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Friday, February 26, 2010

Judge denies former teacher's request in porn case Former Timberlane teacher faces multiple charges

From the Eagle Tribune;

Judge denies former teacher's request in porn case Former Timberlane teacher faces multiple charges
By Jarret Bencks

BRENTWOOD — A former Timberlane gym teacher charged with possessing child pornography wanted to have copies made of the images allegedly found on his computer to aid his defense. His request has been denied by a judge.

Scott Buatti of Newton, a former Timberlane Regional Middle School gym teacher and basketball coach, faces charges of possessing a total of 10 photographs and videos showing minors engaged in sexual acts. Earlier this month, defense attorney Mark Sisti asked for copies of the images allegedly found on Buatti's personal computer so a private investigator could conduct a forensic evaluation, according to court filings.

But county prosecutors objected to the request, saying the files were available for review at Portsmouth police headquarters and making copies of them for the convenience of a private investigator would be inappropriate.

Superior Court Judge Tina Nadeau denied the request shortly after it was presented in court.

"Although the court appreciates the challenges in conducting a forensic evaluation at the Portsmouth Police Department, federal law is clear in requiring the analysis to occur at a government facility, unless to do so is not possible," Nadeau wrote.

Her order left the door open for the defense to make the request again if a forensic evaluation proves to be "not feasible" at Portsmouth police headquarters.

Buatti is slated to go on trial in June.

He was among 5,000 alleged domestic subscribers to child pornography sites that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents tracked down throughout the country as part of an investigation that culminated in February 2008.

Buatti was first approached by federal agents at his home on Feb. 25, 2008. Buatti, then 43, admitted to ICE investigators that he had saved pornographic images of children to his home computer's hard drive, according to a report by federal investigators.

Timberlane School District officials were notified that Buatti was being investigated for allegedly possessing child pornography in March 2008. He was placed on administrative leave in April 2009, when he was indicted by a county grand jury.

He faces 10 counts of attempted possession of child pornography and 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Note: the bold faced paragraph, that is where LaSalle lied to the public when he said they had not been informed about Buatti and that is why he was allowed to work 13 months with our kids.

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