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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Atkinson's Year in retrospect

As 2008 winds down the Reporter would like to take a look back at the Town's biggest stories, and scandals of 2008.

1/8/08- The year began with ANOTHER Lawsuit alleging misbehavior on the part of the Chief. 4th in 3 years. And the beat goes on...

1/8/08- Elderly Affairs car clocked at 84mph on highway while driving Mrs. Daisy.

1/9/08- Resident requests $10,000 from donation account to help fallen officer and family, chief says that is not what money is for, but writing desk for pd bathroom is better use of money.

1/29/08- Town Administrator resigns. Happy Days are here again.

2/8/08- Groups try for re- evalution.

2/22/08-Selectman Sapia Screams at Town Clerk in her own office. Thank God and the Voters he is gone.

2/24/08- TRHS and TRMS Academically substandard according to state, noone cares.

3/9/08- Elderly Affairs claims 1644 transports on $19,000 budget. Questions raised as to how this is possible. As usual no answers are provided, messengers attacked.

3/14/08- Temporary signs advertising blog are torn down and stolen by order of selectman Sapia. Signs disappear. Noone investigates.

3/19/08- Chief announces on camera major federal crime of putting fliers on mailboxes! He explains his painstaking investigation of the culprits.

3/27/08- School Board seals minutes for 99 years! and you thought the selectmen were bad.

4/4/08- NHPSTC issues police chief letter of reprimand! If only the selectmen had the stones to do that.

4/19/08- Large Groundwater withdrawals still an issue.

4/25/08- Atkinson grieves the loss of two beloved officers.

5/13/08- Police Chief admits taxpayers bought him two "pleasure vehicles" not suitable for police work. Nothing Done.

5/16/08- Police chief admits falsifying sick time vouchers, in violation of town policy. Nothing done.

5/25/08- Town offers settlement in Federal Civil Rights suit, alleging impropriety by chief of police.

5/31/08- Pete Lewis Passes away

6/25/08- Selectmen continue to attempt to intimidate town bloggers with veiled threats of legal action.

7/25/08- We find out about ongoing NH Attorney Generals Office investigation into the management of the donation accounts.

8/14/08- AGO lays down law to Town and Chief.

8/15/08- HAWC seeks $1.1M to connect Atkinson and Hampstead.

8/16/08- Critic of Chief has car vandalized in his driveway, "Move" and "leave chief alone" scratched into car. Chief says it is not who victim thinks.

8/29/08- Selectmen continue to do nothing about any of the open and still simmering scandals; time card, sick time, cars, donation accounts, etc.

10/01/08- The Town FINALLY has a new library!

10/14/08- Chief starts private slush fund, way around AGO's suggestion.

10/27/08- Selectmen to separate police and elderly affairs... NOT!

11/12/08- Elderly Affairs to cost over $40,000 after separation of budget! Critics were right!

12/14/08- The ICE STORM and power outage from hell!

Whoever said this was a sleepy little town? Weather aside, our police chief never fails to liven up the towns debate, as well as the towns budget.


Anonymous said...

What a sad little town. What a sad little police chief.

Anonymous said...

Another Same self centered bully causing the same types of problems.

Anonymous said...

I was glad Consentino finally admitted he was misusing tax dollars to the tune of over $40,000by spending police budget on Elderly Affairs. I believe the number is much higher but we are finally getting closer to the truth. The rest of us would be in jail and, or fired for doing something similar. I'm looking forward to justice in 2009.

The recent ice storm disaster and the complete lack of support for our elderly in a time of real need was one of the worst issues I witnessed. Consentino's secret list of those in his EA club were prevented from getting real services. Why? Because nobody knows who is on that list but him and his henchmen. We are just plain lucky we didn't have seniors freezing to death in their homes. We wouldn't know who to check on. This secret list must be given over to the selectmen for emergency relief situations. This game is over.

Anonymous said...

We fund an elderly affairs dept. I have heard the chief on TV talking about all the great things Atkinson does for its elderly, and we cant do a drive by to check on them in 10 days?

What the hell are we paying for this program for? Or is it really just a taxi service?

Anonymous said...

hey was there a meeting tonight? Saw many cars there, but nothing was posted.

Anonymous said...

I heard in town hall that there were 2 deaths over the first weekend after the ice storm and four house fires on Academy Ave. caused by power surges when Unitil forgot to shut off Atkinson before they turned on Plaistow.

Atkinson-Factor said...

Funny how everything revolves around one person....That is just sad. And Chiefo still is Chief of Police.

Anonymous said...

So much more could be added to this 2008 summary post.

The biggest ones revolve around the Atkinson Mafia controlling our rights. The Atkinson Mafia is:

Chiefo, Polito, All selectmen, Planning Board, ZBA, budget committee, Barbara Snicer, and their gang of henchmen. These people need to be removed from office NOW.

Town meeting will be upon us shortly. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE IN ATTENDANCE TO GET RID OF HIM OR HER.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that I can get on my computer and check out the progress in cleaning up the town of Atkinson. It may not look like much is being accomplished but it is. Selectmen have to now be very, very, careful to do all their so called business behind locked doors so the public can not post it here for everyone to see. They hide now in their rat holes and talk to themselves and think they are not going to be held accountable. This is dumb. Citizens are watching and observing more and more. So come out of your secret meetings. It is not going to work in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this but the Chief claims elderly checks were done during the storm and that they were fine and were shipped off to the Sanborn shelter. He supposedly went door to door. I do not believe it since I haven't heard of anyone saying they were checked on.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he DID check on the 100 or so that use his taxi service, it is the other 1000, that were left without anyone checking.

I am sure there is a warm bed waiting in hell for him.

Curt Springer said...

To anon @ December 30, 2008 8:17 PM

If you kicked out all the officials and board members in Danville, the chairs would be empty because nobody would step forward to replace them. Maybe things are different in Atkinson, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I for the Atkinson time table, you forgot to mention the failure to submit for the permit for residents to drop off hazardous materials. The selectman as well as Ted did not file. Lots of finger pointing.