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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Atkinson police lose another officer

From the Eagle Tribune;

August 11, 2011
Atkinson police lose another officer
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — Another officer is leaving the Atkinson Police Department, leaving the dwindling force at just three full-time officers. Police Chief Philip Consentino has been out on medical leave since June 14.

Today is Officer Justin Paquette's last day at the department. Detective Sgt. Philip Farrar said Paquette, a Haverhill, Mass., resident, is leaving for a new job and a bigger paycheck at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council.

"He's been here for 10 years," Farrar said. "He's been working midnights the last few years."

The police department started the year with five full-time officers. Lt. William Baldwin left for Plaistow in May. Paquette's departure leaves just three full-time officers.

"One of the three officers left has applied to another department and we anticipate him leaving by Sept. 1," Farrar said yesterday. "It's not a done deal yet, but we expect to be down to two officers. We're losing people and, right now, there's no process being begun to replace anyone. We're using part-time officers to cover any open shifts and there will be some mandated shifts and overtime."

Farrar has been covering for Consentino while he recovers from heart surgery, putting his own planned retirement on hold.

"The chief is still not back, so I'm doing my original job as detective and the lieutenant's job and the chief's job," Farrar said. "I was waiting for the chief to come back, but I don't know when he'll be allowed to come back. I'm certainly not going to abandon the department."

Consentino had been doing some paperwork from home, but selectmen sent him a letter last month, directing him to stop any police work until he was OK'd to return to full duty. The chief said he believed selectmen were threatening his job, although board members rejected that idea.

Police can't hire replacements for Baldwin or Paquette until the town has completed an independent study of the department by Municipal Resources Inc., which is looking at how the department is run.

"There is still a hiring freeze the selectmen have put in place until the MRI study is completed, and then we can consider hiring," Farrar said. "But the study is apparently on hold. The MRI people asked to speak the chief because he's the only one they haven't talked to yet, but he isn't allowed to do any police work."

Selectmen's Chairman William Bennett said the town is hoping to get Consentino back on the job as quickly as possible to start hiring a replacement for Paquette.

"We are trying to get the chief back on the job and let him do the hiring," Bennett said. "We don't want to do the hiring ourselves."

Until then, he said, the town has an arrangement with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department to back up the department with more officers if necessary.

"MRI can't finish their study until they've talked to the chief and we're trying to get him back quickly," Bennett said. "If there were some reason why he couldn't return for some extended period of time, we'd have to reassess our approach. But I don't foresee that happening."

Town Manager Philip Smith said the department still has enough officers to cover shifts adequately.

"The police department has several part-time officers and still has two of the three patrol officers," he said. "The town is adequately protected. There has been only one vacancy, Baldwin, who did not have a patrol shift. The additional vacancy is a full-time patrol officer, which can be covered with our part-time officers until filled."

But Farrar said he's worried.

"Right now, we're good; we've anticipated this first departure," he said. "But, come September, if this other officer does in fact get this job, that will open up another can of worms. We'll deal with that when we get there."

He said he hopes Consentino will return soon and they can begin to hire new officers.


Anonymous said...

Municipal Resources Inc. is doing it's job, that is all. Look at the MRI report and results achieved in Bradford and other towns. A Bradford Selectman sits on the CNHT Board of Directors. The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT) will post full MRI Reports for several towns on The Atkinson Taxpayer web site. Full reports will assist Atkinson residents in comprehending the new developments in your town.


Please type in "The Atkinson Taxpayer Association" in your web browser. At that web site you may also review prior lawsuits and tab evidence that apply. Look under "Lawsuits".

CNHT is proud to assist the Atkinson Board of Selectmen in the development of town policy. Our Board of Directors are Selectmen, former State Reps and Town Moderators with the collective experience to assist Municipal Resources in the Town of Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

heard they might give the cat woman a badge and let her run the town for a bit, not a bad upgrade, she got lessons from baldwin looks like.....


Anonymous said...

You hide behind Ferris B's personality. Well, that is a step up and more honorable than hiding behind a woman's skirt. Especially using the Sapia name and besmirching your long time pal's wife. Or is this just "Besmirch Atkinson Women Month" and it is not on my calendar.

I am reminded of that quote "There is no honor among thieves". Guess that applies to x town officials when it comes to the word "honorable".

Anonymous said...

If the BOS and MRI are truly looking at all the options, I commend them. We need to fix this problem and get a qualified Police Chief and staff.

I am willing to spend the money to get this done and think it will ultimately save money without so many lawsuits surrounding one individual. He is not worth his salary and the aggravation of having him.

I would vote for a FT Chief if it went to the ballot because we would attract a larger pool of candidates.

I am willing to have Salem, Plaistow or the County take over. Anything but this.

Anonymous said...

Catwoman would be good too.

Anonymous said...

This is getting exciting. Maybe soon we will be free at last.

Good luck to Officer Paquette but he'll be better off in a normal town.

Anonymous said...

Is the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department responsible for the peace and quiet of late? The lake is quiet, the streets are quiet, no fireworks and drunken brawls.

Maybe we should keep them. Our local criminals would not have to go to other towns to be arrested anymore.

Anonymous said...

I, ferris will be back at the school podium, controlling, interpreting your rights the correct way for you. Ferris will pull up the laws and keep the town under control again.

ferris stands tall with the Atkinson Brotherhood to get our town working again. Deliberative Session drives the town economy. We are job ceators. Thats best for you. So vote the big man for Chairman of the BOS. He is the best job creator. Do what I tell you and everything will improve, we will drive the complainers out, shut down this rag and grow the town economy.


Anonymous said...

"ferris stands tall with the Atkinson Brotherhood"
If you mean who I think, standing "tall" is not an option.

Anonymous said...

MRI cant finish report untill talk to chief bennett wont let chief talk to mri or do any police work. chief gave bos 3 letters from doctor saying ok to come back to work Bennett said not good enough.GET RID OF BOS LET CHIEF COME BACK

Anonymous said...

who are Catwoman and Ferris??
sorry, new to town....not so sure i'm glad to have moved here!!

Anonymous said...

Be happy you moved to Atkinson. This town soon corrected by the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayer Directors working with Municipal Resources Directors.

Anonymous said...

they are the chief's fictional friends. every day they become different people. one day, ferris is the blog owner, the next day he a bos. sometimes he hears things in the night and comes here and cries fowl or foul. we just humor him.

Anonymous said...

kidding....glad i moved here.
love this town and the blog.
keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to town. I hope you have a good experience.

Anonymous said...

bill won't call, fred don't call, frieel won't call, mri wont talk.

Anonymous said...

ferris buehler represents how 99% of the town and police force feels about this mockery of this blog, it is most rediculas that they say they are doing good, when all they are trying to do is ruin it. Its full of bullies who are trying to run the chief out of town and doesnt care about the elderly, how can people be so cruel to the elderly, the chiefs service is all some of them have!! so be proud to be from atkinson but dont be proud of this website or the people who run/own or post hurtfull comments about the elderly folks

Anonymous said...

I do not see any bad comments about the elderly here. What are you talking about?

This conversation is about the POLICE CHIEF, of the POLICE DEPT. This has nothing to do with the elderly. Stop twisting it around to be something it's not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've never heard anyone say they want to take any services away from the elderly. In fact, a few years ago, some residents thought we should expand services. BUT, the police chief started calling people and asking them why they signed the petition warrant articles to do so.

Now, why is this? Why would he be against this? Maybe he will come on and post under his name and explain his thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

To the newcomer to Atkinson...

Do you ever get calls from police officers seeking donations? I know I do. Does it make you feel very uncomfortable to say NO because there might be a problem if you get stopped late at night?

Imagine if you are elderly and feeble and the police are paying your oil and gas bill too. You have to call the police station for your ride to the doctor. Your wife has to call for a cane.

You think you might donate when called next time or listen to their campaign speeches how you should vote next election?

The elderly are not the problem in Atkinson. They are the victims.

Many blog posters fight these bullies trying to protect the elderly.

Now you understand how this all fits together.

Anonymous said...

Somethin doesnt fit. How do you go from graveyard shift, sitting on your thumb fer years to New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council? Big jump.

He mustof been studyin trainin manuels and big ole lawbooks while a protectin drunken donuts from gettin broke into. Oh! Answered my own friggen questioen.

Anonymous said...

the elderly are a pain in the @$$...that is the only reason the chief has not been removed yet..cant wait for the mri to do there job and fix this tow..ITS NOT OUR JOB!

J. La

Anonymous said...

Bye Phil. You're all done. Why? Cause you got no badge. No badge means no power. You can't dictate to the officers no more. They aren't following your illegal orders anymore.

We aren't afraid of you anymore.

So many things I want to say to you for all the damage you caused (except to your chosen few). But I will refrain because I've got more class in my little finger than you & all your thugs put together. I can't wait to rebuild EA and take all your political controls out of it. That will be fun! The seniors will no longer be obligated to you. They will be free.

You, sir, are irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I hear through the grapevine that another Officer was offered the position of Assistant Secretary of State. And the Dems want to run yet another for State Senate, Chairman of Police Affairs. We keep losing our officers to well deserved up/positions.

But then the counter offer is a free ticket to 6-flags. That's if they stay and face the professionals at CNHT and MRI.

Anonymous said...

heard the cats running wild telling everyone that this blog is abusive towards cetain individuals, might want to shut it down again before you get hit with a law suit, the town is watching....duh duh duhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

the bos is the problem not the chief and pd need to have ag look at bos and its secret dealings

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

have bos fill in at pd,but wait bennett wont fit behind the wheel fred will forget were pd is and friel will take bribes for not writing tickets

Anonymous said...

stop blogging about me and my cats, last warning, last

Anonymous said...

Chief, If you can still hear cats a-wailin', it might be time to get off the meds and sign yourself in. I personally care less about someone not getting a speeding ticket when you have been neglecting your duties as the Police Chief by fixing tickets, protecting hoodlums and holding the elderly residents hostage. You are a criminal and be gone with you!

Anonymous said...

where are all the drug dealers???? I think the chief is doing to good of a job, you know how hard it is to get a package these days!!! I feel like people think Im a cop and wont sell to me, please help


Anonymous said...

i heard through the grape vine that secret identity of the anonymous bloggers will be revieled at 9am on saturday morning. The town of atkinson will be shocked, hide the woman, children and cats!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would reveal the anonymous identity of Police Officers. I wouldn't want to be YOU!!!'

Anonymous said...

I heard through the grape vine that the animal control was setting up a sting operation on this house off granite ridge, somthing about house 100's of felines, cant wait to see if that makes the blogspot or if it is over looked by corrupt owners/bloggers of this hack blog. we shal see

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous blogger on August 11th at 10:39pm. How do you know where Officer Paquette went? Just remember that what goes around comes around. Don't be bitter at someone who betters themselves when you choose not to.
Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

she who throws stones should not keep a house full of cats

Anonymous said...

Someone who can't spell should probably not believe everything he hears on the grapevine.

He should rather have his ear to the ground listening for what is yet to trample him. BTW, attacking other people when you are openly engaging in criminal behavior is just stupid. Don't you realize how you are damaging your own good? name?

Anonymous said...

People who destroy other people's property ought to be the first to move out of town.

Osborn? O'Leary? Bidgood? Consentino?

Anonymous said...

Why is the Chief watching cartoons when he should be preparing for his future?

meow meow. hissssssss

Anonymous said...

I have got cat scratch fever, cat scratch fever!!!! from all my cats

Anonymous said...

good thing dougdale gets the old fd comand car to hall away all those cats

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the stupid blogging about cats & cat woman. How juvenile is that!!! Half the readers don't even know what the heck you're talking about! As for the elderly..Alot of them who need help have received it from different people. They could get the same assistance if the elderly affairs dept. was run from the community center. The police don't have to be involved at all. I know that Phil has taken care of an oil bill for an older peron who can use help. That is a good thing, but I still think that he should retire & enjoy life w/his've earned the right to a peaceful retirement. Let's be adult & stop all of this silly talk on our blog.

Anonymous said...

this is a silly blog run by silly people. dont think this cat yap will be stopping anytime soon. every action gets a reaction. i have a idea why dont you star atkinson reporter 3


Anonymous said...

Are you up for a little adventure tonight. Call Night Line and chat with people that share your interest.

Anonymous said...

Petco. Where the pet people go.

Anonymous said...

You are truly a fruitcake. Where is your family in your time of need? Why aren't they monitoring you and your activities? Do you think you will retain your position acting like a flake and a bully, badmouthing town officials because he can't get your way?

wahhh, wahhhh

Anonymous said...

One oil bill, $40k per year plus jackets.

Anonymous said...

The reputation of the BOS and MRI depend on their ability to do the right thing for the Town and retire this man. We deserve more than a 72 yr old failing bully with no right to a badge.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee, Batman, he has bats in his belfry.

Shazam! Wacko! Poof!

Anonymous said...

there was a huge party on granite ridge rd last night, cars everywhere, extremly noisy, could the cops help? nope they left me high and dry again. No reason for it either, Over 20 calls to the APD and I got nothing out of it. I plan on writting a letter to the chief to let him know how upset Iam with his boys. Not fair for the neighbors. Not even my cats could sleep.


Anonymous said...

to the blogger at 6:05pm, who is damaging there name the chief? Sorry im confused? new to the site. What is the criminal offense?


MAcciard said...

How childish all of this has become. There was a time when resident used the anonymity of this blog because they feared retaliation from the Chief.

Now they cowardly use it to attack residents. MAN UP if you have complaints, and do it under your own name.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don't listen, they don't come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they're home they like to be left alone and sleep.

In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.

Anonymous said...

What is a cat's way of keeping law & order? Claw Enforcement.

Anonymous said...

People of the blog, I ask for your help. Can someone recommend a great attorney that deals with defamation of character lawsuits. I need help to defend myself against a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

accusing people of deal narcotics is also defamation of character...think before you speak


Anonymous said...

You are not permitted to read Atkinson police logs in the paper by order of the Atkinson PD. It never makes it into the log anyway as everybody in town knows. The drug dealing party scum has to get caught in another town to get put in cuffs. In Atkinson, your family votes. They take the 35 year old drug pusher to their elderly parents house and just "sort it out". Wouldn't want it in the papers.


Anonymous said...

An infamous town official says..." And if my kids are at a party and there is some illegal activities going on I'd appreciate the discretion of getting a phone call to come pick him'her up as opposed to a phone call saying "come to Brentwood we have your kid"...

What illegal activities going on are you referring to? Drug dealing? What do you mean by "discretion"? The best is if they lock up your brats at Brentwood and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There was a party on Granite Rdige Rd. and no one called the police as there was no need to. Lots of cars, no trouble, no noise, no problems, no cats.

Stop signing other peoples names and initials to your sill blog postings since we all know you are just a fake.

Anonymous said...

I think the person who'd rather have his kids brought home quietly is a fool.

This is how kids start out, getting away with crime. Soon, they think the system is for everyone else but them, they become dishonest like their father and they grow up to be worse. They will kill living things and expect their buddies to cover up for them. They will not have dignity or honor and will perpetuate their kind in the next geneation of Atkinson thugs.

Anonymous said...

All this berating of residents who complain about the corruption, is just to send a message to the rest of you. This is what you are going to get if you dare to criticise the Chief. You too will be followed around town and publically ridiculed and when you sue, the taxpayers will pay his way.

He's going to go to the paper and whine about what a saint he is and how everyone has a vendetta against him. Poor Phil. If he is that paranoid, why stick around for more from us? Retire, please.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

I hear you're in charge of public safety. You know, those who approve the street light requests.

I was kinda wondering why you have street lights in your own driveway that EXACTLY match those on Route 121, in front of your house at 140 Main St.

What a coincidence! Did you plan it this way so that yours did not clash with the lights on the street?

Do they come on at the same time as the ones on Main St.? I was wondering if they did,that would be nice. Maybe I will watch and see if they do.

Wondering if you got a good deal on them, they must have been affordable if you have them in your yard.

Maybe, if they are inexpensive, we could put some on some of the streets and driveways.

Is this so that you can check on that horse in your front yard? Are they going to make you move your front yard farm animals now that this is a scenic byway?

I think we should pass a local ordinance banning unsightly things along our byway, don't you? You live there, how lucky you are and I'm sure you'd love to have the street protected.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with your horse, it's cute.

Maybe you could ask Unitil to dim the lights a bit, it's a bit bright. Just temporarily until after you have had a chance to paint the fence and spruce up the place a bit. Also, you don't want people to keep looking for that missing Mercury. You could also park that construction equipment in one of your six garages. Some quick curb appeal ideas for you.

Anonymous said...

Mark Acciard, What a great photo.

Anonymous said...

If you see people dealing drugs, it's not defamation. It's easy to see when they are sticking a straw up their nose and passing around the glass pane. Big wad of cash and a drive-by drivers window exchange of baggies for cash and the smell of pot in the air. Ah, summertime.

Anonymous said...

Two friends were shopping in the mall when Joyce smiled: “My cat can really play chess!”

With a shocking expression, Chief Consintino praised Joyce’s cat: “Really? It must be very smart!”

Just when Chief Consintino finished his sentence, Joyce said:” Well… Actually, I don’t know about that. I usually win three out of four times

the king has spoken

Anonymous said...

oh no she is startin early this morning, when do you eve sleep hunny? come on now you must have somthing else to do? dont you?

Anonymous said...

this is actually happening?

Anonymous said...

You better lose some weight or you'll never live to see the Chief retire!

Anonymous said...

"I got rid of my husband. The cat was allergic."

Anonymous said...

The lights are coming on soon, whatcha thinkin' 'bout that ?

What will we find out in the light?

Anonymous said...

what light?

Anonymous said...

Chief Farrar! Long live the pseudo Chief!

Anonymous said...

Consentino praises cats? Ok then....proof positive, he is bonkers!

Anonymous said...

Pay attention. The Chief has street lights in his yard that just so happen to match the ones on the State Highway. And, he's in charge of street lights, get it?

How did he ever get so lucky as to have lights matching those in front of his house? How stylsh!

Anonymous said...

Heard the CON man was fired but won't accept his own resignation.

wowie zowie Batman!

Anonymous said...

"Cats are independent, they don't listen, they don't come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they're home they like to be left alone and sleep."

Sounds like women, if from the frustrated man's perspective.

Anonymous said...

to August 14, 2011 10:42 AM

the king "moron" has spoken...

Anonymous said...

Jody owns that house, not HIM.

Anonymous said...

9:56am if you like big, fat, bald and ugly.

I rather the cats.

Anonymous said...

Honest, kind, generous, dignified, intelligent, handsome, and stately.

What a great person Mark is and he has been brave and good to the entire town, no matter how many times he was targeted by a few jealous people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Acciard has a great memory for details. That is to be admired by all. He stands up for what he thinks is right and just. In the process, of standing up for the good, Mr. Acciard acquired knowledge of town government and RSA laws that are very accurate and valuable. That combined with leadership skills, makes Acciard needed on the state level. Town affairs are too small a fishbowl. It is time to move up to the state level.

Mr. Acciard, please consider with generosity the offer to join the CNHT Board of Directors. Your years of experience will make a huge difference to many in towns like Atkinson state-wide.

Who you are makes a difference and you are needed!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please help me?

People of the blog, I ask for your help. Can someone recommend a great attorney that deals with defamation of character lawsuits. I need help to defend myself against a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is pesting us with cat comments and naming residents along with their street address can be sued for defamation and slander and other violations of civil rights.

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion,” impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Anonymous said...

Polically motived crimes are hate crimes and are punished by the FBI.

Anonymous said...

I think the BOS decided a while ago that it was time to change the chief. They weren't willing to go up against him, so they're using other means to do it. I bet the report (correctly) either states that we need a full-time chief, or opens the option to cooperating with another town.

I also believe that the police reports don't make the paper under the supposed reason that it keeps peoples' business private, but that the real reason is it keeps the chief from being criticized for not dealing with things (like the child kidnapping/abduction attempt years ago that the chief didn't even know about). Bullying doesn't typically work to hold things together forever, though it was a pretty good attempt...

Anonymous said...

nice to see the chief back maybe we can now start hiring more police officers

Anonymous said...

Back for a nap maybe...not back to work.

Macciard said...

Aug.15, @9:38pm;

No such offer has been or is likely to be made.

Nice try. But thank you for the compliments

Anonymous said...

Phil for selectman! With all his great work at our PD just think what he could do for the town. Phil you got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's why they are being investigated.

Anonymous said...

any thing would be better than the 3 stooges we have now. last bos meeting a joke with bennett running the meeting by him self

Anonymous said...

That would not be better. Why add Curly Joe back into the mix?

Anonymous said...

what about FERRIS on the BOS, that would be nice

Anonymous said...

I vote for Phil for a bennie or two. If right I am all in. Show me something cause I am not old elderly getting perks and need a return on my vote. What will I get for voting for you Phil? Any campaign promises to me and my friends? I'm not in this for fun.

Anonymous said...

Listen up BOS!

70 isn't the new 50. No one is indispensable.
Even State Supreme Court Justices are forced
out at 70. Time for Mr. Consentino to retire.

Anonymous said...

Caint wait gotta see videos of spittin snot on Artus an old ladies cry in and moron select men red faces. Get in get revenge ,,make em move. Put duct tape on Artus big mouth but drag to Poland Springs. Fix our town real real good. Do it up do it up real good. caint wait

Anonymous said...

You let him back in? Have you read these postings? What are you thinking?

More threats, now to drag a person to Maine, are you kidding me? Is there no end to this outrage?

Anonymous said...

justice has been served, lets all move on now and talk about the corruiption of this blog and the BOS

Anonymous said...

long live king consentino, the king has spoken, long live the king.

Anonymous said...

the blog has been quiet, hahaahahah i think we have self destructed, hahahaha HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM, what a joke this site is, what a out right joke......

Anonymous said...

ATKINSON — Police Chief Philip Consentino is back on the job.

Selectmen officially reinstated the chief yesterday, Selectmen's Chairman William Bennett said. Consentino had been out on medical leave since June 14.

"He is under some restrictions by his doctor, but he is back for light duty," Bennett said. "He is still recovering from open heart surgery."

Consentino said he worked a half day yesterday, mainly doing desk work from his office.

"I'm finally back at work," he said. "They gave me a letter stating I could come back to work as long as I follow my doctor's instructions. The main thing is not to lift anything heavy. I know exactly how much I can lift before it hurts across my chest."

Consentino, 70, had tried to do some police paperwork from home when he first came back from the hospital. But selectmen sent him a letter last month, telling him to stop all police work until he was fit to return to duty or else he would be fired.

"They were trying to make sure that everything was in order," Consentino said. "They were so afraid of being sued if I came back and something happened to me they made a mountain out of a molehill."

Now that the chief is back, he can address the department's shrinking staff. Officer Justin Paquette left the department last week and another officer may leave on Sept. 1. That follows Lt. William Baldwin's departure for Plaistow in May. Now, the department is understaffed, with just three full-time officers.

"Consentino will be able to hire replacement officers soon," Bennett said. "He can replace Paquette as a patrol officer now. We know we need that."

The chief had been restricted from hiring any new officers until an independent study of the police department by Municipal Resources Inc. is finished. The study stalled while Consentino was out, but he said he will be meeting tomorrow with a representative from MRI.

"I'm the last of his puzzle to put together, so by Wednesday, he should have it done," Consentino said.

But the chief isn't waiting for the results of the study to advertise for new officers.

"Putting the ads in doesn't mean we're hiring anyone," he said. "We're accepting applications so when MRI does give the selectmen recommendations, which I hope will be to replace two officers, we will have applications in and we can act immediately. Time is of the essence."

Consentino said the hiring process could take anywhere from two week to two months, depending on who applies. The department is specifically looking for experienced officers who don't need much training; the salary will be based on experience.

"A lot of times you can get somebody that has 10 or 15 years in the system and they're looking for something that's fairly quiet," Consentino said. "It would be a perfect job for them."

Unfortunately, he said, the two officers who left did not feel that way.

"Those two officers haven't had a raise in three or four years and have not been able to negotiate a contract with selectmen," Consentino said. "They felt they wanted to go someplace where they had a chance of advancement and more money. The third could be leaving soon because he's taking on a job that could pay him roughly 10 to 15 percent more than he's making here."

Consentino said Detective Philip Farrar did a great job running the department in his absence, putting off his planned retirement to help out the department.

"I'm just glad he's back," Farrar said of Consentino. "My retirement will be in the works now that he's back. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal."

Town Manager Philip Smith did not return requests for comment

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this blog is really a joke, good luck getting around town know who you are...hahaha paranoid? why? dont forget you have the right to remain silent!!!! hello???

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Did anyone hear that the Town Administrator is leaving?

Seems we don't have a good track record for keeping a town administrator. Perhaps MRI should look into the rest of the town politics as well.

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thats because of all the bs he has to put up with from the morons on the bos

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Let's face it, the entire political scene is Atkinson is atrocious. You enlist to help out and then they start the attacks. Who the heck would want to get near them while they act this way?

This goes for all of them that:

1) Do not work for the public good
2) Use their position to punish other or for other personal gain
3) Are underqualified for their office
4) Do not respect 91A and transparency

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Some of the comments on here are utterly ridiculous! Phil Smith has always been a selfless and hardworking man. Always looking out for everyone else first. He does what he needs to, to provide success in the home for his children to look up to and to become apart of. Every since the day I met Phil he has been a wonderful person to have in my life.

Good luck Phil and family on your new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Phil Smith is a great man! Such a shame to lose him in the department.

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I agree. I think we are really losing out by losing him. What a class act he is and polite, professional and smart. Good luck to Phil Smith.

What a stark contrast to what he leaves behind. A Police Chief no one else would hire, because he is untrained, uneducated, crude and a bully and has mysterious sources of financial sustainment, and is a vindictive power abusing sociopath. That about covers it.