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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Atkinson hires three Plaistow officers

From the Eagle Tribune;

October 5, 2011
Atkinson hires three Plaistow officers
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — Plaistow's loss is Atkinson's gain.

The town has hired three new police officers, all veterans of the Plaistow Police Department.

Selectmen Monday approved police Chief Philip Consentino's request to hire Officer Nicholas Fiset, Detective Sgt. Patrick Caggiano and Sgt. Scott Anderson.

"I can't wait to get them on board," Consentino said. "They're going to start work as soon as I get the background investigations done. Fiset should be here in two weeks."

The department is down to only two full-time officers since Officer Justin Paquette and Lt. William Baldwin left for other jobs and Detective Sgt. Philip Farrar retired.

Last week, selectmen authorized Consentino to hire four new police officers — two full-time and two part-time — to fill the gaps.

All three new hires have years of police experience. Fiset worked for Plaistow for the past 10 years and will be a patrol officer in Atkinson. Anderson worked in Plaistow for 22 years and plans to retire in November, working in Atkinson as a part-time patrol officer.

"Since Sgt. Farrar has left, Detective Sgt. Caggiano will take over for him as the department's executive officer," Consentino said. "He is a 22-year veteran of the Plaistow Police Department with an extensive training background."

Plaistow Deputy police Chief Kathleen Jones said it's not a coincidence that three officers left Plaistow for Atkinson.

"I think they see an opportunity over there," she said. "You hate to lose people, especially people you've worked with for many years. But we always support them if they feel they can find a position that's a little better for their families or an advancement in their careers."

She said the officers won't all be leaving at once, so it won't put a strain on her department. Fiset has given official notice; his last day in Plaistow is Oct. 17. Anderson had planned to retire in November and Caggiano hasn't yet put in his notice.

"We will definitely be replacing the officers that are leaving as soon as possible," Jones said. "It will mean a bit of upward mobility here, too, and create some opportunities in our department. Change isn't always a bad thing."

Farrar officially retired from the Atkinson force last week after postponing his retirement to help while Consentino recovered from open heart surgery this summer. But he hasn't really left the department.

"Farrar has agreed to stay on part-time to help me get things squared away in the next few weeks," Consentino said.

The chief will not be filling the lieutenant's position left vacant by Baldwin, but said he hopes to hire at least one more officer.

"It will make my job much easier," Consentino said. "Once I get these guys on board and trained, maybe I can take a day off."


Barbara Sapia said...

HaHa Bloggers, be careful what you wish for! HaHa "I think we should just let Plaistow take APD over" HaHa This is better the 3 top cops from Plaistow are here to help and lock all the bad bloggers up! HaHa

Anonymous said...

We meant, take over managing APD and there's still hope for that.

They should start by cleaning their own house out.

What amazes me is that they can find anyone to work for APD.

Anonymous said...

Guess those rumours of Billy driving officers out of Plaistow, and Plaistow officers looking to Atkinson, to get away from Billy's authoritarianism, was right!

Anonymous said...

But which is worse?

Bill or Pill?

Anonymous said...

I doubt all of Plaistow's best and brightest officers are heading to Atkinson because they heard its a great place to work for Phil. We just picked up all their dead weight. Plaistow wins again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Plaitow loses, and loses big! Plaistow is losing their 2 senior Sergeants, both of whom work circles around Baldwin. Both are more qualified, more intelligent, better trained, and are regarded with a much higher level of respect among their collegues. It was an absolute disgrace that they were passed over for the Lieutenant position and that is the main reason why they are leaving that town. From what I've heard, Baldwin was a marginal employee at best, when he was a part-time officer in Plaistow and now he's the 3rd in command! Several more Plaistow officers considered making the jump to Atkinson because of the lack of respect that was shown in that move. If you're looking for Plaistow's "dead weight" you need to look a little higher up than the Sergeants!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, sounds like inside info coming from one of the two PDs.

The real question is Bill or Pill? Which is worse? Isay Pill.

Cop's Brother said...

Baldwin has demanded everyone address him as Lt. At one point he was trying to get officers to salute him!

He should have learned by now respect has to be earned, something he is not accomplishing.

Anonymous said...

To Anon October 5, 2011 3:33 PM

Your argument falls apart at the seams. Plaistow knows full well about the dysfunctional Atkinson PD. Nobody in their right mind would come to work in our PD.

Anonymous said...

And it sounds like Baldwin's spread the infection over to Plaistow. Heil Baldwin! (Sound of goose stepping in the background.) So we want to be called Lieutenant do we and saluted too? Where do they get these freaks?

Barbara Sapia said...

anon 333 says it best; Welcome Pat Nick and Scott! If there are things in Atkinson that need repair you are more than capable of assisting Phil. Atkinson PD has improved 1000% THANK YOU CHIEF MACDOUGALL!!! (mri CONSULTANT FOR ALL YOU BLOGGERS THAT DON'T REALLY HAVE A CLUE)

Anonymous said...

Bararbara Sapia, you bloggers, is Mickey Rooney in lifts. Big ego, small man,

Anonymous said...

MacDougall reports.... HE says there are no complaints on the police department. What a moron! Coverup, coverup, coverup. Have Mac have an advertised meeting at Eggies and he will be stuck all day listening to complaints. If he is man enough to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

Me? Plaistow officer jones and I love Atkinson. Very little to do, especially at night. Putting on those 104 miles driving in circles is a drag but I figure I can go faster down main St and Rt 111. Then I can park for hours behind DD and watch the pretty illegal aliens close up. Best part of the job is I have no real responsibility because the PD is run by a part time, fully unqualified nut.

I keep my windows closed and the air on. I will never, ever talk to nobody (and get caught, heh, heh) or I gotta drive to the dog stinking station to write down the tit and tat. That's tough on my nose (and Señorita Maria at Dunkin Donuts me writin about tits and tats).

I really do it for the extra light duty, more money, and lower responsibility. I don't even have to arrest people for drunk driving anymore or enforce town ordinances. Atkinson is a lazy police officers dream town.

I especially like just not having to be responsible to a full time professional run PD. The monies great, extra light duty.


Anonymous said...

sad but true. you've summed it up well.

Anonymous said...

trained to get money from the elderly people in town

Anonymous said...

Farrar stays on part time. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

He wants a day off?

He works part time and has been out blogging from bed for months.