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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Atkinson Academy's water tested for lead

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson Academy's water tested for lead

ATKINSON — School officials are monitoring the water at Atkinson Academy after a test in January showed a high level of lead in the water.

A letter was sent home to parents Friday, alerting them that the test in January showed 20 ppb, which is 5 ppb over the limit allowed by the state.

Another test in February showed the lead level in the safe range, according to business administrator George Stokinger.

School officials will conduct monthly tests to make sure the lead level remains in the safe range, Stokinger said.

Students will be allowed to bring water bottles to school.

Keep your lawn green without chemicals

ATKINSON — Felicia Motherway and Justin Spurr from Nature's Way Lawncare and Javier Gil of J-Gil Organic Landscaping will present an organic lawn care workshop today from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at Kimball Library.

Learn how to maintain a healthy lawn without using toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

Bring questions for the open forum segment of the program.


Anonymous said...

Have they determined where the lead was coming from? We would certainly hope it is not coming from the source.

Anonymous said...

who did the testing LEWIS

Anonymous said...

Atkinson Academy gets its water from wells on the property. They are not on HAWC.

Anonymous said...

that.s now it wont be long it will be with HAWC. mark my word,s

Anonymous said...

The Academy has had water problems for a long least since1985. I believe that's the year they started buying drinking water...maybe from some place like Poland do the Town Hall, the Police Station and maybe the Fire Station too. I'm almost thinking it might be cheaper to bring in Lewis water for all those buildings, and especially the Academy.

Anonymous said...

Radon is better than lead?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying HAWC is radon filled?

Anonymous said...

The Fire Station, Historical Society, and Library are on HAWC.