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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Selectmen Corruption? You decide

It seems our current BOS is not happy taking second place in the corruption sweepstakes to the Board of Consentino/Childs/Sapia, they evidently wish to make a serious run at FIRST PLACE.

For those who watch the Budget Committee meetings they have been great entertainment, as the selectmen have tried to pad the budget, and the budget committee has asked the questions that for the last 6 years they have shied away from asking.

For  example, Mr. Innis was caught flat footed when presenting the selectmen's attempt to add $25,000 for  a repair to the deck at the Community Center. The Budget committee did  something that they have not done since the tenure of Acciard, Cole, and Boyle.  They did their DUE DILIGENCE! Member Harold Morse and Bill Smith went to the ACC and looked at the deck. These men, with construction experience determined that the repair would cost no more than $500. They confronted innis  with this, and he did a wonderful job of  stammering, but  could offer no expanation. Harold Morse's response was Beautiful, he said;  These instances are causing me to  lose confidence in you and your board".

And now we come to the latest DISHONESTY from the Board of Selectmen. They have asked the Elderly Affairs director to create a presentation about "why they need to put back the $20,000 that the budget committee removed from the Elderly Affairs budget". The problem is that the Budget committee ONLY CUT $8,000 from the Selectmen's $19,000 INCREASE!

Ok, a little background, first it is highly likely that the selectmen's office did  the Ea budget for the new EA director. Second they asked for  a $19,000 increase, almost 50% WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO GIVE ANY JUSTIFICATION! According to Bill Innis last year 59 people used the program at a cost of $48,667. This is $824.69/person! When asked how  many people are  projected to use it this year he dissembles to the census which says there are 1,700 people over 55 in town(the Elderly), So, Bill, we presume you are advocating a $1,402,269.00 Ea budget?, because otherwise the census nnumber has no  relevance and it's presentation isa dishonest attempt to  muddy the waters.

THE FACT is that the budget committee has INCREASED the Ea budget this year by $15,342.00 or more than 34%. The BOS wants you  to  believe that they CUT the budget. The selectmen have asked for an additional $19,000 but can not say why they need it. They have increased payroll by 50%, increased gas by 50%.

Historically this is  how the selectmen get the extra money they wish to spend elsewhere but do not want to ask for. DRA will allow the selectmen to overspend any line item providing they do  not  overspend the bottom line of the budget. This means that if, say, they want to spend $1,000,000 on town hall improvements they could as long as they do not overspennd the budget as a whole. So, and this technique was pioneered by Phil Consentino in the Police budget, but perfected town wide by Russ MacAllister, every line they can inflate gives them more money to move around without creating the controversy of asking for that purpose.

Hey Selectmen, if you REALLY NEED the $19,000 for the 59 elderly affairs users, why are you attempting to add $30,000 to the legal line, haven't you guys created enough lawsuits that have cost the town thousands? Why are you trying to add $40,000 to create the towns first full time police chief position WITHOUT  VOTER APPROVAL? By the way, where are all those "alleged" legal opinions that say this illegal act can be committed by you?



Anonymous said...

Bill F. me thinks that illness affecting your brain. We live in a little town. You'd think you wuz el presidente' in that Chairmans seat. No logic going on. You get off on control and power like itsa drug, man. Just my humble opinion but I think you've completely lost it. Just ask the people you live with. I feel bad for 'em.

Anonymous said...

They don't even provide services to 55 year old so why are they counting them?

Anonymous said...

I suppose one might bend the rules for a fat salary, close to home. Play dumb, claim ignorance, cha-ching.

Anonymous said...

BTW: I heard Sapia will be running for School Board. That will be a problem. Keep Michael Mascola! He hasn't cost us any lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

that's bad news, we need highly educated people for this, not others

Anonymous said...

I, personally, am totally dismayed at the names of the people that are proposing to be, in any thing, to do with the running of this town of Atkinson.
Where are the people that have watched this town go down,as low as it can, with the leadership of these idiots? Doesn't any one remember the turmoil and corruption they have caused??
People,please try to find any one you might think will be an asset to us and VOTE and SUPPORT them. Don't let this be a continuation of the destruction of our Town that has been going on these many years.

Anonymous said...

ATKINSON — A third member of the town's four-person ethics board has resigned since last week.

Joyce LaFrance is the latest member to step down. In an e-mail to a reporter, LaFrance cited repeated harassment as the reason she resigned but declined yesterday to specify who was responsible.

"I don't want to deal with it," LaFrance said.

Two other Conflict of Interest Committee members, Chairman Jim Hazlett and Jack Sapia, resigned last week following a meeting at which the group discussed a petition filed against police Chief Philip Consentino.

Hazlett said he resigned for personal reasons. There was a death in Sapia's family, and he could not be reached for comment last week.

The town's attorney, Sumner Kalman, said yesterday he was unsure how the committee would fill the vacancies or continue to operate with only one member, Richard Smith.

"I think it's going to be crippled at this point," he said.

There are no state laws governing the committee, Kalman said.

The town ordinance that governs the committee only says the group would appoint a new member to serve until the next election if someone resigns.

It's unclear what will happen to the petition filed against Consentino by resident Marc Acciard. The petition alleges Consentino operated the Atkinson Police Charitable Fund out of the Police Department using town employees.

The fund was created in 2008 and primarily benefits seniors in the community. In addition to serving as police chief, Consentino is head of the town's Elderly Affairs Department.

On April 2, Consentino sent a letter to Hazlett requesting that LaFrance not take part in a hearing on Acciard's petition scheduled for April 13.

Consentino alleged that LaFrance had filed numerous complaints with the state attorney general's office and the Board of Selectmen.

LaFrance declined to say whether she ever complained about Consentino to the attorney general or selectmen.

She said last week that the letter contained false information and that she did not intend to recuse herself from a discussion on Acciard's petition.

Anonymous said...

Yes, harassment. Consentino harassed a resident for the nth time What is your point?

Anonymous said...

Well, lookie lookie lookie who is back! It's our old buddy JS! You know the guy that owns that junk used car lot close to Cumberland Farms on 125 in Plaistow?

Must have just rolled out of one of the trunks of his used cars after getting all that Nooky Nooky Nooky his mistress has to offer! That musk smell of all the dead cats he hides in his trunks keeps her fur flying for days on end.

What a man he must be being gone all these weeks let alone keep her attention.

Maybe he's been hiding from all his unsatisfied customers like his Dad and uncle.

Waiting for you name change to come through JS?

Anonymous said...

October 4, 2013
Used-car dealer seeks 5th name change.Previous name changes followed complaints from customers, city
By Shawn Regan

HAVERHILL — A used-car dealer with a history of customer complaints is changing the name of his dealership for the fifth time since 2007.
Robert Kalil has asked the city’s License Commission to approve changing the name of his dealership from 495 Car & Truck to Truck World. The dealership at 1175 Main St. was formerly known as Fenway Auto Park and had two other names before that, licensing officials said.
Previous name changes followed problems with customers, the commission and various consumer protection agencies.
In 2009, the dealership was cited by the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for violating the Lemon Law.
Several consumers made similar allegations against Kalil in March and April of this year, but those disputes were eventually resolved between Kalil and the customers.
Joseph Edwards, the License Commission chairman, said there are no pending complaints against Kalil or his dealership.
Kalil told the License Commission last night that he is seeking the name change because there is an auto parts business with a similar name in Lawrence called 495 Truck and Auto Recyclers.
Kalil said he has been getting “tons of phone calls” at his dealership from people looking for the Lawrence business.
“People are confused because the names are almost the same,” Kail said, adding the two businesses are only a few miles apart.
Commissioners said they are skeptical of Kalil’s motivation for the name change, but that it is his right to change the name of his business as often as he wants.
Nonetheless, the commission postponed the request until its next meeting because they want to see Kalil’s corporation papers before approving the name change, to make sure he has also changed the name of his dealership on those documents. The dealership is incorporated as Kalil Motors Inc.
“We want to help businesses, but we also have a responsibility to protect consumers,” Edwards said. “As long as he does it legally, there’s nothing we can do about it (the name change).”
Kalil said he has made many policy and personnel changes at his dealership in recent years to provide better service to his customers, including firing the store’s manager and hiring a second mechanic.
Kalil said the “adjustments to the company” he made in 2011 have worked well, and that the dealership has sold more than 500 vehicles in the past year.
JOHN_ RAMOS • 3 months ago −
He is playing the name change game, very common amongst those that fail to honor their moral/legal obligations...let him resolve all the outstanding claims, then consider the change. .he is using the law for his intent.

Anonymous said...

she was the only member who stayed on, the rest quit. sapia, hazlet, and smith. then her property was vandalized. sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

TRSD to Bag Snow Days!

Bill Friwin said...

Who am I? We don't care what the town wants, we will do whatever we want to do!