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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brackett tacitly admits Consentino lied for a decade.

Chief Brackett went before the selectmen on Monday night with some revelations, Well, at least revelations to those who spent the last ten years believing Phil Consentino.

he said he can not sign the Annual certification to the State and Federal government that the Atkinson Police dept. is in compliance with their standards and regulations. Phil and Billy used to pass this document with nary a word. Brackett says there is "so much to do" that he can not possibly sign it. Maybe Phil and Billy simply did not know their duties in this regard, as they did not in so many others.

He also admitted what Acciard, Boyle, Grant, Artus, Kaye, and others have said for years; that the police dept. only gets 1.5 calls for service per shift. Some of you may remember Phils fanciful numbers from 2005-2008 of anywhere from 9,000- 12,000 calls. Like his claims of 240 people using elderly affairs, they were lies.

Brackett also revealed that he had spoken with Rockingham County Sheriff, Downing about Rockingham dispatch, noting that we already pay the county for it, it would cost no more to actually use it! Currently we pay more than $50,000 for Phil's wife, and the object of his desires, and harrassment to dispatch officers 23% of the time. In addition to this we pay Plaistow $39,000 to dispatch ALL of Highway, animal control, fire, and 77% of Police. For many years budget committee chief's such as Acciard, Boyle, Cole, and others asked why we spend so much for so little. Phil had a litany of excuses why his wife needed to dispatch. he claimed there would be delays with the Sheriff. That we would not get the service of larger towns. That our equipment did not directly communicate. That we would have to install a dedicated secure line to the Sheriff at a cost of tens of thousands. NONE OF WHICH WERE TRUE!

Bracket then discussed the security issues of having elderly affairs in the police building. The same things said in years past by others, such as Acciard, Tobin, Boyle, Grant, Artus,

He also revealed that the trustees HAD KEYS TO THE BUILDING! Also that they DROVE POLICE VEHICLES in the lot. ALL serious violations of both security, and protocol, thus placing the Town at severe liability. These practices were routine under the untrained, and incompetent former chief, and his trusty deputy, Billy.

This Blog thinks that the Town, and Consentino, if he had a shred of honor, owes those former critics of his an abject apology. it is absolutely amazing the things that we are now learning about the former chief's utter incompetence.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything You hear. Rockingham Dispatch can't handle the amount of radio traffic it has on it now. That is the reason the surrounding towns are leaving Rockingham. Don't believe me, ask Hampstead PD. And no town will ever live up to the Sheriffs Department. And just to let you know I have been to the PD, there are no keys to the doors, only coded locks. Maybe the true story needs to come out.

Anonymous said...

look like another bald power hungry wana be making up stories just check his past record try googleing him see the real new chief