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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's That Time Again! The Political Season is upon us


Yes, With the New Year comes Atkinson's Annual political battle. Candidates vying to lead this great town( some would say dictate to it). Others trying to lobby for their pet projects, either through the budgetary process, or through carefully crafted warrant article.

In recent years, we have seen the voters get angry enough to stop the plutocrats, lack of attention to the voters that placed them upon those thrones, by writing and passing a number of warrant articles.

In 2005, the voters directed the selectmen, by warrant article to place the Vietnam honor Roll panels in front of the Town Hall, but outside the flagpoles. When the selectmen refused to do what the voters told them(remember selectman Sapia's idea of putting them on top of the Town Hall's Leach Field? Great Symbolism, Jack!) The voters initiated a Special Town meeting to pass ANOTHER warrant article telling them to do it again!

Last year saw a spate of citizen petitioned warrant articles, most of which were effectively shot down by the political class in town, and now that season is upon us again!

So, in the spirit of the season, the Atkinson Reporter would like to ask you;

What Warrant Articles would YOU like to see on the ballot this year?

Who would you like to see run for Paul Sullivan's selectmen seat, or would you like to see Paul run again?

Who would you like to see run for the two seats on Budget Committee?


Anonymous said...

If people are SO tired of how this town is run, why aren't they volunteering for committees, offices and appointments to get involved and run this town correctly?

If you want changes at the planning board, then seek appointment by the Selectmen and point out the conflicts held by other current members and demand change. Same for changes in the selectmen, road agent, budget committee, library trustees or other town departments.

I for one am getting sick of all the whining and lack of action by people. Its easy to sit there and gripe but it takes effort to organize and make changes occur. The old guard is on its way out and there is an opportunity for a new generation of Atkinson residents to make changes and make a difference. But nothing will change if people do not go out of their way to find time to get involved.

Those with greedy intentions or are power control freaks know residents are too busy to pay attention which makes getting away with this stuff easier for them. Perhaps not as easy lately since people finally have the internet and email to communicate and collaborate. Reality is your involvement is their worst nightmare.

This town needs volunteers. 2009 is the time when you can make the most difference. It is your town. If you don't do something about it, who will?

Anonymous said...

So why did you post anonymous? Set the example and put your full name.

Sounds like you are ready to dig in; just put your name in the hat like all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but look at what has happened to the people who stand up and point out what is wrong.
Look at Acciard, Grant, Kay, Artus, Brownfield, and all the rest, why would we want to put our families in for all of that harrassment.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a warrant article to TOTALLY separate elderly from PD. Move it to the community center and combine it with all the other elderly activities. That would be great for everybody!

Anonymous said...

To Anon January 5, 2009 5:48 PM

How would you know whether my name is already in the hat or not? You make some bold assumptions.

I didn't post my name for the same reasons you didn't post yours. But I am not just sitting on my butt whining on a blog and slandering people for not publishing their name while posting anonymously!

Anonymous said...

To January 6, 2009 9:25 AM


I think the previous poster was making a point and you certainly proved it. You are no different than everyone else here.

Anonymous said...


Difficult for you to read between the lines apparently.

Posting anonymously is not the issue its whether your actually DOING something to help the town or not. Are you just whining on the blog or are you actively trying to help make positive changes in town? Do you stay informed? Do you watch selectmen's meetings, budget meetings, etc? Do you vote? Do you attend deliberative session and stay for the duration? Do you volunteer for committees or run for office? Do you donate some of your time to the town each month or not? You are either a do-er or a talker. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

To January 6, 2009 5:05 PM

Good question, What are you?

Anonymous said...

Posters 10:17 AM, 5:05 PM, 5:19 PM and others...

Is this worth arguing over whether someone posts anonymously or does not? Does it matter if someone voices their opinion on a town matter; is it really whining? And for trying to make a difference, I think most who post on this board want and try to make a difference in this town for the better.

Lets try to make a better Atkinson and stop the in fighting!

MAcciard said...

Although I fully understand the impulse to post anonymously, maybe all of you who do could choose a psuedonym, to facilitate conversation

Anonymous said...

got my birthday card thank's phil

Anonymous said...

I've been out of this for a while, but aren't petitioned warrant articles due, like now? Or, at the latest, January 13th? Better get moving people.

Carol Grant said...

To Jan. 5, 2009, 8:21 p.m.

If someone else will write up such a warrant article petition and get the required number of signatures on it, I would be willing to submit it.

I'm not at all afraid of Phil. I've been his personal target ever since I publicly stated, at a 2005 selectmen's meeting, that he, Sapia, and Childs were wrong in not honoring and complying with the 2005 Town Meeting Vote to place the Vietnam Honor Roll panels in front of Town Hall.

I'm so used to constantly being on the receiving end of Phil's vindictiveness that I could care less if his hate level towards me goes up some more notches.

So, if someone wants to submit such a warrant article but is afraid of Phil's well-known retaliation tactics, just write it up, get the correct number of signatures on it and I'll submit it for you.

But don't wait too long. The deadline for submitting petitioned warrant articles is almost here -- is rapidly approaching.

Carol Grant

MAcciard said...

Unfortunately, Carol, I don't think anyone wants a repeat of what happened to Steve Lewis, and the petition signers in 2000, when he submitted a petition warrant article for a full time chief.

Our chief parked his police car in front of Steve's office on Main st. next to the post office, with lights on, while he screamed at Mr. Lewis, in his own office!

I must say, Mr. Lewis is nicer than I. If anyone, let alone the chief of police were screaming at me in my place of business, I would call the state police to come and remove him.

tim dziechowski said...

FYI the last day to submit petition warrant articles is next Tuesday, January 13.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Mark, last time I issued such a caution about warrant articles, including the example you site, I was ripped a new one by someone out there in blog land claiming I was discouraging people from using the process.

So, either this person is no longer paying attention, or has a dual standard regarding who he yells at.

Don't know, but I wonder if conditions have changed. I wonder if any of the town's officers would accommodate the chief's harassment requests.

Janus said...

In response to the the original query -
A warrant to direct that a tally of votes for and against be on the warrant articles rather than the current recommended or not recommended. This was allowed by last years legislature.
For Selectman; Paul has not been as bad as some others, but I would like someone willing to make the tough choices for what is best for the town's future.
For Budget; The bottom line has looked good the last few years but continues to creep upward. Will new faces help? If there is anyone with a platform of restraint I'll for them.
And, there are three budgets seats this year, not two. There was an appointment which lapses in March.

Anonymous said...


I did not understand your comment (first para). Can you please rephrase it for me?


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion:
Mr. Sullivan showed early promise by putting Sapia in his place and asking some hard questions to the chief. However, little has changed. Chief got his car and the EA has turned into a fiasco. Anyplace else the Chief's actions and behavior, past and present, would have seen him dismissed long ago. Also, the BOS's weak response to the water issue has been disappointing. Overall, nothing has changed.

Mr. Childs - Literally, a joke. His fixation on the public works department, and absolutely no understanding of the issues we care about, shout incompetence. And to think he is up for Chairman next year - Heaven help us.

Mr. Friel - Not as bad as we feared and his support of water rights is encouraging. However, tainted by the Chief's political machine. Break away from that and we have a winner.

Budget - Now hear this. Get it through your heads. Wake up and smell the coffee. The economy is in deep, deep trouble so it cannot be business as usual next year. Some serious belt tightening is needed. Up front is the police and EA budgets. They need a microscope and brought back to reality. That means cuts. For a small town with little crime, the PD budget is out of control. Also, a hold on any new projects that can wait. Give us a tax decrease and everyone in town government will be heros.

Finally, disband and reorganize the Conflict of Interest board. The fact that Sapia sits on the board and Harold Morse still sits on the Planning Board proves the whole thing is a sham. Ethics, and having some, is what it is about, and what this board should be about. It is on record for all to see - Sapia and Morse are proven liers. And, lets not forget Mr. Polito's very recent attempt to ignore self confessed zoning violation by Lewis Builders (Mr. Morse, stop saying that). We deserve much better.

I applaud those citizens who volunteer, and, run for town office. However, we need you to do it for the right reasons. Ego and flagrant acts that show conflict of interest are not needed.

Anonymous said...

Webmaster - Please post prominently on the front page of the website:

Atkinson 2009 Town Meeting Deliberative Session:
10:00 am, Saturday January 31st at the Dyke Auditorium

Atkinson 2009 Town Meeting Election Day:
7:30 am until 8:00 pm, Tuesday March 10th at the Community Center

Anonymous said...

Here are facts from my area. Hope Listro 79, not called by elderly affairs, Mrs. Goldstein (77) not called by elderly affairs, Pat Goodridge, not called by elderly affairs, Carol Davis, not called by elderly affairs, Erma Brown (83) not called by elderly affairs BUT SHE DID CALL THEM! Need I go on or is the BIG lie obvious?

No calls by elderly affairs in Atkinson. Shame, shame on ALL OF YOU. Bigger shame for lying about it to attempt a cover-up. The lie shows what you are made of. And it stinks.