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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Town Resident's House Vandalized

Yes, it is true, it is not a hoax as some have said on this blog. Mark Acciard's house was the target of vandals. For those who may have wondered, the article submission on this subject was deleted because of it's formatting, for some reason, in the middle of the submission there was pages of blank space. For that reason, this blog chose to address this in an article instead of through comments.

Apparently, sometime during the night, vandals wrote "MOVE" "LEAVE CHIEF ALONE" on the front of Mr. Acciard's house on Christine dr. This is truly a sad day in Atkinson history. Mr. Acciard is known both in town and on this blog, for his comments, and for explaining the budget and its process, in laymens terms. He is more widely known for his ethics complaint against the chief of police. It would appear that Mr. Acciard's criticisms have had an impact.

For those who have read this blog for a while, you may remember last year when Mr. Acciard's car was vandalized in his driveway, with similar language. It would appear that these attacks are connected.

We are certain that this will be investigated by the Atkinson police dept., but maybe this would be better handled by the State Police.

We wonder what public comments the chief of police will have regarding this atrocity. We remember that last year when this happened to Mr. Acciard's car, our chief of police, instead of taking advantage of the situation to appear professional, and make a statement about taking crime seriously, and this kind of stuff not being tolerated, chose instead to make the following cheap, petty comment;

"I'd say that someone has a personal vendetta against him," Consentino said. "He probably has a couple ideas of who it could be, but I can tell you it's not any of those people."

It is clear that this town is not big enough for the chief, and his more prominent critics to peacefully co-exist. This is truly a sad state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

Maybe its Just me, but I find it a bit strange that, The chief would support this kind of behavior. Not to mention its some what common knowledge the Mr. Accaird is getting his house ready so he can sell. So why when most of the town knows hes planning on moving would go to these extremes. I don't know just seems a little hmmm how do I say this, fishy to me i guess. Now the state police investigated the other incident with his car. So what were their finding with this?

March 7, 2009 3:47 PM

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. What do you find fishy about this?

Carol Grant said...

I believe I speak on behalf of a landslide majority in town when I say that we're so sorry for the viciousness you and your family have been subjected to.

My husband and I drove over to your home right after we heard about the vandalism. Looking at the red paint and its comments, we both felt angry and disgusted at what is being tolerated in this town by our police department.

There was no THOROUGH APD investigation after your car was vandalized and there's little hope that this time will be any different, as I'm sure the "thugs" know.

We also both felt heartsick at the price you've had to pay for your integrity and for your courage to stand up for the right and against wrong-doing by town officials.

Someone suggested to me that we go over to your home with some yellow paint and cover over the grafitti before you get home tonight. That can't and shouldn't be done until the police, hopefully the Plaistow or State Police take pictures of the vandalism for evidence. We don't have to worry about the APD taking any pictures.

Also, time should be allowed for an Eagle Tribune reporter to take pictures so the whole of Atkinson will be able to see -- in full color, the ugliness of the cancer of thuggery that's being allowed to exist in Atkinson.

Those "thugs" who vandalized your home do not represent Atkinson. Your wife and kids were driven out of town by fear after the vandalism of your car, the idea that while they were in their home, creeps were sneaking around in the dark outside doing vandalism.
Mark, don't let them win. This is all ugly retaliation and vindictiveness because you had the courage to take wrong-doers to court.

It makes me wonder, how many of the blog posters calling the vandalism a "hoax" were either defendants in the court case, supporters of the Chief, or else know or have a strong idea of who's behind the vandalism.

Consentino is a major defendant in several current lawsuits. Let's see if he shows up at Monday night's selectman's meeting and condems the vandalism and asks that it stop. That's what a real police chief in any other town -- professional police chiefs -- would do. They wouldn't keep publicly silent as he did after the car vandalism whose grafitti also mentioned him and that it was being done for him.

Mark, don't get discouraged. Your sense of right and wrong, your integrity and your courage to stand up against official wrong-doing is a threat to some.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Atkinson, there appears to be a definite pattern here: something bad always happens to anyone who critizes or opposes Consentino.

The selectmen obviously also can see the pattern but don't have the backbone to remove him. Consentino doesn't own the Chief's position. He doesn't even hold a valid or legal appointment. He's just there until the selectmen find a replacement for him. So what's taking them so long?

Check the records: Selectman Peak opposed Consentino and he got subjected to repeated retaliatory harassment by Consentino, causing a law suit which had the town's insurance company paying out to Peak.

Carol Grant spoke out against the selectmen, including then-selectman Consentino, violating and refusing to honor the 2005 Town meeting vote about the installation of the Vietnam Honor
Roll panels, and he retaliated with an especially abusive and vicious series of personal attacks on her and her family, resulting in another law suit in which Consentino figured prominently, with his many "I take the 5th and refuse to answer on the grounds it may tend to incriminate me." He was also one of the defendants who caused the town's insurance company to pay out to Mrs. Grant.
The Grants also received anonymous letters about their son, with pictures which were obviously taken from within the fenced- in APD parking lot.

Brian Kaye opposes Consentino on placement of the communications tower and subsequently appeared at the selectmen's meeting to report retaliatory bullying and abuse from Consentino, including anonymous death threats. In fear for the safety of his family,Kaye and his wife and family moved out of town.

Just read the many examples in the pending law suit of the many ways Consentino has very vindictively retaliated against anyone who opposes him. The examples are endless.

Acciard, as Budget Committee chairman, critized and questioned Consentino's expenditure of town funds and Consentino immediately called up Acciard's business cutomers to lie and say Acciard was under police investigation.

Acciard filed a lawsuit and immediately his car is vandalized with writing which directly references the Chief. Now his home is vandalized again with the same comments which directly reference the Chief.

Remember -- this is the Chief who has proudly publicly bragged that
"I don't get mad. I get even."

The pattern is there -- undenyable.

Anonymous said...

What I find fishy is within the court system you must have proof of harassment, when its all hear say your case kind of falls apart. I think this should be investigated by the State police.

Atkinson-Factor said...

Im sorry Mark,
We all have agreements and disagreements, but no one ever needs this.
Everyone knows you are moving to get away from this. That in itself is unfair.

Anonymous said...

Well, you get your wish. The State Police are investigating this case.

It's pretty bad that a taxpayer has to insist the State Police investigate, because our own Chief has ruined the integrity of our own department.

No one can trust our department to solve a case that has CHIEF written all over it. Dissolving this department and having Plaistow take over the job is looking better and better all the time.

No more department, no more over inflated police/elderly affairs department budget, no more Consentino, no more expensive lawsuits.

We can no longer trust or afford our Police Department. Getting rid of it would be a WIN, WIN SITUATION for the Town.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel the Atkinson Police cant handle this by any means. The only reason I say the state Police should handle it is for the sake of the Atkinson police. I really think someone is going through great lengths to try and find some evidence to support their lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Atkinson Police can't investigate this case because of Conflict of Interest. This is the second time the “Chief“ name has been invoked in vandalism. What does that tell you?

Why would our police department resort to vandalism to find some evidence to support their lawsuit? Did they break into Mark's house and steal his case file?

MAcciard said...

Thank you, to all of you who have expressed your commiseration. Paul Sullivan and Tim Dziechowski, who stopped by, and expressed their dismay, thank you for your efforts. I have just met with the State Police and they are the lead agency on this investigation, along with the help of Atkinson Police Dept.

I understand they are working with Lt. Baldwin to investigate this, and I want to say thank you to all of the officers who are helping. Officer Cammilliere was the responding officer, and had the presence of mind, and integrity to call the State Police immediately, I understand.

As for the moving comments, you are wrong. I can not sell my house, nor could I find a renter in this climate even if I wanted to. Since my wife moved to Derry, I have been living in Atkinson, but trying to spend as much time as possible in Derry. Not that this is anyone's business.

I have lived in that house for 41 years. I now have to agree with my wife, that I shouldn't be living there, and neither should my kids.

I have learned throughout all of this, that it would have been better if I had just bit my tongue, and kept my mouth shut.

The funny thing is; as I travelled around the world in the USAF, I always knew I would come back to Atkinson to settle down and raise my kids, and I did that, and now my family is being targeted, and We are being forced to leave my home town.

Is this the price that Atkinson demands from anyone who questions the chief of police's actions? I don't know, but I do know, that I will not be from here on out.

Good bye, Atkinson, and good luck.

Anonymous said...


I disagree that the Atkinson Police Department should be involved in this case at all.

This is the second time you have been vandalized with the Chief being mentioned. That being said, Phil should become a suspect and investigated by the State. No information should be shared with our police, until the case has been solved.

Everyone knows how vindictive Phil is, and you should not have to move out of town to get justice. It's not you that is evil, it's the evil within this town that is causing all the problems.

Everyone in town needs to know that the evil that exists here could target you next. If you don't do something about it now, then we should start a pool to guess which one of us will be next. Five dollars a ticket sounds fair, right?

Let's say you are the next one to be targeted or one of your kids? Can you afford to move? Is it right for you to have to move?

Mark is the most moral, ethical person this town has ever seen. He always does the right thing. For us to stand back and do nothing as he and his family are forces out, says more about us than it does about him.

Citizens of Atkinson, stand up and be counted. Don't let this evil continue. You either stand for something, or you stand for nothing.

If you stand for nothing, then you deserve to be targeted next. Is that what it will take to move you to action?

This is the United States of America for Christ sake, not Nazi Germany. Stand up and do something about it NOW or that same evil will eat you up and spit you out. Then that evil will turn to your kids, friends, and relatives and do the same thing.

How pitiful can you get?

How badly do you want to find out?

Anonymous said...

Oh no I did not say the Atkinson Police would do this to get evidence.
I said its fishy that Mark is suing the town and this happens. Everyone is a suspect, even the home owner if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 8, 2009 6:05 PM

You are sick. To even suggest that Mark would do this to his own home after all he has been through, makes you part of the total sickness that permeates throughout this town. You are the lowest of disgusting excuses of a human being that ever walked this earth. I hope that it is you that is the next target. Then again, you probably support the Chief and all he stands for, so you don’t need to worry about that, right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Im the sick one here...hmmm I suppose I will just have to live with myself.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the Lt. will do all he can to find out who's behind this. Hes very professional,non judgmental officer. I would be glad to have his assistance in this matter if it were I.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 8, 2009 6:25 PM

Yes you will have to learn to live with yourself because no honest, decent, moral, God fearing person would want to be around you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 8, 2009 6:28 PM

If Lt. Baldwin is the professional,non judgmental officer you say he is, he would insist that his department be left out of the loop.

Ever hear of Conflict of Interest?

MAcciard said...

To Anonymous @ 4:14, and 5:13, I have to disagree with you, I have always found the officers of the Atkinson Police Force to be professional, competent, and just general good guys. I have had dozens upon dozens of conversations with officer Cammilliere and Cpl. Lapham when they were doing details at Tornadoes games, I have even brought them bottles of water when they were doing details on Main st. in the summer. Great guys. Same for officer Donnelly, Sgt. Farrar, and officer Buco, Lam, and all of the other officers I have met.

I do not think it fair to denigrate the entire depts. work, because of the actions of it's chief. And as far as that goes, if you read what I have ACTUALLY SAID, and WROTE, and not what the chief has said that I said and wrote, you will see that while I have been critical of the chief's actions, I have never made any personal comments about him. That is how it should remain.

To the officers of the Atkinson PD, Although I have faith in your ability to do your jobs, I agree with the decision by officer Cammilliere to call in the State Police. It is best for everyone, and most importantly, best for the Town of Atkinson, and the PD.

MAcciard said...

And to the Jackass who suggested that I did this myself, No I didn't! I actually found out about it by telephone call from a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Oh so i must be as sick as the person who first accused Gary Dodds of freezing him self. Right?

Anonymous said...

First I would like to how sad this. That a family can't live where they want to.

Just one question for all.Could the chief really have done this?

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 8, 2009 6:38 PM

NO, you're sick because you support the corruption within this town. You are trying to disparage one of Atkinson's finest citizens in one of his most difficult times. Mark has always tried to do what is best for this town, and you want to shoot him for it.

I said it before and I'll say it again.

You will have to learn to live with yourself because no honest, decent, moral, God fearing person would want to be around you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 8, 2009 6:46 PM

The word Chief is sprayed onto the building. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


You have always shown the greatest of respect for people that work for Consentino. Since CHIEF was sprayed onto your home, I think is best that our police department be left out of the investigation process.

If the Chief were to be investigated, why would we want any information going through his department?

Again, Conflict of Interest applies here. State Police are perfectly capable of doing the job. Let them do it.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a message to the Acciard's but to the whole town!

And the message is; This is what happens, if you criticize Phil.

How many people do you think will question anything he does in the future?

Anonymous said...

How stupid do you honestly think people are?? OH lets all believe the chief would be stupid enough to have someone spray paint marks home.. with a pending lawsuit. Thats all im going to say..I have my opinion its not changing, hopefully the Police find out who's behind this and arrest who ever the vandal is.

atownres said...


atownres said...

this is really bad. this poor guy mark. i have followed these stories of vandalism and i must say this is pretty low. the thing is mark is this is still a small town and the truth will come out sooner or later. i will say if the chief is behind any of this he will be removed as chief i know people that could make that happen. i still believe in innocent till proven guilty and that is the process so until that happens we all have to hope that our chief would not stoop to that level. someone said that this is not just for mark but for all of Atkinson. i cant agree with you more. it just goes to show what kind of people live amongst us. these people need to be found and punished. mark you don't know me but i'm sorry you and your family had to suffer for you exercising you constitutional rights and I'm ashamed to live in this town. i really hope that something is done and i will do everything in my power to get this story out there and keep my eyes and ears open and find who's responsible and take them down to china town.

Anonymous said... re-hash. Wayne Peak asked for a writ of mandamus on some money the Police has which was not reported to the bookkeeper. He was harassed, someone told people in Massachusetts that he was doing something illegally, and, eventually Wayne moved out of Atkinson to get away from Phil.

Brian Kaye was harassed and his family received death threats which frightened his wife, and Brian and family moved out of town.

Now here's Mark, whose family was frightened, with his wife and children moving out of town, and he's going soon as well.

In each event, the name "Consentino" has been linked to the story.

Oh! And there are a couple of police officers who left town as well, after hearings about discipline hande down at the Police Station.

And Steve Lewis would not sign this year's petition because he'd been there - done that, and didn't want to do it agai.

No matter what the Chief does, or when, he will always be remembered by the history he will leave behind. All anyone has to do is "Google" his name and all the scenarios appear.

His father would be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the " conflict of interest with The Lt. and Mark? The Lt. always does his job with out prejudice, so in my opinion there is no conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

The conflict of interest is with a dept. led by the chief investigating who might have painted the chief's name on the house of the guy suing him?

Anonymous said...


I am very sorry you are once again dealing with this sickening situation. While I do not always agree with you, I'll say it again: Atkinson needs people like you! However, I understand you need to do what is best for you and your family.

I truly hope the police (Atkinson or state) can find out who is behind this heinous crimes. I saw the photo in today's Eagle Tribune and read the article and I was very disappointed in Chief Consentino's decision to decline comment and defer to the state police. Chief this is your opportunity to show the town you are a better man than what has been said about you on this blog. Denounce what is being done to Mr. Acciard. If this can happen to him, it can happen to anyone in town. No one is safe.

Silence is approval...

Anonymous said...

Why? he didn't denounce it the last time, he made nasty comments about Acciard instead. Getting back at somebody who pissed him off is obviously more important than being a professional cop.

Mutual Aid said...

How many people posting here actually have the first clue as to what goes into a police investigation. As with many cases, you can KNOW who did it, but not be able to PROVE who did it, in which case you are S.O.L.

How many of you have ever been the victim of a vandalism (egging, paint ball, car keyed, etc.)? Did you even call the police? If so, how much follow up did they do? If none (which it probably was unless you have some sort of evidence) was that Officer/agency corrupt too? You are talking about an unwitnessed vandalism here. That type of thing happens many times a day, in many different communities around the country. There is not too much to investigate here.

To involve the State Police is an absurd waste of time and resources. What do you think they are going to do - haul Consentino up to Troop A and beat him with a phone book until he confesses? Or maybe you think its like CSI where Gill Grissom will come in and save the day with some ficticious Hollywood crime solving method. The reality is that the Trooper will do a report to document the vandalism and keep it on file in the event that an insurance claim is filed - just like any other agency would do. To involve another agency is downright pathetic. Enough with the conspiracy theories, you need to grasp the reality that many crimes are not solveable, and to go through this sharade is just a waste of time and other resources.

Anonymous said...

Ed Naile said:

It almost looks like the vandals have no fear of being caught.

I wonder why that is?

Hang in there Mark. Acts like this are the last spasms of a crooked bunch of town thugs.

Keep an eye on what is going to happen to the Windsor gang of elected sleaze artists.

Anonymous said...

"To involve the State Police is an absurd waste of time and resources. What do you think they are going to do - haul Consentino up to Troop A and beat him with a phone book until he confesses? Or maybe you think its like CSI where Gill Grissom will come in and save the day with some ficticious Hollywood crime solving method. The reality is that the Trooper will do a report to document the vandalism and keep it on file in the event that an insurance claim is filed - just like any other agency would do. To involve another agency is downright pathetic. Enough with the conspiracy theories, you need to grasp the reality that many crimes are not solveable, and to go through this sharade is just a waste of time and other resources."

Isn't that why we pay you and the PD? Yes, I expect them to do something. Mybe you've been on the job for too long and have become too complacent but the rest of us expect the law to prevail.

and it will

Mutual Aid said...

The law prevailing has nothing to do with how long I have been on the job. It has to do with solvability factors. Many (most) of you like to complain about the wasted resources and ineffective police department, yet you expect miracles in solving a crime with a very low to non-existant solvability factor.

Anonymous said...

"How many people posting here actually have the first clue as to what goes into a police investigation. As with many cases, you can KNOW who did it, but not be able to PROVE who did it, in which case you are S.O.L. "

so get better at the job.

MAcciard said...

To mutual aid;

I fully understand the problems facing the investigators in this instance, and I would never criticize them for any outcome, whether it is Atkinson PD or the State police. However, I believe the reason Andy called the State Police is probably the same reason I asked for them to be called in when it was my car, and that is, as I explained to Lt. Baldwin at the time, It is the best thing for the Town, for the PD, and for all concerned.

Lets face it, handing the investigation to the State Police eliminates any questions, about the efforts of the PD, it removes the situation from a toxic atmosphere in town, and brings in impartial eyes.

But to everyone who comments here, it is SUPREMELY unfair to characterize the efforts of the local police and the State Police as anything less than professional, because they failed to find the perpetrator when my car was vandalized. As Mutual Aid said, they had little to go on. Please try to be fair. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever read a newspaper article like this one but it was about someone in another town would the notion of it somehow being self inflicted ever cross your mind? Of course not. But we live in Atkinson. Where anything is possible. Now we have people vandalizing their own homes? I have my own theory. I think it was aliens from another planet that align with our chief. I believe he is actually an alien too. This explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if it happened in another town. I would not know the person or the personality of that person. But circumstances are different. I am trying to get a better understanding on why someone would do this. I have seen a lot in this world that I would have a hard time believing but it still happens. so I just think all things should be considered, when dealing with issues like this. but like I said this is my opinion. And if it was vandals, then its a sad cruel thing to happen. Sometimes when you always act like a victim well people tend to wonder what the real story is.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 10, 2009 1:04 PM

When someone like YOU is constantly trying to redirect attention away from the criminal to the one that has been victimized, than one would wonder if you were the criminal that did the vandalizing.

That being said, how many pairs of shoes do you own and what size do you wear? Where were you the night of March 6th, and do you have an alibi? There are people that would like to talk to you, one on one.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March March 10, 2009 5:28 PM

Hey, that's a great idea.

To Anon March 10, 2009 1:04 PM

Why don't you call the State Police and tell them your theory as to whom the criminal is.

Their number is:

Epping NH State Police Telephone Number 603) 679-3333

I'm sure they will be interested in anything you have to say. Let us know what they have to say, ok?

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 10, 2009 1:04 PM

It is telltale by the way you write that you never got out of the seventh grade. Would you like to dispute this, if so what grade did you graduate from?

Anonymous said...

WHY was there a squirrel in a purple bucket at The Atkinson Community Center during elections today?

Was that someone trying to tell someone else,,,they're freakin' nuts or is the squirrel the blog mascot?

Anonymous said...

The squirrel is actually a "Chief" squirrel within the forest and was there because hes being held for questioning in the vandalism on Christine ave.

Anonymous said...

Oh! My Goodness!

And everyone thought it was the Police Chief?

How embarassing to think we were all going nuts over this!

They must have used DNA!

Anonymous said...

LOL..Yes case solved..How silly of everyone..

Anonymous said...

Never trust a squirrel you don't know.