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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Atkinson continues dealing with debris from December storm

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson continues dealing with debris from December storm
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON, N.H. — There are more than 200 broken tree limbs hanging over roads in Atkinson.

Last week, Road Agent Ted Stewart marked the trees with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the town is now collecting bids to get rid of the hanging limbs.

It's just another project left to complete after the December ice storm, Stewart said.

Quotes for the work are due by May 4, but Stewart said he's estimated the work to cost $16,000. That would chew up the $6,000 the town has budgeted for tree work. Town officials hope the rest will come from FEMA, he said.

"I really hope that's all it's going to cost," Stewart said.

The town also is dealing with brush from the storm that residents drop off at the recycling center.

Since the recycling center opened earlier this spring, 1,300 yards of brush have been cleared away.

"That would be like four years worth of brush," Stewart said.

Luckily, the town has had Pro Bark Inc. chipping the brush and hauling it away to their Plaistow lot for free.

That's been a huge cost-savings to the town because it usually pays $300 for every 50 yards taken out of the recycling center, Stewart said.

Burning the brush is another option, but that comes at a cost, too, Stewart said.

But there are no signs of the brush stopping and Stewart said he expects it to continue at least through the end of May.

"The recycling center has really been swamped," he said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just a question for Ted. As I travel through town I've noticed people have LARGE piles of brush and some whole trees dumped near the road in front of their homes. One area in particular that seems to be getting larger is on Academy Ave. I remember you saying that it was the homeowners responsibility to get rid of it, since after the storm it was already done on the taxpayers dime, and you weren't going to be using town money to clean it up. Fair enough, I paid over a thousand dollars to have the limbs and brush chipped and taken away (I don't have a pickup truck to take to the dump so had to pay to clean it up), please don't tell me the town is going to cave in and go around cleaning up in front of peoples homes just to get it out of the "right of way", after myself and many other homeowners took care of our own messes. Stick with what you said! Because we all went out and hired people to deal with the storm damage, it would be a crime for you to turn around and say it would be a safety issue for the road crew next winter, and clean up what others left in the right of ways. I would have stacked it all in the right of way and left it there if I even thought you would go back on your word about the town not picking it up.