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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Importance of the Warrant Article to restrict Legal Fees for Town Officials bad behavior.

Warrant Article for Restricting Legal Fees
To see if the voters will vote to prohibit the selectmen from spending taxpayer money on the personal legal fess of public officials for which the taxpayers have no direct liability and to prohibit the unwarranted payments for legal advice not pertaining to town business When passed, this warrant article will become effective immediately.

For those who are not aware, our public officials bad behavior has cost us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS since 2005!

In 2005, Mark Acciard filed a petition with Rockingham Superior Court to force our police chief to stop "discussing, deliberating, or voting on police matters as a selectman". As simple as this sounds, our chief refused to stop! This case took a year to go through the system, and on the day of the trial, our chief decided to agree to stop this behavior in stead of facing trial. This means that he could have made that same agreement at any time during that year, saving the taxpayers thousands, but arrogantly chose not to.

While entitled to town paid attornies up to that point. After that he violated the Court Order, finding himself, three months later found in Contempt of Court! He still enjoyed legal representation on our money, even though we were not responsible for his willful disobedience!

After that he chose to fight the contempt order, and why not? It wasn't costing HIM anything, WE WERE PAYING FOR IT! Town Counsel filed a NH SUPREME COURT APPEAL at his request! Remember he was a selectman, and therefore could direct town counsel what to do, even though it was for himself, personally!

Sumner's normal billing rate is $200/hr. In addition to the DOZENS OF hours of consultation, preparing briefs, and filings, motions, and objections, and a SUPREME COURT APPEAL, there was 9 hours of court time, usually billed at DOUBLE THE NORMAL RATE!, This arrogance, and privelege cost us thousands of dollars.

Then in 2007, Carol Grant filed a petition to remove the selectmen from office. by the time this went to trial, the chief was a mere witness, having been dismissed from the case because he was no longer a selectman. He felt he needed legal representation, and rightly so, we guess, seeing as he, on advice from counsel, answered Ms. Grants questions, by invoking his 5th Ammendment rights against SELF INCRIMINATION 25 TIMES! by the way, you can't claim protection from self incrimination, if you haven't done anything criminal in the first place!

He came into the selectmens meeting, after the trial, and asked for his legal fees to be paid by the town, and Jack and Fred, and Paul, voted to PAY HIS PERSONAL FEES! This bill was only $900.00!

Currently Mark Acciard has a case going in Superior Court against the chief personally. The town has been dismissed from the case, and yet the TOWN, meaning US are STILL PAYING FOR HIS REPRESENTATION!


If you do not want to keep paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees for our town officials misdeeds, then vote YES on this article!


Anonymous said...

I am sick of paying for lawyers so these guys can scream at people during meetings!

I am sick of paying for lawyers, so the chief can go on bullying people, while the selectmen bury their heads, hoping he will retire so they dont have to deal with him.

30 YEARS this has been going on! WTF!

Anonymous said...

Hello all:

I would like to point your attention to the following article on the Coalition of NH Taxpayers group here. As some of you may or may not know our Atkinson Taxpayers Association works closely with CNHT.

I realize that by posting this, some of you may drawn to the message of CNHT. I was, initially. However as I learned more about this group, I became wary of some of their tactics. While I freely admit the link I have provided is from a left leaning website, who has their own agenda, I can't help but notice two striking similarities to the CHNT tactics (if you can get deep enough into the article) and what is taking place in our town.

They are 1.) Vilification and bullying. and 2.) Frivolous Lawsuits.

I bring this to my fellow resident's attention for one reason. As we now have these warrant articles on the table we should have a better understanding of the some of the organizations that are pushing for change in our town.

I'll leave it to you to research, inquire, and decide for yourselves as to how to vote.

Anonymous said...

I am not associated with the Coalition. In fact, I disagree with their stand on the "Pledge." I'm not a big fan of our local taxpayers group either.

What we have is documented evidence and personal accounts of abuses by our elected and appointed officials going back 20+ years. This stuff is not made up. It is not a bunch of lies pushed on us by outside groups.

Now, some believe we should overlook these transgressions because the people involved "Do So Much Good". Well, I'm sorry. I do not believe good acts counter balance bad acts. What I do believe is that our public officials should always be doing good and that they behave in an ethical manner. If they do something bad, they should be held accountable.

What I see is a lot of bad acts and no accountability. Apparently, so did someone else, hence the warrants.

This would not have been necessary if our elected officials did what we elected them to do. This would not happen if obvious conflicts of interest were not allowed to persist.

So, shout conspiracy if you want. The facts surrounding the warrants are just that, facts. And those facts scream for change.

Anonymous said...

Why shift attention to CHNT politics when the real issue is our own town citizen warrant articles for Deliberative Session on January 31st? We citizens want to prevent our hard earned tax dollars being squandered on an attorney for private law suits. That is all. Seriously, our BOS and part time police chief are MILKING the town attorney for $200 an hour for their own personal legal expenses (and $400 for each hour in court). THIS MUST STOP. Why should I pay, by way of my taxes, for them to pay their private legal expenses? Good question! A right to know letter would expose just how much that attorney got paid and for what. Some is justified but much more is not. The selectmen now spend THREE TIMES what they used to on that attorney. And they employ him with vigor to fight the citizens who wanted the Viet-Nam Memorial. Remember that one? And when they do consult that attorney, they often ignore his advice. A good example is his advice regarding the blog signs. The town attorney warned Jack Sapia last year to leave those signs alone! Sapia and Consentino then went out and personally pulled them all out of the ground. And Paul Sullivan then exposed Sapia on camera for this denial of our freedom of speech and ignoring the town attorney's advice. Jack Sapia is on the ethics "Conflict of Interest" committee? What a joke. And Consentio still has a job after doing that? You can review it all at It is also posted on this blog site as a video "Jack Busted". Why do we need a town attorney at all if his advice is ignored by the selectmen? Oh, right, I forgot, we need him so he can take our money for private legal expenses for individual misconduct when they are acting as individuals and not in any official capacity. Baloney! So right, shift attention away from the REAL issues in this town and send people scurrying off to investigate if CHNT is a left wing organization. Brilliant strategy!

Anonymous said...

CNHT is a left wing group? It is about as far to the right as one can imagine.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the Atkinson Taxpayer website and All it has is documentation and some links. I didn't find any of the CNHT tactics mentioned in the article you suggested.

I read some articles Ed Naile wrote about chief bigum heado. they were funny. Lampooning is one of our rights protected under the first amendment. But abusing the badge is not. CNHT is the first group I've seen taking on our chief lawbreaker head on.

While CNHT and DFNH would both like us to pick one side or the other, I won't. I bet both groups have tons of warts the other side can point to. In my humble opinion, CNHT is on the right side of the issue in Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the truth hurts so so much that you should once again shoot the messenger. All that blogger asks is to read actual facts and make your own conclusion. What is so wrong with his post? Facts are facts and he didn't make anything up and put it on cnht's web site did he?

Anonymous said...

To Facts is Facts:

Apparently you didn't read the article he suggested. You couldn't sound more uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Kudos and kind compliments to our trustworthy 5 local taxpayer groups who gave up their weekends and went door to door in ice and snow and frigid cold to get signatures for all Citizen Petition Warrant articles this year. They are HEROES to be admired by all. In ancient Greece, Olympian victors were given "free food for life" as a reward by the state. Our 5 local taxpayer groups should be given "free ink cartridges for life" by the Town Administer. But he skedaddled this week so maybe our committees can get them from the police donation fund? Our petition warrant article to improve elderly services justifies at least 2 dozen ink cartridges!

Anonymous said...

to Mr Informed
I did read the articles and web site news. Why must you bully because of an opposite view point.
Your'e probably the guy dropping the f-bomb all over this site. It appears your next post will tell me to "go away". Why don't you go fly a kite "Mr Informed" ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:01 p.m.

Thanks for your message and for looking over the ATK Taxpayers website. While you may not see similar tactics, please note the mailing address of our local taxpayers group:

Attn: Atkinson Taxpayers Association
C/O Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
8 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

While I am no fan of Chief Consentino, the posts on this blog and the Atkinson Factor against him are brutal. Indeed, the Atkinson Factor website was proudly announcing their newest photoshop of "chief biggum heado's" face on a Nazi backdrop (I wonder how our Jewish residents feel about this image?) It is always easier to tear down a person's character when you make them to be a characature of who they really are.

Free speech? Of course. Poor taste? You be the judge.

Regarding the use of lawsuits by CNHT, please read:

By the way, have you ever noticed the posts on this blog regarding the Timberlane School District? Coincidence? I think not!

Anonymous said...

Why would there not be posts about Timberlane, it is our school district, and this site Is dedicated to Atkinson!

Anonymous said...

Nice try! Always trying to shift the debate!

It is either, "but he does such good work with the elderly"

Or, but "they have a vendetta because he gave them a traffic ticket"

Or, but "he drove me to get my hair done"

Or, "they are just troublemakers"

But look at

It is ALL public documents! No commentary. No evaluation, no spin, Just the facts. And like it or not, the truth is the truth!

Phil is a bully! And that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20 PM,

I am not trying to shift the debate. I am simply pointing out that we have before us a warrant article that will restrict legal fees for public officials. And CNHT, which is the mailing address for the Atkinson Taxpayers Organization, uses lawsuits as a tactic to "protect" the taxpayers.

Who is getting the upper hand here? It's a fair question.

Don't you think our fellow citizens deserve to know this and make up their own mind?

Anonymous said...

So this group uses lawsuits as a tactic. Ooooooh. So whats new? So does everyone in atkinson. Frank, Phil, LT, Carol, Mark.

to answer your question I think all info is fair game for everyone to have as long as its true and factual. Still waiting for you to make a point.

Anonymous said...

"lawsuits as a tactic to "protect" the taxpayers."

- Sarcasm Alert -
Oh my golly, what a terrible thing to do. A Taxpayer(s) getting ripped off somewhere so someone has the audacity to file a suit.
- Sarcasm Off -

Maybe CNHT is involved. Maybe they helped draft the petitions. I wouldn't be the least surprised. I don't care for the group but in this particular case, why does matter if CNHT helped?

It's those darn facts again. In the case of this warrant, are you going to deny the events listed did not happen, or that there was another side to the story (which we're still waiting to hear)?

I do believe January 26, 2009 12:12 PM is trying to draw attention away from the issue and redirect it. He wants us to believe there is a conspiracy by an outside group to rewrite our laws.

Sorry, no conspiracy. The events happened, the facts are just that. I'm tired of paying taxes to pay Sumner when our town officials believe it is a benny. Time to put the brakes on.

This town has some serious problems. Since things aren't getting fixed, we have some Warrants to vote on that will fix some of them. I would venture to say we have more to worry about from special interests INSIDE the town than from outside. CNHT cannot vote at the meeting, but those who represent special interests inside town can.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 5:56, you write:

"Oh my golly, what a terrible thing to do. A Taxpayer(s) getting ripped off somewhere so someone has the audacity to file a suit."

So if this warrant article is passed, what is to stop the "ripped off" taxpayer from filing a personal lawsuit against an elected official and now the elected official needs to pay out of pocket for legal costs due to this article?

As a taxpayer in Atkinson, I have every right to ask these questions. There is no attempt to redirect attention from the issue. I believe other readers of this blog are intelligent enough to understand that.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Legal Fees, Full Time Chief, and Planning Board warrants can be boiled down to one word, Ethics, or more correctly, a lack of same.

My employer has a strict set of rules for conduct and ethics. Every year, and I mean EVERY year, I am required to reaffirm to the company that I have read the rules, that I understand them, and I agree to abide by them. Failure to do so can result in my dismissal. And guess what, these rules are enforced. More than once I've seen a person walked to the door for violating one of the more serious rules.

Why then, do we not expect the same from our elected and appoint officials? Why in a lot of cases does it take the most extreme violations in order for that person to be held accountable. We saw it today in Mass. Look at the Ill. Governor. He's caught red handed and yet he claims it is all a plot to raise taxes.

In our own little town we have seen abuse in how our town attorney is used. The Police Department - Don't get me started. It has all been said. The Planning Board - Why is it that one of the biggest developers in the area, even the state, is permitted to sit on the Planning Board? A man who has lied to us, and as recent documents show, lied to the Public Utilities Commission. In a recent hearing regarding the Wetlands Ordinance passed last Sept., he refused to recluse himself even though the ordinance has a direct impact on one of his businesses.

Why the warrants? Because some of us are tired of waiting for these officials to do the right thing. We're being forced to make them do the right thing. It is a terrible thing that such a thing has come to pass, but it is their own fault. Knowing what is right, and what is wrong;it is not rocket science.

Speaking of Ethics: I think that should be the subject of a warrant next year. Right now we have a Conflict of Interest Board. I believe it used to be an Ethics Board and I don't know how it got changed. However, Conflict of Interest is a topic that falls under Ethics. Conflict of Interest does not address many of the problems. I believe the curren t board should be disbanded,replaced by a Ethics Board, and the initial members of that board be appointed by a blue ribbon panel of respected citizens. For now, I'd leave it to them to set the standards and appoint the board.

Ethics is what this is all about. Keep this in mind Saturday. The meeting should not be a popularity contest but rather having a government committed to doing the right thing.

Ed Naile said...

Hello Atkinson:

A little about CNHT. We file suits as an avenue of last resort. Our "suits" are known as "equity" petitions whereby citizens protect their equitable rights, Most of our actions are regarding Right to Know. We rarely lose because we make sure the plaintiffs are properly forwarned. Sometimes we actually send a municipality what we will file in Superior Court 30 days in advance.
In Atkinson, CNHT is not the party bringing or drafting any suit. The actions of your police chief have, it appears, come to the point a very well established and winning firm has taken notice.
CNHT helped taxpayers win several equity cases in Windsor. The last case made the front page of the Boston Globe on March 28, 2008. Look it up.
We won a case in one school district supporting a special needs student, that made the front page of the Concord Monitor, with out going to court. Look that up, key words: Joel Durham.
I represented a homeowner in Weare who almost lost his home to a bad ZBA decision. We reversed (unanimously) their decision on appeal and now the Town is supporting our original claim in an appeal by the abutter.
Several taxpayer groups use our address in Concord for many different reasons. Our Directors are signers on the S.o.S. papers of some groups. We mail some voter guides from our office as well.
I see the crackpot from Raymond is writing about
DFNH's "investigation" into CNHT when he was touting himself as a reporter.
If you want more info on CNHT look up the career of one Miles Rigney the former policer chief of Weare. I wrote the warrant article that made his "chief for life" job ELECTED, see RSA 41:47. Miles is no longer chief.
Atkinson should start shopping for a new chief as well. Its always best to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Look, CNHT is the mailing address for the Atkinson Taxpayers Association, because, as much as we want to root out the corruption in town, We are afraid of retaliation from Phil, and therefore must remain out of the line of fire.

We do not want to put our families in harms way.

MAcciard said...

For the Record; I have not used lawsuits as a tactic.

I filed a petition for injunctive relief, with the Court in 2004, because the chief refused to obey the law and recuse himself from voting on police matters.

I filed my current case only after being verbally threatened at the post office on Dec. 13, 2007, then followed by the chief around town, and finally to the town hall, where I was filing a complaint, as he entered. This incident made me realize that no matter, how quiet I became, he would never leave me and my family alone. I filed suit to get this ALL on the public record, and stop the harrassment once and for all.

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous January 26, 2009 12:50 PM

I appreciate you pointing out the web site you say discredits CNHT. As an Atkinson Taxpayers Association member and CNHT supporter, I would like all bloggers to read it. Don't just read what Anonymous January 26, 2009 12:50 PM wants you to read, but everything that is posted on that blog. (Remember that article is 3 years old)

Mr. / Ms Anonymous January 26, 2009 12:50 PM is a supporter of the problems that are going on here in Atkinson and Statewide. He / she doesn't want you to read everything that is posted there.

Accordingly, go where he/she wants you to go, BUT read EVERYTHING that is there before starting to form a decision.

The question is: Do you want the same problems Bedford is having because of what Mr./ Ms Anonymous January 26, 2009 12:50 PM would like you to believe.

I think the Powers to Be here in Atkinson are AFRAID of what we are doing, and here is another DESPRATE attempt on their part to bring US under their control.

The taxpayer organizations that are in Atkinson will not allow them to bring us under their control. Rather, we will yank our legal control back from them.

All Atkinson taxpayers must attend town meeting this year, to help get taxpayer control over our town government. Read the warrant articles and support what is right for us taxpayers. You have the choice and the right to he heard. Please exercise your rights. See you (and us) at town meeting. Don’t be late.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the established and winning firm that has "taken notice" of what is happening in town?

I suggest Atkinson residents visit the CNHT website ( and watch the interview with Ed Naile on the Capitol Access cable access show. Ed talks about how CNHT is a mini lawfirm and that they have attorneys on their board. I wonder if there is a connection and why this wasn't mentioned? I bring this to your attention as everyone here seems committed to transparency.

Listen carefully to what Ed says about CNHT about 6 minutes into the video. Here you will learn about the groups they are associates with, their leanings, etc.

Again, I leave it up to my fellow citizens to decide as to where they stand on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Any group or person that helps Atkinson make progree in the fight to lessen corruption and "inside baseball" with our chief and our planning board is OK with me.

If I need to fight them in the future on another issue with which I disagree with them, I'll do it. But, until that point, I consider them an ally.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, for now...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous said... January 26, 2009 10:05 PM

No we don't know, but from what others are will know soon. Good luck when the bomb hits.

If you are a police officer, selectman, Chief of Police.........stand away from good law abiding taxpayers and elderly for fear they might get hurt.

Taxpayers will take their rights back, regardless of what the "Powers that are" want.

Good luck.......our bet is on taxpayer rights. Not your political machine.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Jack was in the selectman's meeting tonight; he was complaining about the blog signs being a danger (! You could tell they were really getting to him, but he had to hold it in; he actually apologized first thing to the selectmen for something that he did at the last meeting; anyone know what he did that he had to apologize for?

Oh, by the way, anyone see that last planning board meeting? It was unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

RE: January 26, 2009 10:05 PM

Again, it is those nasty and inconvenient facts that say it all.

Can you deny that all that has been posted about the chief is untrue? Is all the documented evidence are lies perpetrated by an organization with anterior motives?

You see, again, it is the documented facts that make the case. This stuff is public record. Can you claim it is all lies? We have heard there is another side of the story, but, we have yet to hear it.

No, what I hear as counter augments are attempts by those who will be affected if the warrants are passed, and their attempts to discredit those who state the facts.

Face it, facts are facts. They cannot be changed. History cannot be rewritten. Attacking the messenger does not change the facts.

It is the facts on which these warrants should be voted on, not personal obligations. If Phil is no longer chief, the PD will not fall apart. If Phil is no long chief, Elderly Affairs will not evaporate. He would love you to believe this, but it is not true. He did not create Elderly Affairs. He did not always run it. But, rest assured, if Phil is removed from both his positions, Elderly Affairs will continue, and most assuredly, prosper. Phil is in this for himself, and him alone. Look at the facts, look at the history, look at the manipulation. Then, you be the judge.

Remember the last vote after the Deliberative Session? Do you think it was by coincidence that an Elderly Affairs vehicle was parked right next to the Community Center entrance? Might it had not been a not so subtle reminder to those who Phil has served and was counting on your vote?

The world is not going to end if Phil is replaced. Things are not going to hell in a hand basket if the LT. loses his job. The Elderly will not lose everything they have now if Phil is no longer Chief.

I speak to the elderly now. Believe me when I say I can relate and understand your concerns. I will agree that Phil has done some good things, and that many of you are grateful to him. But, please understand, you will lose nothing if Phil is no longer in the picture. But rather, things will improve. There are services that are not being taken advantage of. Look at the Elderly Affairs Warrant. If Phil is so concerned for your well being, how could he possibly oppose it? My belief is that Phil is counting on that you no longer have all of your faculties. I strongly disagree. Vote your heart. You'll be OK.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack, Go ahead and steal them like you did last year, if you dont like them.

They are no more a danger than the real astate signs near them.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, Jack was in the selectman's meeting tonight"

I thought he quit to spend more time with his family. Isn't what he said? Why then does he have so much time to attend these meetings?

And, is he suggesting that all political signs that are soon to appear are a hazard?

The man is despicable. He lies in front of the camera. He pontificates like a tent revival preacher. All I think when I see him speak is the old joke: "How do you know if a politician is lying? His lips are moving."

I really hate to dive this low, but what kind of example is this man setting for his children? It's OK to lie to the public if it achieves your goals? Please, Jack, move to MASS. They can relate to your type.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jack, the blog signs are a hazard, but the real estate signs, and all the political signs about to appear, are not!

Why is it only the blog signs that bug you?

Hey, what did you do with the ones you stole last year?

Anonymous said...

All the blog signs are in the right of way. They will never survive tonights snow storm. They look alot like mailboxes and we all know what happens to mailboxes when it snows. We better remove them quickly today or start printing new ones!

Anonymous said...

Thats just Jack being Jack. Leave him alone you meanies.

Anonymous said...

So it sounds like the Chief is about to get the Town involved in yet another lawsuit (see Ed naile's comment). We need this warrant article signed by everyone. PC's bad behavior cannot be at the expense of the town forever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Consentino. Saturday is my birthday and I will be at deliberative session. Can I get my birthday card then? Do I need to make a donation to get it first? How much of a donation is needed to get on the list so I get a card? I will frame it and put it on my wall as an important piece of town memorabilia. I really want it Saturday cause you may not be able to do it later. So can you please bring a blank card and fill it out for me during the break? I would love a hand written card with your signature. I am turning 60 and the warrant article for services should pass for anyone 60 and over and that will qualify me for my birthday card. Thank you very much. See you Saturday. Don't forget that card!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the PD budget reduced by the same amount that the EA budget was increased by. I would really like to zero out both and going thru them line by line. Is this possible?

If the PD budget is not reduced by at least 20K or so, I will vote against the budget and the EA article.

Also, I will vote against the PD buying a generator for $25k untill we see some bids and an electrician report to justify this expense.

Anonymous said...

BTW folks, I hope it has not escaped you that the Town is paying for Jack Sapia's legal fees too, in Acciard's case. He's not being sued as a Town official, he is no longer a Town official and the Town has been found not responsible for his or the Chief's actions.

Anonymous said...

I think the BOS should consider having the State Police on standby for saturday's meeting. Maybe we'll need the National Guard.

Anonymous said...

Bring your camera and your pocket tape recorder or camcorder saturday. We can collect more evidence for next week.

Anonymous said...

The Chief originally asked for $56k for a generator. How did he cut this by more than 50%? Did he overinflate the estimate? Obviously so. Not good, not a plausible expense.

Anonymous said...

"Thats just Jack being Jack. Leave him alone you meanies."

That excuse may work for Manny, but certainly not Jack. Any criticism he receives is self inflicted and usually deserved.

Of course, like the Chief, Jack would love the blog to go away. If not that, discredit it. They're like nocturnal creatures: They cannot stand the light of truth and facts.

Anonymous said...

I heard there were going to be people from Concord at the meeting saturday, to see for themselves what is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Non residents should not be let in. The circus tent is not big enough once biggumheado steps in.

Anonymous said...

If by "Concord" he means the State of New Hampshire, I would find their presence most welcomed.

Anonymous said...

It will give bigumheado a reason to watch over everyone's shoulder as they check in.

Anonymous said...

CNHT has helped many towns across the state by starting taxpayers sites for new associations to use as document and information repositories. Salem NH has a new site too now:

The Atkinson Taxpayers site is no different and uses the CNHT mailing address to maintain anonminity due to the oppressive culture in this town. Atkinson residents contribute private funds to keep the site up and running but we also rely on volunteers at CNHT. The Atkinson Taxpayers Association provides factual information on taxpayer issues and anyone can send in documents for posting.

MAcciard said...

When the budget is presented, it is usually presented by dept., at the end of each dept. the chairman will usually pause for comments.

The people have the right on town floor, to ammend any budget line they choose, up or down, and by any amount they wish. Every ammendment must be debated, and a vote taken. The final result is what will go on the ballot to be voted on in March.

Anonymous said...

The proposed budget is up this year and I encourage everyone to bring their red pens.

Anonymous said...

The full list of Warrants is on the town web site. If there was ever a reason to split the Deliberative Session into two days, its this list.

Way, way, way to much for a single day. This is not democracy, its planned torture. Many other towns split their sessions. Why can't we?

Oh, did anyone tell the town we're in a recession? And $25,000 for a generator. Absolutely outrageous.

Anonymous said...

anon January 26, 2009 10:44 PM writes:

No we don't know, but from what others are will know soon. Good luck when the bomb hits.

If you are a police officer, selectman, Chief of Police.........stand away from good law abiding taxpayers and elderly for fear they might get hurt.

Wow. The bravado on this board is funny, but this guy takes it to a new level. Bombs? Stand away from the citizens? What is being planned here?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't people thanking Jack for the free advertising? When he complains about the blog signs on camera, all he does is generate more controversy and more blog activity. Just like the chief yelling at town meeting about THAT BLOG!! Free advertising. Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

You do have a point. It was a statement the Chief made in the LT that I learned of the blog. As they say in Hollywood, "Any publicity is good publicity."

Anonymous said...

I'd like t see the residents that bring absurd law suits against the town have to pay damages to the town for wasteing the towns time and money

Anonymous said...

And just what "absurd lawsuit" are you referring to? Can you provide even a single example?

MAcciard said...

To Anon @ 4:37;

I fully agree! I think anyone who brings a frivolous action, with no merit, designed merely to harrass the defendant, and cost him money, should be dismissed, and the person who files it should have to compensate the victim.

But The only "frivolous" suit, that I have seen filed against the town in the last 5 years, the only one dismissed for lack of standing, was Francis Polito v. Town of Atkinson, and the chief's Supreme Court appeal in my ethics petition.

Anonymous said...

Mark, Why not sue Polito and Consentino for filing a "frivolous" suit. There is a law in place for you to do that. (Or are you afraid the selectmen will authorize the town to pay their legal fees)? Maybe that should be a warrant article for next year.

If you want to sue now, I'll kick in a few buck for your legal fees. Bet the rest of the town would too.

Guess this is a good reason to pass this years warrant regarding legal fees.

Come on towns people........let's show up Sat. and get this thing done now.

Just my opinion.