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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Atkinson library trustees miffed at selectmen

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson library trustees miffed at selectmen
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — The Kimball Library trustees are still wondering why the Board of Selectmen didn't follow their recommendation for filling vacant positions on their board.

Trustee Chairman Kay Galloway said trustees made a recommendation to selectmen to fill the one vacant position with Joanne Tsai, but selectmen instead appointed Greg Spero to the one-year post.

The trustees chose Tsai because she was third-highest vote-getter in March for two three-year positions in the March election. Wendy Doughty and Julie Hammond were both elected. The vacancy arose after someone left the board.

Usually, trustees are elected, but selectman have the authority to appoint members when there are vacant positions.

On Monday, Galloway pleaded with the selectmen to change their position, but so far nothing has changed.

"It is past practice that the recommendation of the library trustees are chosen," Galloway said.

But Selectmen's Chairman Frank Childs said the appointment was not meant to disrespect the trustees or Tsai.

"We just thought we'd have some new blood on there," Childs said.

Childs and Selectman Bill Bennett said they chose Spero because he had relevant experience that could help the trustees.

But Galloway said the board is almost all new people. Galloway is the only trustee who has previously served on the board.

Selectmen also appointed four people to alternate positions, but there are only three of those positions vacant. Tsai was appointed as an alternate, along with Eleanor Feuer, John Mack and Nina Gray.

Childs said his board may amend their appointments at their next meeting on Monday.


Anonymous said...

It's the Selectmen's responsibility to make appointments. They believed they were making a good choice for the Trustees. I'll be disappointed if they back down. They're right. How on earth are new people to get involved if they are given a chance?

Anonymous said...

It's just a way for the Selectmen to LOAD another board with their people. It's all about CONTROL and POWER. Don't you just HATE INFLUENCE PEDDELING?

Wake up townspeople, they are at it again! Only you can put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

Selectmen have no authority over the library except for appointments during vacancies, and the budget. They should have listened to the trustees, the responsibility for the library is theirs, not the selectmen's.

It is no different then when Jack tried to control the Town Clerks office, another place the selectmen have no control over.

In Atkinson they get control by getting their people elected or appointed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how since the new director, and the new chairman of the Trustees became in charge all the other Trustees left. Those were the best Trustees and the only ones who would stand up to the chair and now she is choosing who to appoint so she will ALWAYS get her way.

It's about time the Selectmen step in, and bring someone new onto the board! Those 3 whom the Chair say's are new, actually have been part of the library building committee for years! So actually, once again the Trustees are lying and trying to cover "something" up.(what else is new)

Selectmen: Get some new, young blood into that building! It's such a nice building but since the new director it's nothing more than a corporate environment; not friendly AT ALL! What if "I forgot my library card but I have my license, credit cards etc. etc to prove who I am?" They will do nothing but turn you away.. GROW WITH THE TIMES, THIS ISNT SANDOWN!

Anonymous said...

To Anon April 23, 2009 10:13 AM

Thanks for letting us know what the division is. Pitting the selectmen against the library trustees.........what a great idea.

You said it best. The selectmen have no control over the library, so GET their appointment OUT OF THE LIBRARY.

Thanks too for letting what side of the division you stand on. You sound like a present or past selectman.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:03,

Yes, the BoS is out to load the Library Trustees so wield their control! Rumor has it that after renumbering street addresses, Frank Polito, Phil Consetino, and the EVIL BoS will attempt to renumber the Dewey decimal system! And Greg Spero is their ace in the hole!

Anonymous said...

dont know Greg Spero, and none of those people are trying to renumber anything, they are against the renumbering, but keep drinking that kool-aid!

Anonymous said...

As someone who donated a decent amount of money for a room. I am disapointed in the quality of the new library. I also feel that the donation was not explained properly. I was under the impression we were getting an entire room for our donation... not a room with several cheap plaques. I can not imagine why the town built a contemporary style library. It does not fit the town. As far as I am concerned.. the library pulled the bait and switch on us and it has not lived up to its billing. I will not even mention how sloppy the paver stones look.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05, have you ever heard of the expression "tongue planted firmly in cheek"?

How about finding a sense of humor?!

Anonymous said...

we also donated a lot just to have a "cheap" plaque put on the wall next to everyone else. Certainly not what the library told us it would be like.

What do they care? They got our money and I want it back!

Talk to people, most people are upset about those stones. You cant even read the names!!!!!!! Wow..

Funny too, how the sample stones are SO NICE but our stones are HORRIBLE

Anonymous said...

Atkinson: too big library, few books, big trash video collection on display FRONT AND CENTER. That about sums it up. What I find most offensive about the design of the library is not the paving stones. It is the wasted space everywhere you look. Example. You walk in the door into a foyer that is large as the Taj Mahal and empty as a ravaged Egyptian tomb. What is the message from the brilliant architect? Frank Lloyd Wright, turning over in his grave, shakes his fist in rage at you. He would have created a welcoming and spiritual foyer. Imagine that! He would put in sculptures and paintings and make it a spiritual museum space at the very minimum. Then the message becomes -Atkinson promotes the arts and culture instead of video rentals. What a "novel" idea. But someone, will suggest it is imperative to install a Dunkin Donuts drive through. Hold on, wait a minute, we won't have to drive to Plaistow to get donuts. Ok. I vote for a DD in the library foyer. Frank Lloyd Wright got it all WRONG. We don't need a spiritual space! This is Atkinson. And New York should tear down that Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim eye sore and put in a pretty Taco Bell. As Voltaire would say, "All is for the best in this best of all possible worlds."

Anonymous said...

My take is the Selectmen have had enough of Kay and her cronies doing it all their way and the heck with everyone else's opinion. It's about time some new people became trustees because obviously what's happened in the past upset quite a few people. I fully support the selectmen. It's too bad some people have these personal agendas. Why couldn't they think in terms of what's in the best interest of the town? We need a new Chair to lead the library trustees. Kay does not represent the best interests of the town and the library.

Anonymous said...

Can you honestly say the selectmen have acted ONLY with the best interests of the town in mind for the last 5 years?

Anonymous said...

the library design was wrong from the start to much wasted space has 18 feet above ceiling and no up stair,s rooms a complete waste4