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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Car windows smashed, items stolen

Car windows smashed, items stolen

By John Basilesco

ATKINSON — Police are investigating the thefts of laptop computers and a briefcase from four cars parked outside Atkinson Resort & Country Club on Country Club Lane Thursday night during the ice storm.

Thefts are an ongoing problem at the country club, which is an "easy hunting ground," police Chief Philip Consentino said.

Consentino urges everyone parking their cars there to put all valuables inside their trunks. The four cars were locked; the thief or thieves broke windows to gain access, Consentino said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 362-5536.


Anonymous said...

The country club should be taking some responsibility for this. This is supposed to be a high class establishment. Some level of parking lot security should be assumed.

What is something more serious had happened? They could then be facing a lawsuit, and there is plenty of precedent where the lot owner was held liable.

Anonymous said...

This is more of a high-class embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

Why is there no police log posted regarding crime in Atkinson?

Anonymous said...

Because the Chief doesn't want you to know how little crime we have in town. Might make people question his police budget or amount of cars we are paying for. DUH

Anonymous said...

The vaunted Atkinson Country Club couldn't afford a $300 security system for a few cameras to record video of the parking lot?

I guess they don't make enough money there...

Anonymous said...

In Atkinson, Hemlock Heights and Chase Island Still without power after 9 days. Please check on your neighbors yourself personally as no Elderly Check was done for all Elderly residents. There was one in my neighborhood who needed help.

Anonymous said...

Why is the list of Elderly residents NOT AVAILABLE to a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUP so people can call them separate from the PD? If the Elderly Affairs-Police Department CAN'T GET AROUND TO IT then other citizens can make those calls pronto.

Anonymous said...

Please save as Atkinson has no Emergency Manager and several Atkinson Citizens found emergency shelter in Hampstead Middle School. Good to know!

Town of Hampstead
Sandra Kolegue-Spalaris
Emergency Management Director
P.O. Box 298, 11 Main Street
Hampstead, NH 03811-0298

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hampstead for rescuing Atkinson’s Elderly people. Can you tell us why you had to do it when Atkinson has its own Elderly Affairs Dept.?

What was our Elderly affairs Dept. doing that was so important that they couldn't do what you did? Didn't our Chief have enough money in his budget or ...own personal slush fund... to do the job you did?

Thank GOD for Hampstead’s Elderly Affairs Dept. / Police Dept./ Fire dept. because we don't have one in Atkinson.

God Bless you people in Hampstead and GOD DAM the Atkinson Mafia.

Atkinson Elderly.....stop donating to the "Do Nothing Police Donation Account" and show up at town meeting to get rid of the man that is causing EVERYONE trouble.

Your life DEPENDS ON IT.