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Thursday, March 5, 2009

About the Town Report....

As many have noted, the Town Report is out and available on the Town Website;

The cover pictures are beautiful. Linda used to take exceptional pride in the presentation of our town report, always competing with other towns across the state for the coveted status of best town report. The dedication to Peter Lewiees, and the memorials to Joe DeRosa, Dianne Kinney, and John Lapham, are classy, and wonderfully done. To whoever put that together, thank you from the Atkinson Reporter.

Now to the meat of the report;

Beginning with the selectmen's report;

What 3 lawsuits? And how were they settled, or won? and on what terms? and at what cost?

What separation, and lack of mystery in the donation account? Everything is still run through the PD, and Phil circumvented the intent of the AGO, by setting up his own private slush fund, with no accountability, to replace the public slush fund, where withdrawals at the very least had to be lied about in public to withdraw money for items other than what you discussed....

The budget committee report does a nice job of describing the budgetary process, without giving any specifics as to why some items are as high as they are, but that is probably to be expected.

We wont discuss the warrant here or the MS-7 as those were discussed at and after deliberative session. Who knew Teddy could be so eloquent, and Chief where are the crime stats and call breakdown for this year. This is the first year those have been missing. Wonder why?

The ZBA report is interesting in that it lends insight into why it's chair fancies himself the unofficial town consigliere. Thank God that board was not acting on emotions when it's then- chairman ordered the cameras turned off so that he could scream at his board that they were F***ing Idiots, a couple of years ago...

And the hits just keep on coming...

The Town employee list...

And the Highest paid Town employee is??????

(Drum roll please)

For the 3rd?, 4th? straight year in a row...

Lt. Baldwin at $70,890.50!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

This blog only has one question... how can you make over $70,000 on a SALARY of $60,340.?

We remember when chief explained to the selectmen how much more cost effective it would be paying Billy a salary, rather than hourly and overtime, because he worked 50 hours a week. So, how is it he gets SALARY, plus Overtime, Details, Training, and whatever else? Plus a car with gas, insurance and maintenance, and benefits?

WOW, Thats a great gig, if you can get it!

And Phil Consentino made $4000.00 as a vendor? what did he sell to the Town?

And for the Teddy detractors, he made $56,054.78 renting his equipment/drivers to the town this year! You guys are right it IS a fortune!

And to the Elderly Affairs section;


ALL ON $24,189.00!! WHAT A BARGAIN!!! IT only costs Atkinson $12.13 / ride!!! and it says they went to all of the Boston hospitals and the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA.

And that with drivers wages at $11.00- $13.00/hr. and gas at over $3.50/gal most of the year! How the hell did that happen? Methinks somebody is LYING HERE!

And onto the Community Center page;

There it is again;

And, once again, the Atkinson Elderly Affairs Department and “Life is not
Done Yet” Foundation sponsored two 11-week sessions of Senior
Wellness Exercise classes.

Hmm, I remember the AGO looking into this fictional "life is not done foundation" that our chief gives out checks from........

So, what did YOU find interesting, objectionable, or worthy of discussion in this years Town Report?

Inquiring minds want to know?


Anonymous said...

The elderly Affairs unit is a scam and a half. Lie upon lie. Almost 2k rides on a budget just over 20k? We all know the other monies must of been taken out of the police operating budget. This is stealing.

Anonymous said...

I see that Baldwin is also listed as a vendor and on top of his salary, he made $3,492.77 for something else. I wonder what?

I also think the report should have been dedicated to those who passed who were town employees rather than Peter (no offense meant here, but what makes him stand out over the others?).

"The Elderly Director assured us the fourteen hundred elderly
people on his list would be checked." The FD was concerned that they don't have a list of people who needed to be checked on yet there's a double secret list at the PD, that is not a complete list and no he didn't check on all of them.

Anonymous said...

Bet he checked on the ones that donate!

Anonymous said...

Bet he checked on the ones that donate!

Anonymous said...

you're right, he is listed as a vendor!

What the hell did He sell the town?

Anonymous said...

$12 bucks a ride! If the drivers make $12/hr. then they could give a 20 minute ride for that price, after you take out gas and taxes.

Anonymous said...

But that is round trip, how far can you get in 10 minutes?

Anonymous said...

ok, so either we didn't do 2000 rides, or we spent a hell of a lot more than $24k.

Anonymous said...

yeah why do you think the elderly budget for this year is $40,000? the rest came out of the PD. He lied about that at town meeting too.


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but, I think vendor payments include any reimbursement checks issued to town employees. What they are reimbursed for - who knows.

Anonymous said...

So why is he asking for $40k from us if he's still using the PD for dispatch? It's right in his letter in the town report.

He used that as ones of his excuses to up the cost. What does it take to stop this?

I am voting against the budget.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Douglas is pouring over this looking for reasons to find fault with PC, and he will have lots of new questions. Then, he'll blame the BOS for doing nothing, and the plaintiffs will win the suit and on and on this will go until someone fires him.


Anonymous said...

And why didnt the budget committee delete the $5000 to take the word police off the three elderly cars? They are still parked at the PD, thy are still driven by PD people, everything still goes through the PD, where is the separation?

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter he is lying about the numbers

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree, to a degree, with the report's dedication to Peter Lewis. There is no doubt he had a marked influence on the community. However, when you dig a layer deeper, you find a ruthless businessman who thought rules and regulations were for other people.

Ask someone who lives in one of his condos, "So, what do you think of the workmanship?" I personally know a person whose sole job is to fix Lewis Builder's shoddy work.

Then, lets not forget about the water. Sure, he built lots of homes and condos. He then kept the water rights to all. Viola, HAWC, who gladly sold back them to that same water.

And the Country Club putting Atkinson on the map. Pllllease. It is a for profit enterprise and it's only contribution is the first entry in its name. Wasn't it the General Manager of the CC who said, "We'll provide space for a radio tower, but we won't pay for it." Generous to a fault.

It is not my desire to speak ill of the dead. As I said, he was a significant figure in this town. But, when you dedicate something to a mans life, all of his life should be considered. The town had to chose. They chose poorly.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, well said.

Anonymous said...

Why are Phil's numbers always so murky? how come nothing is ever straight forward?

Anonymous said...

Could Baldwin's payment as a vendor be from details? Most of those are for comopanies such as Unitil, paid by the company to the town, and then the oficer gets his pay.

Anonymous said...

No detail pay comes in their paycheck, and is re-imbursed by the vendor.

And how does someone on salary, get paid on those same hours for details?

Salary means if you work 1 hours or 100 hours you get the same pay!

Anonymous said...

Phil is a wackjob

Anonymous said...

Hey Baldwin haters, I don't think you have a kelg to stand on here. Obviously LT Baldwin gets his salary for the 40-50 hrs he works a week. He also does details so he made about 10,000 doing details a function that keeps him away from his family a bit more than I bet he wants butwho doesnt need extra money these days.
If you are going to pick on the Lt get me some legitimate stuff.

Anonymous said...

If the belly aching is because he is away from his family, then that is his fault. You need to weigh what is more important, money or family. Since his decision is money, don't bring up the excuse that he does not get to see his family because he has to work.

Anonymous said...

You miss the point. the selectmen put him on a salary back in 2004 because Phil said it would be cheaper for the town than paying overtime because Billy works 50 hours a week.

Well, if you are on SALARY you make the same amount of money no matter how many hours you work.

Phil is always saying billy makes what he does because he is on call 24-7. then how do you pay him a SALARY for being on call, and pay him DETAIL money for the same hours?

Anonymous said...

How sad that this discussion has devolved into debating Lt. Baldwin's salary. Lt. Baldwin does quite a bit for the community as a police officer and as a school board member.

The irony is that while he is actually out there doing something for our community, you're all sitting on your fat asses, behind your computers, complaining!

Pretty sad...

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer if we run in place while we comment on the salary of a possibly overpaid public employee?

Oh, and you do remember, this is the public employee that tried to double-bill the town for thousands of extra dollars of pay while he was doing Coast Guard training, right?

Hello? Lt. Baldwin defender, are you still there? Could you please offer a defense of his attempted fraudulent claim for earnings above and beyond what the town owed him? Hello, are you still there? Hello...?

Anonymous said...

I believe he gets paid salary for working as the Lt. For the pd. But as far as detail he is paid separately. So when he is doing detail during the day. so on those days he is at the pd in the evening working his normal shift..I may be wrong but this is how I understand it. Bill works hard for this community and he puts his heart and soul into this town. No one can deny hes a very dedicated hard working employee, who earns his salary and then some. give me a break stop nitpicking as far as I can see he is doing the work of the chief because how much time is the chief putting into police work. I don't understand why this blog has such a hard time understanding you pay for what you get...I as an Atkinson resident feel the Lt. should be paid what he is for the work he is doing..and by all means tell me would you want to have to work for the chief???? nope not me we should kick in a little extra to the man for putting up with some of the bull im sure he receives from our chief..Just my opinion..:)

Anonymous said...

OH and just to make it clear....You might want to say..Hello Baldwin defenders....Because I am not the only one here..Defending the LT. thanks and good day!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but aren't details paid for by those that hire them? So the revenue for it would be paid to the town for the detail, and the town would then pay the officer (whomever it is) as a vendor, right?

It seems to me that this discussion is cutting across two areas. I believe that any hours Lt. Baldwin works for the town (over and above his expected hours) are indeed simply part of his salary, which doesn't change the amount of his pay.

The vendor money is misleading because the town is actually collecting it from another source than the taxpayers. And the officer is earning it by working outside his normal hours by choice.

Budget people/person(Mark) - am I correct with this line of thought, or is it done differently?

tim dziechowski said...

Buried in the vendor payment list is a lot of stuff that is actually departmental budget items. An example...I had to reprint 12 copies of the Prime Wetlands study for planning board use. Color maps, 11 x 17, an expensive $400+ print job at Staples. Town used to have a credit card at Staples but we were late paying the bill so it got pulled. So I pay for the reprints with my own credit card and put it a chit for reimbursement. Two or three of these and I'm a vendor. But the vendor payment came from the conservation commission...printing line item.

Or Nina Gray, plants some flowers around town hall for the garden club, gets repaid by the town and becomes a vendor.

There are at least a hundred cases like this buried in the vendor list. I talked to Sandra about it but there isn't any easy fix...not worth the $$$$ for new accounting software.

Anonymous said...

Please name for me any town in NH that has a Lt. with a $95,000/ yr. compensation package.

Any one?

This is not a question of how hard he works, he is expected to work hard, or find another town, this is a question for the selectmen, how can you have someone on a salary, and pay him overtime, and details as well?

How do you get paid twice for the same time?

MAcciard said...

First of all, The $70,000 or so, contains ALL monies paid to the employee, including regular pay, overtime, details, training pay, and any per diems. Vendor payments are almost all expended from budgetary line items, to a company or individual.

For example, as Tim said, he spends money that he is authorized to spend by his budget, and puts in for reimbursement, he is a vendor, because he received a payment from the town, and that has to be shown somewhere.

Many town employees will have small reimbursements for various expenses that should be budgetary in nature, but when those get into the thousands, I have no idea what they are for.

Anonymous said...

So Mark, if they show all of the monies paid to an employee as one lump sum, then isn't that misleading people to think that "we" taxpayers cover it all, when in fact the town received the revenue(I'm still thinking about the police details)from another source? If I am correct, then I think it is wrong to show it this way because it makes people think the employee is being overpaid, when they are just being paid by another source for unscheduled time. (It would be like me getting an evening or weekend job outside my regular job)? Right?

MAcciard said...

No, not at all, because it is all taxable income to the employee. If you were to go to Sandy, and ask for a payroll report, it would show each class of income broken out, for example, reg. pay, evening shift differential, night shift differential, detail, holiday, sick time, etc.

From what I am reading the issue people are raising is not one of reporting, but one of double pay. I have worked much of my life on salary, and I have never worked for an employer, that paid me any extra on weeks when I worked in excess of 75 hours. Salary is salary.

Forgive me if I have misunderstood the issue being discussed, but in this case, from a solely taxpayer money aspect, I must side with the purists.

Anonymous said...

So Mark

Didn't the town establish a police detail rotating fund into which all detail money was to be put, and from which it would be spent?
And the money the officers receive comes from the detail fund
and isn't actually town funding at all, but the money paid by contractors who use the police for details? And therefore, it doesn't impact our taxes?

Most significantly, the fund was established per a revision n state law, which the BC was thrilled to endorse. Prior to that, the detail money was in the PD budget, and therefore raised and appropriated by the town.


Jane Cole

Anonymous said...

Mark, thanks for your reply. But I think Jane sees more of the point I was making. I agree with you that in one respect showing the complete amount the person earned is needed for tax purposes. But I think it also misleads people into thinking that all that money came from the town budget (taxes) and in fact, if what Jane points out is correct, some of it indeed did not.
And that makes it different than being additional hours as part of your regular job and covered as part of your salary. Like, if I was holding a party at the community center and wanted to provide alcohol, I have to hire and pay for a detail. That is not part of any of the officer's regular hours, it is extra time - like having another job completely - and paid directly by another source (in this case, me).

Which gets back to the point of Lt. Baldwin. I presume he earned the salary and only the salary that he/we expected him to earn and that was budgetted and paid for by taxes. But then anything over and above that was income derived from a different source (at least in the case of details).

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I know this person whom for a works for a local division of larger company based out of Texas. Hes a Tech. The most knowledgeable tech within the united states. Is available pretty much 24/7.. He is the tech they send out when the other techs cant seem to fix the problem. But when the send him out they know it will be taken care of and no one is needed to clean up his mess...So with his knowledge and dedication, work ethics and all taken into consideration. should he just be paid the same as every other tech who just looks at his job as a job and a paycheck... Maybe this is what is wrong with society today. The hard working, dedicated employees are being replaced by " better college educated morons " Who just put their time in and collect their pay... With this said I have heard other officers say..When they call the Lt. in the middle of the night and wake him from a sound sleep..what is his reply...I will be right there...Hmmmm so you tell me do we over pay this man.???

Anonymous said...

sorry typo for a company..and Is the highest paid tech within the united states...

Anonymous said...

Oh and this Tech has No college degree....But one of the most knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a 12 gauge will be enough to convince those thugs to leave Mark's property alone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its Just me, but I find it a bit strange that, The chief would support this kind of behavior. Not to mention its some what common knowledge the Mr. Accaird is getting his house ready so he can sell. So why when most of the town knows hes planning on moving would go to these extremes. I don't know just seems a little hmmm how do I say this, fishy to me i guess. Now the state police investigated the other incident with his car. So what were their finding with this?

Anonymous said...

There's an election coming up, many on this Blog have turned it in either a Pro-chief or Anti-chief decision, and then this happens.

Sorry, the timing is seems a just a tad to convenient for one not to be related to the other.

Anonymous said...

"After the car vandalism, Consentino said and did nothing, very quietly supporting and encouraging his supporters with his silence."

This makes no sense. First of all, there has been no newspaper published since the time this likely happened, unless ET were to do a "Stop the Presses" at 5 AM. How can it be claimed he "said and did nothing". Were the police called? Was he there? Did WMUR show up, and then Phil did a shut up.

This whole thing has a smell, and it is not coming from the Chief's direction.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moderator,

Since it appears the 2:20 post was a hoax, deleting the responses to it might be appropriate also.

Anonymous said...

Things sure are getting weird here!

Anonymous said...

COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC. Hoping the webmaster will post a new blog on this topic. Atkinson has two openings on the TRSD budget committee. If no one wins the election or the winner does not accept the position, the BOS will annoint your representatives. Atkinson reps to the budget committee were violently pro-SAU. You have an opportunity to elect pro taxpayer/parent/student reps. Use your voice to promote write in candidates that will serve the district.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark have you been out of the limelight too long? Are you trying to make the people of Atkinson you are still around? Let me guess you'll be suing Sapia soon for this>

Anonymous said...

"Things sure are getting weird here!"

It was one heck of a posting. I know the chief is not popular here, but the venom on this one took it to a new level. But, as the previous posters noted, it was not adding up.

I'd being to bet the moderator checked its validity and did the right thing.

Does provide an good example for the need moderation.

Anonymous said...

You sounded logical until you said "The hard working, dedicated employees are being replaced by " better college educated morons " Who just put their time in and collect their pay... With this said I have heard other officers say..When they call the Lt. in the middle of the night and wake him from a sound sleep..what is his reply...I will be right there...Hmmmm so you tell me do we over pay this man.???

You just said college educated people are MORONS.


Anonymous said...

The 2:20 posting was not a hoax.

Just drive over to Mark's home on Christine Drive and see the nasty grafiti which was painted on his yellow-sided home with red paint.

The grafiti is in big block letters which says MOVE! LEAVE CHIEF ALONE! MOVE! -- the exact same words which were scratched into his car when it also was vandalized.

Theose cowardly thugs hit his home last night. They shamed and dishonored Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

Those people who on this blog immediately defended the vandals who vandalized Mark Acciard's home should be ashamed of themselves.

Instead of foolishly calling it a hoax, and asking the moderator to, in fact, cover it up, if they really cared about the truth, they would have driven over to see the vandalized house for themselves.

Tomorrow's Sunday. Let's see how many of those posters show enough moxie to take a look at Mark's home and then have the honesty to re-post and say they were wrong -- that Mark's home was, in fact, badly vandalized last night while he was out of town.

Don't defend vandals. Don't whitewash their cowardly, sneak around in the night cowardice.

They just didn't hurt Acciard and his family. They hurt all of us who believe in decency and fair play.

The word earlier which was applied to them - thugs -- was right on!

Since the damage both times -- to his car and his home -- both very prominently mentioned the Chief,
Consentino has a responsibility to condemn what is being done in his name and to ask his supporters to stop their night-thugging.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anyone defending the vandals..If it is indeed vandals...I see people saying that they don't think the chief knows who's doing it and supports this behavior..

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of posts getting deleted, and, I did indeed drive by Mark's house. No paint.

This is indeed becoming very strange, and I find the timing all too convenient.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Atkinson is asking for Four Million One Hundred Thirty Four
Thousand Six Hundred Sixty-nine Dollars ($4,134,669) in the proposed budget? This represents an increase of almost 3.6% over 2008!! This is after they took $450,000.00 from the unreserved fund to offset the tax rate!! This is the worse economic time in over 25 years. We do not need a bigger budget. VOTE THE BUDGET DOWN

Here are the proposed increases over what was expended in 2008 (just the INCREASE folks):

Legal fees 1,495.00
Personnel Admin 2,321.00
Planning and Zoning 6,703.00
Buildings 28,220.00
cemeteries 1,770.00
Insurance 5,312.00
Advertising 151.00

Police Department 124,657.00
El derly Affairs 10,097.00
Building Inspector 210.00
Homeland Security 150.00
Highway Department 25,009.00
Sanitation 37,049.00
Health & Welfare 13,535.00
Culture & Recreation 68,004.00
Conservation 33.00

The EA budget is up 37% over what they spent last year.

The EA budget last year shows they spent 13% MORE THAN WHAT THE TOWN APPROVED for 2008.

The PD budget is up almost 20% over what was spent in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patty Mangini....$68k increase in recreation? I thought you planned no saving the town some money?

Anonymous said...

These are not necessary items. Why does the police dept need that much more money? there's no crime right chief? what are you doing with all the money?

Anonymous said...

I took pictures of Mark Acciard's house. Red paint on the yellow siding. All across the front of the house. I give the pictures to Acciard.

Anonymous said...

I took the pictures about 5:20 to 5:30pm today.

Anonymous said...

Article Submission:

Trucking facility approved in Atkinson

By Emily Moffett

ATKINSON — The Planning Board granted approval for a 24-hour trucking facility on Industrial Way last week, angering residents concerned about the noise the business will create in their neighborhood.

More than 30 residents from Atkinson and Salem were on hand as the board voted 3-2 on Wednesday in favor of P.J. Murphy Transportation Inc.'s proposal. Industrial Way is located near the Salem town line.

The main concern for Christine O'Hara Tremblay and Keith Wolters, both of Salem, is the noise from the company, which is expected to have heavy truck traffic in the early morning. But residents' opposition to the trucking facility wasn't enough to sway the board.

"What they have essentially approved is the use of any amount of trucks and any hours of operation," Wolters said.

To minimize the noise, Planning Board member Paul DiMaggio proposed an amendment to limit the number of vehicles the company can operate to seven trucks and 14 trailers. But that amendment was rejected.

Board member Ted Stewart, who is also the town's road agent, said an influential factor in the decision not to include the amendment was that Dickie Construction, another trucking company, has been in the area for eight years without restrictions on the number of vehicles it can operate.

"There's no legal stipulation that limits the number of trucks a trucking company can own." Stewart said. "To limit one company and not another without any legal stipulation doesn't seem fair."

Residents said Dickie Construction is too far away to be a disturbance.

Stewart, who voted for the project along with board members Mike Fletcher and Joe Guischard, said he stands by his decision and wants residents to know he took their concerns seriously.

"I was really put back by how strongly people were offended," he said. "The amount of hate and discontent astonished me. ... We didn't really break new ground anywhere. People were concerned with the noise and they got an 8-foot berm and a 5-foot fence. So to me, everyone won."

But neighbors are not convinced the barrier will block sound.

Wolters, who lives on Christine Lane in Salem, said the town's consultant, Robert Berens of Acentech Inc., reported there was still a potential for disturbing noise.

"People on the board would not listen to logic," Wolters said. "They wouldn't even listen to their own consultant." Even DiMaggio, a board member who voted against the proposal along with Tim Dziechowski, admitted his board was in error.

"I think the Planning Board made a bad decision," DiMaggio said. "I'm absolutely baffled at the process. Major concerns were totally ignored."

Some residents said they doubt the company, based in Methuen, Mass., can legally operate at the site. DiMaggio said the zoning was originally intended for an outgrowth of home businesses and that he believes it has been misinterpreted by the board.

"Transportation terminals are not on the permitted use list" he said. "And if it's not on the list, it's not allowed."

In addition to the noise, Tremblay, who lives on Christine Lane in Salem, said she is concerned about the potential hazard the company poses to neighboring wells since the trucks would transport fuel.

Wolters said abutters will likely challenge the decision before the zoning board.

"We're hopeful that a different group will take a different approach and be open-minded and willing to listen," he said.

Anonymous said...

I think most people know what i mean when I say college educated morons. I did not say every college educated person was a moron, what i am saying is we have all dealt with the situation of a seeing knowledgeable, best in the field people who didn't have the opportunity to attend college for financial or other reasons. being replaced by new book educated people who feel they can do a better job, because they read it in a book. Life experiences will always over shadow the degree in my "book" Hey like I always say this is my opinion and this I am entitled to. :)

Anonymous said...

Stereotyping should be avoided if you want to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

It sounded like sour grapes to me. I've never heard a college educated person say this, only an uneducated person.

Anonymous said...

Years back an uneducated billionaire, only got through the eigth grade, stated "There are a few educated millionaires, but no educated billionaires".

Wonder if that is still true today?

Anonymous said...

Let me apologist I forgot that I live in Atkinson where a lot not all people feel its about how much money you have, who you know and who went to the best schools. Sorry forget some people don't base peoples dedication, the kind of person you are and the way you treat others, hard work and knowledge in their field as a base to where you get in life. Gee my bad sorry....(This was sarcasm for the ones who cant seem to detect)

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Most of the people I know in Atkinson are regular people, some have college degrees, some do not. People shouldn't belittle anyone because they have an education or a nice house. That is sour grapes. This started with a person referring to some as college educated morons. This is not a forum for that type of discussion. This is about the issues, stop attacking people.

Anonymous said...

Let it be noted that the person ridiculing the educated morons is a Bennett supporter. Is gues he doesn't realize the guy went to college. read his letter, he can tell you all about his career.

What does he stand for? Who knows, but maybe he's great, hell he went to MIT, must be ok.

This is the same illogical thought process that concludes that being nice and volunteering and serving breakfast during the ice storm qualifies one for the Town Clerk position.


Anonymous said...

What qualifies one for being a good town clerk is experience in the office PLUS excellent customer service.

Both candidates have experience in the town clerk's office. Neither is a newcomer to the position as both were deputy town clerks for years and both are town clerk certified.

So if both candidates are qualified, what separates them?

Dedication to the town in a volunteer capacity demonstrates a connection to the town and its people. It shows leadership and (and in the case of the ice storm) compassion in difficult times. It shows a person willing to get out and do for others while not being noticed, asked nor paid to do it. And to me THAT speaks volumes on how important customer service will be for Patti.

How can that experience be brought into the town clerk's office?

Through innovation, motivation, dedication, and action.

Some people (especially those who have not worked in the town clerk's office) think that the office is good enough as it is run now. Having worked in the office, Patti sees a chance to improve things; to make the office more effecient, so people don't bring their money to Hampstead because they think the Atkinson office is too slow. And this is money that only a small part goes to the state; it is additional revenue for the town.(And that's just one idea she has shared.)

So, your right, volunteering and serving over 400 meals to the people in this town does not qualify one for the town clerk's position -- but it demonstrates the character of the person running for the position and gives a good indication of what "extras" this person will give back to you while in that job. Whether asked or not.

Anonymous said...

I personally am appalled that Noriko would make an issue out of Rose not helping out at the community center during the storm. People were so overwhelmed that no one should be judging who did or did not go to the community center to help. You don't get to decide how and when another person volunteers. People help in different ways so to put Rose or the other town clerk's office personnel down is very mean and unnecessary. I am surprised that Robin is supporting Patty after they all said such nasty stuff in the paper.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Patty Mangini....$68k increase in recreation? I thought you planned no saving the town some money?"

This is Susan Ober. I am a member of Recreation and was told about this question being posted so I'm going to answer for Patti (she is a little busy right now).

Recreation is level funded for 2009(the only increases were for utility costs). There isn't a $68K increase in the recreation budget at all.

There is a warrant to withdraw $45K from the recreation capital reserve account (no new taxes, the money is there), which is going to be used on the work for the East Road recreational area this year.

There is also a warrant to request $25,000 for the recreation capital reserve, which is something that has been on the ballot over the last few years. This is needed because the current monies in the capital reserve will not be quite enough to complete the work on East Road and additional money will be needed next year to continue the project.

So my question back is, is that the $68K to which you referred, and does this answer your question?


Anonymous said...

No one has ever questioned Rose's customer service skills, she is a most polite and lady like person. Linda Jette supports her and she carries on the wonderful tradition of customer service that Linda provided to this town. She is up to date with her certifications and I support her totally.

Anonymous said...

Patty left once, to go to a job that sought her out. What happened to that job?

- buhbye.

Anonymous said...

Culture and Recreation

2008 expended $492,602.00
2009 proposed $560,606.00

Town Report

The recreation portion increase about $15k, plus you are asking for $65,000.00 from the reserve fund.

It may not increase taxes this year, but it didn't come out of thin air, it was previously put into the fund by the taxpayers via taxes.

You are still proposing to spend this money.

Anonymous said...

So it's more like $80k that the Recreation Dept wants to spend this year.


Anonymous said...

That's $80k OVER what they spent last year.

$130k or so for the Recreation and Community Center PLUS another $60k from the fund.

WOW. $190k for recreation.

Sorry, I'll be busy working to have any fun this year.

Anonymous said...

Noriko's letter was not meant in the way it was taken. I am not sure if it is the language translation,(she has some trouble with putting her thoughts down as she means them in English), but it was not her intent to put down Rose for not volunteering. ANYONE that knows Noriko knows that she is not one to ever put down anyone else.

She was merely trying to show (by example, I believe) that Patti went above and beyond during the ice storm when she didn't have to and she was trying to show how Patti can gain support of a cause with a phone call (she called all of us in recreation), and if she was the town clerk, she'd have done the same with that office.

She was NOT trying to put down Rose nor the others in the town clerk's office because they weren't there. I do see that that might be how it could be interepretted, but that was not how it was meant at all.

Neither Noriko nor Patti are negative nor mean-spirited people.

She did not intend for her letter to be interpretted that way. And those two sentences (the only things written that could be considered negatively)were certainly not written properly. She is aware of that and I believe she feels bad about it, but I am not speaking for her, that is my opinion from what I know.

And the reason Robin supports Patti(regardless of Noriko's letter)is because Robin knows Noriko and knows her not to be a negative, mean-spirited person; and Robin knows Patti and feels she is very capable and qualified.

I would like to think that anyone else that KNOWS Noriko will believe me regarding all I have just said.

Susan Ober

Anonymous said...

Elderly Affairs is up 55%

and they still use the PD dispatch

Anonymous said...

Library is up $50k too

If we vote down the budget, the town departments will have to figure out how to get by on less. What a novel concept.

Anonymous said...

I read Noriko's letter. It wasn't very nice, maybe all her friends should have her write a retraction and apologize to Rose. If you can get it thru the language barrior.

ps - why isn't Noriko defending herself here?

Anonymous said...

Mangini campaign is very negative

Anonymous said...

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse Patti Mangini for Town Clerk in Atkinson. Patti and I have served together on the Atkinson Recreation Commission for 10 years. During this time under her leadership, we have greatly expanded the programs we offer to all our residents. We can name a few — the Town of Atkinson has a fully functioning program for Atkinson seniors as well as a significantly improved summer program for our children.

A perfect example of Patti's dedication to residents of Atkinson was the work she did during the ice storm last December. She took the leadership as soon as our Selectmen suggested, she was at the Community Center everyday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. serving meals, cleaning, up and providing comfort to people during a divesting situation. In comparison, the Town Clerk's office was closed the Monday after the storm even though Town Hall had their electricity back. They were not working, although no one from the Town Clerk's office volunteered one minute from their time to help the community.

The Town of Atkinson deserves to have that level of dedication in the Town Clerk's Office in Atkinson. I urge you to vote for Patti Mangini for Town Clerk on March 10.

Noriko Yoshida-Travers

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Cavalear for town clerk

To the editor:

I support Rose Cavalear for the position of town clerk. Since I hired Rose in 2003, she has proven to be a hard worker who treats all her customers with respect. She is well educated and has successfully completed all training courses relating to her job. Rose achieved the distinction of being a Certified N.H. Clerk in 2006 and has maintained her certification by attending both the annual spring and fall meetings to remain up to date on all aspects of her job. Rose has also been trained on a local level and has worked with all local officials in a non-partisan manner with customer service as a priority.

When she took over the position of town clerk last March, it was a seamless transition. She has earned the right to carry on as your town clerk because for the past year Rose has run the office successfully and has proven to be the compassionate, capable person I believed she would be. I hope you will validate the time and money the town of Atkinson has spent on training Rose and my confidence in her and vote for Rose Cavalear as the right choice for your next elected town clerk.

Linda S. Jette

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I just post here once and it is a flood.

Regarding the recreation warrants. The $45K indeed was already raised from taxes and placed into the recreation capital reserve account for the purpose for which it is being asked to be withdrawn - building of recreation space.

The request for the annual $25K deposit is much like the yearly request from the fire department - and yes, don't jump on me, I am aware the fire dept and recreation are different animals. The point is that while it is above and beyond the budget, it is something that has been being paid for in your taxes for years (so it kind of isn't new). But sure, if we don't have it this year, it is 25K less among the town to pay on their tax bill.

Since someone jumped on her for wanting to reduce taxes, you should know that Patti did not argue the non-support by the budget committee on this. Her reason for not pushing it is that she agrees it is a tough time right now and people don't want to spend and she respects that. The budget committee's argument for non-support was that plus they felt after this year, recreation should put a warrant on the ballot with the final figure to complete the project in whole, rather than wait for the capital reserve account to have the necessary funds.

I agree with that logic also, but my reason for wanting it (and budget committee support) would be that I'd rather pay the final bill in smaller increments (that I might not even notice) than get hit with a bigger share in a single year.

So - in regard to the warrants for recreation. We are just spending the money on that which it was raised, and requesting a little more to continue/complete the job next year.

As for the $15K difference in last year and this. I would have to look more into it (I am sorry). I know we level funded, so it has to be increases in operating costs that have just gone up, but I'd need to check.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:52 PM

I posted to a response/explanation about Noriko's letter because I went on here to answer a comment about the recreation budget and saw the comment.

Perhaps Noriko intends to write a letter to Rose herself and/or a public retraction. I don't know. But any letter/discussion she has would be between her and Rose. Her friends don't need to advise her on that.

Patti's campaign has not been negative at all. And she did not want to run a negative campaign. Nor do I think Rose would want to run a negative campaign either.

All are good people and would not intentionally try to be negative. This was something written and taken incorrectly. It's too bad it is being blown out of proportion now.


Anonymous said...


Someone posted here explaining Noriko's 'intent' and said that Noriko feels bad and so forth. If Noriko can publically say this stuff, and her friends can publically excuse away her statements, then it's a little late for you to claim it's between her and Rose.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Library budget went up just for utility increases, but $50k? My utility bills are actually much lower than last year.

Anonymous said...

Elect Mangini town clerk

To the editor:

My name is Robin Dusombre-Hernandez and I would like to express my support for Patti Mangini's candidacy for town clerk in Atkinson, N.H. I write this letter to you as a 41-year resident of Atkinson, as well as a former Assistant Town Clerk who enjoyed working along with both Linda Jette and Rose Cavalear. I began my work in the clerk's office just after Patti had left to support a new legal firm in town as their sought-after office manager. I believe that it is because of these circumstances that I am in a unique position to know and appreciate much about what the duties of town clerk involve, as well as why Patti Mangini is most definitely the best candidate for this position.

While working in the Clerk's office I discovered clear evidence of Patti Mangini's outstanding people and office skills in addition to her notable intelligence and integrity. Frequently residents asked after her and shared examples of how she had gone beyond normal efforts to provide them with the absolute best of customer service. What struck me personally as the most impressive influences from her previous employment, were the creative examples of re-organization efforts for which she was responsible that I encountered as I proceeded through my own duties within the office.

Given my awareness of all Patti Mangini's accomplishments in the Clerk's office that remain even today, I was very pleased to learn of her intentions to run for Town Clerk and personally sought to become involved publicly supporting her. And it is as a longtime resident of Atkinson that I eagerly look forward to Patti bringing back to the Town Clerk's office her well-rounded, informed and enthusiastic perspective. Please join me on March 10 by casting your vote for Patti Mangini as Atkinson's next town clerk!

Robin L. Dusombre-Hernandez

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24 PM,

I posted Noriko's intent and that I believed she felt bad, in my opinion, based on what I know.

I was not asked to make that posting. And I am not sure if she will or will not make a public or private apology to Rose. She hasn't said and I haven't asked.

Sure, if she makes a public apology, you'll all know. But if she opts to write Rose a letter, that would be between her and Rose, and not done because she was asked to do it by her friends or others, but because she wanted to, and only they will know.


Anonymous said...

"after Patti had left to support a new legal firm in town as their sought-after office manager."

Does Patty work there now? How long was she an office manager?

Anonymous said...

Support Mangini for town clerk

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Patti Mangini for Atkinson town clerk. I first met Patti about 15 years ago through our involvement in Cub Scout Pack 95. We were both den leaders and when the pack was in danger of disbanding because of a lack of leadership, Patti stepped up to become the committee chairwoman. Under her guidance, the pack flourished. This was just the first of many times I have watched Patti volunteer her time and talents for the people of Atkinson.

When the Atkinson Academy PTA wanted to provide more events for the children, Patti stepped up again to become co-chair of a brand-new Program Committee. When local musicians wanted to start a community band, Patti organized and became a member of the board of directors of the Timberlane Community Band. She doesn't even play an instrument; she simply saw a need and stepped up once again to fill it.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Patti has always shunned the spotlight. Only those of us who know her very well are aware of the full extent of her involvement in all aspects of town life. The Atkinson Lions Club honored her in 2003 as their citizen of the year for all her contributions to our town. Of course, none of this would mean anything if Patti were not extremely well qualified for the position of town clerk. In addition to three years of experience as Atkinson's deputy town clerk and many years working in customer service, she is also a supervisor of the checklist, responsible for all of Atkinson's elections.

In my mind, there is no other choice for Atkinson town clerk. I urge you to cast your vote for Patti Mangini on March 10.

Paula Polito

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Letter: Keep Cavalear in town clerk post

To the editor:

I read an article and have heard some rumors around the Town of Atkinson discrediting one of the candidates for Town Clerk, Rose Cavalear.

The Women's Civic Club of Atkinson coordinates a candidates night so the candidates can let the public know what their experience and qualifications are, but for some that is just not enough.

Some people think that it is in good manners to spread horrible rumors and write mean spirited letters to the local newspaper. This is not the way the good people of the Town of Atkinson should act. Those who think that there is nothing wrong with this behavior should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Rose Cavalear has been an asset to this Town, she treats all who enter her office with respect, follows the law at all times, and goes out of her way to make sure her staff and she are as fast and courteous as possible. Rose never says a bad word about anyone. Rose is very professional and would never break any laws or rules for any reason. She does a great job, she is dedicated, and she cares about her community.

Rose Cavalear should not have to lose her job as Town Clerk. Please join me and vote for Rose Cavalear for Town Clerk.

Kevin Donnelly

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Is Paula Polito related to Frank?

Anonymous said...

Mangini for town clerk

To the editor:

I am writing to support Patricia (Patti) Mangini for the office of Atkinson town clerk. I have known Patti for more than 15 years both on a personal and professional level. We have served together on the volunteer Atkinson Recreation Commission for 15 years and she worked for me in my title company for four years.

In every aspect of her life, as a mother, wife, employee and town volunteer, she exhibits the same hard-working, dedicated, efficient and enthusiastic attitude. She never shirks a responsibility and continually goes above and beyond the call of duty. Ask anyone who has served with her on various town and school district committees and they will be unanimous in their rousing endorsement of her strong work ethic.

Patti was the Atkinson Lions Club "Person of the Year" in 2003. This group clearly recognized the unselfish contributions she has made to our local community. Anyone who has attended the annual Atkinson Memorial Day parade knows that she has been the driving force behind this lovely ceremony for the past ten years. She puts in countless hours on this project for one reason alone — to provide the families of fallen heroes and local veterans with the respect and recognition they have earned.

Patti served as the assistant Atkinson town clerk for three years. She knows what the job entails. She has kept up her training and certifications and is ready and eager to implement many of the efficient technological advances needed today and currently available to local towns.

Let's make Patti Mangini the next Atkinson town clerk.

Cathy J. Thompson

Atkinson, N.H.

Anonymous said...

i believe paula is frank's ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Why is the PD looking for an extra QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS?

Anonymous said...

PTA, den mother, band, Person of the Year, parade coordinator, we like her, she worked during the ice storm etc.

None of this matters to me. It's not relevant to the job.

It really annoys me when people say they are going to vote for someone for an empty reason. What I do notice is that Patty jumps from one thing to the next.

Rose has more expereince, her credentials are up to date, her training is up to date. Patty can't say the same.

Anonymous said...

..."She knows what the job entails. She has kept up her training and certifications and is ready and eager to implement many of the efficient technological advances needed today and currently available to local towns."

(Also from the same letter)..There's more substance in Patty's credentials than just the many things she supports. She is prepared for this job and she is not new off the street.

I like Rose, she is very nice and pleasant as people have said. But what knew things has she done in the town clerk's office? I can't see changes from before. I'd like to see some new ideas. So I am supporting Patty for many good reasons - no empty reasons.

Anonymous said...

hey anon 3:23

you talk about illogical thought process how about this,

bennett/chief supported = bad
mangini/sapia supported = bad
cavalear/chief supported = good

how come? and don't tell me the chief isn't for cavalear, he even got one of his people to write a letter.

so since both town clerk people are supported by people you don't like....who do you choose? because if it is cavalier, then how come it isn't bennett, since the only thing he has going against him (and the only thing that makes tobin better) is "the chief"?

just curious about the logic.

Anonymous said...

Just because a person votes for Rose doesn't mean they have to vote for Bill. That is illogical.