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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Atkinson man charged with theft of 5 boats

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson man charged with theft of 5 boats
By Terry Date

WINDHAM — A grand jury has indicted an Atkinson man for stealing boats and scrap metal from yards on Cross Street and West Shore Road.

Paul Getchell, 48, of 62 Meditation Lane, was indicted this month by a Rockingham County Superior Court jury on two felony counts of theft.

One count alleges Getchell stole a boat, motor, staging, a ladder and scrap metal from 21 West Shore Road in April.

Windham police arrested Getchell in May, charging him with stealing $15,000 worth of items from the West Shore Road yard.

He was employed by the home- owner at the time of the theft, police said.

Getchell was released on personal recognizance bail after his arrest.

The other indictment alleges he stole four boats from 9 Cross St. on or between Nov. 1, 2007, and Feb. 12, 2008.

Getchell's case will be scheduled for arraignment and trial in Superior Court.

Each of the felony counts is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 71/2 to 15 years.


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chief Briggs in Kingston is in the news all the time for solving crimes in his area or assisting other depts. in their area. How come we never see Atkinson's Chief solving anything or assisting other depts. in crime?

Could it be no other dept. wants to work with him, or there is no crime in Atkinson?

Could it be he wouldn't recognize... or solve... crime if it happened on his own property?

Could it be that he only wants to put Carol Grant behind bars for putting something on mailboxes?

Could it be he only wants to be in a contest with other selectman to pick up BLOG SIGNS?

Could it be that he is too busy to fight crime as compared to being an Atkinson Bully?

Could it be it's because he's a PARTTIME Chief and unqualified?

Could it be that he only wants to convince Atkinson Taxpayers he's to busy with Elderly Affairs Dept. taking care of the Elderly?

Could it be that he's to busy transferring Police / Elderly Affairs Budget to the taxpayers behind their backs?

Could it be that he knows people are watching him more closely now?

Could it be that he knows it's time for him to GO?

Could it be he knows it's time for a FULLTIME CHIEF, and we know it's time for him to go?

What could it be that makes the Chief go HMMMMMMMMM and to busy to do the job of Chief?

Oh, and it's time for the picture of the Chief used in the ET articles to be changed. I’m sick of looking at his same big ugly puss.

Chief Briggs 1000 points
Atkinson Chief minus 300,000 points

Results: Briggs wins and our Chief is a loser. No friend of our elderly either.

Anonymous said...

could be because billy handles police work, while phil handles elderly

Anonymous said...

Wow that is some strong criticism from 10:06 PM! Big cop is going to be on your ass following you around town if he knows who you are. Better watch that speedo. Regarding the Elderly in Atkinson, I made visits to my elderly neighbors and found three with only wood heat and still stuck in their homes. I brought wood to one of them. Why have their relatives not pulled them out? Big question. I asked if they got a phone call from Elderly affairs or the PD and got told by all they were not called or checked on. I am boiling mad as h...yhese elderly are over 80. What the F.... is going on? Why do we have an elderly affairs department that has its head up its A..? Another good D.... question. I also heard that the food and warm drinks at the Atkinson Community Center was provided by the Lions, Al Goldstein (bless his heart), and they went to Hannaford, Market Basket and Shaws for donations for donations. So why did the town of atkinson not pony up any money? What the sam H... is going on. Some big time answers need to come and fast. I am embarrassed to live in this Town. Is anyone else ashamed of how the elderly were ignored during this power outage? Does anyone else know of more elderly left to twist in the wind, cold, snow, unable to shovel out? I am goint out to shovel two of them. What is PD doing? Maybe the PD will send a Xmas card with a nice donation request or some flowers. Big Yeah, send flowers. Maybe they can EAT THEM! Flowers must have some nutrition value if cooked with some spit., elderly affairs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your neighbors are elderly people that have pissed Phil off.