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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Consentino Wins Vaughn Award?

Yes, as pictured in the Carriage Towne News, Our police chief/elderly affairs director/ charity slush fund president/ harmless little fuzzball won an award for Having created the Atkinson Elderly Affairs program in 1993. And having worked 2040 hours in 2009 as Director of Elderly Affairs, seeing to the needs of our elderly.

Admittedly, the chief does a lot for the elderly in Atkinson, after all it IS his job as elderly affairs director, and he probably deserves this award that Noriko apparently nominated him for; BUT;

He DID NOT create the elderly affairs program, in 1993, or any other year. And if he worked 40 hours per week as elderly affairs director, when was he working as police chief? One of the Attornies General's office requirements when demanding "clear separation between police and elderly affairs depts." was that town keep timesheets showing the chiefs hours as a cop, and as an elderly director. Those would be interesting to see. How can he work so few hours as chief, especially when the Lt. is out of the country?

Also please remember we are paying him $24,000/yr. to work 1,300 hours as POLICE CHIEF!

As to the lie about creating the elderly affairs program, well Paul Grant started it in 1988 as his Eagle Scout Project. Carol Grant was the first Director of Elderly Affairs, and ran the program out of her home, and her own wallet, as the program had no budget. Chief was appointed elderly affairs director in 1993, and morphed it into the PD. And from there the greatest political operation ever known to Atkinson has thrived.

Just as a budgetary matter... if the PD can run seemlessly(meaning without residents seeing a degradation of services) without the Lt. whose job costs the town $90,000/yr. and the chief, whose job costs the town $42,000/yr. not including lawsuit costs and settlement fees, why do we need those positions?


Anonymous said...


Yes, 2040 hours is certainly 40 hours a week. He is supposed to be on a schedule and filling out time reports.

Secondly, the elderly affairs dept. is supposedly operating 8 to 4, monday thru friday.

So when is he fulfilling PD duties? They also operate 8-4, M-F too.

This is an outrage and WHEN is it going to stop?

Anonymous said...

And what about the new propaganda letter.

Gimme, gimme you moola.

Every try to get services though? Unresponsive.

Anonymous said...

Just another award for an undeserving liar of the town of atkinson. Notice he was standing beside Lynch? Both need to go for picking our pockets. Now you know why he is known as CON-sentino. There is no bigger FRAUD than he is.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm offended.

Why is this (and all the other antics) ok with the Board of Selectmen?

Don't any of you have any honor?

Anonymous said...

So much the the separation ordered by the AG office!

Anonymous said...

I am writing to express my concerns about Chief Phil Consentino and, more specifically, his treatises regarding dissolute, obdurate proponents of hedonism. Let me start by stressing that I am not attempting to suppress anyone's opinions, nor do I intend to demean Consentino personally for his beliefs or worldviews. But I do warrant that I must express our concerns about Consentino's stentorian, aberrant policies. If it is not yet clear that there are numerous defects, physical, mental, and moral, that clearly mark him as a self-deceiving adulterer, then consider that he and I are as different as chalk and cheese. Consentino, for instance, wants to reopen wounds that seem scarcely healed. I, on the other hand, want to deal with Consentino appropriately. That's why I need to tell you that we can't stop him overnight. It takes time, patience and experience to take off the kid gloves and vent some real anger at him.

Consentino cannot tolerate the world as it is. He needs to live in a world of fantasies. To be more specific, while Consentino is out abridging our basic civil liberties, the general public is shouldering the bill. Sadly, this is a bill of shattered minds, broken hearts and homes, depression and all its attendant miseries, and a despondency about Consentino's attempts to promote pessimism's traits as normative values to be embraced.

Do you ever get the feeling that we are being insidiously, conspiratorially, and treasonously led by deception, by bribery, by coercion, and by fear to dilute the nation's sense of common purpose and shared sacrifice? Well, you should because when you tell Consentino's hangers-on that it is morally unjustifiable for Consentino to discredit and intimidate the opposition, they begin to get fidgety and their eyes begin to wander. They really don't care. They have no interest in hearing that he plans to slander those who are most systematically undervalued, underpaid, underemployed, underfinanced, underinsured, underrated, and otherwise underserved and undermined as undeserving and underclass before long. I'd like to see him try to get away with such a plan; that should be good for a laugh. You see, most people have already observed that Consentino is trying to get us to acquiesce to a Faustian bargain. In the short term this bargain may help us indicate in a rough and approximate way the two scornful tendencies that I believe are the main driving force of modern demagogism. Unfortunately, in the long term it will enable Consentino to turn peaceful gatherings into embarrassing scandals. I can see from the length of what I've written so far that I should save the rest of my comments about Chief Phil Consentino for a future letter. Let me close by stating simply that I wouldn't waste my time trying to begin a course of careful, planned, and coordinated action if his programs of Gleichschaltung weren't parroted by so many subversive gutter-dwellers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In a long description of what we have to live with,with our leader, you are so right.

There really is no way to stop this injustice.

He worked many years developing this plan, and it worked.

It came to fruition in 2005 when he had enough followers to allow him to do as he pleased. I don't know if at anytime these people wil understand how they were hoodwinked
in to his plans.

This is a fact and not fiction cause no one could make this up.

We have not had a BOS who will dare oppose him. Who knows why? Only time will tell and I do believe the truth will out some day.

Anonymous said...


Awesome 10:59. Agree entirely.

On the other hand, my husband, when alive, had a philosophy which was very simple.

"I'm gonna do whatever I want and f*** anyone who gets in my way."

Anonymous said...

How many rides for the eldery this year? We can't know that? Why not?

Right-to-Know Law

BANTA, India — Chanchala Devi always wanted a house. Not a mud-and-stick hut, like her current home in this desolate village in the mineral-rich, corruption-corroded state of Jharkhand, but a proper brick-and-mortar house. When she heard that a government program for the poor would give her about $700 to build that house, she applied immediately.

As an impoverished day laborer from a downtrodden caste, she was an ideal candidate for the grant. Yet she waited four years, watching as wealthier neighbors got grants and built sturdy houses, while she and her three children slept beneath a leaky roof of tree branches and crumbling clay tiles.

Two months ago she took advantage of India’s powerful and wildly popular Right to Information law. With help from a local activist, she filed a request at a local government office to find out who had gotten the grants while she waited, and why. Within days a local bureaucrat had good news: Her grant had been approved, and she would soon get her check.

Ms. Devi’s good fortune is part of an information revolution sweeping India. It may be the world’s largest democracy, but a vast and powerful bureaucracy governs. It is an imperial edifice built on feudal foundations, and for much of independent India’s history the bureaucracy has been largely unaccountable. Citizens had few means to demand to know what their government was doing for them.

But it has now become clear that India’s 1.2 billion citizens have been newly empowered by the far-reaching law granting them the right to demand almost any information from the government. The law is backed by stiff fines for bureaucrats who withhold information, a penalty that appears to be ensuring speedy compliance.

“Our main objective was to empower citizens,” Mr. Singh said. “This law has done that — given the people the power to challenge their government. That is no small thing.”

Anonymous said...

Too bad no one respect the RTK law here.

I'd like to see the grant equipment. I don't care who has it.

I'd like to be able to read meeting minutes on line.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of CON-sentino and your chances of getting RTK information increases GREATLY.


Anonymous said...

June 30, 2010

Police Log


Monday, June 14

Criminal mischief: Stonewall Terrace.

Tuesday, June 15

Fraud: Maple Avenue.

Thursday, June 17

Harassment: Main Street.

Sunday, June 20

Harassment: Brendan Road.

Wednesday, June 23

Criminal mischief: Main Street.

Friday, June 25

Theft: Sheep Island.

Anonymous said...

The Police log is a fabrication.

They are not reporting the calls as they would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I ALWAYS notice when they publish this thing....

6 dispatches in 2 weeks! 3 shifts per day, 21 shifts per week, 42 shifts in two weeks, and ONLY 6 DISPATCHES!!! This is what we pay $800,000 for?

Anonymous said...

We have a 'bargain' police chief position and we pay thru the nose for the rest of the dept.

This makes no sense. If we had someone who knew what they were doing, it would most likely cost alot less.

Anonymous said...

We have a Lt. whose job costs the town $90,000/yr. and when he is gone for a year, the PD continues its daily operations without even a hiccough. No disrespect to the Lt. but if they can do without him for a year, why do we need that position at all?

Anonymous said...

We don't need that position that costs the taxpayers so much money.
That is what is called payback. Of which there are many you never hear of.

Those that know about it choose to ignore it. More shame on us.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the TA been reading the police logs to the BoS at meetings?

There seems to be more calls than what is being reported here.

Do we want crime running rampant in this town?

Also, in the interest of fairness. The 800k listed here as the budget is a bit unfair. The cost of heat, hot water, AC, utilities, fuel for the cars, etc all come out of the budget. If that was not part of the PD operating budget, the cost would be much lower.

Since when does the Lieutenant make 90k a year? Or the Chief 42k a year? The EA position is salaried a 100 dollars a year. Why it wasn't a $1.00 is beyond me, but the BoS can be thanked for that.

You can't factor in the perceived cost of benefits into salary and wages. You just do that for shock.
You might as well double every single person's salary who receives fringe benefits from their employers. Fair is fair right?

Anonymous said...

The TA is reading the Police log at meetings?

I did not know this.

Maybe if they published the Police log correctly, he wouldn't have to read it.

Maybe if they published the meeting mminutes, I would know this.

The TA is supposedly an experienced Police Officer. It must be embarassing for him to work here. Sooner or later, he will have to get on the donation list or move out of town.

Anonymous said...

Who watches the meetings? I don't have cable and neither do my neighbors. They probably like it this way. Easier to hide stuff.

Anonymous said...

Chief, why don't you move to Florida, there's lots of Elderly that need help. You could do so much more with your life.

Anonymous said...

When you talk about what a job costs the town, you have to include all the costs. To just include the cash hides the total compensation.

I have looke at the towns spending and they are right. Take the Lt. for example. He makes $65,000- 70,000/yr. depending on the overtime and details the town pays him( I thought he was on salary?) add retirement at $19,000, Medicare at$1,500. Car at $7,000. Gas at $3,200. maintenance at $1,200. plus health insurance at $15,500.

Jon DiVito said...

I want to congratulate the Chief on his award. He is a man who deserves an award. Of course.. even after I presented him with emails from the woman who accused me of a crime 25 years ago... he has never apologized. After his 6 hours of a non existant investigaton.. I was arrested and my name tarnished forever... Phil.. congrats on your award! Too bad you are not man enough to apologize to me.

Anonymous said...

Jon he'll never apologize. He'll go to his grave under the belief he's right. Mentally ill people of his type are incapable of apologizing or accepting blame. Everyone else is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry Jon but he won't do it. He's not big enough.

Anonymous said...

Look at the problems we are having and paying thru the nose and getting poor service and more lawsuits.

We should have a good PD, a competent one for what it cost the taxpayers.