North have about the same number as last year, Killen said.

In Danville, there were four sessions with two teachers last year. This year, there are only three and one of the teachers will only work a half-day, Killen said.

The reason for the drop in enrollment in Atkinson isn't really clear, but Killen said fewer children are being born and fewer families with young children moving to town contributes to the situation.

The families that are moving to Atkinson mostly have children in middle school and high school, Killen said.

"They just can't afford the home prices," she said of young families.

The decrease didn't really take the district by surprise, either, according to Atkinson Academy Principal Kathie Dayotis.

School staff called all area preschool programs last year and learned early on that they would have a lot fewer children this year, she said.

"It doesn't look like there were as many babies born in the last few years," Dayotis said.

But even though there is a drop in kindergartners, there is a large population of children ready for a pilot prekindergarten program at Atkinson Academy.

That program and three new teachers will be funded through the federal stimulus program.

Dayotis said they have hired two new teachers and an assistant specifically for the prekindergarten program. There are 26 children enrolled and there is still room for a few more. Most of the children are from Atkinson and six are special education students, Dayotis said.

The prekindergarten program will occupy one of the two classrooms built at Atkinson Academy last year specifically for kindergarten.

"All the furniture and books are designed for early childhood education," Killen said.

But next year, the district expects kindergarten enrollment numbers at Atkinson Academy will rise.

"The following year we will be back up to the 50s and maybe into the 60s," Killen said.


Anonymous said...

Good. I expect the school portion of my tax bill to drop this year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, you opened the door with kindergraten, next is pre-k, then pre school, the infant toddlers, then the government takes your child at birth and begins the indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall pre-k being in the warrant article for kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the district crammed it down the voters' throats year after year until it passed!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't we opened the door, this is the 800 pound gorilla walking through

Anonymous said...

"...then the government takes your child at birth and begins the indoctrination..."

If the school system can overcome you values during school days, something is wrong with the way you raise your child.

Statements like the one featured above just seem like they come from the lunatic fringe...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who posts on the blog must be lunatic fringe then.

We're all loonies here!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Thomas Dewey, the father of modern education, wrote that the objective of public education is to indoctrinate children to bring about social change. His plan was to use the government to control education, unionize the labor force, secularize the curriculum, and force through laws the children into this system at as early an age as possible, to effect societal change.

The above are direct quotes.

Anonymous said...

You conveniently left out the fact that Thomas Dewey was a republican.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe 8:48 is referring to John Dewey. However, 9:01 is correct that Thomas Dewey is a republican.

Anonymous said...

ooops, my bad, it WAs John Dewey, and he was at one time a member of CPUSA

Fishgutz said...

"Only half as many children are enrolled in kindergarten this fall at Atkinson Academy than last year."

I believe freshman English teaches us that it should read "as last year."

Dude, you should get your money back if they didn't teach you grammar at J-School.

Anonymous said...

I thought Horace Mann was the father of American Public Schoools

Anonymous said...

Horace Mann was the Originator of American Education, however John Dewey set the model for modern education in the 30's and 40's. He was a secretary of the Communist Party USA, and a very good friend of Walther and May Reuther, of UAW faame.

Anonymous said...

We did not pass Pre-K. This is misappropriation.

Anonymous said...

From what I read above, pre-K is a pilot program, funded through the stimulus package.

Please explain how is the misappropriation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my question should read, please explain how this is misappropriation.

Anonymous said...

I hvae never read anywhere that this was funded by the stimulus package. I think an explanation would go along way here. We have the right to know who is paying for this as we lose our homes and jobs.

Anonymous said...

New article posted, answers lots of questions.

Anonymous said...

"I hvae never read anywhere that this was funded by the stimulus package. I think an explanation would go along way here...."

From the article above:

"That program and three new teachers will be funded through the federal stimulus program."

Perhaps a more thorough read of the posting is needed before making accusations of misappropriation.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What this article vaguely refers to but does not expand on is the fact that mainstream students are paying $200/month to attend. The district still has to provide special ed as it always has for those students who have a need.