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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter: Support new vehicle for Elderly Affairs

This letter to the Editor appeared in the Eagle Tribune yesterday, so much for the State's Electioneering law.

Letter: Support new vehicle for Elderly Affairs

To the editor:

On March 9, the voters of Atkinson will have the opportunity to help the town's senior program by voting to authorize the purchase of a new vehicle for the town's Elderly Affairs Department.

The list price of this vehicle is $28,500 and the purchase price is only $19,500. Through donations made directly to the Atkinson Police Charitable Fund we are able to put a down payment of $13,000 leaving the town to raise and appropriate only $6,500.

The town will be able to get an all-wheel-drive vehicle for only $6,500. The vehicle that the new car will be replacing has more than 140,000 hard miles on it. This is due to the fact that it was an old police cruiser. We are afraid to take this vehicle on trips to Boston hospitals in fear of a major breakdown.

We presently provide between five and seven transports a day and we need vehicles that are in good running condition. We have a total of three vehicles, one is a 2007 new wheelchair van, that was purchased with donations, and the other two are old police cruisers.

The members of the Elderly Affairs Department would appreciate your support and vote on March 9 on Article 10 which would authorize the purchase of a new all-wheel vehicle for the town's Elderly Affairs Department for only $6,500.

Phil Consentino

Director of Elderly Affairs

Atkinson, N.H.


Anonymous said...

This was in the newspaper and it is electioneering.

It's against the law for him in his official capacity to promote an article or candidate going before the voters.

I predict that the situation will get totally out of control before the selectmen do what they should have done 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Remember how Consentino lied about the communications tower? That almost cost us 800K when he already had the grant money that was attested to have taken care of the problems. Now he expects that we will listen to more of his lies? Everytime he opens his mouth lies come out. Time to fire him, not give him more money.

Our police chief is a disgrace to our town and the position he holds. Put that OLD horse out to pasture, not give him a new car.


Anonymous said...

Great just waht we need more wasted tax money how bout w put it twords fixing some of our roads instead of buying this joker another pleasure vehicle.unreal...only in Atkinson

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he can demonstrate proof if his claim that they give SO MANY rides that his drivers have to use their personal cars. THEN and ONLY THEN will I believe that fairy tale!

BTW, According to Subaru's own website, the ONLY Forrester model that "lists for $28,000" is the Top of the line, fully loaded version.

Another lie, Phil?

MAcciard said...

What is REALLY coincidental, I am certain, is that in the 3 weeks since the School District deliberative session, twice people have visited my wife's home in Derry, demanding to know if I lived there, and now the Supervisors of the Checklist have sent me official notice that "it has come to their attention that I no longer live in Atkinson". in THEIR words.

I must now verify my residency. 42 years living at the same address, and now they want verification.

Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The townies are after you Mark. We all know where you live so I'm sure you will shake this off and chalk it up to more intimidation and harassment by the town.

Got anything new on them?

Anonymous said...

Do they have nothing better to do that to be driving to Derry to find out where you are living? have they done this to others? I highly doubt it, they are targeting you and you alone.

Anonymous said...

So who do you think "brought it to their attention"?

My bet is Phil.

Anonymous said...

Is this any worse than his electioneering over the wheelchair van? He came into the selectmen meeting the night before the election to ask everyone to vote for it. He was pissed when Paul Sullivan told him that he couldn't do that.

Anonymous said...

So who let him do it this time?

Anonymous said...

No one LEt him he just sent it in to the paper

Anonymous said...

If it is so cheap to buy another m/v for Phil's pride and joy activity why not do this.... Sell off all the other m/vs that are extra and use the money to pay for the m/v. That way it costs the taxpayer nothing. I guess that wouldn't make sense in the towns political scene.

Anonymous said...

Sell off all the other cars?
Hello out there?
What could you possibly be thinking?

How the hell is his son going to drive all those cars away at the same time?

MAcciard said...

Actually what we should be doing is what I put into a warrant article two years ago...

Every vehicle we get rid of should be listed on Ebay or, that way the town doesn't get $300 so the chief's son can buy it the next day for $450 and use it as a daily driver.

If the car is so decrepit that it can't sit with it's lights flashing for details, than it shouldn't be decent enough for a daily driver.

Ebay or will ensure that the town gets as much as it can for them. Police cruisers 5 years old, with 200,000 miles on them routinely fetch $1,500 on those two sites.

It would be in the taxpayers best interests.

Anonymous said...

Anon.@ 2/25 @ 9:31 , As I wrote what I did I knew [tongue in cheek] I'd get a reaction from some one knowing the past buy and selling of town owned m/v's. MAcciard is right about the way town owned property should be sold to the public except for trade in purposes. The thought I did have ,not tongue in cheek ,was that there are to many m/v's w/i the police departments dual domains for the amount of people using them .

Anonymous said...

I GET IT now. We have Town Owned no taxes collected:

1. Conservation land.
2. Recreation Fields
3. Vote getting scheme
I.e.: Elderly Affairs

So why not have a Consentino run used car lot at the police station parking lot as a retirement gift for him?

In retirement he could oversee

1. Political enemies false
arrests with convictions.

2. Con little old ladies out of
their money before and after
they die.

3. Use his vote getting scheme
to get his political friends
that will do his
bidding into office.

4. Control deliberative session
to get more new cars at
taxpayer expense.


5. Sell off old police cars
directly to his son, putting
the proceeds into
his private charity.

He could run the whole thing out of his new wheelchair van, and never have to leave the police parking lot. He could get police officers to push the cars around the lot at taxpayer expense, when they were suppose to be working.

Bet we will see a warrant article for this next year, with PC sending another letter to the editor pushing its passage. All with the three monkeys setting in the selectmen's office with their hands over their eyes, mouth and ears, while we out here are holding our nose.

Normally CON men are prosecuted and put behind bars, but this CONsentino guy makes a living at it with the protection of the BULLY BADGE selectmen authorize him to wear.

So the next time you need a SO SO FAST CAR for five hundred dollars, go to CON-CAR.Com and place your order. Pick it up at the Atkinson police station and shake hands with Mr. Con-Car himself. I'm sure he will have his officers push your newly purchased CON-CAR into your driveway. Suggest paying by check not cash. If you are a political enemy, check to see if any contraband was left under a seat, or it could be used against you.

I GET IT NOW, do you?


Anonymous said...

It is finally getting thru to people that he is never (let) do any thing. He does as he pleases,when he pleases, and no one can stop him.
Every selectman owes him. They would not be there if he didn't put them in office to do his bidding. I don't understand why some of his cronies do not rebel and stand up to him.
How can they sleep at night knowing what he is doing to the whole community.
They are the only ones that can bust him. But don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's switch sides and put a warrant article through to get CON-CAR a new wheelchair lift equipped 58 foot motorhome for a million dollars, so CONsentino can use it as his office at the police station parking lot? He can use it to interview potential selectmen candidates, as well as his legal office to get almost dead elderly voters to sign over their property in their wills?

What a good impression he could make to interview builders that want to be on the planning board or ZBA with a promise he can get them elected, IF they were to make a small donation to his private charity. It could be custom made to include his thrown and crown, and an office for legal counsel to notarize the paperwork at taxpayer expense.

Let's not forget to give him, family, friends, board members FREE health care for life along with a retirement package of 250,000 a year each in retirement benefits. He could hire LaSelle to drive the bus and carry his bags on vacation.

Why didn't we think of this sooner? We can set up a NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT called CON-CARE.

Oops, forgot. That is our form of government in Atkinson. All we need to do now is fund the MOTORHOME.


BUT IT IS A GOOD ONE AND Sapia would carry that water and drive the bus when LaSelle wasn’t available to drive.

Anonymous said...

Oh, almost forgot, CONsentino can sell our used police cars out of the motorhome too.

Anonymous said...

Real people need to consider REINSALLING DEMOCRACY into Atkinson politics. If we don't we will be STUCK with the CONsention form of government.

Does ANYONE want to sign over their FIRST BORN to CONsentino and the Selectmen IN the hopes that they won't be arrested to false charges?



Anonymous said...

vote no on new car and generator they can,t use the enternet when the line,s are down so they don,t need a generator.....

Anonymous said...

Let's not let this Con-Car allow us to lose sight of the biggest smoke screen Phil is attempting. Baldwin for captain? God bless him fighting for our freedom but does APD need a captain? They have been without a LT for 6 months and have they missed a beat?

It looks like Phil is preparing the nest for an "easy" transition for Baldwin to waltz into the corner office. I hope the town realizes this.

Anonymous said...

Let's not let this Con-Car allow us to lose sight of the biggest smoke screen Phil is attempting. Baldwin for captain? God bless him fighting for our freedom but does APD need a captain? They have been without a LT for 6 months and have they missed a beat?

It looks like Phil is preparing the nest for an "easy" transition for Baldwin to waltz into the corner office. I hope the town realizes this.

Anonymous said...

Good point, if Baldwin is making bigger bucks than he already is, then when the darkest day in the history of Atkinson happens and Phil calls it quits, what are we to do? Hire a new ft chief who will have to make more than the captain or do we just "save" money and slide Billy into the corner office..

Anonymous said...

The proper way to do it is to require QUALIFICATIONS like every other town does.

Things like a degree, so many years on the job, progressing levels of responsibility and accomplishment.

We should have the best our money will buy, not an unqualified, uneducated bully with a badge.

Anonymous said...

it will be the brightest day in history.

Anonymous said...

The New Boston Chief is under scrutiny recently. They are trying to oust him. Read the Union Leader. It must be an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

Funniest thing I ever saw was last night's campaign to give a promotion to someone who hasn't been present at their job for the last 6 months. For all the other people that show up to work each day we'll cut or freeze their pay. But let's give the absentee a promotion.

DON'T YOU REALIZE HOW NUTSO YOU SOUND? Go take your meds. OMG someone save us.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Dawg solved a crime.

in other PD advertising and self promotional news it appears our detective actually solved a crime!!

He hit his annual quota and its only March. Hot diggity Dawg!

Too bad it was for a TJ Maxx robbery. How about some crime solving in Atkinson? Oh that's right there is NONE so you have to seek out of town crime business to show you are doing something. I get it all now. It proves we really need a detective in a town with no crime. Doh!!

Anonymous said...

Phil Farrar is the cornerstone of the PD. He takes all the sh.. that Chief rolls down to him and takes it all and does an awesome job. There is a lot of town employees to be looking at and possibly poking fun at but Det Farrar is not one of them, GIVE ME A BREAK!

Anonymous said...

Cornerstone? Really. He is another one playing games with people. Using his position to make people look bad just because he has grudges and he's an unhappy person.

Anonymous said...

Cornerstone of the PD. Dats funny.

He should be promoted to Capt. no wait that position is only for people who haven't been here for 6 months.