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Monday, March 9, 2009

Atkinson town critic's home vandalized

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson town critic's home vandalized
Second major incident reported at former official's residence
By Jill Harmacinski

ATKINSON — State police are investigating a second major vandalism incident at the home of Mark Acciard, an outspoken critic of town selectmen and police Chief Philip Consentino.

Acciard, a former Budget Committee member who lives at 6 Christine Drive, filed a $3 million civil-rights lawsuit against the town, Consentino and local officials. The case is still pending.

Acciard said last night he was at his daughter's cheerleading competition in Concord on Saturday when a neighbor called to tell him his house was vandalized. "Move ... Leave Chief Alone ... Move," was spray-painted in red, foot-high letters across the front of his home, which Acciard said he recently painted a butter cream shade.

"It really, really stood out nice," Acciard said sarcastically.

Acciard said he immediately called Atkinson police, who later referred the case to state police based at Troop A in Epping.

The investigating trooper was off duty last night and could not be reached for comment.

Atkinson police Chief Philip Consentino confirmed the vandalism was reported to his department. But, when reached last night, Consentino declined further comment and referred all questions to state police.

In August, when Acciard discovered his car was scratched more than 300 times, he vowed to "get out of town."

Every panel of Acciard's 2006 Chrysler 300 was keyed with messages about his lawsuit.

"No $" and "3m no way" were scratched in the trunk. "Leave the chief alone," ran down the roof and "move" was keyed into the hood and driver's door.

Despite the vandalism, Acciard remains in the home his father built.

"I have lived in that house for 41 years. I grew up there," he said. "When the Air Force was sending me all over the world, I knew I would come back to Atkinson, to that house, to raise my kids."

But after his car was vandalized last summer, his wife became upset and moved to Derry, he said.

"It's definitely driven a wedge between us," Acciard said.

Police never made any arrests after the first vandalism incident. Last night, when asked who he suspected of vandalizing the home, Acciard said, "I have no idea. Probably the same people who did the last one."

Acciard has long tangled with Consentino, trading accusations and lawsuits for nearly five years.

In January 2008, Acciard filed the $3 million suit against the town, Consentino, Moderator Frank Polito and former Selectman Jack Sapia for incidents he said occurred at selectmen's meetings over a three-year period. Acciard claimed he was defamed and a trial was scheduled for June 2009.

Last night, Acciard said the events in recent years, including the vandalism, have taught him "a valuable lesson." "I should just keep my mouth shut," he said.


Anonymous said...

off subject.
Look on the Factor, and read Bennitt's letter....He says he has been the Chiefs Friend for over 30 years! Its in the comments under the I'd Vote for Valerie article.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to read all of Bill Bennett's letter and not just the 30 year comment.

Condider; "Nevertheless, should accusations of misconduct by the Chief arise on my watch, I would investigate them thouroughly and impartially. My concern, in ALL matters that might come before me in any capacity in which I might be serving, is the best interest of the Town of Atkinson and all of its citizens."

Bill Bennett would do a good job at Selectman and he has my vote!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Friel, what's he done to stop this?

Anonymous said...

Not only am I very disturbed about what happen to Mark, but that someone would somehow try and link it to the upcoming election is equally disturbing. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

It may be the two are related, but without a shred of evidence, we should not just assume it is true. It is up to the State Police now, and all judgment should be withheld until they, God wishing, catch the scum.

Anonymous said...

March 9, 2009 8:13 AM is right. Read the whole letter. To take a small excerpt, such as March 9, 2009 7:50 AM, does not give him a fair hearing

The blog has bitched and moaned that we have not heard from the candidates. Some nasty things have been said and implied about both candidates, most of it unfair.

Read the whole letter. It is also posted here under the "I'd Vote for Valerie". I did that, but I thought he should have equal time.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like Friel, what's he done to stop this?"

And exactly what is that supposed to mean? Were you expecting him to stand guard outside his house?

We don't know who the vandals are. We cannot truly know their motives until they are hopefully caught.

To make a statement like "Sounds like Friel, what's he done to stop this?" is irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Can't know their motives? The writing makes the motive quite clear.
Its like living in a scene from Walking Tall but without the good sheriff trying to clean up the town.
Instead, the good cops in Atkinson are afraid to do their jobs because the trail might lead to the boss. And they know what he does to people that might harm him with truth.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like Friel, what's he done to stop this?"

Friel has done nothing to stop the Chief, that's what is meant. Another friend of the Chief, asked by him to run. Are we to expect anything different of Bennett?

Anonymous said...

To make a statement like "Sounds like Friel, what's he done to stop this?" is irresponsible.

Did you read his letter? It's mostly about the Chief and his own career. What does he actually stand for? Oh, yeah, too busy to post here.

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO on The Budget as Proposed

The Town of Atkinson is asking for Four Million One Hundred Thirty Four Thousand, Six Hundred Sixty-nine Dollars ($4,134,669) This represents an increase of almost 3.6% over 2008. This is after $450,000.00 was taken from the unreserved fund to offset the tax rate.

This is the worse economic time in over 25 years. We do not need a bigger budget.

The following budget line items with proposed increases over what was expended in 2008:

Legal Fees 1,495.00
Personnel Admin 2,321.00
Planning and Zoning 6,703.00
Buildings 28,220.00
Cemeteries 1,770.00
Insurance 5,312.00
Advertising 151.00
Police Department 124,657.00
Elderly Affairs 10,097.00
Building Inspector 210.00
Homeland Security 150.00
Highway Department 25,009.00
Sanitation 37,049.00
Health & Welfare 13,535.00
Culture & Recreation 68,004.00

Article 2009-7 Multiple-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement

To see if the Town of Atkinson will vote to approve the cost item included in the collective bargaining agreement reached between the Board of Selectmen and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local #563 which calls for the following increases in salaries and benefits at the current staffing level:

Yearly Estimated Increases

2009 $6,978
2010 $15,679
2011 $18,993

…and further, to raise and appropriate the sum of Six Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-eight Dollars ($6,978) for the current fiscal year, such sum representing the additional costs attributable to the increase in salaries and benefits over those of the appropriation at the current staffing level paid in the prior fiscal year?

How much will one PD cost us? Hmmmm? Not only are they looking for raises, increased PD budget, increased Elderly Affairs budget, increased Legal budget, they want us to pay the legal costs of the town bullies.

Anonymous said...

"Did you read his letter? It's mostly about the Chief and his own career. What does he actually stand for? Oh, yeah, too busy to post here.'

It seems Valerie is even busier. Haven't seen her make a statement anywhere around here.

I think Bill talks about the chief because some people, especially this blog, have made it a central issue. He tries address it. I'm sure many will pick it to pieces, but I think took a courage for him to post here, in what could be considered the "Lion's Den".

You have a question regarding issue, or what he stands for, there's his phone number and EMAIL address. Rather than complain here, ask him.

Anonymous said...

Here he goes again....

"Haven't seen her make a statement anywhere around here."

Didn't you get her email? I can forward it to you if you'd like.

You responsed to someone asking what Bill's position is. You response is that you don't know Valerie's and you tell me to email Bill to ask questions. Obviously you don't know what his position is either!!

Anonymous said...

Neither does Bill, I read his letter, nothing but the Chief on his mind. I wonder why? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Here are some of my goals and objectives:

First, a more comprehensive Emergency Management plan. I know that the town has an emergency plan, and the fire and police department worked hard trying to get help to everyone. However, I feel more needs to be done. I would like to form an Ad Hoc committee to work with the departments, Unitil and the office of Emergency Planning and put together a more comprehensive paln of action for the next time we have an emergenry like the last storm.

Secondly, Accountability of all the departments and fiscal responsibility by all. I would like to evaluate all of the departments, line by line and determine if things could be better streamlined in order to keep the budgets down in each department. I would like to see all budgets and spending on the town website so that it is open an transparent.

Third, Overhall and co ordination of the town's IT system. The town system is not networked, has multiple servers with different softwares that are not compatable. and the servers are not or have not been backed up in the past. There currently is an IT committee working on this, and we need to move this forward so that all of the files are protected, as well as making more information available to the community. This includes improving and expanding the town website to include the budgets and tax cards.

Finally, I would strive to maintain the preservation of the town's resources, such as the prime wetlands and aquifers, as 50-60% of all residents have wells, but also 40-50% of town residents need a viable community water resource. I will meet with all of those involved and make sure that all is properly protected.

I would like to hear from the residents as to what they would like to see done. I'm always open and available to listen to everyone's concerns and ideas.


Anonymous said...

"Obviously you don't know what his position is either!!"

ON WHAT??? How is one supposed to answer an open ended question like that.

Got something specific on your mind, what something clarified, Call Him. Don't whine here you're not getting answers. Pick up the phone.

Got an issue with the chief, he'll be happy to discuss it. Let us know what he says.

Anonymous said...

Hey People...

Regarding the Police Union Contract. The figures noted cover the full-time officers only, and excluding the Lt. and the Chief. It does NOT cover non-union (and LT and Chief). HOWEVER, a couple of years ago the Selectmen voted to give the same payraises that union members receive to the non-union guys. In other words, the amounts noted in the contract cover 4 year's budget will also include the raises given to the non-union...all 20 (?) of them.

Jody, for example, does not belong to the union. I don't think David does either, or Charlie McCarthy, and who knows who else.

Anonymous said...

What is Bill's position on ANYTHING? Pick a topic of interest to the town, something like the economy, taxes, emergency management. Pick one. What is his positon?

Anonymous said...

I 'm usually in favor of raises for people but there is so much money heading into the PD that I am disgusted. We can't even get a police log published. How do we know what is really going on?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Police Union Contract.

Do the others get the raise too? I heard that they also get the same raise but it is not put into the figure on the ballot and it really costs the taxpayer more money.

Anonymous said...

How does Bill feel about earmarks for pork?

oink, oink

Anonymous said...

"Pick one. What is his position?"

You're afraid to call him, aren't you?

OK, his position on our town's aquifer is well known and documented. Go and read Bill's written testimony to the PUC. You find it has a few more specifics than Valerie's position and its generalities.

You got other questions, Bill's number is 362-4285.

You may also want to shoot down to the library and watch the Candidates Night video. If I recall, he cleaned Valerie's clock on this issue, and others.

Bill has opened the door. Don't ask position questions here, call him.

Oh, yes. Atkinson is participating with other neighboring towns in the development of a region wide emergency preparedness plan. Did you know that? Bill actually gone to the meetings. Has Valerie?

She talks about emergency preparedness. She talks about the water. Bill is actually doing something about it, and has been. While a small group of people have been doing battle with the DES, PUC and HAWC, where has Valerie been?

Anonymous said...

enough is enough. I hope that who is ever responsible for the damage done to Marks house is caught and thrown in Jail. whatever happened to freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

RE: March 9, 2009 6:49 PM

I agree 100%. However, given the polarizing nature of this election, and the timing of the vandalism, it is be expected they would be linked.

What happened to Mark was terrible. I don't always agree with him, but this goes far, far beyond having a disagreement.

It would be even more tragic if this cowardly attack was an attempt to somehow influence tomorrow's election. This is not how democracy works.

I have a modest suggestion in helping catch this pond scum. Establish a reward fund. A many cases perpetrators have trouble keeping their mouths shut. If they have bragged to someone, perhaps an inducement will help bring that person forward. For the sake of Atkinson, these people must be found.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Police Union Contract.

Yes sir. Everybody gets a raise.
That's one of the reasons the budget zooms upward every year.

Anonymous said...

You're afraid to call him, aren't you?

No, just not interested. Thanks anyway.