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Friday, March 5, 2010

New Controversy, Same old police chief causing it


New Controversy, Same old police chief causing it

Town Report

The Town Report is out! And on page 53 is the Elderly Affairs Dept. report. Nothing strange there except for Phil's usual Hyperbole about the number of rides his dept. gives, and this year he doesn't even bother to try to make up a number of dedicated users of the program, but what is highly unusual is the claim that;

"If any senior should require assistance with utility bills, prescriptions or minor household repairs, please give us a call and through the new “Atkinson Police Charitable Fund” we will be able to provide you with the assistance you need."

Something like this has been in the report in the past, but what is different this year is that there isn't a "town owned, or affiliated" donation account anymore.

The "Atkinson police charitable fund" is not affiliated, owned, or managed by the Town of Atkinson. In fact, the Town of Atkinson has no oversight or affiliation with this fund at all! This fund is the private business corporation of one Philip Consentino, it's president! It is registered with the State of NH as a private corporation. The Town of Atkinson is nowhere named in it's founding documents. In fact; The police chief(Philip Consentino) wrote a letter to the president of this corporation(One Philip Consentino) to give him permission to use the name Atkinson Police in the corporation's name! The selectmen were never consulted nor did they vote to approve this bit of subterfuge.

And there is another discrepancy in this report. The Director of Elderly Affairs(one Philip Consentino) would like to "give special recognition to the following our Elderly Affairs’ Personnel: William Anderson, the Assistant Director; Richard Magoon, Roger Culliford, Robert Neill, Ted Houlihan, Salvatore Novello, Joanne Consentino, Charles McCarthy and Lynne Cunningham, for without their dedication to our seniors we would not have been able to provide all of the services that we presently have in place."

The Elderly Affairs dept. has it's own personnel. But Joanne Consentino, Charley McCarthy, and Lynne Cunningham are POLICE OFFICERS, Not elderly affairs personnel.

In fact, Lynne Cunningham was the dispatcher at the center of the misuse of personnel controversy this past summer. She was the dispatcher who was sending out "thank you for your donation" letters on the police dispatch computer, while on the clock as a police dispatcher, oh, and by the way, she was not doing this for the police dept. OR the elderly affairs dept. She was doing this for the private corporation run by her boss(one Philip Consentino)!

That's Right, Folks! YOUR TAX DOLLARS were paying for the equipment, the ink, the paper, and the time for the people working for a private business.

Now I know, you are going to say, "well it is all for the seniors", but is it? How do you know? Nobody knows what money comes into this fund, except its officers, all of them work for Philip Consentino, both inside and outside of this corporation, nobody knows what goes out of this corporation. Nobody knows what the money donated is spent on. The first donation we have seen from this corporation to the town is the money for this New Subaru for the elderly affairs Dept. IF the voters pass it. Phil has already said that if they don't the money won't be donated.

So, how can we be sure when one man runs a corporation that is dependent on the two town depts. he runs for business and donations that his town decisions are best for the town, and not best for his own corporation?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Phil....did anyone note that the chief has requested a promotion for Bill Baldwin, from Lieutenant to Captain? This because Baldwin has received a Bachelor or Arts Degree.

My theory is that, when Baldwin returns in October,Phil will want to retire and have his "captain" designated at Chief in is place.
Then Phil can go on playing Director of Elderly Affairs and using his very own private donation account. Awesome, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

More corruption at the hands of Consentino. Selectmen take notice. Taxpayers ARE paying attention and say you have to do something about it. Do it NOW or expect more lawsuits and don't complain about it.


過分 said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

Anonymous said...

He should have had the damn bachelors degree before making Lt.

Anonymous said...

We obviously dont need a Lt. because every time he is gone for a year, nothing changes, nobody notices, so why do we need a captain? Just another excuse to make our $90,000 Lt. a $100,000 captain

Anonymous said...

AND he can drive a new Subaru for extra duty pay when he's working or not working. OMG, CON-CAR strikes again at taxpayers expense.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that our chiefs reaction to somebody seeing the dispatcher working for his business in the PD, was to put reflective film up on the window so that the next time they do that nobody can see.

Anonymous said...

but its ok because nobody is ever going to hold him responsible for obeying the law like he does to people he doesnt like. remember when he came into the meeting to call the Grants federal criminals for putting flyers on the outside of mailboxes? He has never gone after anybody else who puts flyers on mailboxes.

Anonymous said...

Phil IS a senior citizen. So....when he needs a ride to a hospital, does he drive himself and get paid for it?

And will the $100 per year present salary go up to $30,000?

Anonymous said...

When is the Conflict of Interest Committee going to meet? If this "conflict of interest" is of no concern to the Conflict of Interest Committee***

*** it should be dissolved.


Anonymous said...

Bachelor or Arts Degree?

In what?

He should have have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice or no promotion in the PD.

What is your Major, Lieutenant?

Hopscotch? Skipping out of the school board meetings, are ye?

Anonymous said...

hey, BTW, where is our grant equipment Mr. Baldein?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I can not support the advancement of someone who sued the town claiming he should be Lt. after only 6 years as a cop. Or someone who lied about his military pay when the town was trying to pay him the difference between his military pay and his town pay. Or sommeone who stood up in town meeting screaming at us about his $800,000 tower that he said we needed, when he knew we got Grant equipment that supposedly SOLVED our communications problem.

Anonymous said...

Whar is dat dad blame blog hate man eh. Screered of this one eh. you come on out of that dar rat hole youse hiddin en wydoncha?

Take dis un on for true.

Whatcha got now?

Wydoncha wanna talk bout dis un.

Anonymous said...

We have a PD with nothing to do. That is why they look like clowns. All dressed up and no place to go. Idle hands do the devils work. Keep these bad boys off the street how about a PAL then they can play hoops or do leather crafts all day. Not bad work if you can get it.
ps. just the supervision part or the force which is in the majority most days - all chiefs no indians. (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

We have 5 full time officers including a Lt., a Sgt., and a Cpl.

3 supervisors and 2 workers!

Are we getting carried away with the military titles for no work?

Why exactly do we need a Captain?

I think we just need a chief who has some qualifications, any qualifications at all.

Anonymous said...

BTW Criminal Justice is a Bachelors of Science degree, what the hell is Billy's alleged degree in?

Anonymous said...

Billy told me he didn't have a degree. He's still working on it.

Anonymous said...

well, saying someone has a degree when they don't is just a little lie. Kind of a "gotcha" like he realy would be educated if he was smart before he was educated to become smart and how do you have any right to question this chicken and the egg stuff? You don't, so shut up and sit down.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Cummingham is not a police officer. She is a civilian employee who works as a dispatcher. She holds no certification (full or part time) from New Hampshire Police Standards & Training. Just setting the record straight...please post a retraction whoever wrote the article. Thank you.

Also, there is no full or part time corporal. The last corporal was John Lapham. His position has not been filled.

Anonymous said...

The last poster makes a great point. Alot of what is said about the police department is from what people "hear" and not what they "know".

The five full time officers are:

Lt. Baldwin
Sgt. Farrar
Off. Paquette
Off. Butler
Off. Vanhirtum

There are two supervisors and no corporal. Off. Butler replaced Off. Fardella and Off. Vanhirtum came in after Corporal Lapham died.

I know its a punch line when people post "get your facts straight"...but sometimes it has validity.

Mr. Moderator post a retraction about Miss Cummingham and her status with the police department.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. The Blog hereby retracts all posted mistakes. OK?

MAcciard said...

I think the term "police officer" was meant to show that she works for the police dept., as a dispatcher, not elderly affairs dept.

I don't think the poster was trying to state she is a "patrol officer".

In fact she IS a dispatcher for the police dept. and she DOES also do clerical work for the chief's private business, as well as Elderly Affairs.

Just as a side note, I though we almost doubled the elderly budget, and paid $5,000 in "separation costs" for the two depts. to be separated as demanded by the AG's office. Where is the separation?

Anonymous said...

It is nice that phil has learned to take the caps lock off when he types.

Anonymous said...

Hey annon march 8 at 730am, was that a typographical error with the double m;s instead of double n's or do you know something that we don't? Please share.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received a copy of the warrant in the mail? I haven't.......

Anonymous said...

I think he should be promoted to General.

Anonymous said...

CON-sentino should be DEMOTED to the pasture where all bully, bald headed elderly COWS belong.