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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Atkinson voters OK Subaru purchase

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson voters OK Subaru purchase
By Jo-Anne MacKenzie

ATKINSON — There was only one contested race on the ballot yesterday. In a three-way race for two three-year terms as Kimball Library trustees, Alan Phair and Helen "Kay" Galloway were elected with 505 and 643 votes, respectively. William Innes garnered 420 votes.

Voters overwhelmingly approved spending $19,500 for the purchase of a 2010 Subaru for the Elderly Affairs Department. The Atkinson Police Charitable Fund will donate $13,000 and $6,500 is to be raised by taxes. That vote was 759-318.

The town also voted, 809-261, to create a paid position — with an annual salary of $100 — of Director of Elderly Affairs to replace the volunteer position.

Residents also approved five amendments to the zoning ordinance specific to wetlands protection.

The proposed operating budget of $3.9 million sailed through, 875-152. Had the budget been defeated, the default budget would have been $4.3 million

Voters rejected amending the zoning ordinance to prohibit trucking facilities in all zoning districts. That was rejected, 381-595.

Voters approved adding $60,000 to the Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund and the creation of a trust fund for winter maintenance.

Sections of a number of roads will be shimmed and overlaid, after voters approved spending the money to do so yesterday. Those roads include Mosher Drive, Stage Road, Rockingchair Lane, Cottontail Lane, Pebble Brook Road, Leroy Avenue, Pages Lane and Bittersweet Lane.

Residents narrowly approved spending $80,000 to continue work at the East Road Recreation Area, 524-508. That amount is offset by a $25,000 donation.

But voters rejected adding $25,000 to the Recreation Capital Reserve Fund, 348-681. They also overwhelmingly rejected $5,000 for Woodlock Park, 291-728.

There won't be a $25,000 generator at Town Hall because voters denied the request, 344-683.

Voters approved spending money to control mosquitoes, fix windows at Kimball House, renovate the kitchen at Atkinson Academy and televise Conservation Committee meetings. But they rejected a propsal to televise library trustee meetings and another to spend $10,000 to purchase video editing and streaming equipment.


Anonymous said...

This town is just spent a ton of money on extras, not to mention the big increase over last years spending for the town and the schools.

The fact that they didn't spend on streaming the meetings is dumb. One third of the households have cable and this vote shows that people are not paying attention.

It will be interesting to hear the whining when the tax bills come out.

Anonymous said...

this is unreal!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess the economy is in great shape and people will have no problem coming up with all that extra property tax money. Incredible. Regular blue collar people are slowly being pushed out of Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

It is sad but u bet ur ass the same people who voted this will be bitching about how high there taxes are. and I will just say told u soooooo.

Anonymous said...

If you are getting pushed out, blame the builders who put up all the big houses for those with big wallets. The want base has been raised.

Anonymous said...

19% of registered voters cared enough to show up at the polls. The new 80/20 rule is in effect. The 80% that bitch about taxes don't vote. No sympathy here.

Anonymous said...

No video streaming equipment?

Dale Childs is an ignorant idiot. She is a cranky out of control egotist who thinks she's God. That damned cable money was meant exactly for this type of thing, and she should be ashamed of herself.

At least there won't be video of her husband cowering while Consentino intimidates him into not doing his job...

Anonymous said...

It lost by 4 votes. I'd like a recount.

Anonymous said...

Dale Childs is out of touch with the blending of media. Someone should point out to her that Comcast is advertising they offer streaming of tv shows and movies online. She simply does not get it.

Anonymous said...

How is an addition to the town hall more in line with the purpose of that capital reserve than equipment for the cable tv dept.?

MAcciard said...

Note to Dale: If the voters say do it, and it falls within the purpose of the cap reserve fund, you WILL do it no matter what you think!

It is exactly that type of thinking; "I won't spend that money, no matter what" that gave us the whole Vietnam Memorial Mess. Remember?

It is high time our elected officials remember who they work for, and that if the voters say jump,they need to ask how high, as my TI in Basic used to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

What did you do the other day to get stopped by 2 of APD's finest men in Blue? You weren't caught trying to illegally vote in a town that you do not live in anymore, were you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we know he wasn't stopped by Consentino, Farrar or Baldwin.

He is my good neighbor and we both voted in OUR town.

Anonymous said...

APD's finest men in Blue?

UPS?, they wear brown.

AFD? Nope, they were black.


I know, the Postal workers!! But hey, they are not all men. Give credit to the fine women in our US PO too.

Anonymous said...

Gots me anutha truck to buy senior votes wid. I want 15 pd ea cars. Dat sounds like a good numba. 15. yeah 15. Dats my analisis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil

What is at the other end of the inter-net?

Anonymous said...

The bill of sale for that Subaru needs to be posted on the town website. How much trade in for that cruiser and who bought it.

Atkinson-Factor said...

Another car? How many is it going to take to keep the cheif happy? At this rate, our town is catching up to Obama's spending! Don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Newly elected Board of Selectmen Chairman Friel asked the Elderly Affairs Dir. to come back with updated proposals from the 5 auto sales companies that he approached.

It seems that the Elderly Affairs Dir Ok’d advertising on the Subaru Senior Transport Vehicle, but neglected to inform anyone.

Maybe one of the dealers would give us a car for zip if they knew that they could advertise on the vehicle.

There are some "real deals" being offered out there in the retail auto market.

This purchase should have been treated like any other. If it is over $5,000.00 it needs to go out to bid, and then give the selectmen the proper opportunity to review the proposals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...