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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Atkinson warrant articles target Consentino Could lose job leading Atkinson police force

From the eagle tribune;

Atkinson warrant articles target Consentino Could lose job leading Atkinson police force
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — Police Chief Philip Consentino could be out of a job in March — if voters approve a warrant article that would significantly change the position.

And that's not all.

In addition to heading the Police Department, Consentino also serves as the director of elderly affairs and that position could be dramatically different if another petitioned warrant article aimed at reforming the program is approved.

"There is a small group in town that has been trying for years and years to remove me from office," Consentino said Friday.

Residents who signed the petitioned articles and were contacted last week said they didn't know who was behind either article.

The article concerning the controversial police chief was signed by 43 residents. It would eliminate Lt. William Baldwin's position and create a full-time chief's job, with a salary of about $60,000. Consentino is a part-time chief, working not more than 25 hours a week for about $21,000 a year.

The warrant article directs the town to hire a full-time chief who holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and has 15 years service. If the article is approved in March, the town would have to begin advertising the position within 14 days after the election and a chief would have to be hired within 60 days.

Under the proposal, Consentino said it would cost the town more. Baldwin wouldn't lose his job, but would be demoted to sergeant and the town would still have to pay him his salary of about $85,000 a year, according to Consentino.

The chief said when he saw the petition last week, he called three people who signed it to ask them why they had and if they knew it would be the end of his job. That same day, he said, he received a letter from an elderly resident, thanking him for his help during the ice storm. Consentino said he was surprised to see her name on a petition that oust him from his job.

"These people rely on this program and rely on that program as it stands," Consentino said.

The article concerning the elderly affairs program would further separate that program from the Police Department, with a separate director. Under the proposed change, the program would still provide rides to medical appointments to seniors. The director would have to seek state and federal money, including Meals on Wheels and the state fuel assistance program.

The warrant article does not address how or how much the new director would be paid. Consentino is not paid for the work he now does with elderly services.

The problem is, Consentino said, without the Police Department, the elderly services program would not get the call at 3 a.m. to pick up a resident from the hospital.

"There's more to this than people realize," he said.

Resident Mark Acciard, a frequent critic of Consentino, signed both petitions. He said Atkinson has the best elderly program in the state, but it's obvious that funds designated for the Police Department are used by the elderly services program.

"The whole problem is that the Budget Committee separated the elderly affairs six years ago, but it has never been operated as separate," Acciard said.

But Consentino is confident he won't be losing his job come March.

"Once the residents find out that it will eliminate Phil Consentino as chief and the elderly program, I don't think it has a chance of passing," he said.

Two other warrant articles are aimed at informing homeowners of changes to their tax bills.

Leon Artus of the Atkinson Taxpayers Association said the town's tax cards are filled with errors and these warrant articles would alleviate problems.

Artus, who wrote those two articles, said he has helped many residents file for tax abatements and claims to have won $15,000 for a woman in town who overpaid her property taxes for 10 years.

He said most people never check their tax card at Town Hall. If the information were available on the town's Web site or mailed to residents, there would be fewer errors with tax bills, he said.

"I've been overtaxed on my property for many years and I intend to stop it," said Gary Brownfield, who helped Artus gather signatures for the articles.

Brownfield, who also heads a taxpayer association in town, said he is appealing his tax bill to the state Board of Tax and Land Appeals and intends to fight it to the state Supreme Court if necessary.

Even if these two warrant articles fail this year, Brownfield vows that this won't be his last fight.

"We're going to come back every year until we get these tax situations unified," he said.

Other towns post this information online and the cost to do so would be minimal, according to Artus.

If passed, the articles would take effect immediately.

Other warrant articles include prohibiting selectmen from using taxpayer dollars to defend themselves in court, making the Planning Board an elected body, spending $2,000 on Rockingham County Nutrition and Meals on Wheels, and increasing the veterans tax credit to $500.


Anonymous said...

I guess Phil just can't help but lie in print!

He has said many times that at night elderly call him at home! You know Plaistow does all of our dispatching after 5pm, and they dont dispatch elderly!

Phil just can't give up control. Why is it that whenever he acts badly as a chief, he always starts whining about how much he is needed as elderly affairs director?

Hey, Phil, those are two separate jobs!

And there is nobody in the PD at 3am to take the call. Be Honest for once!

Anonymous said...

I have read the elderly article, and it seems like a Godsend! It expends services, it makes them more widely available, and available to everyone of that age.

What is wrong with that?

Why would Phil fight that?

The elderly would be better served!

Maybe now they will see that he only cares about using them for political cover, and not selflessly providing services for them.

Anonymous said...

I've always viewed Atkinson as a nice little town. The chief played a role in helping make it that way. It amazes me as to how people want to fix something that isn't broke.
He has a town that has little crime activity. So he starts looking after the elderly residents of the town. All of a sudden, he's bad because of this?
They have one of the lower tax rates in southern NH. The town part of tax is only $2.15 a thousand. Are they crazy? Of a total tax rate of $14.86 per thousand, they're spending
$11.84 on local and state education. Maybe they can't understand numbers? Or maybe because they don't understand numbers and they got a few speeding tickets?
These trouble makers are wasting everybody's time. Maybe they should do a few good things like the chief does. I personally think they are just greedy people, who own expensive homes and want it all.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he admits that he asked three people why they signed.

Notice the spin about how it will cost the town more to get rid of him, how we'd have to pay the Lt. the same money if demoted.

I know I'd pay extra to get rid of him but this is still all his usual hype.

Anonymous said...

The tax rate may be low but that's because they jack up the values every year to hide the increases in the taxes.

The town has tons of crime, they just hide it from everyone. This PD is a disgrace and the only role Consentino has played is to bring disgrace to us.

Anonymous said...

Consentino: "Once the residents find out it will eliminate Phil Consentino as Chief AND THE ELDERLY PROGRAM, it won't have a chance of passing."

The Consentino fear-mongering has begun! Phil scaring the elderly by saying that the articles would eliminate the elderly program.

Consentino outright, blatantly lies, as if the warrant article eliminates the elderly program instead of strengthening it. He's such a liar. All he's doing is creating fear among the elderly, which he always does to get his way.

The Director of Elderly Affairs is a totally separate position from that of Police Chief, as separated by the selectmen. Yet Consentino lies and says that removing him as Chief, eliminates the elderly program. His attitude being that he, as Chief, IS the elderly program and any help to the elderly comes from him and not the town.
He is sure to send out a mailing to the elderly spreading his lies and his fear-mongering, once again proving his unfitness to serve as the Chief.

Anonymous said...

Consentino: "Once the residents find out it will eliminate Phil Consentino as Chief AND ELIMINATE THE ELDERLY PROGRAM, I don't think it will have a chance of passing."

Consentino's fear mongering at the elderly has begun, tying together removing him from the position as Chief causing the elimination of the elderly program.

The two have nothing to do with each other since his position as Chief is totally separate from his position as Director of Elderly Affairs, as separated by the selectmen.

Yet he outright and blatantly lies to scare the elderly. He's such a liar who uses fear to keep the elderly in line as his supporters.

This is just another reason he is unfit to be Chief: fear mongering to keep the elderly scared of losing him as Chief.

Anonymous said...

To anon January 20, 2009 7:56 AM

Really bad attempt at spin. Maybe this would have worked a year or two ago, but unfortunately for you and Phil supporters, the documented truth has gotten to the public.

Lawsuit after lawsuit, complaint after complaint. Phil's political kingdom is caving in because the truth is getting out.

To characterize the taxpayers as greedy people, the same ones that pay for the PD and the Elderly affairs, is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I think that we're all getting tired of Phil citing that a senior citizen was discharged from the hospital in the middle of the night and that he was responsible for that person getting a ride home and that that ride justifies his being able to be an abusive, vindictive bully as Chief.

Give us a break! What hospital would discharge a patient, an elderly patient no less, at 3 a.m. in the morning? No patient gets discharged in the wee hours of the morning.

Phil is the master of the big lie.

Anonymous said...

As quoted in the newspaper about Phil's opposition to the warrant article to improve the elderly program, "These people rely on this program and rely on this program AS IT STANDS," said Consentino.

What arrogance and ego! Phil saying that it's perfect as he now runs it and couldn't be improved on. His ego is out of control.

The article calling for the posting in town hall of information about Meals on Wheels and Fuel Assistance Programs can only benefit the elderly by making the information wide-spread and readily available. Phil doesn't want it posted because it would eliminate him as the fake provider of all services and that services only flow from him.

They don't. With a posting of state and county programs on the bulletin board at town hall, seniors and others in need could get their contact information for those services directly from the bulletin board and call directly and not have to let Phil play the distributing God.

Phil doesn't want to lose his phoney facade as the only source of help to the elderly.

Atkinson-Factor said...

Oh my God! Chief Nazi admitted to Electioneering! He admits to calling petitioners. You want your proof, there it is folks. Your chief broke the law again. How many times are we going to let this happen?

Anonymous said...

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If you want to understand how he thinks, read this:

Then you'll better understand what your dealing with. The absence of logic is evident and is consistent with the analogy of being emotional vampires.

Anonymous said...

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Sound familiar? Read more at:

Anonymous said...

Baldwin doesn't make $85k. In 2007 he made $71,127.30 according to the Town Report.

If he is up to $85k in 2008, then he got ~20% raise.

Is there any end to Consentino's misinformation and misrepresentation?

Anonymous said...

Eagle Tribune and Phil are wrong, nowhere does the elderly affairs warrant ask for a new director, or further separation from the PD!

All it does is increase services, create more information to the elderly, and demand that service be provided to all who qualify.

Anonymous said...

The Chief of Police just admitted in print that he electioneered!

Where is the penalty?

Anonymous said...


Plaistow's CHIEF only makes $68,000!

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:56,

No one has ever criticized Phil for his elderly work!

No one has ever criticized the crime rate!

We criticize his bullying, his vindictiveness, the money he costs us in lawsuits.

We criticize his frivolous spending of our money. We criticize him for intimidating the very elderly he helps.

This isn't opinion, this is all documented.

Anonymous said...


NOW, do you still want the Lt. to stay?

Do you think he's worth it?

Anonymous said...

To ANON 10:26am 1/20/09
Unfortunately the atkinsontaxpayers site is also
a big spin of the truth. I went there to check out all these lawsuits and you have a bunch of initial pleading, summeries, and documents that only tell one side of the story in most cases. You must post both sides of each case and let us stupid people come to a conclusion on our own. Your repeated 1 side of the story spin is laughed at by most of the town residents. You need credibility by being fair and honest and putting out all the info on these important matters. This blog and the other sites are referred to as a small group of people {which it is} and it will stay that way until the truth is published. I think more people would join your ranks if you were to ALWAYS publish all documents available to you instead of censoring what fits your needs. And lets keep the Hitler references off this blog. Atkinson Factor should be ashamed of themselves.

Atkinson-Factor said...

Ashamed? Far not my friend. One whom acts like one deserves the name. You wonder why everyone posts anon? There are too many reasons for the comparison. If the name offends you, then you know how alot of us bloggers feel about your Chief.

Anonymous said...

The chief is welcome to send his documents into the taxpayers site and they will post those as well. If he's truly inocent, he'll send the documents in, right? Then you will see the whole story, though the fact that he keeps LOSING in court should be some indication of his GUILT.

Anonymous said...

This debate is over. Phil is on his way out the door.

When you are dumb enough to publish in the newspaper that you as town employee with a badge, police chief no less, called up 3 people that signed a citizen's petition that impacted your job, well then you've just told the world you broke the law. Nothing else matters regarding who said what when and how and why they signed, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The law says you can't do that Phil. Dontcha get it? So you put in the paper you blatantly disregarded the law. We just can't have that kind of stuff going on. This is the 21st century.

There is no discussion left to be had. You're all done. And it was you're own doing. Game over.

Anonymous said...

History lessons for ashamed/factor.
The chief has not engaged in a holocaust the last I checked. You minimize the significance of history by comparing the events of the chief with the holocaust. You have become an embarassment to this blog. GROW UP friend.
ps: will explain the word holocaust if you
don't know what it means.

Anonymous said...

To anon January 20, 2009 2:56 PM

I believe the Nazi reference was because PD a dictator, he never mentioned holocaust. The great destruction (i.e. holocaust), will come on Jan 31st. when we oust him for good.

Atkinson-Factor said...

His actions are like a dictator with no regard to a free democracy. His way , or no way. I never metioned anything of a terrible holocoust. Shame on you for suggesting that. But nice try on changing the topic at hand.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 2:56pm. There are plenty of dictators to choose from while leaving out your
colorful articulation. Please out of respect for the real victims have some class.

Anonymous said...

This Blog cant even get their facts straight and want them to have class to..I think you might be expecting a little much..Since this blog has started they twist the truth to only tell a piece of the story and then that's all twisted..Actually I find it extremely amusing and not very informative...Leading questions which really make me laugh you know the ones..that usually start with Mark, are you telling me that..Blah , blah ,blah..... Makes me what to do the exact opposite of what everyone supports on here.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Yes I think the Lt. is well worth 85K...

AtkinsonTaxpayers.Org said...

To Anon @ 12:15

We, at the publish any public documents that are submitted.

In the case of lawsuits, they are all available at the courthouse, and if you feel something is missing, you are free to copy it, and submit it to the site.

This site has no commentary, only documents, and they are what they are.

Contrary to your post, there is no spin, only truth.

Anonymous said...

These childish postings that characterize the entire blog in one or two sentences are really funny. If this person is so upset by what they read here, I have a simple solution for you, just go away. Oh, and take your buddy Phil with you.

Text on a web page is not making you do the exact opposite of what posters suggest. If you want to support Phil and propogate his lies that is your problem. Just go away. You add nothing to this forum.

Anonymous said...


Any more than all of the media has minimized history for the last 8 years by calling Bush Hitler?

The reference is not to the holocaust, but to the chief's bullying tactics!

Webmaster said...

To anon @ 4:38,

editorializing aside, if you can dispute any FACTS on this Blog, post your argument, and proofs!

Anonymous said...

Wait, lemme guess, dem documents is all fake! That Taxpayer website is all lies I tell you! All lies!

All fraudulent documents I tell you! Documents created in a conspiracy by a small group of people I might add, you know those 2 or 3 deer making all those tracks. Must be the same deer that got rid of Sapia and McAllister. I hate those pesky deer! They keep eating my shrubs!

Anonymous said...



No officer in NH makes that kind of money in a town Atkinson's size with no business.

Anonymous said...

I have explained a million times why..He has more then enough experience being a police officer. The bonus is hes been here in the same town working for 12 years.The dedication, the understanding, the professionalism, I really wish people would take the time out get to know the Lt. On a professional level. He does his job well.

Anonymous said...

I, too, believe he does his job well. but that does not mean we should be paying a Lt. with an associates degree, 20% more than neighboring towns pay their Chief's!

You get what the market will bear.

Anonymous said...

"On a professional level. He does his job well.

Does not translate into qualifications for a higher position.

Any of you recall the Peter Principle? Basically, it says a person will rise to the level of his incompetence. Translation, people will get promoted to a position above their ability.

Are you willing to take that chance? We've been living with it for (when did it start, the 80's) over 20 years. Do we want that cycle to start again. If the LT does a poor job we sure can't count on the BOS to take action.

The standards in the warrant are reasonable. Recommendations will be made by an unbiased panel. Time to end the cycle and bring in new blood.

Anonymous said...

The LAST thing taxpayers can allow is for PHIL AND JODY to paint themselves as victims. We are the victims of their oppression. (Young and Elderly)

Jody…respects your support for your husband…BUT…the ship is sinking. Please do not go down with the ship. You know and we know the gig is up. Talk him into retiring with some respect or retiring in disgrace. The choice is yours. Except the results for not doing so.

Anonymous said...

The article in the Eagle Tribune states that if the Chief position becomes full time, the salary will be ~$60,000.00. Yet, Lt. Baldwin's salary is currently $85,000.00 (or $71,000.00 as of 2007.) Assuming Lt. Baldwin is on the lower end of this pay scale, can someone please explain how we can possibly attract a full-time chief with at least 15 yrs. experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice who is willing to be paid $12,000.00 to $25,000.00 less than the Sgt.? Something doesn't add up here...

Anonymous said...

First of all, Billy made $71,000 in 2007, plus car, gas, maintenance, insurance, bene's, position cost the town $94,000.

Phil made $24,000, pluse TWO cars, gas, insurance, maintenance, bene's. position cost the town $42,000.

Plaistow's chief makes $68,000!

Kingston's chief makes $69,000!

Why would Atkinson's pay scale be set to accomodate aan overpaid Lt.?

NO LT. in the STATE has a $94,000 compensation package!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:34 AM,

I understand. However, that does not answer the above question. Chief Consentino is saying the the ET article that, even if Lt. Baldwin is demoted to Sgt., his salary will not change. Does anyone know if this is accurate? If so, how can we expect to find a candidate that meets all of our hiring criteria for full-time chief, yet be willing to be paid less than the sgt.?

Anonymous said...

The fire the Lt. the Sgt. and hire a resonably priced Chief. They are all over paid compared to ther towns.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50 a.m.

And on what grounds do we simply fire the Lt.?

Anonymous said...

Chief does not control billy's pay. if the job is lessened then the pay should be too.

He is being paid as an administrator, and with a FT chief, we do not need another administrator.

Or ammend the qualification down until billy qualifies, then there is no issue.

Anonymous said...

"And on what grounds do we simply fire the Lt.?"

In the private sector, you know, where most of us work, this is called job elimination.

It happens to good people all the time. They did their job, did their job well, but there was no need for the position any longer. Nothing personal. Sometimes the person is allowed to seek another job in the same company, but it does not always happen.

Why does everyone expect the public sector to work differently from the private? Oh, I'm sorry, in Atkinson things ARE allowed to work differently. Laws can be broken, rules violated, lies told, people threaten with absolutely no fear of being held accountable or reprimanded.

I, for one, am sick of it and want it to stop.

Anonymous said...

even in bigger police forces, people get promoted, demoted, and moved to different divisions all the time, it is part of the job.

But I dont think we should be hanging this warrant article on the Lt. fate, or chief will slide once again, for his misdeeds, because we didn't want to change the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Fire him for the payroll fraud.

Anonymous said...

"Fire him for the payroll fraud."

Nobody will. Can't even get the BOS to discipline anyone, except Teddy. And that is because he does not carry a gun.

Our turn.

BTW - Anyone given any thought that two of the people the Warrants are directed at may be armed at the meeting? Paranoid? Maybe. But people crack under stress, and I imagine there is a little of that going around bout now.

Anonymous said...

They can not carry a firearm into a meeting of the legislative body.

Although the Lt. has done so in the past.

Anonymous said...

"Although the Lt. has done so in the past."

Oh, great! Frank, if this is indeed a rule, can you assure us it will be enforced?

Anonymous said...

Frank! You will allow guns at deliberative session? It is going to be a warm night!

Anonymous said...

Guns at deliberative sessions, pictures of PC's face on people are crazy! The winter can't end soon enough. Some of you have too much time on your hands! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

To Atkinson Taxpayers.load
Your telling me the initial pleadings for your side of the story is the only side on file up at the courthouse? As stated you put up only factual data. This is true. You also OMIT data as you so choose in my opinion. This is true too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I think your going a bit too far with the whole firearm at the meeting my god what is wrong with you people ..there are some loons in Atkinson. Give me a break Police officers carry guns gee what a scary thought..OMG they have a gun when they are dealing with drunk disorderly people as well ( which is sometimes the same thing as dealing with the people on this blog) I can pretty much assure you that no one is going to get shot at the meeting. well i am hoping any way I don't know some of you people who write things on this are a little scary at times. I would be afraid one of you would draw their gun before I would ever think one of our police officers would do so. My god this blog is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"My god this blog is disgusting."

Then, why are you following it? Vested interest maybe?

The chief is not allow to pack while in uniform, but I saw him packing while in civies at a BOS meeting. I've seen his temper, up close and personal. There is a Warrant Article intended to remove him from office. Another to rearrange Elderly Affairs.

I imagine he is not a happy man right now. I don't like guns. I especially do not like guns in the hands of people who have volatile tempers and have something to lose.

You can call it crazy. I call it prudent. So, you don't like what is on the blog, STOP READING IT.

Anonymous said...

"You also OMIT data as you so choose in my opinion. This is true too."

Huh? Convoluted logic, but I think I know what you mean.

This is "the other half of the story", right?

We've all been waiting for it. Where is it? What data is being omitted? I'd like to know the other side, but nobody is coming forth with it.

Because several people claim there is another side, we're supposed to take that on faith? The Taxpayers site is posting what is already in the public record. What did they miss? Was there a court case we don't know about and not listed. Was the outcome of the published cases different that what really happened. Were any documents altered?

We keep hear the argument, but nothing presenting the alternative has been posted. You have something? Please, share. I'm listening.

AtkinsonTaxpayers said...

We do not omit data. We put up any public document relating to the town of atkinson that is submitted to us.

If a particular filing is not posted, that is because no one has submitted it.

Instead of making wild accusations, why dont you send in the document you wish to see posted, and if it is a public document relating to the town of atkinson, it will be posted.

Anonymous said...

Please note that part of Lt. Baldwins pleading claims under oath that he was re-imbursed tuition payments, and that he was guaranteed the position of Lt. which did not even exist at that time.

The town had the cancelled check for his tuition reimbursement, and the agreement on file said only that he would be considered, not guaranteed.

Hmmm, I know there is something not right about suing your town, asserting things under oath that are not true......

What is it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the right time for Lt. Baldwin to be chief.

I mean we just elected a man, as President who has never led anything. Only been a Senator for 18 months before starting campaign.

Maybe it is time for someone to make chief of police 10 years out of the police academy, having only served in a small town with little crime, having taken 10 years to get an associates degree.

Maybe it is time.


Anonymous said...

to taxpayer.loadbox/atkinson
omit, omit, omit
no one is going to submit to the site out of fear of your bullying.
it is not just the chief in this town that bullies. it is obvious that this blog and the other sites have now become the biggest BULLY
in town. YES, you do omit info not favorable to your cause. Yes, it is available to you but you choose not to post it. Yes, the towns people are not as stupid as you make them out to be.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can submit documents to the Atkinson Taxpayers site anonymously by mailing them to the address on the home page. In case you can't find the address, here it is:

Attn: Atkinson Taxpayers Association
C/O Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
8 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Why don't you send in your documents?

Why don't you defend your position here?

Because you you do not have any concrete support or argument to offer, else you would have. There is no plausible defense of your position, Chief.

Anonymous said...

To Friend.spinster/empty:

Documentation supporting your position is all that matters. Show us documents and we will listen. Otherwise you are just spinning. Stop wasting our time. We've been fed the spin for years, the half truths and misinformation and lies. Frank does it on a full time basis. if what you say is not backed up by a document or reference, your words are irrelevant. Kind of like your posts. Go ahead and scream and attack me now because the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if it's true that they can not carry a firearm into a meeting of the legislative body?

Anonymous said...

I just like to play spin the blog
and watch all the little bloggers
who obviously have nothing else to do spin round and round. Then when the little bloggers are all dizzy they spew all kinds of wonderful
information so us fellow Atkinsonians are informed and our happy little town becomes safer for all. Thank goodness I am so protected by the big bad blog.

Anonymous said...

"I just like to play spin the blog
and watch all the little bloggers
who obviously have nothing else to do spin round and round."

So, you had nothing else to do but read the blog and try a woeful attempt at prose.

Don't like it, don't read it. If it threatens you, then go ahead, read on.

“The truth is found when men are free to pursue it.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt said...

To Anon @ 11:45,

Either you are dense, or just not understanding. We, at, do not "go out and find" information and documentation to post, it is submitted by people like you who want it posted.

Once again, if it is readily available as you say, and you want it posted, submit it.

Otherwise, we have to conclude that you have no facts to support your position.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Frank! Have fun at deliberative session

Anonymous said...

I can't resist this...
HANG ON people - I hear there's more intereting information coming down. The Chief isn't going to like it very much.

Anonymous said...

I can't resist this...
HANG ON people - I hear there's more intereting information coming down. The Chief isn't going to like it very much.