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Friday, October 7, 2011

Atkinson residents warned to lock doors after two break-ins

From the Eagle Tribune;

October 7, 2011
Atkinson residents warned after two break-ins
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — Police say the same suspects could be behind two break-ins that occurred within 24 hours.

Police Chief Philip Consentino said there were two break-ins on Tuesday.

"There was an attempted break-in on Stone Pound Lane," he said. "Perpetrators cut the screen and opened the window, and were working their way inside. But the homeowner was home. She screamed at them and they ran off into the woods."

Police searched the area, but were not able to find the suspects.

Later the same day, there was a successful break-in at a home on Conley Road, just three miles away.

"They made entry into the house by a door that was left ajar," Consentino said. "They stole approximately $1,000 worth of jewelry. Nothing else was taken."

He said the two incidents could be related.

"We haven't had a break-in in a long time," he said. "Residents should be aware and keep their doors locked."

Police are continuing to investigate both crimes.


Anonymous said...

They forgot to tell Plaistow dispatch not to report robbery, Atkinson drug dealing etc!!!!! ET publishing the police reports from Plaistow puts a real hurt on our PD's suppression of reports on crime in Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

must be political season

Anonymous said...

thats why we need more cops, if bos had not dragged its feet we would be up to speed

Anonymous said...

The telling line is;

""We haven't had a break-in in a long time," he said."


THAT is the point!

Anonymous said...

We don't need more cops, we need different cops, those trained, educated, who are credible, not running 'for profit' charities, those who have integrity. No womanizers or cheaters or bullies need apply.

Anonymous said...

APDRC Notice:

Next meeting has been postponed one day, same time, same place. Please bring your reports.

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks owner is from freemont, he doesnt care about elderly either does his "mafia" very offensive and one way. They hoard cats in there house and continuously cop call. that is all


Anonymous said...

You should seek educational and mental help.

Anonymous said...

October 10, 2011 5:29 PM Is just Jason Shallow shooting his mouth off again. He and Consentino need to be put into the same mental hospital for treatment. Now you understand why Consentino won't arrest him when and honest taxpayer complains.

How do you like the Consentino type of justice so far?

Anonymous said...

Whoever it is is completly correct. The corruption starts here. this blog is bad for the community. Rumors are started here. The elderly get dIsrespected constantly. There needs to be a stop to this disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Elderly get disrespected for what? Supporting a con-artist lawbreaker?

Anonymous said...

The only person disrepecting the elderly is the one who requires favors in return for doling out taxpayer funded services to SOME of them.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE NOTE that we completely condemn hoarding animals. While we claim the "crazy cat lady" term for ourselves as a way to combat stereotypes about cat-loving folks, this does NOT mean we approve of hoarding cats or any other animal. We also strongly oppose people looking the other way when they hear of a hoarding situation, or dismissing a hoarder as "just a crazy cat lady".


Anonymous said...

Hey Chief,

Instead of wasting our time slandering people, talking about cats and noise, why don't you go deal with the drug problems that are right under your nose and you are pretending don't exist.

The only thing that doesn't exist are the cats.

Anonymous said...

How's that Town Administrator Job working out for taxpayers so far? That's a $70,000 expense we can get rid of. Can't keep them, when they are replaced it cost us more each and every time, and we get no benefit as a town for having them.

Can hardly wait till the NEW AND IMPROVED BOS brings that subject up again. That subject should be SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS like a new communication tower, PD, PD lieutenant and detective, etc. etc, etc.

Watching a selectman's meeting is like watching OLD RERUNS of a bad 30’s movie or remakes of the same show.

Time to cancel all their shows, and put responsible people in office.

The PUNCH AND JUDY show was canceled years ago everywhere in the world EXCEPT THE TOWN OF ATKINSON. They remade themselves as the three monkeys and that doesn’t make for good viewing either. We’ve replaced the characters but the show is the same.

Time to trim the budget by getting rid of Consentino, his MAIFA connections, police dept., town administrator position, all police cars and associated costs, Childs, Friel, Bennett (oops he is gone like McAllister, Sullivan, Sapia) along with all the UNFUNDED State Mandates that cost us MONEY.

TIME TO THROW OUT ALL THOSE BABIES, with the BATHWATER. Doing so would save us $7,000,000 dollars in expenses.

What could YOU DO WITH $7 MILLION AS A TOWN that WAS spent on MONKEYS?

Jordan Shallow wants you to spend that money on Monkeys for HIS protection. Do you want to continue to spend money to protect him and his kind?

If so, just keep voting in Friel, Childs, Consentino and the likes of them.

Jordan will thank you for doing so.



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